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  1. How does one make soul leave body

    Whats a serious answer?
  2. Please Read- it brings peace

    http://gursikhijivan.blogspot.ca/2011/04/q-with-sant-darshan-singh-dhakki.html P.S I should be studying for exam tomorrow but I am doing stuff like this. P.S a beanti- can sangat do ardas for me to do good on exams coming this week.
  3. How does one make soul leave body

    I was really curious how to do it. I want to do it to travel to darbar sahib and matha tek if that's possible? How if it is possible does one do it? I really don't know too much about it, sorry.
  4. Did Khalistanis kill Chamkila! ?

    yeah, I didn't mean to make it to sound defensive sorry
  5. Did Khalistanis kill Chamkila! ?

    What makes them khalsatanis? Honestly if someone follows guru sahibs path they are branded as terrorists, khalistanis, separtists, extremist, and almost anything else with an -ist ending.
  6. thats what makes sikhi so unique. There is nothing like it in the world. 1. All other religions like Christainity and Islam say if u dont follow their religion u go to hell. Sikhi says, if you don't do naam jap and good actions and waste time doing paps, you will go to hell and be reborn through 8.4 lakh joons 2. Sikhi accepts that people from other religions can meet God through naam. 3. In Sri Guru Granth Sahib, there is place for all religoins, budhism, Islam, Hindus because of bhagat bani. No other scripture from any religion is like that 4. Guru sahib actually wrote gurbani themselves. Bible was wrote 200 years after Jesus, and I think it was similar for Quaran. 5. Quaran and Bible have different versions and can change so much and have changed so much over time. Gurbani is perfect at all times, no need for changes. 6. Islam and christainity promise heaven and freedom hell for believers, Sikhi says there is sachkhand (completely different from heaven) for gursikhs. 7. Guru sahib gave sikhs everything. We have our own Kirtan which is unique ( no dharam has their scriptures written in raags), we have gatka, and our own identity, our own everything because of Guru Sahib 8. NO other religion really has langar except for sikhi 9. Women have most equality and respect in sikhi, even within gurbani 10. Everyone is born sikh, with scissors you can trim hair and become part of other religions, without scissors, everyone would be sikh (Qoute from Sant Jarnail Singh Ji) 11. No religions has as many shaheedis as brutal as in Sikhi. 12. Nothing can compare to Darbar Sahib. 13. No other religions really has miri or piri concept 14. We have our own 5 takhts for political power 15. Shashtars in Sikh 16. There is nothing like Amrit in other religions. Christians may have baptism, but they can do it over and over again. Amrit is one time thing. 17. No one can equal guru sahib and their sacrifices, i.e Abraham who started the line for Islam, Jews, Christains, did not kill his son when god asked him to sacrifice him in God's name. Then in sikhi we have Guru Gobind Singh ji maharaj who watched all sons give shaheedi and give jakaras at same time. 18. Guru Gobind Singh ji maharaj made us a part of themselves by giving us amrit, and giving us sikhi saroop to have with beards, dastars, rehat etc. 19. SO MUCH MORE I DONT HAVE TIME TO TELL ABOUT
  7. i agree. Try to find the intentions of your friend. Maybe he's curious, I have doubts however.
  8. Sant baba thakur singh ji khalsa was 15th head of Damdami Taksal. There is a lot to read about them on google. They are one of the real sants in sikhi.
  9. Nitnem of gursikhs/sants

    i tried doing japji sahib fast for sometime. It was amazing. i also tried slow. When I say slow I mean like 1 japji sahib path in 1 and half or 2 hours. Both is its own experience. I recommend you try slow if you have not tried fast already.
  10. Changes as an Amritdhari

    worst part is that these people wear bana and gol dastars. May maharjaj help them
  11. talk about the 4 jugs, satjug to kaljug. People remembered vaheguru in satjug, they do not in kaljug. They forgot God, because God made them do so, but he is still inside of them. That is why we do simran, to find and merge with God within ourselves. We are not really seperated from Vaheguru in the first place, we are just overtaken by Maya and completely forget about Vaheguru, because of Vaheguru's will. We do bhagti to find Vaheguru is dissolved in everything completely and all darkness goes away. Once we forgot Vaheguru, we thought that we ourselves our individiuals, and that individualism has all ego and rooted to all problems leading to today. Just read more gurbani dude. We could talk about this for so much time. I just wanted to give a really short answer.
  12. Nitnem of gursikhs/sants

