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  1. ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂਜੀਕਾਖਾਲਸਾਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂਜੀਕੀਫਤਹਿ On Saturday 7th October there will be an Akhand Keertan Darbar and Amrith Sanchaar Smagam taking place at Singh Sabha Cross Rds Coventry. Program is as follows: Saturday 7th October: Akhand Keertan: 6-12 Amrit Sanchaar: Starting 8pm til late Kakkars will be provided as seva by AKJ UK
  2. Deleted.

    If you haven't learnt the vidhiya of saas giraas already it is highly recommended you go to an Amrith Sanchaar and learn (AKJ happen to be the only ones who keep this maryada alive) Secondly, it would be wise to remove this post and pose the question directly to Guroo sahib and take a hukam, once others find out about your spiritual advances it will stop your progression altogether, and it will take a very high amount of bhagthee to break past this boundary again. Thirdly, if the only thing you can feel is the sound of simran, then this is an extremely good sign. Don't be scared and have bharosaa in mahraaj. Guroo sahib says dhun meh dhyaan, dhyaan meh jaaniaa!
  3. Ask yourself one question when posting to this forum: if you needed to do peshi in front of the panj pyaareh tomorrow would you rather do in front of; a) 5 jyot vigaasi, naam rassiye Singhneea b) 5 Singh's who have no discipline, just about do nitnem, care more about worldly happenings than looking after their own bhagthee. ?
  4. Amrit sanchar

    22nd July (TOMORROW) @ baba Deep Singh's gurdwara, Holyhead rd, Handsworth. The Amrith Sanchaar will take place in Khalsa house at 7pm. Kakkars will be provided **Remember that panj Singh are never bound by any jatha
  5. How is such a topic about elections related to Saadh Sangath and Sikhi, the purpose of the creation of such a website?
  6. Democracy is a system proven to fail. Guroo Gobind Singh jee has already given us the perfect method to manage a society and that is through the system of panj rehatvaan gursikhs to be our form of government.
  7. Is it ok to listen to Nitnem?

    Nothing wrong with listening jeeo; however make sure your surthee is focused on the nitnem and not something else Bhai sahib. If it becomes background noise then maybe you should re-evaluate the reasons why you're doing nitnem 🙏🏽
  8. Sikh university student advice

    ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂਜੀਕਾਖਾਲਸਾਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂਜੀਕੀਫਤਹਿ Ardaas! Do Ardaas to mahraaj and explain how the last few months have proven that we're nothing without Guroo jees support; Ardaasan are your personal conversation time with Guroo sahib and take a hukamnama to see their response. Ask for a strong amrithvelaa and nitnem routine again and again and set alarms to help you wake up and sleep on time; one thing that helps many students is sleeping between 10 and 11 waking up early, around 1-half past 1 in the morning and going back to sleep around 4 and then waking up again at around 7:30 as you get around 7-8 hours sleep just in two separate naps, and you can nap in the evening if required aswell Attend Sangath regularly and attend keertan Darbars and listen to katha whenever you have time. Bhai Sukha Singh jee UK is highly recommended as his katha is easy to understand and become absorbed in, both in English and Panjabi
  9. Depressed

    Firstly, listening or reading Sukhmani Sahib's are key to bring shanti in your life; also, science has proven tunda ishnaan relieves depression as well as keeps us awake jee. Sukh meh bau Sangee bheh, dukh meh sang na koe In that pangthee, Guroo Tegh Bahadur jee explains how people are always with you during good times, drawn to the atmosphere around you, taking what they can, yet when it gets rough, they all leave you on your own. This pangthee can be used to teach so many different lessons; the first being don't get attached to anybody! So no relationships, boyfriends girlfriends etc; nowadays this is what stops most of us from progressing in our own Jeevans. Secondly, go to keertan Darbars, listen to katha, spend as much time with mahraaj as possible; however don't waste your time in mahraajs house talking in the langar hall, or listening to useless chatter. The less one talks, the better. Many Gurmukhs will never hang around a gurdwara, and leave if they're not in guroos Darbar, ideally we should all have this mentality as it naturally avoids getting roped into bad Sangath. Its natural to feel our lives are getting worse after taking Amrith or after doing more simran/seva/paath. It's all part of the test, the panj chor that live inside you don't want to see you progress in your Sikhi so they'll do literally anything to stop you, whether it's make you upset/depressed, give you back pains so you can't sit in chounkra, weaken your memory so it's more difficult to memorise baanee and so on. However these efforts to knock you down are nearly always short lived, so continue with the good deeds you're already doing and do even more if you can handle it, soon enough your mann realises that these good habits like simran at amrithvelaa and sukhmanee sahib every day are here to stay, and you begin to feel the positive energy that it has on you. Just withstand the test of time
  10. prayers for children

    From the age of around 11 please teach your children to learn rehraas sahib kantt! The baanee is very simply written and easy to remember especially for a young mind other baaneea involve chaupai sahib, 6 pauree Anand sahib, Basant Kee Vaar key shabads are also good to teach naujawan alongside the meanings e.g. Jo tho prem khelan kaa chaao ... theraa keeaa meetaa laagae ... deh naam santokheeaa ... prabh pass Jan kee ardaas ... sajjan sachaa paatshaah ...
  11. can 5 Women give Amrit di Pahul to anyone ?

    If all my points have been answered then I have nothing more to say, close off this topic and let the reader decide for themselves rather than having you forcefeed your own opinions to them. As for the keski kakkar subject, that's another topic for another day; and chances are somebody's already started that thread. ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂਜੀਕਾਖਾਲਸਾਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂਜੀਕੀਫਤਹਿ
  12. can 5 Women give Amrit di Pahul to anyone ?

    Firstly baba, I have nowhere to run because I don't run from anybody; what kind of a Sardar runs away 😏. And Guroo sahib tells us themselves that they feel pain. Guroo sahib feels pain when we distort the meanings of gurbaanee. Guroo sahib cries when we slander one another. Guroo sahib screams when we forget our rehat and adopt lazy manmukh like habits. Look at how many times in the last year saroops of Guroo sahib have become shaheed and been torn and burnt; all because you and I are too scared to give our own blood, so Guroo sahib stands in the way of the bullet for us, the ungrateful proud sikhs we've become. Btw, somebody making a gandhi video has nothing to do with the avasthaa of panj Sikh. You seem to love bringing up these videos about gays in multiple posts; I'm getting the vibe that you're somewhat jealous of this guy 😏 (When Guroo sahib gives you a direct hukam to slander and judge another person, then go nuts, as for now, forget about others doing whatever kam they decide to do and build up your kamayee. You're wasting your jawani bruv)
  13. Birmingham Amrit Sanchar 2017

    Having Guroo sahib place their hand on your head doesn't make you perfect that's why jee. Everyone in any jathebandee is capable of committing a kurehat and we all fall. Some fall harder than others. Yeah naam can be revealed to you by Guroo sahib but it's only a very lucky few who can keep aath pehar simran going on in their hearts from that moment onward; it takes some of us lifetimes to work up to that level hunna. I also know of many youth today that claim to be akali nihangs and vidvaans of taksaal, I could probably name up to 30, who are twice as young as the guy you're on about and are doing gandhi kam twice as bad as that; sort them out aswell if you're going to take on that role of exposing these people, so don't be a hypocrite just because you hate one jatha; and don't harbour hate for such people whether they're bujjar kurehati or not. Gurmukhs get to a stage in their jeevan where upon having someone's darshan, they can read all of their karams and all of their thoughts, past present and future; yet the thing that makes them Gurmukh is that even by knowing the deepest darkest parts of ones soul, the Gurmukh will still never hesitate to show hat person pyaar and do their seva!
  14. Any position is acceptable jeeo however chounkra is usually preferred; when sitting, to help posture and ease back pain many tend to sit on top of a pillow/jacket as it levels out your thighs and knees. Leaning against a wall is not against gurmat however it is not recommended as it can make you lazy and fall asleep quicker during paath/meditation. Tying a thick kamar kassa also helps if back problems arise
  15. Birmingham Amrit Sanchar 2017

    ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂਜੀਕਾਖਾਲਸਾਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂਜੀਕੀਫਤਹਿ jee, I cannot speak on behalf of any other jathebandeean however from what I can see you have only seen a very biased view against AKJ. In Bhai Randhir Singh jees books we can see they held Dasam baanee very dearly and loved to quote Guroo Gobind singh jee maharaaj time after time; the fact that there are "some" Sikh who question dasam baanee is completely derived from their own mat, as AKJ never ever preach against Dasam baanee, as it is a sensitive topic to many, charitropakhyan and other baaneea are not discussed as often as Guroo Granth Sahib jee. Secondly raagmalaa can or cannot be accepted as baanee depending on your own view jee, nobody should be pointing out their own views of raagmalaa in hopes to persuade others for the sake of panthic ekthaa. Naam dhrir, or more commonly known as saas giraas has been around longer than Sikhi itself jeeo! Sufi mussalman have been doing saas giraas for around 2000 years, if you are unsure if this is true, type dhikr into YouTube and watch for yourself. Buddhists practice saas giraas and learn to manipulate the ways they can control their swaas, and as a result many get blessed with ridhiyan sidhiyan extremely quickly as a result of this. Sau Sakhi explains Guroo Gobind singh jee demonstrating saas giraas to mata sundar kaur jee, and Max Arthur Caulfields book, a history of the Sikhs (which was written at the guroos time) explains Guroo Naanak Dev jee imparting saas giraas into every abhilakee after drinking charn pahul di Amrith! Also jee mool manthar can be different depending on your own view again; the reason the latter part is usually left out during mool manthar jaap is because it comes up again as a salok in sukhmanee sahib with a slight spelling difference, hence it becomes a salok; yet there are Gurmukh pyaareh who consider mool manthar up to the first panj paurian, so who is to say they are wrong?? The more the better right?
  16. can 5 Women give Amrit di Pahul to anyone ?

    Maaf karo jee, I don't care so much for respect as when I see something I say it regardless of who I may offend etc; personally speaking I have realised in my time that sikhs in general have become soft and butt hurt over small small matters rather than the brave, wise, Guroo's faujan that our forefathers were. Most Sikhs, daas especially, don't deserve respect due to not even being able to follow the hukams that Guroo sahib has given us and the lack of pyaar for our own Guroo jee You could also flip the script with this point jeeo; if you look at it from another angle. Guroo Naanak Dev Jee bought Baba Sri Chand into this world, who proved himself to be far from a gursikh. Does that mean we should have done matha Tekh to him? Because he was Guroo Sahib's own blood and flesh? The true Sikh realises that there is no difference whatsoever between Gurmukh, Guroo and Akaal Purakh. The Gurmukh may have all of the power and shakti of Akaal purakh, yet they choose to remain inside of guroos hukam. This was the reason for Guroo Arjan Dev jee and Guroo Tegh Bahadur jee bearing all of the pain of their own shaheedian, rather than using karaamaat to save themselves! An Amrith Sanchaar shouldn't be planned to finish at a certain time jee; if you have a set time to finish, then you run the risk of having to rush, which may result in parts of explaining rehat maryada missed out etc. An Amrith Sanchaar is still one of every Sikhs 4 Sanskaars, so why would you bother rushing? Kes keski is more a matter of opinion jee as there is plenty of evidence supporting both, the more the better right? however I do believe that a wearing a dastaar, in public at the very least, should be mandatory for all of us, especially as it's the main part of Sikhi Saroop! Naanak Amrith ek hai dhoojaa Amrith naahi; although Amrith is the same, whether it is made by panj pyaareh doing nitnem baaneea, or forming in the Dasam duaar, or trickling down your throat into the bata of rehat that sits inside of us. However, when physically making Amrith, there is maryada that Guroo sahib has put in place for us to follow; why would Guroo sahib bother making a maryada on how Amrith should have been made if in 2017 we decide not to follow any of it??? There is one way to receive naam in gurmat; and that is for Guroo sahib to show you; hanjee Guroo sahib takes many forms; so Guroo Gobind Singh Jee may give darshan and teach naam jugthee, or Guroo sahib takes form in 5 Gurmukhs (all 5 not 1 or 2 jee) etc "Badal's Maryada" still prohibits 4 bujjar kurehat aswell jee; just because something is in another maryada doesn't make it wrong automatically. Try asking Guroo sahib directly, do Ardaas asking if panj pyaareh may only be made up of Singh's; there's your answer in the hukam! Bibiyan have administered Amrith before and there have been many cases in which the abhilakhees in such Amrith Sanchaars have grown up to be beloved Gurmukhs!
  17. can 5 Women give Amrit di Pahul to anyone ?

    Oh baba! How blind have you become!? Hanjee taksaal may have been started by Guroo Sahib but that doesn't mean they stay Nirmal forever. Baba Banda Singh Bahadur even lost their own battle with hankaar and Guroo sahib made them Jathedaar of the Khalsa! Has taksaal kept their ways puraatan in the last 400 years?? The answer is no jee, take rehraas for example; the nihang Singh's were started by Guroo sahib, and so was taksaal, but now they both do different styles of rehraas, so which one is puraatan? 🤔 If you want to look closer into Amrith Sanchaars and puraatan maryada there, Taksaal now do Amrith Sanchaars in front of padh chedh saroops, printing of padh chedh is a MAHA MANMAT as quoted by Bhai Randhir Singh jee themselves (a world renowned jyot vigaasi Gurmukh). Taksaal also give Amrith 2 pyaareh at a time; in the first Amrith Sanchaar didn't all of the 5 singh take turns to bless Guroo sahib with Amrith? They weren't worried about finishing within a certain time were they? In addition to this, it is Taksaal who give separate rehat to men and women, i.e. A singh must tie a dastaar but it is a matter of personal choice for a woman; again Guroo sahib preaches equality so having different rehat based on gender goes against that completely doesn't it! The precious Taksaal that you so dearly defend even changed the method of giving naam dhrir to those who take Amrith! Google Max Arthur Caulfield; this Brit was sent to learn the ways of the sikhs during the guroos times and with all his information he had written a book called the history of the sikhs. So here's some primary evidence for you jee; Caulfield writes that once Amrith is given, the Guroo tells the disciple how naam da manthar is ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ and then begins to inhale vaah and exhale Guroo whilst placing their hand on the disciples Dasam duaar, this method was used to plant the beej of naam into the disciple. Once this is done the disciple continues to practice naam simran until the Amrith Sanchaar is complete and this method was first recorded when Guroo Naanak Dev jee began to administer charan pahul. Nowadays taksaal give Amrith to abhilakheean 2+ at a time and rush so fast that they don't even bother to properly listen to you say waheguru once! And then if that's not bad enough you are then told to practice mool manthar! An abhilakhee should have had months/years worth of mool manthar abhyaas before even walking into the Amrith Sanchaar anyway! Surely the actual method of learning this gupth manthar that Guroo sahib speaks of is one of the key reasons one should take Amrith! So they can learn and practice the gurmanthar! To quote Bhagath Kabeer Jee "Gupthaa Heeraa Pargat Bheiou Jab Gur Gum Dheeaa Dikhaae!" Or in English, that secret diamond became visible once the Guroo gave it to me! The diamond being a blatant reference to naam jugthee! You are so intent on maryada this, historical evidence that however Sikhi is such a beautiful Dharam that most of it is pure logic and what is right in the eyes of humanity! If something seems right, for example a Gurmukh Bibi administering Amrith instead of a singh who's lazy when it comes to rehat, then who is there to question that? Before an Amrith Sanchaar; and this has happened in an Amrith Sanchaar in which a Bibi has been allowed to to panj pyaareh di seva, all sevadaars are thoroughly questioned by the Jathedaar who is selected as a high avasthaa Gurmukh to ensure that they are all suitable to do Guroo jees seva; and to make sure I'm not straying off of my point; I know of many Taksaali Amrith Sanchaars where panj singh give their names forward, and they are asked if they do nitnem and have committed any bujjar kurehat, and if they answer correctly then they are given seva; surely that's not puraatan seeing as the first Amrith Sanchaar involved Guroo jee asking the panj pyaareh if they're willing to die for their Guroo! Jis pyaareh Sio nehu tis aagai maar chaleeai!
  18. can 5 Women give Amrit di Pahul to anyone ?

