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  1. Radhe maa

    But i don't understand why they get the media involved! all these babeh/mata's, celebs, politicians etc why do they invite the media and news channels when they come to Harmandir Sahib? I don't understand why SGPC allows this. I went Harmandir sahib in December and people were running around with selfie sticks, posing etc. In fact i even saw a photo on the net of a man proposing to a woman at Harmandir Sahib, he was on on his knee and holding a ring for her! People are making it into a tourist attraction and all these politicians and celebs use it for publicity
  2. Growing Kes Queries

    I stopped cutting my hair around 2 years ago and so far they have grown just about past my shoulders but they look short because my hair is really wavy. Since the last two years i have only been wearing patka tbh, i have black ones and dark blue ones. Even though i stopped cutting my hair i continued trimming my dhari but recently i don't feel like trimming my dhari and now haven't trimmed if for 3 months, its growing very slow though and still looks trimmed. Since i have been wanting to to keep my dhari i have also been trying to tie a dastar too, its still practice though and because my hair is still short i can't really do a proper jhoora atm, but yeah i just wear a patka for now
  3. Family..

    I really don't know much about babies! but I've read how its important for the mother to do lot's of paath while pregnant and when the baby is born make sure that you do paath and simran next to the baby. Even by playing a Waheguru Simran tape in your house will be really good. I'm sure some of the other users will know better ...
  4. Forced Marriage

    I don't understand why people from abroad are still going India to find a partner! Many Sikhs in the UK are 30+ and unmarried, even if you are 32 a female in her late 20s is fine! why go India. People in India are very corrupt the men and women. So many guys from here go India to get a wife and once the wife gets here after a few weeks she does a runner! some even run away at the airport. Many of these women already have boyfriends living in the UK illegally. Many of them in Punjab are S L A G S anyway! trust me there are a lot more decent Punjabi girls in the west than there are in Punjab! Look at how apne are treated by their own family when they go India. Once they got the cars, kothis etc out of the money their families from abroad send them they then treat you like sh!t. There have been many cases of where apne have been abused/harassed and thrown out by "family" in India.
  5. Sikh and Hindus Build mosque

    Yeah my parents are from Nawanshahr, Doaba and this really big mosque is now being constructed there! I remember when i went India a few years back that mosque was a very small building but when i went India in December 2017 the old building had been demolished and has been replaced with a much bigger building. I remember on Friday there were lots of Muslims rushing around in the area and several of them were speaking Hindi/Urdu so i'm guessing they were from other states, plus opposite the Mosque they now have a little makeshift shop selling halal burgers etc. The only reason the smaller Mosque has been replaced with a much bigger building is because there obviously now is a demand for a bigger one because the population of Muslims has grown! In areas of Doaba like Nawanshahr Sikhs are a minority anyway the last thing we need is an increase of muslim migrants from other states.
  6. Need help with a Sikh antique

    My guess would be that those are from the second half of the 19th century. The first depictions of the Guru started appearing at some point in the first half of the 18th century, most of these were in the later Mughal style while the later Half of the 18th century and first half of the 19th century most Sikh paintings were done in the Pahari style which was like the peak of Sikh art. When Sikhs started coming to power and the rajput hill rajas started loosing power many of the pahari artists come to the plains of Punjab looking for work and many were recruited by the Sikh empire and other wealthy Sikhs. Your ones seem to be from a much later period.
  7. Hindu decrease in India

    Its mainly because the Muslims have a very high birth rate. Slums in India are full of millions of muslims with each couple having around 11 kids. Also christian missionaries are converting Hindus especially in the South and North East. I think Hindus are soon going to become a minority in Kerala. This is really bugging the Hindu extremist parties so they are going around with this program called "ghar wapsi" which aims to convert Muslim/Christian Indians back to Hinduism. In some villages 100s of Muslims/Christians have become Hindus. But India has seen a rise in Hindu nationalism in recent years especially in northern areas like Uttar Pradesh. Hindus are actually becoming more and more intolerant of Muslims and Christians which can clearly be seen in states like UP. A yogi guy was also elected in UP as the CM. Uttar pradesh has also removed the Taj Mahal from its official tourism booklet. In Utar pradesh they also have "moral police" who make sure no girls are walking around wearing jeans etc. I think India will have communal riots again very soon.
  8. Moving to a Sikh neighbourhood

