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  1. Loss of connectivity for Sikhs

    oh is it. they wanted around £200 from me about a decade ago, prices must have gone up. why would naamdharis learn from them when they can learn from naamdhari ustads??
  2. Vaisakh: Sikhi vs Punjabism

    loll I really want to wear a chola. I also hate wearing ties and blazers. I try and wear mini hazooria often. Still learning my dumalla, my turban is still anglicised. my sangat and relatives is punjabis, but I would say if they actually followed more punjabi culture it wouldn't harm following sikhi so much as it seems. it's the drunk and uneducated culture that's the harmful stuff, the village <banned word filter activated> mentality.
  3. Loss of connectivity for Sikhs

    Try and get your instruments through Raj academy, they get good ones and import from India I believe. I am hoping to going back to learning raag keertan from them soon!
  4. Dhadrianwale exposed

    In India they're a dal???? lol, they probably don't have the type of shastar rehit required for an actual dal hahaha
  5. Unfortunately I don't spend much time with sangat these days so I am not 100% sure who this is about, but can guess.
  6. Any camp that is organised needs all adults to have Safeguarding training, that is a necessity. I also think a DBS/CRB should be a requirement as well!!!
  7. The Truth about Jind Kaur

    I thought her name was Maharani Jindan. Had panth normalised Kaur name for women during Maharaja Ranjit Singh's rule?
  8. Feel like leaving it all

    start learning proper rehitee things like shastar vidiya, archery, target shooting. also do sports. Maybe find a dal or Shaunee who might do other things like shikaar. Also go to sikhi camps. Proactive lifestyle will help
  9. State of the UK - Is it safe?

    wow awesome!!!
  10. Nihangs in 1984

    NOPE, only someone in rehit should be residing over Akaal Takht. Not someone wearing cultural turban and kurta pyjama with no kammarkassa and lack of shastar rehit.
  11. How to become a Nihang Singh

    it shouldn't be normal for SGPC "committee" to have a say in any sikh matters to be honest!
  12. Whats So Bad About Lust/kaam?

    Well in Gurus' times teenagers and young adults were married, why not get married instead of having girlfriend. Guru Nanak promoted grihast dharam, grihast jeevan; you cannot have grihast jeevan with girlfriend. Girlfriends take you away from grihast jeevan and make you get married late. You will there is a lot of harm in getting married later; the adults have grown up too much that they haven't grown compatible together and will not have grown into respecting each other. The daughter in laws will not have grown up with the paretns in law from a young age and this cause massive issues. This in turn leads to talaaq/dirvoce, a concept which is incompatible with dharmik culture. When a woman becomes widwa/widow, she maybe called rundee hogei. But this trash dating culture is leading to women being left by men without even being married, and these exes become rundee as their partner is like being dead to them , ie ex-partner/ ex boyfriend. If you follow Gurus and respect them, then you follow grihast dharam. sikh looks for a life partner, by looking for a girlfriend instead you are wasting time away from your life partner. Some abrahamic religions allow concubines or sex slaves, and with girlfriends you are doing something similar!!!! sikhi does allow polygamy (remember it is still part of grihast jeevan as opposed to trashy dating culture), some brave Singhs like bhai Mani Singh had 2 wives, Maharaja Ranit Singh had more - they also married as teenagers or young adults. So the wives replaced any need for girlfriends. If one can have a wife or wives, then what is the need for girlfriends? They are just cheap replacements/options. Just lead by Guru Nanak's example of following grihast!
  13. State of the UK - Is it safe?

