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  1. The rise of radical Islam in Punjab is never touched upon within the Qaum but it is a pressing issue. With the restoration of hundreds of mosques, conversion of Sikhs to Islam in our Sikh home land, increase in religious riots involving Muslims and non-Muslims and the Muslim immigrants facilitating Jihadi activity and there have been talks about introducing Sharia Panchayats within Punjab. The Muslim population of East Punjab was 0.8 % in 1971 and was at 1.92% in 2011. We need to act proactively before it is too late. The Gujar immigrants from Kashmir have been known to harbor terrorists and store weapons for a while now. A consignment of weapons was found more than 10 years back near the Adampur town of Doaba. The Gujar deras of Gurdaspur were used as a refuge by the terrorists before they launched the 2015 Pathankot attacks. Now in April 2017 a Muslim immigrant from Uttar Pradesh who was living in Jalandhar for several years working as a tailor was arrested for his links to ISIS. These are the developments of dangerous trends for the future of Punjab.
  2. Good post. I however disagree with the above part in bold. There is no doubt that Maharaja Harinder Singh of Faridkot wanted an autonomous Sikh state as he had put forward this demand to the British, but Patiala has always been a sell out state viz a viz the Sikh Qaum. Vallabhbhai Patel used Maharaja Yadvinder Singh of Patiala to quell the demands for Khalistan or Sikhistan. The Maharaja organized a Panthic smagam in Patiala where he told Sikhs not to ask for an independant state. This fact was mentioned in the Hindustan Times paper at that time. The Maharaja Patiala was satisfied because he got good posts after independence. It is only after steps were taken such as the derecognition of princely families that the Yadvinder Singh started supporting the idea of an independent Sikh country. This fact is barely known but was shared by Jagjit Singh Chauhan in one of his articles.