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  1. Mom not letting me take amrit

    proper rehitee Singhs would look very similar to your display pic (but not necessarily wear the uch dumalla), and usually in blue instead of the yellow and orange guys. I think most rehitee Singhs also try to have Dasam bani as well with Adi Guru Granth Sahib. There are also imitators of the blue bana Singhs, but some of the imitators slip up and wear the modern khanda symbol instead of the aad chand! WJKK WJK Fatehhhh
  2. Mom not letting me take amrit

    Please make sure you take Khanda de Pahul from Singhs that keep proper bana rehit, and Singhs that try to keep shastar rehit and are respectful of Guru Gobind Singh's banis and rehitnamas as well. There are too many pakhandis and cultists carrying out Pahul ceremonies, since last century, so please be careful.
  3. Jagmeet Singh is new leader of the NDP Canada

    maybe they are too much in the dating, non-grihast partners? or they are absorbed in making money.
  4. all the effort, they could have put into carrying shastars and training with them. They don't look like Singhs, just kurta guys wearing turbans.
  5. This would make sense if they weren't called "Khalsa" Aid. If they were called even sikh aid, or something else, then fair enough. But Is Khalsa Aid actually giving the Khalsa Aid???
  6. Would like to hear explanations from other Mahapurakhs and sampradaiye and also puraatan itihasic granths. Just hearing that Bhai Randhir Singh said this and that makes it very jathebandi centric. We should be open to discussions like this, we should not shy away from other views. The more we discuss the more we understand.
  7. Yeah allow all the jathebandis and the sant babays that don't follow the kshatriya rehit as hukam of Guru ji, also don't be fooled by some jathebandis wearing bana.
  8. you could go and ask and check who they follow as Buddha Dal mukhi. You will need to find the jathas that are loyal to Akali Baba Prem Singh.
  9. Pray for hurricane Irma

    You want to pray for the hurricane??? Wouldn't it be better to pray for the victims?
  10. Go to one of the dals in Buddha Dal, or Tarna Dal. They will be able to explain proper Khalsa traditions to you as they live very rehitee lifestyles every day tyaar bar tyaar. They preserve bana and wear bana every day, and also presevre banis of Guru Gobind Singh which rest of panth is finding difficult. They also wear shastar like true rehitee Singh does.
  11. what is the argument about? in Dasam bani Guru ji talks about shattri culture, and shattri ka poot when we read sampooran Rehraas. Those from warrior culture may require multiple wives. Look at Bhai Mani Singh, he had 2 wives, and some of his sons were shaheed. This polygamy is not for regular person, but for Singhs who can follow proper rehit and not for dress up amrit dharis with no shastar and just a small kirpaan and eating sabjee and daal.
  12. sikhism isn't real sikhi. sikhism is the religion which these haters follow, this definition was created by British during colonial times. the dharmik sikhs follow sikhi, sikh panth. same with real Hindus. firstly, real hindu term applies as a geographical term for hindustan/bharat/india - but still not a wide term used in ancient times. Gurus include stories of the ancients in bani, such as Grur, NarSingh avtar and bhagat PRahlad, Chandi, Sumbh and Nisumbh etc hinduism is again a colonial definition - you cannot package a whole ancient civilisation and it's traditions and cultures into 1 religion. In school they never did this for Ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians, so why for Bharat? it's not the dharmik people who are speaking filth and slander towards each other, it's the religious and ritualistic people of Kaljug - the same kind of ritualism that Guru Nanak stopped during on the Udasis.
  13. Puratan Sikhi

    Actually some of the higher class people in uk are part of hunting clubs which use horses. Some of their shikkar is foxes. PErhaps UK Singhs could adapt this to something else?
  14. very nice! everyone must watch this! looking forward to the upcoming videos
  15. Puratan Sikhi

    Also we argue over doing Dasam Granth parkash yet we allow playing of harmonium inside gurdwaras on the same level as Adi Guru Granth Sahib? The same instrument which Akali Phoola Singh didn't allow in Harimandir sahib and said that it is "kanjaraa da gham"? Seriously, having Dasam Granth prakash is way more respectful than the disrespect of using harmonium on same level as Adi Guru Granth Sahib. At least those that are not for prakash should promote raag instruments, why no taos/dilruba/saranga/rabab being played on Guru's darbar, which are Guru hukam anyway?
  16. U.K. Member of Parliament Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi & Harjap Bhangal discuss the release of Sikh political prisoners in Punjab https://twitter.com/bapusuratsingh/status/905166811347476483
  17. Ram Rahim and Gurjant Singh Rajastani KCF

