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  1. A proper meal

    Do you know how many vitamins there are? If you thought four... there are actually 26 in total. A person's body and health can improve hugely if we eat the right type of food. Brazil nuts, eat three and that'll be over 60% semolina in you. Eat 10 grams of pumpkin seeds that is the same amount! Raw carrots have vitamins A. I can go on BUT... It's important to consume one portion of steamed vegetable a day. A good portion in fact. Broccoli, cauliflower, sprouts, parsnips - NO saabji isn't right. It's good, should be consumed but defo not right as it's a hardcore effort to kill all the vitamins they provide. Leave daal (chickpea) in cold water for 24 hours? THAT has more vitamins. This is important for the Gut flora and one can go in society by simply having washed with soap and water, as the diet gives off the fragrance to body. And for breakfast it important to have breakfast that contains many many vitamins and minerals. Porridge is perfect example. In UK it'll be Ready Brek (or Ready Go from Asda brand). LOOK OUT FOR THE NUTRIENT INFORMATION! It'll mention several vitamins and minerals. THAT is the right porridge you want. ADD to it, 2 tea spoon of Flax seeds. YOU WILL RECIEVE LOADS AND LOADS OF VITAMINS AND MINERALS ALREADY. OH and by doing so? every morning you will feel fully awake before dawn, so greatly helps in Amritvela and meditation. Food is important in a meditators life. SORRY to say! But Crisp, chocolate, soft drinks do not give any real vitamins and minerals to the body
  2. Sikh - open minded

