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  1. partition

    The BBC coverage yesterday was heavily biased towards creating a victim of the Muslims at the hands of Sikhs
  2. Iftar in Sikh Gurdwara, Dubai

    I find the four doors theory to be a little misleading. From my understanding, the four door entrances are not unique to Gurdwaras and before the first Gurdwara, four entrances to a place of worship was normally associated to Zoroastrianism and fire temples.
  3. Sikh king for Britain

    I did read elsewhere that he made the statement "he likes curry but has no interest in the Punjab, he's happy where he is"
  4. Actually you should read up and understand that the first Guru rejected both Islamic & Vedic teachings. But first of all, you're an atheist on a Sikh forum?
  5. Very Sad News Of Young Sikh Boy

    How does Kesh & Dastar protect from a food allergy?
  6. All the Johal men i have known have been hardcore drinkers and that's something they are proud of, it's no surprise their women choose men of other faiths. The moment alcohol passes the lips you cease to a Sikh of the Guru in my opinion so good luck to them & this Rita whoever she is
  7. Sikh king for Britain

    I am surprised nobody has mentioned the living ancestor to the Sikh throne? Who else can claim a right? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-518674/Routine-test-reveals-white-debt-collector-Halifax-secret-great-great-grandson-king-Sikhs.html
  8. If you Google "Colonel steinbach Sikhs" you will find the original book and the quote above is indeed referring to Sikh of that time. It's actually a really interesting read and quite eye opening...Enjoy! https://archive.org/details/punjaubbeingbrie00stei The British have never liked Sikhs in my humble opinion.