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  1. Yes I feel we're too focused on others than ourselves.
  2. He spoke to turban wearing women, looked them in the eye n patted them on shoulder a few times. Even held patki wearing kids hands (like grandfather friendly manner). I am a witness to this. That family were friends not relatives. On my turn he shunned his head away, no reply back to my "Sat Sri Akaal" neither. His son ushered me out. Was in a room where only a few selected cn meet. I sort of walked in seeing wha the fuss's about.
  3. Sangat Jio, If you're an Amritdhari great. If Keshdhari good. Keep on doing what YOU'RE doing. I know a close friend of my father. She, her husband and their father are all practising Sikhs (their dad passed away and these two are late 50's). However, I am ashamed and saddened to say this, they boasted great lengths of being Amritdhaaris, so much so they would literally force and compel others into taking Amrit. Many reading this may be picturing they put a sword/ shotgun to a mona/ Keshdhaari's head and threatened to them to take Amrit... DON'T WORRY! Wasn't that dramatic. The woman's a close friend of my father, due to Business reasons they often would see one another. But the meeting's reduced greatly today. Anyways I do not know about my father but my mum? She felt forced into having taken amrit about 20 years ago. She had to endure "Your husband's amritdhaari why aren't you?" Apart from the friend many more other old buddias were also an influence like this on to my mum. Now, tough hearted women can deal with such people that force them. Okay once, twice you may tell someone to go get baptised but constantly??? THEN the tough hearted women/ men has to bring out her tough side and shout and yell at them to "Stop pestering me!" or "Am warning you, stop forcing me!" In a loud and clear voice. Unfortunately, my mum was not that tough hearted and carried on listening, hoping one day they'd stop... But no. My mum too ended up taking Amrit. Today my mum talks about leaving Amrit behind but she feels she cannot (scared of after death more than husband). At the same time she might? My mum's in a dilemma. My mum had told my father to keep hair but at least don't take Amrit. He took Amrit. More than the woman and her husband, the woman's father in law was the WORST! Any monis that came to him during house prayer sessions he would not even look them in the eye, just sit their with a big frown and hope the monis left. He treated moni kids in the same manner. He qualified himself as "Anyone wishing me to even smile on them must keep hair." The clever folks never or hardly attended house prayers. My father had made every effort to attend ALL functions and took my unwilling to go mum. END OF THE DAY AFTER THEIR FATHER DIED... Slowly all the grandsons (aged young kids and the then teens) cut all their hair. Nearly all grandsons are moni/ trimmed beards. Only one granddaughter is practising and one granddaughter HAS CUT ALL HER GAIR AND MARRIED A WHITE MAN!!! I REPEAT SHE MARRIED A WHITE MAN!!! THIS IS THE FRIEND'S VERY OWN DAUGHTER!!!! SANGAT JIO! Let this be a lesson for showing so much Ahankar. OKAY! If you wish to tell others just tell them once to take Amrit. If you really want to tell then hold programs at the Gurdwara/ become like a Giani ji or a techer where you take out time explaining Sikhi and Amrit DO IT IN A NICE WAY! The effected Sangat will have so much kirpa where they take Amrit thanks to you. You taught them, gave them reasons. But the way these 3 did it? They JUST stated to take Amrit to anyone. LOOK WHERE THEIR EGO GOT THEM! Today these 2 don't dare mention to anyone to take Amrit. After all their kid's fiesta they stopped stating the obvious of Amrit, long hairs and "What if you die tomorrow?" emotional blackmails. REQUEST! If you want others to take Amrit and feel the need to tell them hold programs of Katha and Kirtan at the gurdwara. If sangat turns up it means they're already interested in Sangat, Simran and seva. Teach them about the 10 Guru's, translate to them the Guru Granth Sahib, talk about Amrit, talk about society and Brahm Giania da jeevan in a discussion session. IF they're taken Amrit/ kept hair fantastic. If not just think "Hey, with Akaal Purkh's kirpa I am merely doing my part and they'll take care of the rest." Don't get saddened seeing the SAME mona walk up 10 years into the sangat and think "Does this person even pay attention to my katha?" I was ever so fortunate to have such a teacher. I was inspired to take Amrit and not compelled. Even today I feel happy and with Kirpa I keep doing what am doing. The reason I walked into the katha program was because it as in English, many other youths were there and the Gurdwara gave the platform where katha was held in English by the teacher, we learned about Seva, Gurbani's hukmnama was translated and discussion of Sikh History was told. THIS IS ONE WAY OF TELLING OTHERS ABOUT AMRIT, BUT SHOULD THEY TAKE IT OR NOT TAKE IT AND STILL DO SANGAT, SIMRAN AND SEVA SHOULD BE LEFT UP TO THEM!!! Let's face it, NO ONE can make you happy. Ok so you tell a mona "Keep hair," they have. You then say "Take Amrit," they have. Do you suppose you'll find ANY santokh?? A few months later "Are you doing your Nitnem, no??" Neither you will be santokh and instead you'll feel sad! Then their's the teacher! He see's the same mona walk in ten years and he'll feel pleased that this guy's at least getting Sangat and Simran (Minimum) and how he's not the only guy here, but many others kept hair and many others took Amrit because of the program held. SANGAT JIO! Telling others about Amrit is a HUGE responsibility and there's a best way of doing it and an ahankari's way of doing it, which'll get YOU and the people you forced nowhere in life.
