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  1. A lot of amritdharis need a reality check. They use anecdotal history to justify their standoffness. Sometimes strict dharmic ideals can backfire when coupled with hankaar instead of humility. An example is a lot of youth refusing to eat from their sehajdhari parents after Amrit. We need to be more self aware and understand the complex thinking and birthis of ppl and understand that ppl learn and more eager to listen when the message applies to their pain and needs not some high horse slippery slope lectures
  2. Yes I think some ppl in America have named their kids taran but pronounce it "tear-in" the Sikh pronounciation would be "trr-un"
  3. No its mahkasur daint saying that. Indar ram away from him to seek refuge from chandi
  4. You should listen to sant Gurbachan singh Ji's katha of the shabad on ang 1253. They say that guru sahib finished the shabad but bhai banno's puratan Bir has bhagat Ji's complete shabad that they finished after coming out of samadhi
  5. I think the reason why sikhs believe Chandu had a big hand in the shaheedi is suraj Prakash. Wherein it states that chandu had extra motivation to do so because guru sahib denied his daughters marriage to sahibzada hargobind ji after chandu made demeaning remarks about guru sahib and sikhs.