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  1. Independent Newspaper's hit piece on Sikh Youth UK

    Enough respect to Sikh Youth UK and even to Tommy as he might not be a Sikh, but at least he doing more than most so called 'sikhs' in the war against grooming gangs and a religion who has always wanted to finish us from the days of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. To all the jokers who are saying Sikh Youth and Tommy are the bad ones, then ask those girls whether Sikh or not how they feel after being abused by suleh? ask their families? Ask those families who have lost their daughters after they been brainwashed and legged it with suleh? Ask those apneh mundeh who been attacked by massive groups of suleh in schools, colleges, unis etc? Ask those who have had family members killed by suleh? F*ck your liberal <banned word filter activated>, this is the real world and on street level and reality suleh are and have been doing this <banned word filter activated> in the UK for at least 30 odd years, if not more. I can see problem now developing in Canada (its a fantasy apneh run Canada, they too busy fighting amongst themselves), somalian gangs in vancouver, afghans in toronto, suleh in Calgary are already grooming Sikh girls, in the USA this issue is happening now too. Its time to wake up, we has a nation are already 30 years to late, our own people slated the original Shere Punjab and yet what them mans told the world in the late 80's/early 90s is now being accepted by the world. Wake up, warn and educate yourselves, your family and friends about the dangers of the suleh we are surrounded by.
  2. Corruption Examples in Sikhism/Punjab?

    I agree that we could not have kept all of Punjab for ourselves, but Tara Sio wasn't a saint. From what I know and have been told from elders in Punjab, is that he was a hindu who was working for the interests of the hindus and british. Either way bro, the sad state our Kaum is in is due to the corruption of our so c LOL what have i said? Did i swear at any one? I think you should chill unless Tara Sio is your baba
  3. Corruption Examples in Sikhism/Punjab?

    I agree that we could not have kept all of Punjab for ourselves, but Tara Sio wasn't a saint. From what I know and have been told from elders in Punjab, is that he was a hindu who was working for the interests of the hindus and british. Either way bro, the sad state our Kaum is in is due to the corruption of our so called leaders, while those who were real such as Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale, Manochahal etc were defamed and killed.
  4. Walking to Darbar Sahib

    Waheguru. Goodluck brother, teriyah sabh sukha Guru ji pooriyah karan.
  5. Corruption Examples in Sikhism/Punjab?

    Corruption seems to be our Kaum's speciality nowadays, from corrupt Gurdwara comittees, to fake 'Singhs', fake 'prachariks', fake babeh and our so called political leaders from different parties ready to sell out on the Kaum for anything. For your story look at the corruption which led to us losing the Shere Punjab empire under Maharaja Ranjt Singh with the role of the Dogras, or us losing a large part of Punjab during 1947 with the role of Master Tara Sio or look into the Khalistan movement and you will find plenty of those who sold out on the Kaum.
  6. Well said bro, Leam like i said, for a place with a high 'Sikh' population is mainly a mess. Dharam seva lot have done well to turn the tide, but the average punjabi is either on the 'im jatt' sharabi vibe, or thinking they are white. The girls particularly the younger ones are mainly with non apneh mundeh, while the older ones (the majority) had bad reputations too. The commitee is a joke and even the kids of well known Singhs from this area are not close to Sikhi. Like I also said before, writing this doesnt give me any pleasure, its very sad.
  7. well you have got time and love for your little town in warwickshire, as you have written essays on this, then thought your clever by calling me a pakora LOL. But when I called you a samosa you didnt like it. Now do you realise how pathetic you come across? I aint got negativity or hatred, I got better things to do in my time. You just dont like the fact I cussed your town, your probs part of the besharam commitee yourself hence why you got ants in your pants LOL. Maybe you should add your own name to this list!!! P.S I rather stay away from your palm, never know where its been.
  8. LOL geeza you started the name calling by trying to be funny and calling me pathetic little cuss such as 'pakora'... seriously how old are you? and all my points are not 'gossip' Dharam Seva Records and/or those associated with them - they used to post on their Facebook page on a regular basis about the besharam tactics of the leam gurdwara commitee, asking for money to pay utility bills when Sikhi classes used to take place Building a bar - 2014 time, there was a protest there as a result by Singhs Interfaith marriages - these have been and are still going on at this gurdwara - this led to a protest that got messy in late 2015. Jathedar Daduwal said it himself, that when he came to leam they told him before his diwaan that he cannot mention Khalistan, speak against the sarkaar or even talk against drinking sharab Google mota sio and sumedh saini. regarding the leam/warwick youth - geeza are you blind, walk around you town centre, go to places where people go and you will see a lot of leam girls with goreh/kaleh boyfriends/husbands, while you will be lucky to see any keshdari lads even with trimmed beards. If getting out the house is something you cant do, look at majority of leam girls on facebook etc and you will know what i am talking about. Sitting here writing all this doesnt give me any pleasure, its actually besti that a highly populated 'sikh' area is such a shambles. From the leam lads i know, there is now a lot of muslims moving in, buying take aways etc so i can imagine the situation getting worse. you obvs love your beloved leam area, instead of calling me brother, go and see the score on ground level as opposed to wearing rose tinted glasses.
  9. Proper funny you are calling me a pakora, does that make you a samosa?! I can say what I want and what I said is based on the truth. Yeah fair play leam got the dharam seva lot who i believe majority were moneh, but that doesnt excuse your pathetic commitee at the Gurdwara. Same commitee who wanted to build a bar on the Gurdwara site, same jokers who told Jathedar Daduwal that he cannot mention Khalistan, or speak against drinking on 'their stage', same clowns who tried extorting money for Sikhi classes (to pay for electric LOL) and same bunch who majority are moneh and sessionheads. this gurdwara is also used a hotbed for interfaith marriages despite the Hukamnama from Akal Takht Sahib. Oh and its run by mota sio the buddy of mass butcherer sumedh saini. get you head out of the clouds, leam and warwick aint nothing to be proud of, most the girls are shacked up with goreh or kaleh, there is hardly any keshdhari lads and then you got the old wana be gangstas who cant do anything in leamington let alone anywhere else. in terms of size and population, leam warwick are a pure besti area for apneh.
  10. Besharam committee members i am aware of: Sohi or Malhi in southall southampton gurdwara (not sure which 1) still doing out of faith marriages leamington - run by a bunch of anti sikh money making thinking they are modern clowns - who the majority of kids are proper coconuts Coventry GNP Gurdwara - stage secretary malkit bal - trimmed beard, sessioner and has the nerve to stand on stage and cuss Baba Thakur Singh
  11. Jagmeet Singh is new leader of the NDP Canada

