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  1. The families of a lot of shaheeds are resentful to the movement, they lost everything and are miles behind the average punjabi in terms of financially now. After all, these lost their breadwinners whilst their jameen farms etc were taken by force. Very easy for us in the west to hype about the sangaarsh, we got our luxury homes etc whilst those who gave their sons have got nothing
  2. The Truth about Jind Kaur

    I dont know whether this is true or not, but in reality this is an easy accusation to use in order to try and destroy someones character. Look a bit closer to our time and see some of the stories that were said about kharkoo singhs.
  3. Shaheedi Pehra?

    i have heard a lot of reference to shaheedi pehrahs taking place during bluestar 84... the tank that got stuck by baba deep singh jis shaheedi yaadgar is one i can remeber at the top of my head
  4. Well Done Sikhs Were In The Headlines

    sad thing about this article is, that it is 99% true. our community whether you class that as sikh or punjabi has this issue. from being someone who loved a good session with my cousins at the end of every family gathering, whether that was an akhand paat or wedding, i have experienced this first hand. i have also experienced having family members who were on the sesh everyday. whether we turn this into a sikh vs punjabi, singh vs monah issue, the fact is it affects us all. I dont know what i did to deserve Guru's kirpa and managed to get away from this, but it is clear that we all need to help each other.
  5. How did Balbir Bazighar gain influence?

    agree bro - well said
  6. How did Balbir Bazighar gain influence?

    jhatka maryada yes... but going to the supermarket and filling your freezer with cheap meat isnt sikhi. i dont cherry pick sikhi, i try and follow it the same way as real singhs i have seen during my lifetime and based on the kurbaniyah given.
  7. Singhs in wales

    Fateh - i am currently in wales near swansea staying with a family member while they set up their business. if there are any singhs who are from the area - please get in touch.
  8. Bhai Gurbaksh Singh RIP

    Agree with you 100% bro, a lot of the guys were from colleges and got stuck in out of pain of bluestar or due to them being harassed by police/set up by family or friends/or to get badleh for people who they knew who been picked up. Sakeera/Manochahal - from what i know it was getting heated but didnt come to a shoot out. do you know who popped sakheera off? was it praa maru jang? right 100% again, another old school kharkoo called rana was picked up last month aswell. when you say leaders were ready to pop hindus off - who are you referring to and who was kicking off with each other? I know panjwar was very hot headed while without being disrespectful, not heard anything to clever about vadhawa singh.
  9. How did Balbir Bazighar gain influence?

    until you do 0.5% of what sant ji did, then decide if hes a sant. funny how you judge him, but anyone who cusses meat you got a sausage up your bondh
  10. How did Balbir Bazighar gain influence?

    yeah reforming people, not giving siropeh to those who claimed to be amritdhari, wore gurus bana and kakkar and did beadbi. this aint a taksali issue, sant ji message was clear - if you seen anyone doing puteh kaam when in the roop of a gursikh wearing panj kakaar, then deal with them. funny how you pro meat jatha find so much dhukh in someone slating meat, tell me which ones of you are in the jungles being persecuted and starving? Let me guess... none of you. all you meat crew, how many of actually train? how many of you are pakkeh in your rehit? how much seva do you do? funny how you think by eating jhatka makes you a sikh, but doing the basics doesnt even come close.
  11. How did Balbir Bazighar gain influence?

    Why is it shocking? Cause someone finally had the courage to stand up to those who abuse Amrit? what medical condition do you need meat for apart from greed? and not being funny, but any maryada that states you can eat meat is BS in my opnion. Fair enough if you like the singhs who were out in the jungles, but not if your like niddar going to aldi and buying cheap sausages
  12. How did Balbir Bazighar gain influence?

    I agree with what you say bro and like i said it hurts me to see the nihangs of today compared to what they should be like. As a quom we should wake up and realise why such measures were taken against nihangs...but you asking where were sikhs when X, Y, Z happened to nihangs is pathetic because last time i checked... nihangs were sikhs. in regards to kharkoos popping nihangs off due to eating meat, Sant Ji used to say that if you see an amritdhari eating meat or drinking - then set them on fire. sadly, due to there being dodgy nihangs some may have got dealt with by kharkoos. other nihangs such as phoola, kahna etc got dealt with for their paap, not for eating meat or maryada.
  13. How did Balbir Bazighar gain influence?

    what you saying is true... where have the mainstream nihangs been in terms of defending the panth? its a massive blow to the quam that the main nihang sampardama have flopped so bad, these were and still should be the front line defence of the quam. singhs like avtar singh brahma, and even now mintoo nihang have done well to show the world what real nihangs do, but all these other clowns who go to hola mohalla acting like some top warriors are all just for show - which hurts me to say.
  14. Bhai Gurbaksh Singh RIP

    Well said my brother, you have made me see things differently. I agree that even those who been labelled sell outs did more and gave more than I ever could. Zaffarwal - I agree 100%. He was stuck in Switzerland on his ones and was pretty much f#cked. Of course he got the sangarsh in his heart, he's beem around a lot of the morcheh in the last few years. Sohan - you say bittu did the damage in 92, but wasn't bittu sohans chamcha? Also if I remeber correctly it was bittu who had labh Singh switch on sadhu? But them I have heard bittu did labh Singh over as well? Santokh kala - ex btfk who switched I think and Gill Is in Congress now? What about manjit aka bhai Amrik singhs brother? He was apparently bought for a maruti car and two hotels? Does anyone know what happened to 'vanchiri' aka the one who had baba Manochahal done? One thing brother, each guy paid a massive price, even bittu, I'm neither a fan or dislike him, but he's given a lot for the sangarsh
  15. Bhai Gurbaksh Singh RIP