  4. Who you on about? Is the name "Moni da putt?" Or "This guy?" - which guy?
  5. Some people have too much time on their hands am afraid... Probably same people like "why you wasting time doing nothing? Go do paat!" Lol.
  6. I think Pakistanis deserved to celebrate in peace. So, why did a fight break out? Jealousy? Or... Let's just say a lot of betting shops hit it rich Sunday evening! I understand Hindus in fight with Muslims BUT any Sikh involvement?? Any newspaper article showing names? Sikh arrested??
  7. Sorry folks, this is not another post to ridicule someone/ group of people ;p Instead, we need to look at ourselves and ask, what IS happening? What the 10 Guru Sahibs did for us... is priceless! Literally priceless. From Guru Nanak Dev Ji to Eternal Guru Granth Sahib Ji! By listening to constant katha and prachaars I am sure we know little, some or in great detail about the Guru Ji's prachaar and all the Sikhs during their times. We need to ask ourselves a few questions, do we go Gurudwara everyday? Do we aim to learn one new thing in Katha and prayers? Do we aim to spend five minutes in seva? OR... Do we look at others and decide, the mona who passed away is going to hell as he died a mona, that Gursikh eats Veggie burger that gives chicken taste, he's not going to get Sachkhand anytime soon, that woman drinks too much... AND we give other lectures, as "You're not Amritdhari? what if you die tomorrow?" (annoyingly common)! SANGAT JIO! We need to focus on ourselves internally than externally. Whatever our path/ spiritual level is at, only Maharaja and we ourselves should know. So, externally we can identify others by their form. Turban, beard, Keshdari, druggie or, in bad cases ALL in one! If a person with a dumalla is smoking go up to them and explain it's wrong, as it does not give a good impression to Sikhs. If we see Sikhs walk in a pub, for what ever reason explain it's wrong and give reasons. IF people do this, going up to them mubarkha! Instead what do we do? Point fingers and tell others "So and so went pub. So and so smokes despite having a kalgi on their turban!" SO how do we focus internal? Just do sangat Simran, Seva and never talk behind someone's back. Never point fingers over minor stuff, like "That Amritdhari person eats from McDonald's" or "That Amritdhari never woke Amritvela today..." Sangat Ji, you might as well get a micro phone and shout in it "Hey everyone! Look at me! I am alive and notifying you of others bad deeds!" because indirectly, you're showing how much knowledge you gained and you deserve more points than the next person for not committing acts/ "Sins" on purpose. PLEASE NOTE: We must not stain our dastaars by being Amritdhari and committing bujjar kureahts! BUT if someone is doing that then why not go up to them directly and explain why they should not? Why must we instead go to Short hair folks and say "Do this, do that?" Why must we emotionally blackmail our Mai/ Bhai's into taking Amrit? instead of following up on Amritdharis gone stray? WHAT IS HAPPENING!? Why do we squibble over meat flavour crisps when ZERO meat is in it? (Walkers). It only flavour? See? Things like that makes people turn away from Sikhism. Our people have made it "You can't do this because it's against religion, you can't do that cause I read it off the net..." and of course, no hard evidence is given why it must not be done. Many have already frowned as I used the term "Sikhism," instead of Sikhi. I think we need to ask, will I come back as a fly in my next life for it? Some people act like as if I will. See? Small minor things deciding our fates! WE NEED TO ASK ourselves, Have I looked at myself or do I point fingers at others/ behind keyboards? Who knows? Maybe I am trying to be a someone too by writing this? Look at me world! I am a somebody and I have something important to discuss??? OR MAYBE! A few will agree to this post and start doing simple things by thinking long and hard about how to treat others and change their way of thinking.
