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    sehajae hee har naam laehu har thath n khoeeai ||
  1. In puratan maryada the amrit sanchar was done with the Guru Granth Sahib and the Dasam Granth Sahib.
  2. Just say Waheguru and think about it with eyes closed. Use meditation music to help you. Think about nature like ocean, forest, mountains, lakes, jungles.
  3. I did the sangat of bhai norang singh of Guru Nanak nishkam sewak jatha. Also baba gurdev singh nanaksar.
  4. They attack the section called Charitropakhyan calling it pornography. It is actually linked to the play of maya or illusion.
  5. I listen to paath and kirtan. There is a lot of filth on it.
  6. I am from the UK and the summer in India is too hot for me plus mosquitos.I prefer to go in the winter.
  7. Chandigarh has beautiful roads and very clean. There is also a beautiful lake there. The roads and airports in Punjab have improved a lot compared to few decades ago.
  8. Recite jap ji from a gutka. Give them parshad. Share a Sakhi.
  9. Christianity is growing in poor lands. In Punjab the Sikh population is mostly rural and the Christian missionaries are taking advantage of that.
  10. Radha soamis, sant nirankaris, ashotosh, Sacha Sauda and now Christian missionaries. This is why the Sikh population in Punjab has declined.
  11. How do you become a Sikh chaplain in the UK?
  12. These white Sikhs make me proud. I saw a white singhni at my local Gurdwara.