    Slough isn't that bad tbh lol, Slough has a strong Sikh presence. But yeah a lot of Sikh families have moved out and live in the areas surrounding slough like stoke poges etc. As a kid i went to a primary school in Stoke poges and the area was basically all goreh, now the whole area is full of Sikhs and many Pakistanis too. I live in Upton Lea very close to Singh Sabha Gurdwara, which is not exactly the best of areas in Slough lol. Most people in this area are either Pakistanis or Apne (mainly kache) living in rented houses. Most of the kids that go to Khalsa Primary are from areas around Singh Sabha gurdwara like Upton lea/ wexham. If it wasn't for the Young punjabi families from India or the kache/fojis then this area would of been mainly Pakistani.
  9. Would you call our moneh boys "sikhs" ?

    No where have i said "all" amritdharis, neither have i said "all" moneh. your just overreacting. The people i was referring to are the ones who use their bana to cover up their fraud and corruption, not your everyday amritdhari. funny how you saw that as prejudice yet people on this thread where ok with labeling all moneh as non sikhs and no one saw that as prejudice. remember the same guys that some people on here are labeling as non sikhs are the same people that are possibly going to become amritdharis in the future. Don't put anyone off by creating these threads. pushing someone away from sikhi is one of the biggest paaps that you can do and threads like these are not helping. i wasn't trying to offend anyone ...
  10. Would you call our moneh boys "sikhs" ?

    so how many atheists would stand outside a gurdwara and defend it if it was under attack? but many moneh or non amritdhari guys will defend a gurdwara. Respect that an atheist will have is admiration, respect that a monah will have is a lot more than just admiration. Many non amridhari people read paath, not drink and don't eat meat. Many non amritdhari people have strong hope in the Guru ji and in nothing else. Yet there are amritdhari people in india (and UK) who go around collecting money for "gurdwara projects" when in reality they are frauds and all the money goes into their pocket, they use their bana to fool people. I just came from a holiday in Punjab in December and was shocked by the fraud that people(including amritdharis) do in the name of religion. What your doing is is turning it into some find of competition "whose better" when actual reality in todays day and age you can't trust anyone regardless of outwardly religious or not
  11. Would you call our moneh boys "sikhs" ?

    Im not amritdhari so i might think differently, but i think if one has a relationship with guru ji then no one can decide if they are sikh or not. plenty of moneh have a lot of respect for sikhi and plenty of amritdhari are corrupt these days. who is anyone to decide who is sikh and who is not ...
  12. yes, everyone is welcome. The town i live in has around 4 white people that regularly come. One is a amritdhari(baptized) . Two of them are very involved and even help with serving, cleaning etc and everyone knows them now.
  13. Was just wondering do people still get disowned in Sikh families? My mum said it still happens, people just don't talk about it. Im asking because my cousin sister was disowned around 4 years back because she had problems with alcohol. Her parents just tell everyone that she ran away with a hindu guy! Im 24 and growing up i used to hear stories of how people get disowned(mostly girls) The school i went to was mostly paki and i know there were a few kids in our school both indian and paki who had siblings that were disowned mostly because they were with someone of a different religion, but only a few cases. Just a couple of days back my mother was saying to my sister that if she wants to marry a non sikh then she will have to break all relations with the family, not that my sister will do that, she's a good girl. Back when we were around 16 i remember another cousin sister of mine was close to getting disowned, the social service got involved but my mum managed to persuade my mama not to disown his daughter and to giver her another chance because she's only a kid, she was around 14 then. I guess it comes down to the family! there are liberal sikh families out there who do not mind what their kids do and then there are more strict ones ... So is it still common?