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  1. Bhai Gurbaksh Singh RIP

    which leader have we got now who the kaum would go crazy over? Rajoana in 2012 was probably the most popular, but even since then his popularity been diminished due to our dumb people. Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj in 2015 when all the beadbi happened or Bapu Surat Singh's morcha in its peak in july 2015, people came out but once again since then our own 'leaders' have made idiots out of themselves and are too busy kicking off with each other. Gurbaksh Singh was quite a simple man and whatever anyone says, whether he made money or not, he must have had some pyar and dhardh for the bandi singhs.
  2. I feel like my guru doesn't like me

    my biggest tests in life have been since i became a Singh. But trust me brother, the bigger the tests, the more attention our Guru is putting on us. it is upto us to pass these tests and not willow in self pity.
  3. Bhai Gurbaksh Singh RIP

    Very true my brother. I personally was dissappointed after he broke his second hunger strike. The first one i remeber the SGPC and/or akothi jathedar did Gubaksh Singh over with fake promises, but remeber he still managed to remind the world of who the bandi singhs were, people like Gurdeep Singh Khera who had even forgotten how to speak punjabi due to being in karnatka prison for so long! second strike, yeah looks like Gubaksh Singh sold out, end of the day he was a man with a family and despite selling out, he was under a lot of pressure (being hungry, kidnapped etc). But yeh not going to lie i did call him gurbax tillah like the majority of us for the past 3/4 years. but got to give the guy credit, hes given his life for the bandi singhs now, whatever your thoughts on him, he has done more than any of us will ever do for the sangaarsh. Seeing his body with his kesh open yesterday is a stark reminder of the nau jawans that were killed during the movement. sad thing is, we as a kaum will continue to cuss him, do his nindiyah, fight with each other, see our so called role models e.g. people like ajnala devote their lives to fighting with people like dhadriawala (sikh on sikh) while others who have given a lot for the kaum the likes of rana, tara, mintoo, jaggi, shera and raman be locked in jail. Waheguru.
  4. How did Balbir Bazighar gain influence?

    Same reason why most of our jathebandis have been hijacked.... GOI agents, bribes/funding, stupid people following them and the best bit is, we as a kaum are doing so much nindiyah about each other, it makes it very easy for these pakhandis to swoop in
  5. Why Sarbatt Khalsa 2015 failed.

    as much as i was proud of SK15, it appears nothing has been achieved. great idea making hawara the jathedar, but realistically what can he do from tihar jail? has the panth listened to him? there was no mention of khalistan at sk15, but the same mokham singh was the one who announced it at sk86? it seems as if the sk15 jathedars influence has declined massively, while none of the matheh passed seem to have been implemented? in hindsight it seems as it was a political tool used against the akalis?
  6. Examples of Peshi being used historically?

    The nervous indian had a good peshi lol
  7. Examples of Peshi being used historically?

    I doubt that very much bro, as much as i would like to believe that
  8. Punjab always gets blamed to look like a state full of idiots. even the drugs/sharab... they are rampant in all of india, pakistan, afghanistan etc, the media should look at mumbai which is a hotbed of pure cocaine but wait... that doesnt fit the anti sikh/punjab agenda.
  9. i thought he was with a gori now? i dont even think hes involved in the student scene sikhi wise, the bhangra scene then yes LOL. the guy is a laughing stock, looks like a younger version of baba dhumma
  10. lol so allow your average punjabi hitting the sesh on glassiyah but tell them to jump onto bhang? Bro you are deluded, why dont we together to bring our nau jawani all forms of nasheh and show the light of sikhi and we can do easily by leading by example. my circle consists of very few amritdharis, purely because a lot of full of BS which tbh i aint got time for. but also by stepping out of gursikh circles i am able to show others how the life of an amritdhari is, dont get me wrong i am far from perfect and consider myself to be a paapi, but even if i can lead by example for one other person then Waheguru has blessed me. Regarding warrior skills... yeah we have lost a lot of it for various reasons, but the fire shown by the nau jawans of the 80s still shows the daleerhee of our quom, if you look back to then our biggest issue was the hating on each other, that ultimately led to our downfall. And yeh all sikhs are students, BS bob is a middle aged guy who acts like a dodgy pradhaan of a university sikh society who uses sikhi saroop to chat to girls, session on the sly and meet like minded social outcasts.
  11. B.S bob lol and kamlnang the one who was lipsing some dungar in spain - enough said.
  12. Amrik Singh Jaura did the seva on fake nihang kahana aswell (an action which is widely said to be done by shaheed sukhdev singh sakeera)
  13. bro i aint having a dig at nihangs, it breaks me to know that the pehredhaar of the kaum have now been reduced to a joke or going on large hyping over meat but not ready for any form of action. regards to others wearing bana but constantly slandering other jathebandis are just has bad, all these divisions in the panth i doubt are even out of sharda for Sikhi, its all self hype and trying to be bigger and better than each other. Until we truly bow our heads in shame in front of Guru Ji then we gona continue to suffer how we are
  14. instead of nihangs and wanabe nihangs always hyping about meat and pang, how many of them actually train like the real nihangs of the past? I dont mean swinging a sotee around either. How many of these 'nihangs' have done anything on a street level i.e suleh groomers, or done anything in punjab when mass beadbi has taken place? this aint a cuss, but it seems these type of 'nihangs' wana talk the talk or should i say eat the meat, but do what there supposed to e.g. be the pehredhaars of the panth