    Also does the number really count. I mean lots of bhagti must have been done but is the number really just like an estimation. Like for mool mantar or japji sahib path. Is it kind of like if you do japji sahib path all day for 5 years you reach a certain number^
  13. It sounds to me like you searched the internet for all of this information. I did too and am familiar to all of it except the part of the shaheed singh and bhai rama singh ji. In regards to sant baba thakur singh ji's bachans- We can never understand ourselves the full bachan of a brahmgyani. Our interpration does not matter, because we will never understand fully their bachan. Guru sahib knows how it will play out. We just need to keep patience and make sure we remain as Khalsa. Also who knows how many government agencies are keeping their eyes on posts like these with regards to raj. It is best to have these conversations with other proper gursikhs, in private and in person, not on public sites like these. In regards to shaheedi sarovar Sant Gurbachan Singh ji, said that the singhs in the shaheed sarvor said to them that when an amritdhair singh keeps rehit, does nitnem without fail and is tyar bar tyar, panj pyare comes and takes them away, then Akal Purakh asks them if they want to do more seva or simran, if they say yes then they go to the shaheed sarvor, if no then they go to sachkhand, Sant Hari Singh said that the singhs in the shaheed sarvor said that they will not take birth again, they said that the same way in which you came in, that is the way in which we will come out and get khalsa raj, we are preparing, we are just waiting for the command of Guru Gobind Singh ji and as soon as he says yes, we will beat the nagara when we are coming out and will fight for khalsa raj, the sant also said something from raj nama or karni nama, (i dont remember what line he said but from what i know, he said something about punjab), he also said that when this happens, it will basically be impossible not to find a singh (is what I mean khalsa, and not your cheapstake fake "singhs") anywhere This is a lie. Shaheedi sarovar was a lie made up by other people who used sant baba gurbachan singh ji khalsa's name to sell it as a true sakhi to the sangat,. It is important to know for anyone else who reads it.The whole sakhi from whichever website is wrong. It is made up. There is no evidence at all of this sakhi. Ask any taksali singh, especially those who have sangat of sant baba gurbachan singh ji khalsa. I thought it was true the first time I read it, but luckily an actual sant cleared this sakhi with me. Just trust me when I say it is made up.
  14. Kids I Hide I Kaam

    i made a post about how to deal with individual in discussion section. As for kids, their must be something wrong with the sangat they keep. Facebook and media are tools. U need to control mind. Their sangat is probably at school not the best. You could also get a filter on your internet to filter adult content out. Thats not good sangat if they talk openly like it is a joke. Take them to gurduwara make them do sewa and lots of bani. NO EASY WAY AROUND. It is a really hard thing to overcome. With kirpa 5 vikars can be destroyed. Short answer, sorry, If u need more details lemme know
  15. For those who struggle with kaam

    I wish i found this earlier. It would have been helpful a long time ago. For people who have problems with kaam sant ji explains what we lack. We need to recognize god is watching us every second. The next time you find yourself overwhelmed by lust and are about to lose control, try to apply this scenario. So the procedure 1. Pick a sant mahapurkh (a real sant) that you respect a lot (for me i am going to use sant jarnail singh ji khalsa) 2.When you find yourself overwelmed about to lose control and act in lust, imagine that sant/ mahaprurkh standing behind you watching you. 3. Ask yourself if you would be comfortable performing this action in front sant ji if you were to meet them right now. 4. Imagine what they would say or do if they discovered what you were doing. That should help control your mind hopefully. You really want to convince yourself that god is always watching your actions as they are. Then eventually you gain more control over your mind because you begin developing fear of god and control your actions better. In sukhmani sahib - ਆਠ ਪਹਰ ਪ੍ਰਭ ਪੇਖਹੁ ਨੇਰਾ ॥ Behold God near at hand, twenty-four hours a day ਮਿਟੈ ਅਗਿਆਨੁ ਬਿਨਸੈ ਅੰਧੇਰਾ ॥ Ignorance shall depart, and darkness shall be dispelled. The rest is in doing more naam/ gurbani/ sewa. Also, abandon "bad" sangat. Sangat is a big factor, especially since youth spend so much time at school with other kids. You could have the potential to be a great gursikh, but could have been ruined because of the sangat you kept. You should be able to tell the difference "good" and "bad". If it is a school enviroment, it may be hard to find good sangat, and you may have to isolate yourself because everyone around is bad sangat. In that case contact "good" sikhs and keep their sangat as much as you can afterschool, and keeping do simran/path at school quietly, while ignoring 'bad' sangat. You could probably find good sangat at your local gurduwara. This may help you feel less isolated. Meat, alcohol, tobacco increase the strength of 5 vikaars. Avoid them! Taking amrit will help in my opinion, but keep rehat and have faith and do ardas. Also I found this video