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  1. So Jagmeet gets married ....

    link does not work.
  2. emergency advice - Breaking off Engagement

    As long as you are not being forced into getting married quickly, then just say you need to think about it, and don't want to get married yet or want to go uk first. don;t get forced!!!
  3. Divorce in Sikhism

    no not 50%. It was never 50% sikh males or 50% Singhs that had multiple wives. I was mostly either sikhs that were Rajas/Maharajas, or warrior shastard-dhari rehiti sikhs. Even during dharmi fauji activities, it wasn't 50% sikhs or 50% Singhs taking part even then. It should only really be those who can pass good values through the panth, raise those who can spread positive thinking in the panth. For example, only those who can pass bravery to their sikh children, and also gurmat. So during crisis, those offspring Singhs and Singhnis can also cause ths spirit to awaken in other sikhs. Or they can spead positive message towards keeping kesh and gurmatt lifestyle, and against doing kurehit like kesh beadbi and tobaccoo/shisha/hookah etc.
  4. Divorce in Sikhism

    Monogamy is good for grihast jeevan. But for wartime it is not good. Polygamy is required so more Singhs are born, and then these Singhs gave shaheedi during the wars, such as 4 Sahibazadey and Bhai Mani Singh's sons from both his wives. This just wouldn't work for the small monogamous units that we have now. Monogamy has put the dharmi-fauji families in dire circumstances as there are no sons left to look after some of these families! Some of them are in poverty! We need to follow rehit more closely, and sometimes monogamy is not compatible. The families that are going to supply real gursikh Singhs to the panth shouldn't be monogamous. And the ones that are going to supply negative people that bring down the panth, perhaps they should not marry at all. Let them go in their destructive path and spend the rest of their lives in girlfriend-boyfriend mentality. They will not be able to maintain real grihast until they have a mentality change. Yes, like the pihari/hill people where the wife is shared between brothers, it is the way they seem to settle the lack of wealth due to the lack of land. And remember, even Panchali Draupadi practiced polyandry with the Pandav warrior brothers. .... The other thing is I cannot understand how current modern society can be pro-monogamy. The amount of ex-partner people have through girlfriend-boyfriend pre-marital partnership as well as through divorces shows an acute amount of hypocrisy/pakhand from these people, on how they are against polygamous marriage.
  5. Are most Sikhs fake Sikhs?

    I think kripaan only counts when it's required for law of the land or circumstances, and not really in places where you're allowed to carry more usable shastar such as guns in states or wearing shastar in India.
  6. Egg

    Yeah I would say something similar about Kosher. Do they use a direction as well?
  7. Are most Sikhs fake Sikhs?

    since Guru says a sikh should not present themselves without kesh and shastar, does that make most sikhs fake including many amrit dharis?
  8. Egg

    No, Guru ji's fauj doesn't care. only amrit dharis from jathas and baba deras will want you to do pesh. Become sanmukh towards Guru and gurmat and leave these sects behind please, for the good of your sanity, dharma and sikhi! khulla mass is not banned and is not a kurehit. Just like if someone casually exposed their uncut hair without turban, that isn't kurehit either but shouldn't really be done. Like we discussed, sarblohi Singh would be proper strict about not eating khulla maas. jhatka and shikar is important rehit, and khulla maas shouldn't be done in most circumstances, but it's not exactly a pesh thing is it? Not like the OP getting worried about egg, and not even eating egg but just having food go close to lines that handle eggs. It's just too bad that SRM is so limited that it doesn't explain past just not eating Kuttha/Halal, and not into rehits and rehitnamas explaining hunting and jhatka according to gurmat etc...
  9. Want to do Paath

    He can try.... Might find it difficult though. I would try and get used to reading Jaap Sahib, full Chaupai and also as part of Sampooran Rehras and then full Aarti Aarta as a start, and then Chandi Vaar, Uggardanti, Shastarnaamala part 1 to get used to the language.
  10. Sikhi in Malwa

    I don't totally believe this. Yes leave the bad influences but most shastardhari rehit is still kept in India, and you will see the pooran gursikhs get together in Anandpur Sahib on Vaisakhi and Hola Mohalla. Yes you can see them trying hard here in the west, and there are those who have kept full bana even with some shastars, but still something is missing from being all-rounder pooran gursikh compared to the ladliyaa faujan in India.
  11. How important is height

