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  1. I agree that the older lot were more clued up and also thought ahead as opposed to the younger kharkoos being short sighted and ready to become shaheed. From what I know of Sohan is that he later on stage possibly in 98 addressed the GOI type of crowd with 'Jai Hind' while he also retracted that he ever was a Khalistani.
  2. Goodluck bro with your move, I have been in your shoes before considering Canada has a place to move to. But whilst there are a lot of good points for moving there e.g. nice houses, job prospects and quite a few apney, its certainly far from perfect. As mentioned before, everything is far apart and also there are a lot of suleh and somalians there now too.
  3. Not sure what Sakheera and Baba Manochahal's alleged run in was over, I am guessing the same kind of beef as the others? From what I know about the ISYF, started off with the right intentions, but there were a lot of splits and a massive mis-use of funds. There was a programme in Derby in 1987 I believe, in which thousands were donated and I am pretty sure this was a common occurrence. However, the Derby programme in particular is notorious for those funds being jacked. Also surprises me how 'leaders' of this time that are still around now are multi millionaires in the UK, while the cause they fronted and the families of those e.g. the Shaheed pravaars were left to rot. Chahan - From what I know, even in the early 70's possibly 1971, he was handing out literature on Khalistan in Trafalgar square in London and he took out a massive advert in the New York Times promoting Khalistan. I know there were links between him and Sant Ji, however to what level, I do not know. What I do know, is he went back to Punjab and joined up with Zaffarwal and created the 'Khalsa Raj' party whilst being a homepathic doctor I think. Sohan - from everything I know, he was a rat through and through and I would say a large percentage of the blame for the movement crashing was down to him. I think he was a Sarkari guy prior to joining the movement and he is the one who created a new Panthic Committee, which contributed to the deadly mistake of the election boycott of 1992. I also think if memory serves me correct, Baba Manochahal was ready to kill him along with Rode and Darshan Ragi. Bro you know much about Gurmit Singh Aulakh? I have seen his speeches, interviews etc, however always been told he was a dubious character? Also do you know much about the current BKI leadership in Pakistan? From what I have heard, from the good as in they are still on it, to what Tara recently came out and said?
  4. Like i said i am neither pro or anti dhumma, but he aint the only one laying claim to the Taksaal. What have the others achieved... i.e. Ram Singh? Ajnala? UK Dharam Yudh Jatha? Out of those I know Ajnala has been there for the beadbi cases and against pakhandi babeh etc, Ram Singh I dont know much about and UK Dharam Yudh Jatha apart from making videos and cussing others, I havent seen anything proactive be done in either the UK or ground level Punjab.
  6. Iv never heard that about Sakheera, I do know that apparently him and Baba Manochahal had a run in and Baba M offered him out? Dont know if this is 100% true or not. Manjinder Singh Issi says they fought with josh not hosh and i think this pretty much sums the sangaarsh up, a lot of young hot headed lads armed with heavy fire in a setting where paranoia must have been galore due to the amount of touts etc. Does anyone know much about the foreign based 'Khalistanis' who turned out to be rats? I know there is a lot of speculation on Chauhan, Aulakh, Bains, the ISYF etc, anyone know more?
  7. Very good post, I'm neither pro or anti Dhumma. It's clear he isn't Sant Jarnail Singh, it's clear he is being controlled by politicians but he has used that for his and I guess the Quoms advantage with the good he has helped bring. I don't agree with the hit on Dhadriawale or how someone who is Gursikh let alone the Mukhi of the Taksal could sit next to azar alam. But I think all us need to realise that in Punjab sadly politics comes before religion, whilst religion is used as a political front. In regards to state of Punjab as a whole, we need all jathebandiyah to make proactive steps. Funny how we all Sat in UK Europe Canada and USA point at the wrongs in Punjab, look at the state of apneh here, nasheh, lack of Keshdhari jawaans alcohol, girls going with gori kaleh suleh etc whilst the jathebandiyah seem to busy fighting amongst themselves.
  8. My thiyah had the recordings I will see if I can get them. In regards to Panjwar lot killing Sekhon, what was the motive? From what I have heard about Panjwar is that he killed a lot of other Kharkoos?
  9. Thanks for replying much appreciated. Rode - I agree, massive boots to fill of Sant Ji, I have even heard audio recordings from the 80's by the ISYF calling him the next Banda Singh Bahdhur. I think whilst his intentions were right, deals were obviously made behind closed doors. I am not cussing him for that, its very easy to cuss someone but very hard to go through the hardships these people went through. I am not disputing he has helped Shaheed pravaars, but I know he has got a LOT of money now and owns the building which was used for the Awaz E Quom which is now worth millions in Jalandhar. Kala - was he killed afterwards? Also the other guy Balwinder Singh I beleive his name was, possibly Shahkot, he was with the BTFK but did a lot of stupid things and him and Baba M had big beef? Bittu - I have heard dribs and drabs about Sandhu's murder, one story is that Parmjit Singh Panjwar killed him whilst eating together? What was bittu's role in Sandhu's murder? People cuss Sandhu, I personally rated him, very clever and forward thinking guy he was. Bro could you also please shed light on Dr Pritam Singh Sekhon? I have heard all sorts from that he is currently in the USA to that it was the ISI lot who killed him? PS if you could also answer Khoon ka Badla's question too. Thanks as always.
  10. To your average punjabi 'Sikh', all prachariks etc are pretty much the same... money makers and hypocrites. The fact that Ranjit Singh has managed to get such a big following and bring your average joe into Sikhi is massive, yeah people cuss him but at least he bringing people into Sikhi which is what is needed. Remeber Sant Jarnail Singh Ji used to say that each Amritdhari is a BOMB in the eyes of the GOI. The Taksal, where anyone likes it or not is and has been the forefront of Sikhs. We are doing the Sarkaar's job by disrespecting it. Look at the state propoganda has left the wider Nihang image in? This our time to sambaal the Taksal, otherwise oncoming generations will not respect it and we lose a MASSIVE part of the Khalsa Panth like we practically have with the majority of Nihangs. Whether someone is a shardhaloo of Ranjit Singh or Taksal, if either is bringing someone into Sikhi then its for the greater good of Sikhi. Remeber a Sikh is someone who is always learning, so even if they take Amrit from Parmeshar Diwar or Taksal, the individual should always be learning and take his/her own path towards Waheguru.
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