    How does one, who's taken Amrit of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, become open minded? NOT going against the rehat! So not "I feel ill. I'll take some beer..." THAT's stupidity, not open minded! Or "I'll cut my hair cause of so and so" again, foolishness not open minded. "Eh mann chanchala, Chaturai kinaeh na paiaa." Without rehat infringement one can learn so much from others. Sadhguru is a perfect example. Am sure many have rolled their eyes or maybe are intrigued, why is he a perfect example? Look into his practice of yoga then you may understand. Agreeing with Sikhi, he claims to take control of your mind and body, to make it into one. So when we read Gurbani we are physically there (body) but the mind is out the door. In fact it's MILES away. So by meditating and tuning to Naam one must first tune the mind and body together. Methods can be found "Inner engineering" by Sadhguru. Like Sikhi, method is same, sit cross legged and breath (more technique in book). By simple Sadhna one can tune into the world, know the Earth's functions, know what the weather will be like! Understand animal language. So how will this help with Naam? Isn't it a time waste when I can sit and tune in with Naam straight? True but this is just one aspect of applying a method and benefitting the fruits. Be honest! Who would not like to know the weather or speak animal? YES! Brahmgiaani's have this knowledge no doubt. But for a person on the path, just started or maybe "Many years have gone by I still fail to concentrate!" Try all sort of methods besides imbuding in the Lord's name directly WITHOUT going astray from Sikhi (be open minded in your methods). The more out the box we think he more we'll realise we can always learn things/ techniques from other faiths whilst keeping our mind and Heart on Waheguru, the ultimate destination. However, Sadhguru's technique also involves always being happy, poses of meditation for the mind and body. The thing is nowhere he mentions "You will obtain so and so God..." He merely mentions how to be happy if your body's chakras go right. So chakra's going right, living in the moment (don't Brahmgiaanis live in a moment)? can all aid in achieving where we want to be. AGAIN! To clarify, this is another believer's methods of practice that could be useful into helping us concentrate better and reap other benefits. Like just focus on breathing/ emptiness for 10 minutes then recite the Lord's name for another 20 minutes.
  3. Thanks! I use this for santhiaa too. Lessons at gurudwara but practise on here.
  4. Now that I am in the last of my 20's am already reflecting back on everything from my highlights to low lights. Unfortunately my Jeevan as a Sikh is in the low light. At 19 I thought "With Guru's grace I can reach a sant level by the time am 30!" YES it can happen before another year's up. I even thought I be married and a father before 30! But nah. Hopefully this year should be married but it's another hope. The amount of time I thought of doing sangat, simran and seva on a daily basis. Putting in 2.5 hours a day in extra prayers (exclude this time from 5 baanias)... It's been on and off but thas the problem. OFF! Off should not exist only ON. On for all 7 days. We all should reflect back once in a while on our Jeevan. Maybe your still in youth, 40, 50's or 70's! Are you where you are and where you thought you wanted to be in your spiritual life? Maybe you are? Share your story on here.
  5. By toxic I do not mean verbal, neglect NOR physical. I mean down talking to your kids, criticising them at an early age, ridiculing them, thinking EVERY decisions of your kid's decisions is cheap and just wrong cause it not YOUR way... Growing up in a toxic mum - son and (her daughter) relationship I've seen it! Okay, money was not an issue, we never got abused but we were given the wrong treatment. From an early age my mother believed me and my sister would never achieve anything. My poor elder sister probably bore the brunt of my mother's abuse! Every month. Today my sister is kind of a wreck; never happy, secluded, isolates herself, never laughs nor jokes I BLAME MY MUM I wish to blame our karmas too but hey! IDK what we did in our past lives to live a life of toxic relationship (GOOGE toxic relationship or my mum is always criticising me) to see exactly what am on about. OK Newly mum and dads! AVOID a toxic relationship! If your toddler says something wrong do not just scream n have a go at them! Explain to them wit love what they said is not right, or maybe "I like how you think but you're wrong because..." Not just scream at them "You and your dirty tongue! I'll sort you out!" If they're failing in education sit down with them, work on their weakness and encourage them "You can do it, if you try..." Always encourage never criticise. My sister went her own way aged 16 - never listening to mum, doing her own thing. Unfortunately mum doesn't know why my sis is always in a bad mood (Toxic relationship, mum think they're right n kids are stupid). AND my mum always criticises me n my sis for our decisions made. EVEN THE SMALLEST MOST SIMPLEST DECISION. Or in my case, major decsions too, like I chose to take Amrit but mum thinks it was a certain Sangat am "Following" at the Gurudwara. (Put it this way, toxic relationship she says it in a negative tone). On a few occasions my mum even said to me, starting from 2 years ago, TO TRIM MY BEARD AS I LOOK STUPID IN SOCIETY! Okay so mum is a control freak, always makes decisions and expects me to follow (DO NOT WORRY! I haven't trimmed my beard at all more on that later) - and if I don't follow OR decision goes not in her favour SHE SCREAM N GETS UPSET! NEWLY MUM AND DADS, PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS TO YOUR KIDS! I blame my mum for who I am today, what I become. My dad too but he was not toxic... just not there for me and my sister or even mum. All you'll end up doing is drive your kids away from you. Mum succeeded n driving my sister away from her. But if I question her she won't regret it. She would make me feel bad and say other poisonous venom she can muster. AGAIN! Not my parents fault maybe we were really bad people in our past lives, me and my sister. OK I let my mum bang on about me having an uncut beard but that is fine! I let her go on and not say anything. I don't care how long she goes on - 20 - 30 minutes - I keep my mouth shut then she does not utter a word as well. It does the trick! She forgets about it for a couple of months. My mum has learned poison and venom from he childhood I feel sorry for her. Brought up in poverty, no education (India), no family support (her siblings would beat her a day for no reason), mum would neglect her. So just like she has driven away from her family, my sister has driven away from her too cause of her actions, from beat ups in toddler age, criticism in early age and always having a go at her in her young teen to early adulthood. NEVER explaining to he or me "Look! Am annoyed never do that ok?" Instead it was a bashing up n screams at a rage that lasted 3 hours. When our pet bunny died dad ran to work and that left me, sis and mum... yep. Sister got a bashing of her life when she failed to call RSPCA whilst rabbit was dying. "Huraam zaadi kuthi! Keeri padaai the kithi English/ gal karn wi nhi aundhi phone ti. Kisi kam ti nahi teri padaai" (Hope you get the idea)... Surprised neighbours never rang the police. ON SO MANY OCCASSIONS OUR BLOOD GOT SUCKED THIS IS JUST ONE EXAMPLE. A healthy family would have; first off, dad would not just go to work, second, mum or dad would attempt two things. First, assure the kids in a nice and soft tone that the pets doctor will sort it out. THEN they would attempt to make a call to the RSPCA (we didn't have internet at the time). Dad should have rang 2nd cousin to call the vets to our house... Instead it was left to a 13 year old to sort it out! (My sister) whilst dad runs to work and mum hurls abuse as she thinks this is the right way to deal with kids. Second, the mother hugs the kids whilst the pet is being cremated or whatever, as it preps the kids for future grievance. At this age range we got hard core shouting top of lungs and abuse hurls. My sister no longer lives with the society let alone with parents. DADS! It's YOUR responsibility to listen and respect choices of your wife and kids. Teach, guide and support your kids on Sundays, outings and family picnics. No matter how little time DO spend time with your kids EVERYDAY if possible. MUMS! A benti for you to encourage and motivate your kids in education and show enthusiasm in their decisions. Correct their mistakes the right way and notify how they can do better next time. Make them believe they can achieve goals and dreams. End of the day your kids will look up to you and will have utmost respect for you as parents and great role models.
  6. As a Sikh we all should pay attention inside of us, but also our outside roop. Why? Well am sure the society does not want to see a turbaned man with beard in a disarray and no lips! Only stache falling over. For the beard it's simple if done this; Apply oil twice a month before ishnaan. Be sure to wash beard with soap at least twice a week. If not oil washing it with soap is essential! It's like, imagine not washing your hair with shampoo! Same principles. Older generations tend to tie their beards up. BUT YOU DON'T? WORRY NOT! You still need to make sure the beard (side burns to be precise) is neatly coming down and not curled upwards/ sticking outer direction. How to do this? Carry an extra Kanga around. Every once in a while be sure to take it out and comb the sides a few times. At home, work - wherever you are. YOU WILL GET INTO THE HABIT. NOW the moustache need to be on the sides, sitting above the lips. REALLY above so your lips show. THIS CAN BE ACHIEVED WITHOUT GEL, just like the beard, but it may take a while. Get a small cotton cloth. About 1.5" (inch) in width and longer in length. Before sleeping oil your moustache and use palm of hands to rub them to the side for a good few minutes. Add VERY little water and rub again keeping it upwards. Now get the cloth, start from around moustache and take both ends of cloth up your head, tie a knot. Not too light it needs to be firm so keep it just tight. Make sure your moustache's not being seen! The cloth needs to cover it fully, whilst your stache is kept flat back on your upper lips. This is keeping your stache in place for a good six hours or so. Next morning b4 Nitnem and after ishnaan, do the same for an extra 45 - 60 mins. THIS MUST BE DONE FREQUENTLY! It's a permanent thing as not doing it Moustache will start going below lips again. FINALLY... Like combing yer beard, it's important to use the palm of your hands to brush your Moustache back; left left side and right for right side, whether you're at home, work or Gurudwara, after every hour or two for a few seconds.
  7. How much of this article is truth ?

    These are crybabies. Guru Nanak's mission was to bring equality and leave caste Business behind. But we failed to carry that part forward! (N.B. am guilty too of this) ;( Oh Jatttttttaaaaaaaaaaah... BUT here's another example... their are people in the "lower" cast who are teachers and people in "Higher" cast who are hard labourer/ on benefits!... ye-ah. It's about profession and attitude to prove yourself in today's society. What the hell is "Dark skin/ fair skin over bull type eyes and small type eyes" gonna do you?
  8. Bringing Fullsize Kirpan from India to UK

    OH YEAH and if you manage shaster in UK train (sword type) it better to keep it well hidden from view. Again, it buy a ticket and go. You can carry it in cars not hidden. No problem. Trains have zero stop n search and absolutely no metal detect barriers.
  9. Bringing Fullsize Kirpan from India to UK

    It was 2014 when I carried a shaster in luggage both ways back n forth - UK India then India UK but times do change. Best to contact airport official n ask them, especially size of Shaster. Normal Kirpan are allowed (though some opt for necklace type, no more than 0.3" in size) but still carry normal ones in the luggage suitcase (not hand held luggage, that'll be seized n thrown in the bin). IF yer talking about Shastar as in the size of sword then yeah, best to contact officials directly. (Unless someone been in 2017 can shed some light)?
  10. Bringing Fullsize Kirpan from India to UK

    Big Kirpan's can ONLY be carried in suitcases that you do not have access to during whole flight duration (I believe it beneath the storage area). You can, by all means, carry kirpan from one town to other in England trains. No search takes place at train stations. Just buy a ticket n go.
  11. Very! No read/ write Punjabi means Guru Granth Sahib cannot be understood. Guru Granth Sahib can ONLY and ONLY be read shudh if it in Punjabi. And if one has the ability to understand Punjabi then when listening to Gurbani it can b easily understood, if not all of it. To understand all of it one must take the farther step of listening to Guru Granth Sahib katha or read teekakars of Gurbani.
  12. Over complicating Sikhi

    I 100% agree! Sikhs act like they try to prove something. It should be Sangat, Simran and Seva all 7 days. Yet we pop up with "You need to do this, you need to do that, you can't do this, can't do that." If you look at Sikhi it appears there are far too many things you can't do than can do. Hence many people deter away from Sikhi???
  13. Kabita of future

    First of all, I put this under Sikh Sakhia as it has made history. If you like Kabita (poems) read on if not GO AWAY! *Pops on the kavishr jatha singing tone* Sirsa da dera, Ram Raheem, hun hogay kaid, 20 saal, pr Sikh celebrations di nhi shokeen, hun ta tu huja kush, teek rakh apna hal chaal, pr bala kush wi na ho, hun police kaddo ki tera cream. Thank you.
  14. Why some sardar men raising their young boys as monah ?

    Life is funny I guess we all take things for granted/ want things we do not have. With Maharaaj's kirpa I have uncut hair and an Amritdhari, right? But my mum mentioned to me, on a few occassions, how I should trim my beard as it follows society, modern world n all that crap. My dad's an Amritdhari too but he's the SAFEST guy anyone can cm across. My own baptised mum is complete opposite: Full of hostility, thinks everyone uses us and we have a toxic relationship. ANYWAYS! It's funny, moneh kid's parents cry as their children cut hair/ do not follow Sikhi and parents with kids on path to Sikhi cry cause they're following tradition and not modern world. Or model world more like. 11 years of having Amrit shak life has been nothing but Anand for me.
  15. Is amritvela necessary

    Amritvela sch nao, widaii weechaar. In order to obtain full potential it is. In school what are students taught? "In order to gain full potential you must..." Also it's the ONLY time of day you can meditate/ do 5 baania in peace n quiet.