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  1. Bringing Fullsize Kirpan from India to UK

    OH YEAH and if you manage shaster in UK train (sword type) it better to keep it well hidden from view. Again, it buy a ticket and go. You can carry it in cars not hidden. No problem. Trains have zero stop n search and absolutely no metal detect barriers.
  2. Bringing Fullsize Kirpan from India to UK

    It was 2014 when I carried a shaster in luggage both ways back n forth - UK India then India UK but times do change. Best to contact airport official n ask them, especially size of Shaster. Normal Kirpan are allowed (though some opt for necklace type, no more than 0.3" in size) but still carry normal ones in the luggage suitcase (not hand held luggage, that'll be seized n thrown in the bin). IF yer talking about Shastar as in the size of sword then yeah, best to contact officials directly. (Unless someone been in 2017 can shed some light)?
  3. Bringing Fullsize Kirpan from India to UK

    Big Kirpan's can ONLY be carried in suitcases that you do not have access to during whole flight duration (I believe it beneath the storage area). You can, by all means, carry kirpan from one town to other in England trains. No search takes place at train stations. Just buy a ticket n go.
  4. Very! No read/ write Punjabi means Guru Granth Sahib cannot be understood. Guru Granth Sahib can ONLY and ONLY be read shudh if it in Punjabi. And if one has the ability to understand Punjabi then when listening to Gurbani it can b easily understood, if not all of it. To understand all of it one must take the farther step of listening to Guru Granth Sahib katha or read teekakars of Gurbani.
  5. Over complicating Sikhi

    I 100% agree! Sikhs act like they try to prove something. It should be Sangat, Simran and Seva all 7 days. Yet we pop up with "You need to do this, you need to do that, you can't do this, can't do that." If you look at Sikhi it appears there are far too many things you can't do than can do. Hence many people deter away from Sikhi???
  6. Kabita of future

    First of all, I put this under Sikh Sakhia as it has made history. If you like Kabita (poems) read on if not GO AWAY! *Pops on the kavishr jatha singing tone* Sirsa da dera, Ram Raheem, hun hogay kaid, 20 saal, pr Sikh celebrations di nhi shokeen, hun ta tu huja kush, teek rakh apna hal chaal, pr bala kush wi na ho, hun police kaddo ki tera cream. Thank you.
  7. Why some sardar men raising their young boys as monah ?

    Life is funny I guess we all take things for granted/ want things we do not have. With Maharaaj's kirpa I have uncut hair and an Amritdhari, right? But my mum mentioned to me, on a few occassions, how I should trim my beard as it follows society, modern world n all that crap. My dad's an Amritdhari too but he's the SAFEST guy anyone can cm across. My own baptised mum is complete opposite: Full of hostility, thinks everyone uses us and we have a toxic relationship. ANYWAYS! It's funny, moneh kid's parents cry as their children cut hair/ do not follow Sikhi and parents with kids on path to Sikhi cry cause they're following tradition and not modern world. Or model world more like. 11 years of having Amrit shak life has been nothing but Anand for me.
  8. Is amritvela necessary

    Amritvela sch nao, widaii weechaar. In order to obtain full potential it is. In school what are students taught? "In order to gain full potential you must..." Also it's the ONLY time of day you can meditate/ do 5 baania in peace n quiet.
  9. Wicked Dhadis

    An old topic I stumbled upon whilst searching Gurmat stuff on here. Thanks ji! (if yer still an active member)?? The vid's full of Anand.
  10. Unfortunately his cheli support will get him out/ not in prison at all. And if a Sikh Brahmgyaani (same support/ spiritual level as Sant Maskeen or Gyaani Takur Singh) was to be falsely accused n arrested???? NO AMOUNT of support, legal action n money will get a person out as he/ she a Sikh n teaches people about Sikhi.
  11. Ram Raheem a possible reality check...

    sachi yaar. Chungi tarnish karki Gia.
  12. Reasons why we should not celebrate Ram Raheem being arrested. First of all, YOU'RE A SIKH! We do not know n like to celebrate. And if celebration is happening, authi wi do - chaar nukhta gadd dinya lol. 2nd we all know Ram Raheem's sentence will be 6 months long. Even if it's an order by CPI (highest commission) it means jack all. Raheem will pay his way out easily. Raheem's "prison" will mean 5* hotel luxury type prison, kinda like Pablo Escobar's. TV, 24 hours access in cell and courtyard, no hard labour (breaking bricks), it'll just be visitation from his cheli (he'll b dead busy with them), phone access, lovely food and possibly breakfast in bed by the police guards. Lets not forget the support from his cheli neither.
  13. DO wake up Amritvela do not worry about others. They'll moan for a day or 2 but they'll get over it. ONLY do Simran loud if no one's present. So far you got kirpa Maharajah will d more kirpa.