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  1. DO wake up Amritvela do not worry about others. They'll moan for a day or 2 but they'll get over it. ONLY do Simran loud if no one's present. So far you got kirpa Maharajah will d more kirpa.
  2. Preeet Ji! Glad you posted this as I was wondering, does this shabad goes to Christian, Hindu and Muslim? (Non - Sikhs) or just Sikh sects? (Nihang, Taksal, normal Sikh) etc?
  3. Garlic is used at our gurudwara :-D
  4. I can relate as I know the feeling, of remembering someone you once knew like a brother but today? We put our heads down n walk on if our paths cross the street! Total strangers. You cannot forget something like this. Have you 2 kept contact or she does not wish to know you? If contact can b maintained there is nothing wrong with being just friends. Become friends and take santokh from it. Benefit, the contact of being in her life will be there.
  5. What happened to "Trishna Bujji?" (fulfillment)? The 11 Guru Sahibs went the extra mile for male/ female. Kandhi batt da Amrit, seva in Gurudwara, saccha kirth, house roles, family roles, Tabbya di seva, sit in sangat, eat in sangat... SAME prayers, SAME method told for men/ women... YET WE WANT MORE! We're not satisfied... It all starts from one place. Give both gender roles of this seva then tomorrow we'll turn to NON - SIKH organisation AGAIN stating "Gay/ lesbians must be allowed to do Amrit sanchaar seva..." Watch this space.
  6. AH! Nitnem is before sunrise BUT! Let's see where this tradition started. INDIA! And where do Sikhs like me do Nitnem? UK! Has anyone seen sunrise in UK around 6.15am in cold season?? In December India sunrise is at 5.30am onwards and can be 4am! For summer... Sooraj da chadi gia, sajno! Following the sun's direction should be focused more on time.
  7. @BHForce only encourage those who wholeheartedly wish to take Amrit also! AND that person must themselves say "I wish to take Amrit..." If not whas the point of saying to them EVERY SINGLE DAY go take Amrit? Let's say you're not a hiker and someone for the next 5 years says to you "you should go hiking, you should go hiking" and for the 5 years you just explain "I don't want to. I don't want" how'd you feel? AND hiking is/ can be a one off thing but taking Amrit!!?? It a LIFE TIME thing.
  8. Not a useless topic it part of a Sikh's experience. Also no one should compel others - make others aware etc... I kno it not a topic of nindia (as no names/ photos mentioned) so still not useless. Sikhs can learn "why not to compel others." Kno wha am sayin'?
  9. Own bread? Thas really amazing. My sister cooks her own food 7 days and drinks nothing but water. Rotia are mixed sometimes bajria sometimes makhi. She never eats packed biscuits let alone in restaurants. Out of curiosity whas your diet like?
  10. REGARDING THE MOVIE! main main topic (scroll first page to see clip). Where are the women's Kara, turban or any sign of "Kaur" in their name? WHY have we made it so they represent Punjabi girls on here? They can b from any religion background.
  11. Babio! Aj kal Sikhs wi emai Mari moti Sant-ey aa Soldier ta dhoor di gal hai.
  12. I agree. I also agree halal is EVERYWHERE in UK. It don't bother me because, it's Muslim's thing. Just like Sikhs get happy seeing a new gurdwara open up Muslims get happy seeing halal place opened (mosque too I guess). BUT we should not enter halal places as it gives us a bad image AND it against rehat to eat Halal (halal is specified in rehat nama)!!! ALSO! Is this "Hot dog" like, a proper PORK hot dog??
  13. "Chaurasee ka chakkar?" So, one has made it far to "Heavens" but they must come back like a spider, as they "only" made it far to heaven? Not emerged? Geeeeeeez! ALL that bhakti for nothing, ey?