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  1. I think the jatha segregation should not limit sikh gurdwaras and community groups from organising Khalsa rehit activities. I mentioned Nihang dals as they do still have a type of active Khalsa lifestyle. This is better than those that believe maryada is just doing daily nitnem and fiddling about with harmoniums to create sounds that we are now calling keertan. Not to mention amrit dharis that say they are vegetarians but eat countless harmful foods containing sugars and carbohydrates giving them diabetes, what kind of gurmat is that???
  2. Or use KODI
  3. A solution is, if amrit-dharis followed rehit, IF, then, only then more people might want to be Singhs. When I say rehit, I don't mean just the paper rehit maryada people have now. I mean following the active lifestyle rehit like in the rehitnaamas, rehit that has been followed since Guru Hargobind. Doing things like learning archery, shooting, horse-riding etc Follow Gurus hukam of learning shastar everyday, and also learn martial arts. (See Nihang Singh dals for example) Instead of being people that religiously follow football and cricket matches, they would be involved in these activities. Then they would be an actual "practising" amrit dhari, as opposed to someone who took amrit just to do paat, which any sehajdhari or "mona" can actually do! Can gurdwaras and sikh associations organise such activities? Organising kabaddi tournaments isn't really going to make sangat proper amrit dharis. However, organising kabaddi and wrestling training for sangat to be involved in would help! WE absolutely should not act like the disarmed sikhs of colonial times. Instead of becoming like the naamdharis who put the kirpaan symbol in the kanga, we should get out of this colonial compromise of not following martial rehit and get back to actually being Singhs. Can the community do this?
  4. People getting in fights or upset because of cricket matches need to find something better to do, actually the same for football matches as well (applies to a lot of uk punjabi sikh families!)
  5. I am also worried about the internal racism from moneh "sikh" guys and girls towards turban wearers. Have you seen what happens at gurdwara matrimonials?
  6. It was accidental, and also have you ever taken medicine that contains alcohol?
  7. anyways, still this is the Son and he could be different. He is also part of Labour which I guess means they follow more liberal views as opposed to the Conservative party? The press love putting Labour politicians down so it's better if this thing isn't too over-exposed as we need a Singh MP!
  8. I would go to gurdwara more if keertan was done in tanti saaz gurmat sangeet maryada as opposed to the not very uplifting (to put it politely) harmonium sound which is sometimes not even done to raag and instead to bhangra and bollywood tunes. We need to follow Guru maryada more so sangat can enjoy! At least at home or in my car I can use Youtube or CDs and internet to listen to gurmat sangeet in tanti saaz. IS it bonkers that I have to be outside gurdwaras to listen to keertan in gurmat maryada?
  9. To understand gurbani it is good to understand history and historical texts as well
  10. Absolutely, the meat is meat argument is an absolutely hypocritical thing for a sikh to say! so shameful!
  11. What I meant was it's a shame if he is. Wikipedia entries: He is the son of Jaspal Singh Dhesi, who runs a construction company in the UK, and who is the former president of Gurdwara Guru Nanak Darbar, in Gravesend, the largest Gurdwara in the UK. Dhesi has a bachelor's degree in mathematics with management studies from University College London, studied applied statistics at Keble College, Oxford, and has a Master of Philosophy in the history and politics of South Asia from Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge.[1] This seems really good, especially the MPhil he has South east Asia history. But then the next paragraph is so dodgy. In 2012, his mother, Dalwinder Kaur Dhesi, was jailed in India, for kidnap and forcing an abortion on a teenage mother, who later died.[4][5] I did some research regarding this, and this is regarding the girl involved with the ex SGPC president Jagir Kaur (was it her daughter or daughter in law). So with the Dad being involved in Gurdwara committee, the Mum being involved in nefarious activity with an SGPC President - and the son is active in politics. As sikhs, I am sure we have learnt to be careful of all politicians including SGPC, Gurdwara committees and government.
  12. Do disabled sikhs also discriminate with racism towards turbanned sikhs?
  13. This isn't the correct website to argue anything which is meat or egg. There is different amridhari sangat and hukumnamas for your view. such as Nihang Singhs and their rehat. I cannot post my view of correct rehit and rehatnamas on this website, sorry!
  14. Yeh, that's a bit of bummer if he is? What did he do for the community as a mayor?
  15. Perhaps a collective translation instead of one author? Maybe make a facebook page or something where everyone can contribute. I am just brainstorming here!