    I didn't talk about staying at home. I am talking about those women who are out on long shifts/commutes while their offspring are getting drunk,groomed, doing shisha/hookah/smoking or some other wrong society. Are they teaching them sikhi and dharmik values, naam bhagti? Or are they just tired out and also just teaching kids to just go towards money and forget about sikhi, dharam and kesh identity? There's a big difference between kirat kamai and lobh/greed!!!
  12. Egg

    just added more to my post have a read
  13. Egg

    Why do so many people eat it, what about the properties and nutrition in said product? Remember we also eat seeds, nuts and lentils which also grow into organisms, all the nutritional values are compacted in these. Some vegans shall argue about why do we drink milk from cows? Actually why do we even donate and use non-organic Pasteurised Milk in gurdwaras? The way cows for non-organic milk are treated is horrible. And pasteurised milk is also dead milk and very bad compared to proper raw milk, and also is causing asthama/eczema/hayfever in children/people in western countries. People use their babay/jatha rehats to argue about eggs and meat but overlook the way the milk donated to langar is made. Many subtleties are overlooked, using diabetes causing sugar instead of healthier alternatives used during puraatan times is another example. This is the lack of buddhi/intelligence that is bringing us down. I wonder if there are so-called sarbloh bibeckis that use non-organic pasteurised milk and refined sugar, then it really does become pakhand.
  14. How important is height

    I saw the title of this thread and I thought I would have to talk about how one could be too tall to be a Singh in the Khalsa armies. Anyway, you should see how the prospective partner will live a family life and what sanskar and values she can pass on to your children. How much she knows about sikhi, how dharmik she is etc. Just don't let he slip into obesity, she could have health problems when she has children. She might be struggling to maintain weight at the moment due to work commitements. Is she working too faraway such as long and tiring commute into London. People who work these long hours with long commutes become messed up mentally and spiritually, and also get sucked into money making and no time for children (not that this matters much for utter coconuts anyway)
  15. Divorce in Sikhism

    however Guru's rehit combines both hunter-gather mentality with grihast. Khalsa is also supposed to have this instinct as well, but secterian rehats are making us lose this.
  16. Is it mainly Singh's who complain over Jathebandian?

    if we recognize everyone as one will everyone be ready to follow shastar rehit and other rehitnamas that are not watered down by jathebandis? caste shouldn't matter and if you're in shouni or dal then everyone is following same rehit. But when people live in houses and pinds and mingling with non-amritdhari relatives then they are usually following watered down rehit or following some aspects of family culture as they have to live inside civilisation.
  17. Egg

    You will have to ask them. I think baba Surjit Singh may have been Sarbloh Bibecki. But I know proper sarblohi Singhs' rehit will have some foods objectionable to this forum as they would use shastar to obtain such food, and I don't mean using a gandasa or farming tools! Jatha Sarbloh Bibeck is not exactly same as the proper Sarbloh bibeck who are shastardhari as well. Also they don't even eat from their wives. It seems Sarbloh Bibek can be found in Sarbloh Granth. This is from here http://www.babasurjeetsingh.com/tag/buddha-dal/ - but the site doesn't seem to load anymore, this is all I could get from this site in Google: 28 Sep 2014 - Jathedar Baba Surjit Singh ji was the 14th Jathedar or commander of the Buddha Dal, the central organization of the Nihang Singhs. .... In this Dal was the strictest of bibek or physical cleanliness, which meant all food must be cooked in fire wood, in sarbloh (iron utensils), all water must be from a well or ... just found more stuff, this is from quoted books but the site I got it from has been around a long time now (and it's one of the sites still standing instead of all the sites that have gone down, such information lost that is needed so badly by panth!!!) and the website name is blocked from jatha affiliated and hinduphobic sites: ‘The Bibecki Akalis- The strictest of the Akalis acquired the title of Bibeki (from a Sanskrit word ‘meaning discrimination’) or ‘the conscientious’, and engrafted on their own creed all the prejudices of Hinduism. With the Vaishnavas they would not eat meat or any article of food or drink not prepared with their own hands. To such an extreme was this rule pushed that they would not taste food cooked by their wives, eat fruit brought in the market or drink water which they themselves had not drawn from the well. They considered it a sin to eat bare-headed and would pay a fine to the temple if they did so inadvertently. They did not remove the hair from any part of their persons and in lieu of the Hindu janeo wore a sword. They were very strict in wearing the 5 K’s. They added the word singh as an affix to all substantives and sometimes the other parts of speech, and they transposed all feminine nouns into the masculine gender. Thus they would say: “place the inkstand singh on the table singh,” and kanghi, a comb, became Kangha.’ ‘A Glossary Of The Tribes And Castes Of The Punjab And North-West Frontier Province, In Three Volumes by H.A.Rose, 1914, Pa.155 This is about a friend of Bhai Randhir Singh: ‘Akali Ji in terms of getting food prepared was a ‘Bebecki’ (meaning eat that food only which was prepared by Khalsa Sikhs) but was not fanatical about what type of food it was. Like the ordinary Sadhs and Sants, who got into the argument about whether it is important to remain vegetarian or not, instead he considered ‘Mahaparsad’ an important facet of Sikh discipline.’ Akali Kaur Singh, by Himat Singh, Pa.31 I cut the brackets containing the translation of mahaparsad as it could end up with this thread being locked.
  18. yes we need to, Maharaja Bhupinder Singh what a mess! Taking women from villages and hills etc. Big tiddy as well. Corruption comes all the way to current Patiala Maharaja "Captain" Congress Chief Minister. And all the firanghi propaganda that seeped down from these kingdoms as well as to main punjab through christian missionary schools. The rest of the colonial jatha stuff we can't post on this forum, please look on alternate boards Past admins could ban you for writing against believing in firanghi god, even in private messages!
  19. Is waheguru accepting my paath?

