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  1. 40 converts to Sikhi

    That makes sense. I agree there no outward rituals in Sikhi.
  2. 40 converts to Sikhi

    Which word is better to use?
  3. 40 converts to Sikhi

    Sorry can’t post the link. You can find it by typing “foreign tourists are adopting Sikh Dharam”.
  4. 40 converts to Sikhi

    Just recently. It was on Humdard TV. I saw it on You Tube.
  5. 40 converts to Sikhi

    Some 40 people converted to Sikhi in the presence of Jathedar of Sri Akal Takhat. The new converts came from 12 different countries. They recited the Mool Mantar (fundamental spell of Sikhi).
  6. Miri Piri Academy

    Most of them come from USA which surprised me. The academy was started by Yogi Bhajan.
  7. Miri Piri Academy

    The students come from different countries. They learn Punjabi. They practice meditation. It’s based in Amritsar.
  8. Miri Piri Academy

    This Sikhi school is amazing.
  9. Sikhism Exposed

    Gurbani talks about INNER SPACE. These scientists talk about the outer space I.e search on the outside.
  10. Nitnem of gursikhs/sants

    Sant Attar Singh Mastuana Wale did 150,000 Japji Sahib. Baba Nand Singh Kaleran Wale did 150,000 Mool Mantra and listened to 5 Sukhmani Sahib daily.
  11. Is India overated?

    Punjab is the best. The birthplace of Sikhism and where Sikhi grew up. You are fortunate to come from Amritsar.
  12. White Gurdwara?

    Why are white Sikhs opening their own Gurdwara?
  13. Turban

    Most British folk used to wear hats 100 years ago.
  14. Turban

    The Muslims and Hindus have largely abandoned wearing the turban in India. It has become a Sikh icon, so all Sikhs should proudly wear it.
  15. Gurbani Calligraphy

    Nice calligraphy.