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  1. Holiday in north America

    The American law bars criminals and mentally ill from entering. Canada is much more relaxed.
  2. Holiday in north America

    I will be visiting North America for the first time. Which country is best to visit? Canada or USA?
  3. In the olden days all the saroops were handwritten and it was a difficult job. Nowadays the saroops are printed.
  4. when is Vaisakhi 2018 exactly

    This year it’s both on 14 April.
  5. Holiday in north America

    I have relatives in Toronto, Canada. So might be visiting them. Otherwise it’s too expensive staying in a hotel.
  6. State of the UK - Is it safe?

    The U.K. was best in the 1950s and 1960s.
  7. Punjabiyat - An issue for Sikhs

    My parents come from Punjab and i love it. And it’s 60% Sikh with Amritsar (Sikh holy city). It has 3 Takhats.
  8. They are minor differences. Same for Dasam Granth Sahib. The Damdama saroop is most authentic.
  9. Jobless

    I haven’t worked for a while due to illness (mental). And now i have lost motivation in finding a job. I still do my Nitnem.
  10. Is God formless?

    God has 2 forms:- 1) Nirgun which is also formless (and is greater of the 2). 2) Sargun which is also form.
  11. Jobless

    I agree. And you lose natural sleeping habit and become dependent on the medicine.
  12. Jobless

    I started a IT course in September. I am currently on medication (Clozaril) which is very strong.
  13. Hindu decrease in India

    Hinduism is decreasing day by day in India. RSS and Shiv Sena are going crazy. More and more Dalits are leaving Hinduism (many have become Muslims). Only our great Guru Tegh Bahadur saved Dharma and Sanskrit in Hindustan.
  14. Brexit

    After brexit the U.K. goes running to America for a trade deal.
  15. Nanakshahi Samvat 550

    Happy (desi) new year.
  16. Is this a white sikh

    White Sikhs stand out. I have seen a few.
  17. Is it allowed to stay unmarried?

    Welcome to Sikhi sister. Celibacy is allowed.
  18. Kundalini Yoga

    What’s this Hindu stuff called Kundalini Yoga? Only become Sikhs by reading from Guru Granth Sahib.
  19. Kundalini Yoga

    I practised Yoga and then realised Gurbani is the best.

    My Afghan Hindu brother, are you willing to accept Sikh Dharam.
  21. Life transformation books

    1) Khalsa saroop jeewan sant Kartar singh bhindranwale 2) jeewan kirnan sant jawala singh harkhowal 3) Life stories of the Sikh saints (Harbans Singh doabia) 4) autobiography bhai Sahib bhai Randhir Singh 5) life stories of the Sikh Gurus 6) se kehnaya (sant harnam singh rampur Khera)
  22. Amritsar is now a major tourist attraction with 30,000 foreign visitors in 2017. The city has been beautifully renovated. The Amritsar Airport handles 150 flights per week.
  23. Sikhi in Malwa

    The Malwa region of Punjab was blessed by Guru Gobind Singh. The following all originated from Malwa and spread Sikhi in the region:- 1) Rara Sahib 2) Nanaksar 3) Reru Sahib 4) Bhindran Jatha (Damdami Taksal) 5) Mastuana 6) Bhai Randhir Singh (Akhand Kirtani Jatha).
  24. What's going on in the West Midlands?

    London is too busy compared to West Midlands (more open space) and they are rude.