    Every sikh with a turban should have a kripaan on himself/herself somewhere. As it is legal we have no choice. Also as I work in IT, I usually have screwdrivers or something on me. Even pens can be used defensively. Need to wake up!
  14. Taking my leave :)

    sitokaur, tera dimaag teek ah??
  15. Well Done Sikhs Were In The Headlines

    sikh community could boycott the bbc by boycotting the TV licence.... Shall we do a movement on this then? I am sure most of us can stream on demand content online and watch youtube. Might hurt those who require live football and live cricket.
  16. Well Done Sikhs Were In The Headlines

    and also we are also funding this BBC news by paying the tv licence fee. Sometimes I feel like stop paying, but then parents want to watch the sikhi channels on the TV; I can just stream and watch Youtube.
  17. Well Done Sikhs Were In The Headlines

    I know, it is drinking that is ruining sangats' ability to follow gurmat at the moment.
  18. .

    ਤੀਰ ਤੁਹੀ ਸੈਥੀ ਤੁਹੀ ਤੁਹੀ ਤਬਰ ਤਰਵਾਰਿ ॥ Teera Tuhee Saithee Tuhee Tuhee Tabar Tarvaari ॥ Thou are the Teer (arrow), Thou are Saihathi, Thou art Tabar (hatchet), and Talwaar (sword) ਸਸਤ੍ਰ ਮਾਲਾ - ੪/੧ - ਸ੍ਰੀ ਦਸਮ ਗ੍ਰੰਥ ਸਾਹਿਬ ਨਾਮ ਤਿਹਾਰੋ ਜੋ ਜਪੈ ਭਏ ਸਿੰਧੁ ਭਵ ਪਾਰ ॥੪॥ Naam Tihaaro Jo Japai Bhaee Siaandhu Bhava Paara ॥4॥ He, who remembers Thy Name crosses the dreadful ocean of existence.4. ਸਸਤ੍ਰ ਮਾਲਾ - ੪/(੨) - ਸ੍ਰੀ ਦਸਮ ਗ੍ਰੰਥ ਸਾਹਿਬ ਕਾਲ ਤੁਹੀ ਕਾਲੀ ਤੁਹੀ ਤੁਹੀ ਤੇਗ ਅਰੁ ਤੀਰ ॥ Kaal Tuhee Kaalee Tuhee Tuhee Tega Aru Teera ॥ Thou art the KAL (death), thou art the goddess Kali, Thou art the saber and arrow, ਸਸਤ੍ਰ ਮਾਲਾ - ੫/੧ - ਸ੍ਰੀ ਦਸਮ ਗ੍ਰੰਥ ਸਾਹਿਬ ਤੁਹੀ ਨਿਸਾਨੀ ਜੀਤ ਕੀ ਆਜੁ ਤੁਹੀ ਜਗਬੀਰ ॥੫॥ Tuhee Nisaanee Jeet Kee Aaju Tuhee Jagabeera ॥5॥ Thou art the sign of victory today and Thou art the Hero of the world.5. ਸਸਤ੍ਰ ਮਾਲਾ - ੫/(੨) - ਸ੍ਰੀ ਦਸਮ ਗ੍ਰੰਥ ਸਾਹਿਬ Tiro tufango bado ram jango, dhamak dhar, ani-ar, kamand koraraa, Panj Shastar Parvan Sunno Nand Lal yeh saj Pargat Karun apna raj
  19. Chu kar az hama heelt e dar guzshat, Halal ast burdan ba shamsheer dast. "All modes of redressing the wrong having failed, raising of sword is pious and just."
  20. Jobless

    hanji but can you not put your bharosa in Guru ji's keertan instead of jathebandi's own styles? bharosa bharosa bharosa..... B-H-A-R-O-S-A
  21. Is God formless?

    but also don't get confused with abrahamic God term. Use the nirguna sarguna concept of gurbani
  22. Taking my leave :)

    yet you put your bharosa in jathebandis that don't have bharosa in all of Adi Guru Granth Sahib bani, not have bharosa in keertan in Guru's maryada, and not following rehit of Guru's hukam of keeping shastar and panj shastar and practising shastarvidiya. eh? eh? eh? Guru ji sammat baksho
  23. nihangsingh.org web archive

    awesome, hopefully new articles can be written using these previous articles, and more social media awareness. great cyber sewa !!
  24. .

    here's some beer rass keertan for you, free from jathebandi additives: