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  1. The Whites are converting to Sikhism more than any other race or ethnic group.
  2. She sounds jealous of Sikhism. And yes we are taking over the globe! We’ve reached 30 million from a few thousand.
  3. Sikhi in Malwa

    The Malwa region of Punjab was blessed by Guru Gobind Singh. The following all originated from Malwa and spread Sikhi in the region:- 1) Rara Sahib 2) Nanaksar 3) Reru Sahib 4) Bhindran Jatha (Damdami Taksal) 5) Mastuana 6) Bhai Randhir Singh (Akhand Kirtani Jatha).
  4. Hindunised Sikhs

    I don’t trust India or Pakistan. Both of them want to trap the Sikhs.
  5. Moving to a Sikh neighbourhood

    I grew up in a Sikh area - Handsworth Birmingham. There’s about 5 Gurdwaray there and the famous Soho Road known as Punjabi pind.
  6. Singh Attacked

    Birmingham is the Muslim capital in the U.K. Even more than Bradford. As a whole Muslims are okay (except for a few bad ones).
  7. London to Patna Sahib

    You can catch a flight or train from Delhi to Patna.
  8. Buddhists and Hindus are most welcome to join Sikhi (the ultimate Dharmic faith). We already have a lot in common.
  9. Amritsar Gurdwara

    This is the Sikh belt in Punjab.
  10. Amritsar Gurdwara

    Prabh harmandar sohna Amritsar sifti da ghar Dithe sabhe thaav nahi tudh jeha Amritsar vich jot jagave
  11. They would say Allah is 1 and only. All the rest are idol worshippers. That Jesus is the son of God. The chosen people of God are the Jews.
  12. 40 converts to Sikhi

    That makes sense. I agree there no outward rituals in Sikhi.
  13. 40 converts to Sikhi

    Which word is better to use?
  14. 40 converts to Sikhi

    Sorry can’t post the link. You can find it by typing “foreign tourists are adopting Sikh Dharam”.
  15. 40 converts to Sikhi

    Just recently. It was on Humdard TV. I saw it on You Tube.