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  1. I came across this website www.amritkirtan.com, which has full recitation of Guru Granth Sahib. Does anyone know the name of the reciter? His voice is enchanting.
  2. Islam in India

    If our great Guru Tegh Bahadur didn’t give his head to save Hinduism, there would have been 1.5 billion Muslims compared to 500 million Muslims in the Indian subcontinent. look at the state of Indonesia, Islam was 50% couple of decades ago and now it’s close to 90%. The Islamic time bomb would have exploded in India too. The Shahidi Devas of the 9th Guru is on 23 November.
  3. Islam in India

    In memory of Shahidi of Guru Tegh Bahadur.
  4. Sikh Marriage Proposal NYC Times Square

    During the Anand Karaj there are 50 people and at the reception there are 200 people. In the olden days only 5 men from the grooms side.
  5. Sikh Marriage Proposal NYC Times Square

    What’s this nonsense? The true husband of the soul is Waheguru.
  6. Here's why sikhs should stop marrying hindus altogether !!

    I like your choice in men. You’ve got taste.
  7. How do we bring these two cults back into mainstream Sikhism? The Sant Nirankaris based in Delhi are attracting lots of Hindus. The Radha Soami at Beas has the most Radha Soami following.
  8. Radha Soamis and Nirankaris

    Both of these groups quote from Gurbani but in a twisted way. Where it says Satguru they claim to be that Satguru. Where it says Anhad Shabad they claim to be the key in reaching there. One book called Anhad Shabad by Bhai Randhir Singh is very deep and in-line with Gurmat.
  9. Sant Thakur Singh Ji

    Sant Jawala Singh Harkhowal had a high avastha. He was just a soldier in the army when he got the gift of Naam from Sant Aya Singh Hoti Mardan. Their dera is in Hoshiarpur district.
  10. Muslim Dawa gang

    What’s wrong with being interested in Islam? As long as they don’t convert i see no problem.
  11. As soon as i arrived at Amritsar airport i could hear swearing. All this swearing made me feel awkward.
  12. ☆☆☆ Gursikhan mann vadhaiyan ☆☆☆

    Dhan Guru Nanak!
  13. Sant Baba Amar Singh Ji

    The Nanaksar Samparda has produced lots of mahapurakhs. I had the darshan of Baba Kundan Singh at Nanaksar Kaleran just before they left for sachkhand.
  14. Sikhism's Golden period is now

    How do people convert to Sikhi? Do they just say the Gurfateh? Do they need a witness? And you’re right time is running out.
  15. Reading Bani Fast

    Some abhyasi gursikhs can read sukhmani Sahib in 20 minutes. But we must also reflect on gurbani. Read each line and don’t start singing.
  16. Christianity in UK

    The religious census of the UK shows that Christianity has dropped down to 60%. With a further 25% non-religious. Islam is 4% and Sikhism and Hinduism are both close to 1%.
  17. Moving to Punjab from the UK

    Punjab is okay for a holiday but i personally would not go and live there. And yes we don't get a lot of sunshine in the UK.
  18. Sant jarnail Singh khalsa

    I really like the Katha of Sant Giani Kartar Singh Bhindran Wale.
  19. Mahapurakhs, Powers and Experiences -

    Sant Baba Isher Singh Ji Nanaksar inspired 750,000 people to take Amrit in just 13 years.
  20. Welcome to the Sikh faith. Google basics of Sikhi or www.srigranth.org.
  21. Diwali

    Bandhi chor diwas diyan lakh lakh vadhaea - 19 October Thursday - i will be eating plenty of pakoras and jalebi
  22. Evil spirits

    Thank you very much. We have to remember that the dead person is no longer alive and is dead. The spirit grabbed my back at night and then simran started within me and it went away.
  23. Evil spirits

    Do we get nightmares at night due to evil spirits? I watched a film called Ghost and had a nightmare and was wondering if they are linked.
  24. Evil spirits

    I’m 33 years old.