    doing paath and simran, let parmatma jyot manifest in yourself. Increase your level of intellect and buddhi with bani. Help deal with conflict by also reading dasam bani. Get confidence by doing nitnem with full Chaupai including Akal Ustat Chaupai and Punn Rachas, Chandi Di Vaar, Chandi Charitar Ustat, Uggardanti, Shastarnamala part 1 and anything else. Do shastarvidiya, also follow rehit of tyrar bar tyaar Singhs and not of these jathas. Don't be submissive sikh, need confidence to deal a bit
  20. Want to do Paath

    Some of the language is different in Sri Guru Dasam Granth. But some banis will have similar styles.
  21. Sandhu & Ghotra marriage

    you are both ruining your families doing this "dating" stuff. everyone will know you were ghumdeh firdeh with each other in this anti-grihast behaviour, especially when you get married.
  22. Egg

    you should not be stressed as it only interferes with jatha rehit. Real sarbloh bibecki Singhs don't eat manufactured stuff, khulaa mass and not even tap water - they always wear bana with dumalla, carry shastars not just kripaans, riding horses, carry nishaan sahib and read many Guru Gobind Singh's banis for nitnem. Please follow proper Guru rehit and look at rehitnama, following babay and jathebandis does not respect Guru's rehit!
  23. Yeah, they just use the excuse that they are allowed to take women slaves during war/jihad. But the jokes on everyone else, war/jihad can be declared whenever they want, even covertly. He likes a girl? Declare jihad on them then take the girl as a slave/concubine, just change the label to girlfriend or wife and she is clueless!
  24. how about posting anti-firanghi stuff? They did mess sikhi up a lot during angrej raaj did they not?
  25. Divorce in Sikhism

    WE need to be made aware by reading charitropakhyan ! "Mata ji returned to Anandpur Sahib saying these words, and Guru Gobind Singh ji went into Samadhi for some time. Guru ji has just finished 324th Charittar. Suddenly Maharaj opened his eyes and asked Likhari Singh to be Saavdhaan. Suddenly Maharaj stopped, and asked Likhari Singh to Jump to Charittar 326. Maharaj finished remaining Charittars and after writing 404 Charittar, in the end counted 405 charittars. Likhari Singh, Bhai Darbari asked,’’ Maharaj,We have written just 404 Charittasr, why have you counted 405 Charittars in the End? And where is 325th Charittar?’’ Guru Gobind Singh ji Maharaj smiled and said Sikha, ‘’ When Mataji left, I decided to write charittar of Maha Maaya, Sri Maya Lachmi ji, the creative power of Waheguru which creates, preserves and destroys the universe. But Maharaj Akaal purakh stopped me from doing so, as when the Charittar would have been written, Maha-Maaya would have been overcome and finished. Earth, Moon, Sun, Stars, this Universe would have collapsed and there would have been Parlay (doomsday). No one has been able to imagine or explain the vastness of Maya, but I wished to write this Charittar of Maya, which has taken Human beings away from their real-Self, Sri Waheguru ji. Once the Charittar was finished, Maaya would have been rendered weak and helpless, all pure souls would have gone to Sachkhand and world would have ended.’’ There's also this weird rule they have where you can only marry someone you divorced in the past (ie your exe) by getting that person married to someone else first! Oh yes, the prophet married an "abandoned" rich older woman! And they can have extra/pre-marital relations with women (including married women) that their "right hands possess" ie war slaves/war booty, as long as they are at war/jihad with them. in this case, as long as they think they are in jihad, they can misuse women. Unfortunately we are now in an environment where the culture has become to change partners like clothes, and no need to be married to such partners and see them with a disrespectful eye not as life partners. It used to be a woman became "rundee" when she was widowed. But now divorce and pre-marital partnerships are creating "rundees", where the husband is not dead but just dead to the woman.