    I was reading something when I googled last week. I think Gurjant Singh went to prison for some KCF activities. Ram Rahim had a different name back then, and he had young children and was a chela at Sacha Sauda. They were friends, maybe childhood friends? There's some rumours that Gurjant Singh may have used a revolver to get the previous baba to leave the gaddi or something.
  18. Sikhonaire

    who is ggssc? I never trusted BOSS 100%, I felt racism from them, and even anti-nihang sentiments.
  19. Puratan Sikhi

    This will be slow but should happen. Dasam bani knowledge is urgently needed for sikhs all over the world. If sikhs had chartripakhyan knowledge gyaan it could help with the kanjar dating stuff and drink pub club smoke culture mentality bringing us down. Also dasme pathsha banis promote the mind to support carrying shastar. Sarbloh Granth will take more difficulty for panth to understand, but is required. Slowly, slowly need to bring banis back into nitnem before these changes. -bring more dasam banis into nitnem, and promote longer Chaupai Sahib and Tav prasad Swaiye. Add Chandi banis and shastarnaam mala. some gurdwaras I see are now doing the longer Chaupai paat. Sampooran Rehraas and also full Aarti Aarta with Guru Gobind Singh ji baniya, not the short one they do in Harimandir Sahib. THEN, things will change. However, also remember that alot of parkash might be done by Chakarvarti Singhs or outside gurdwaras. Remember rehati Singhs might be living outside and travelling. Gurdwaras had much more sehajdhari sangat before Singh Sabha movement, so may have just had Adi Guru Granth parkash. In fact, there were gurdwaras that just had shastar prakash only, and no granth parkash. This would have reduced beadbi greatly, as Adi Granth saroop were handwritten and larivaar, and not SGPC printing press copies. The saroop would more likely be at gurdwaras with sewadaars, and not lonely, quiet gurdwaras. Now that gurdwaras are controlled by amrit dharis, why are the gurdwaras still only parkash Adi Guru Granth, this is more like sehajdhari gurdwara. If the mahants have been removed, then why are gurdwaras only concentrating on bani for wider panth and not Khalsa panth. It is making gurdwaras into sehajdhari gurdwaras, and sehajdhari mentaltiy - this would be pefectly fine for gurdwaras that are not under khalsa panth and under sehajdharis or sehajdhari mahants I think it might have been this forum where I read words of Guru Gobind Singh, where the pothis are consider siblings or children of Adi Granth. Parkash of pothis can be done a bit lower or nearby. instead of the gatka dancing done by mainstream, we should have archery and shooting ranges set up in the big gurdwaras. Look how much space there is in Singh Sabha Havelock Southall! LEarning archery and shooting is much more useful then modern gatka. shastar vidiya (or i guess some gatka) is important, but only if we can find the correct teachers. otherwise need to complement with martial arts. But also important to have wrestling/mal yudh and kabaddi also aids in this. Remember Guru Angad setup up wrestling akharas. So why are we not doing this? And most of the kabaddi players are moneh, why are amrit dharis not picking this up? see some aspects of shastar vidiya such as mal yudh/wrestling is easily available yet we are not implementing it!
  20. Hair Dye

    I know some khatri sikhs and maybe afghan sikhs do some mehndi dying thing, I don't think you are supposed to though.
  21. Life is getting too hard

    I went to Guru Nanak School, not everyone was exactly nice, not even people trying to show that they are into sikhi or even amrit dhari. I listen to paat at work using headphones. This is not possible for you? Paat calms me down and I guess numbs any pain. Also listen to or read Guru Gobind Singh banis to feel courageous. Also do some sehaj paat from your mobile =)
  22. end of the day, hinduism term was created to suit the gora, angrej, firanghi to make bharati/hindus/hindustanis follow the abrhamic concept of religion. hinduism term doesn't really apply to the dharmik traditions, including sikhi of course. hindu itself used to be used as a geographical and cultural term during 10 Gurus times and mughal rule. IT also pointed to the ancient civilisation, although the term was rare during ancient times. Goras changed and twisted it to a religious label.
  23. Sikhonaire

    I think the Southall Singh Sabha election was at a time when uni sikh societies would have minimal influence. OR you mean uk sikh societies in general outside unis? I think UK uni societies need to use their resources, and could start doing basics of sikhi style parchar as well as a host of other stuff. Like in West London, where a lot of the sikhs at these unis don't attend the uk sikh societies. However these students skills could get involved in sikhi by making videos, using web design, programming and graphics media skills. It get's them experience and exposure for when they would join the workplace as well as getting them some sikhi knowledge, as otherwise they would probably not go to sikh society meetings or events.
  24. I don't get it, what does it mean THE FIRST COMMUNITY-WIDE OPEN HOUSE ?