    Kira jee, the physical makeup of the first Amrith Sanchaar was all Indians, does that mean a Gurmukh of another race isn't allowed to do seva in Amrith Sanchaars? Jathedaar Bhai Rama Singh jee writes in their autobiography that they had a vision of Khalsa raaj, and in Khalsa raaj there were 5 pyaareh who governed Akaal Takhth, out of these panj, 3 of them were white Singhs, are they unsuitable for Amrith Sanchaar? "This Sanchar is the spiritual birth of a person, woman can also give birth to a person. They give it physically, both of these (spiritual and physical/Miri and Piri) are both halves that can't function without another. Just like a sperm and an egg is needed to conceive a child. The amrit sanchar allows men to give "birth" too, if anything this whole situation allows men and woman to give birth. Thus equality. The problem is people don't look at this Sanchar from a different angle" does the above mean that a women doesn't need to be in an Amrith Sanchaar because she has already given birth physically and therefore doesn't need to spiritually? Forgive me as I don't understand your point here. From what you've highlighted in bold, in terms of chromosomes, the Y chromosome doesn't "kick in" until further on in fetal development up until this point the foetus can technically be classed as female
  19. Birmingham Amrit Sanchar 2017

    Baba Deep Singh gurdwara 22nd July during Raensabhai keertan - hey it might not be a Taksaali one, but what's the difference when 5 Gurmukhs who's faces glow with naam make the Amrith 😊
  20. Bhram Kavach Maryada

    Why are you wasting your time with what is nothing more than a few rituals? This part especially made me laugh, what do we have to offer Shaheed Singh's? They don't need or parshaada or our water lol they're shaheed! Bhai Rama Singh jee met a shaheed singh and this shaheed gave him juice to drink; upon drinking the shaheed's juice, Bhai sahib didn't eat, drink or sleep for the next 3 days! Shaheeds have a million times more shakti than moorakh a like me, so why would I need to provide langar for them? If I do a silent brahm kavach jaap in my head whilst working, does that mean I can only do it if the room has carpet? Or does that mean I need to hold up a lighter filled with ghee at the same time? Baanee is baanee and no matter where or when we are, you'll still get laahaa from it, and you'll still reap some sort of benefit in whichever form that may be! If I have asthma does that mean I can't do a brahm kavach jaap because dhoof makes me cough too much? 😂 I'm surprised aath pehar simran japna wasn't part of the maryada for this baanee seeing as it's pretty much the only thing Guroo jee constantly tells us to do 👀
  21. What is the name of the 'protectors' of a Sant?

  22. can 5 Women give Amrit di Pahul to anyone ?

    Panj pyaareh cannot be anybody. Make this very clear in your own head veerjee before adding in your own biased opinion out of hatred of another jathebandi! For Guroo Sahib to take form in panj Khalsa, all 5 Sikh must have no hatred or dubda between each other. Secondly, to prepare Amrith all 5 must be of extremely high avasthaa, preferably 5 jyot vigaasi gurmukhs, yet this is increasingly difficult to find, therefore they must be the 5 highest calibre sikhs around at the time of the Amrith Sanchaar. Think about it logically, wouldn't you rather have 5 jyot vigaasi Singhneea acting on behalf of Guroo sahib rather than 5 singh who just about keep away from doing bujjar kurehat? If a Bibi is of higher avasthaa than the Singh's then what is there to stop her from doing seva of panj pyaareh? Before the human sareer is fully evolved in the womb weren't we all female? In Dharam raaj's Darbar, men and women alike are given equal sajaa, because there is no difference! Remenber that Guroo sahib was the only preacher of faith who expressed total equality in their time, so why would it stop at Amrith Sanchaar seva?
  23. What does Guroo jee say about what to focus on when doing simran? Answer: Dhun meh Dhyaan, dhyaan meh jaaniaa your voice should produce the sound ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ and your ears should listen as a beautiful Gurmukh pyaara once told me, keep your eyes closed and your ears open listening to the simran: upon doing this daas gained a lot more out of daily abhyaas than I had ever gained before! for those who have it written in their karam, ridhiya sidhiya come, however it's very important not to even test these powers, as it is a sure fire way to destroy your Sikhi, those Gurmukhs who do possess such powers never use them no matter how many times the temptation arises
  24. Are Inside of uk Gurdwaras to colorful?

    Why do colours of a Darbar matter, you could design the brightest gurdwara you could think of yet if your soul is still black then it won't have any effect, will it? If you think that colour/decor is distracting, you must have serious problems when it comes to bhagthee. Rule number 1. keep your eyes closed, as 40% of our distractions come through what we see!