    both you brothers are probs the main knowledge banks on the movement in this forum and whether i agree or not with either of you based on my knowledge, it is important we have these discussions so that reality of the movement can be shared and upcoming generations can learn from it. regards to you chatanga, yeah you do seem pro dhumma and chauhan, i get the whole dhumma lot are keeping the missionaries at bay and your explanation for chauhan going back to punjab. however, i am firm beleiver of there not being smoke without a fire and obvs there must be something behind the views on chauhan? Khoon - bro i have never heard the chaheru popping sakira theory off, however i have heard that sakira and baba manochahal had a bust up and came close to having it out. Kaunke wanting pooran azaadi thats another new one to me, i actually got family members who knew him well but have never mentioned that. one thing iv learnt, most kharkoos/shaheeds reality is a lot different that the jeevaniya we read and there was lot of in fighting that led to the collapse. face it, most of these were young lads, in a very f*cked up situation in punjab, led by sell outs like sohan sio and who quite clearly had personal issues with each other aswell. it was this same josh that shook the whole of india, but the same josh that led to their downfall.
  16. During the movement in the 80s it is said that 250 raw agents in sikhi saroop were sent out to the west to infiltrate the khalistanis. Questions still hang over many ISYF, Babbar, Dal Khalsa etc members. Also chauhan, aulakh, amarjeet, bains, dhillon etc all got question marks around them? we are stupid to think the movement wasnt sabotaged, if people like dr sohan who had his own panthic comitee was a snitch then what hope was there for the rest? people like atwal, probs had josh back in the day, but lost it has he got older and switched sides.
  17. rate the old sardar, propa anakhi and dalerh. just sad to see him getting hurt though
  18. Bhai Gurbaksh Singh RIP

    what do they say bro?
  19. so basically he is saying that atwal is an ex khalistani turn GOI operative? I wonder how many more of these there are....
  20. Sikh and Hindus Build mosque

    malerkotla is a hot spot for them aswell
  21. Sikh and Hindus Build mosque

    apparently islam is spreading in punjab big time, is this true? doesnt help with that <banned word filter activated> from nakodar either
  22. Bhai Gurbaksh Singh RIP

    Chauhan - from what i know, yeah he was the pioneer of khalistan, i remember someone telling me that chauhan was handing out flyers for khalistan way back in the early 70s? also i think he published an advert in the new york times for khalistan and set up an embassy in ecuador? However, didnt he sell out when he returned to punjab? please answer because this is something i dont know the full deal on. Dhumma - i agree he does good e.g. the shaheedi yaadgar etc, but obvs he aint no sant jarnail singh ji khalsa bhindrawale and we all know he is linked up to the akalis. izar alam killed a lot of youth and im assuming a lot of those youth were linked to taksal, so how can dhumma justify sitting next to him? agree the last real leader was baba manochahal, he knew the score and knew how things would end up and knew who was real and who was fake, not going to mention names or going to go off topic again lol. we all go up in arms when someone kills us or does anything big, but have any of us looked at the impact of the small time leaders or heads or jathebandis and the damage they doing? ajnala vs dhadhriawala - massive reprucussions as it makes the taksalis look like taliban (this aint me saying this, i am referring to what your common man in punjab thinks), akjs vs everyone else - causes frictions, causes akjs to be hated while the akj members think they are better than anyone else, the meat eating nihangs/niddar groups - constantly making a jaloos out of themselves, the list goes on - put it all together and see the detriment it is having on the whole kaum. forgive me if i have said anything wrong, but genuinely at the point where i have lost faith in any 'leader' or 'jathebandi'.
  23. Bhai Gurbaksh Singh RIP

    which leader have we got now who the kaum would go crazy over? Rajoana in 2012 was probably the most popular, but even since then his popularity been diminished due to our dumb people. Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj in 2015 when all the beadbi happened or Bapu Surat Singh's morcha in its peak in july 2015, people came out but once again since then our own 'leaders' have made idiots out of themselves and are too busy kicking off with each other. Gurbaksh Singh was quite a simple man and whatever anyone says, whether he made money or not, he must have had some pyar and dhardh for the bandi singhs.
  24. I feel like my guru doesn't like me

    my biggest tests in life have been since i became a Singh. But trust me brother, the bigger the tests, the more attention our Guru is putting on us. it is upto us to pass these tests and not willow in self pity.
  25. Bhai Gurbaksh Singh RIP

    Very true my brother. I personally was dissappointed after he broke his second hunger strike. The first one i remeber the SGPC and/or akothi jathedar did Gubaksh Singh over with fake promises, but remeber he still managed to remind the world of who the bandi singhs were, people like Gurdeep Singh Khera who had even forgotten how to speak punjabi due to being in karnatka prison for so long! second strike, yeah looks like Gubaksh Singh sold out, end of the day he was a man with a family and despite selling out, he was under a lot of pressure (being hungry, kidnapped etc). But yeh not going to lie i did call him gurbax tillah like the majority of us for the past 3/4 years. but got to give the guy credit, hes given his life for the bandi singhs now, whatever your thoughts on him, he has done more than any of us will ever do for the sangaarsh. Seeing his body with his kesh open yesterday is a stark reminder of the nau jawans that were killed during the movement. sad thing is, we as a kaum will continue to cuss him, do his nindiyah, fight with each other, see our so called role models e.g. people like ajnala devote their lives to fighting with people like dhadriawala (sikh on sikh) while others who have given a lot for the kaum the likes of rana, tara, mintoo, jaggi, shera and raman be locked in jail. Waheguru.