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  1. We should only help raagis who do gurmat sangeet in Raag. Those who play harmonium we should not even give them anything because giving money promotes this non gurmat instrument. Instead we should pay to open academies which can teach the raagis to play the correct instruments and use correct raags. Otherwsie, by paying harmonium players, we are only shooting ourselves in the foot. If you watch one of Bhai Jagraj Singh's videos, he mentions that gurdwaras get cheap sewadaars that can do everything, and are just taught basic harmonium playing, I guess having a proper raagi would hurt the business aspect of running a gurdwara!!! ( I think it was one of the WhyGuru course videos about keertan)
  2. On days you cannot read paat, why not get some headphones and listen to paat instead? That will not disturb your roommate. I have different playlists setup for myself on Youtube and Music players depending on which shift I am going to at work, or for other circumstances. If you have time, this will give you an opportunity to listen nitnem in proper raag, Baru Sahib Anahad Bani Jatha currently have some nitnem banis sung in raag tanti saaj gurmat sangeet on Youtube.
  3. Tell your husband controlling krodh is also part of gurmat, maybe do some gurbani khoj?
  4. which channels do Hajoor Sahib telecast these days? Please let me know, I am going to try and get it on Kodi.
  5. I just listen to whatever is playing on the radio. Usually BBC Asian Network, might not be paying attention. I am trying to get into listening to Raag music, especially Raag Keertan. IT's never playing in the gurdwara so have to listen to it at home or in the car. Also found some Rabab music on Youtube yesterday, it actually sounds similar to 80s and 90s bhangra music!
  6. How do I save this thread to view later, do these types of forums have this functionality?
  7. it's ok. we can call vedh as bedh, which is done in bani as well. I am sure there might be a few other places in bani where bubba is used as opposed to waawa. Also another more extreme example is in punjabi we might use the term bans as in suraj bansi instead of hindi surya vanshi
  8. can we have more info on this?
  9. I am in a similar situation and thinking about doing the same. And you might as well learn HTML as well, it's very easy to learn!
  10. very interesting read. But wow, this thread was started in 2007? A decade ago!
  11. Really want to help with this. There are those with kesh who do kabaddi, also desi wrestling, and shastar vidiya martial arts. There's Singhs who shastarvidiya as well as another lot called Art of Elusive Fighting. Please get in touch with all these groups of various martial arts. There might be someone on this forum, and also some other forums as well which can help. Sikhawareness and Reddit sikh forums will have Singhs on who participate in martial arts with kesh.
  12. yes a combination. the aim for an amrit dhari is not to just be a sehajdhari sikh, shastar is a very important part as well.
  13. I know there are jhatka shops, not sure how jhatka they are in uk. But I don't think that's the point when we were told to jhatka. We are really supposed to do jhatka ourselves so we get a feel with a sword and also be able to see blood and survival tactic among other stuff. There are so many of us, how can sikh community make this more practical in uk?
  14. Well the 1st 5 Gurus also had the tradition of charan-amrit. If you want charan-amrit then that is fine. But please don't insult those who follow all 10 Gurus instead of first 5. Guru Gobind Singh has made it mandatory to practise shastar as well as nitnem. If you prefer pakhandis that dress up then that is up-to-you.
  15. Wait, so you are saying it does not matter how much the panj follow rehit of Guru Sahib, is this the best example for amrit dharis? Should amrit dharis not lead an example of how to lead gursikh lifestyle? And here you are saying we should not worry about shastar vidiya? Then why take khanday dee pahul from such panj, why not just take charan amrit if it is only about bhagati and naam? Remember, for a gursikh shastar abiyaas is also bhagti. To separate this is not possible. This is more like becoming a sehajdhari sikh!