    Big Tera and the other dude calling Jagmeet Singh a homosexual, both of you should stop making yourselves look like jealous little kids. Big Tera -what grounds have you got to doubt Jagmeet? Because he is successful? Premi- Do you think he is homosexual as your own gaydar is working over time? Typical wasteman mentality, bring someone down who is doing well. Jagmeet is an ex monah turned Amritdhari who has always acted and conducted himself very well, made Singhs look fashionable and has took the injustices of the Khalistan movement to an international stage. Big Tera and Premi - what have you both done? Unless you can even match 1% of what Jagmeet has done, I suggest you stop making yourselves look stupid.
  12. Interesting videos on Dadreanwala sect

    When any of you can inspire anyone to take Amrit, then cuss Ranjit Singh. Yeah he aint perfect, but who is? At least he is doing something productive e.g. prachar, amrit sanchar and genuinely bringing people into Sikhi.
  13. Kharku Thread

    1} Were Kharku Jathebandis regionalised ? Was one Jathebandie more prominent than others in areas. For example did KLF have more members in one area and KCF in an other. - BTFK Manochahal was active in Majha, Sangha group was more towards Malwa. KLF under Budhsinghwala was around Malwa, KCF were big in Majha. 2} Were some Jathebandies more religious than others ? Babbar Khalsa comes to mind as look like nearly all Gur- Sikhs others have non Gur-Sikhs - there were non Amritdharis associated with the Babbars, e.g Manpreet or Harpreet Singh who was a mona, while I beleive Pinky Cat was linked to Sukhdev Singh Babbar and inevitably used this to have him killed. 3} Crossing the borders of India. Its common knowledge there was training and weapons supplied by a neighbouring Country. I would Imagine the punjab (ind) Punjab (pak) would have been red hot in these times and very difficult to cross. I have read areas that the Rajistan border was used to enter Pakistan. But how did they do it with no maps. no GPS, no mobiles. I doubt there were road signs like there are now. - Smuggler routes were used, Gurnam Singh Bandala was a master of making these trips. 4} Monar in the Movement. Bhai Harjinder Singh Para , Harjinder Singh Jinda , deepa heran wala come to mind were there any more ? - Tony Jalandhar, Rajwinder Singh Raja, Dilvar Singh, Balwant Singh Rajoana, Lakhwinder Singh Lakha, Gurdev Singh BTFK, Jarnail Singh Halwara, there would have been more bearing in mind a lot of college dhe mundeh became associated with the Sangarsh. I was also told a story whilst in Punjab from an ex AISSF member about some of their lads had their haircut especially for certain missions etc. Whilst I dont promote cutting of Kesh, we need to remeber these guys gave everything, while a lot of touts were keshdhari. 5}How did they get around Punajb , ?there were easy to spot did they have vehicles, Toofan Singh movie shows them travailing on foot and stopping at the first shelter place they could find . I do know they would go to houses in pinds to eat - I would assume by normal forms of transport, e.g. cars, bus (a lot of encounters happened on buses), motorcycles and walking from pind to pind? 6} Communication ? How did they get messages to each other as no mobiles then . - a lot of messages were sent via people linked to the Singhs, or letters and messages/weapons/ money etc were left with certain individuals. 7} What does the word Kharku actually mean? I always believed this meant somewhere along the lines of strict, brave, militant and someone who stood up for a cause.
  14. Ram Rahim and Gurjant Singh Rajastani KCF

    I have heard they were relatives, but Gurjant Singh was in prison for normal crimes and not Panthic. It was in prison he met the Kharkoos, but due to his restadhari with ram rahim, he threatened the opposition who wanted the gaddi for the dera clearing the way for ram rahim. However, I do not know if this is 100% true, but does sound likely. From what I have heard, he was bit of a badboy similar to a lot of kharkoos, but then joined the sangaarsh and fought for Khalistan. Either way, he gave shaheedi for the Kaum, which is more than most of us can ever do?
  15. WJKK WJKF Can anyone shed light on the truth about the relationship between that clown gurmeet jhoota sauda and Shaheed Gurjant Singh Rajastani from the KCF? I have heard various stories, however any additional info would be appreciated.