  8. This man passed away he, his son and daughter in law were acting like God's gift. During family gathering/ prayer session at their house the old man literally frowned on seeing monehs. Daughter in law n his son spoke to everyone equally, but they forced others into keeping hair/ take Amrit. Not sure about my dad but my mum got compelled by the daughter's words n took Amrit. She was never happy kno wha am saying? Even today she speaks of leaving Amrit behind. I was a kid then never knew reasons why mum took Amrit. Anyways, the old man? Majority of his grandson's are moneh! When he died they all cut their hair. And his eldest granddaughter?? MARRIED A WHITE MAN KEEPS BOY'S HAIRSTYLE!!! (Daughter of his daughter in law)... SANGAT JIO! something to think about, why force/ compel n pester others? THEY ARE ADULTS AND KNOW ABOUT AMRIT/ PRAYERS!
  9. Yes you can't come with a good come back... We can see that.
  10. @sukhvirk1976 I commented to Akalifauj.
  11. What you showing your mommy? Not wise to show her how you talk to others behind a keyboard, son.
  12. Allow me to add my 2 pence to this wonderful video >:-D kno wha I cannot stand in?? When lecturers say in camp for kids "Take Amrit! What if you die tomorrow? Can u face Akaal Purkh?" WORST people are who compel others to take Amrit. Fair enough; give lectures, explain, tell your stories, talk about Sakhi/ Sikhi, hold Sikhi camps BEAUTIFUL SEVA. But please stop emotionally blackmail Non Amritdharis.
  13. Hmm... I have noticed in recent activity on here, a video was shown titled "Sikh Girls behaving badly" and a 2nd link concerning this, Mrs Javeed (was it jagdeep javeed)?? The Sikh descendant married a muslim now in big brother house. If we call such women "Sikhs" and defame them like that on here then yeah, I guess we can call moneh boys Sikhs but would we defame a Sikh guy who married a non Sikh?? Then we'll say "He was a Punjabi..." It appears women did not get off lightly! First of, Javeed was just a normal non Sikh following woman, if she wore a turban/ baptised THEN we would have a problem. And what about that video showing them indian girls, partying n talking about... Bedroom stuff?? Again, all girls had NO turban, NO signs of Kara and NO signs that their names are kaur/ Sikh names. What did we do?? Post their vid on here titled "Sikh girls behaving badly..."
  14. Poor answer in a debate, son. Explain to us difference between Sikh and Khalsa then.
  15. All who read the title may be thinking playing with yourself in a sexual manner. But let's understand kaam a little bit more in advance. Sangat jio, I can be an unsatisfied man at times! If I have gone with my friends to a high classified restaurant we all agree on one thing afterwards... "Next time we have to try another restaurant." Any guesses what we say next time after finding that another dine out?? "Next time we have to go for another restaurant!" Basically we can eat out in EVERY SINGLE restaurants across the whole wide world in our life time. Any guesses what will happen when ALL restaurants are dined out on? Will we be SANTOKH!? BACK TO POINT OF KAAM! Two words that I REALLY hate put together, is "Sexually unsatisfied." Two couples get married, they finally make love, then make love again... and again... NOTHING wrong there. However, once one spouse decides "I am not satisfied! I wanted more. My partner's not fulfilling all my desires I developed as a teen, My partner's sexual organs ain't big as I hoped..." THIS IS KAAM PLUS NOT BEING SANTOKH KICKING IN!" If you're unhappy with your spouse's body you are not likely to find happiness in a stranger's body (one out of many why partner's cheat on husband/ wife). Think about it. So Gurbani states to be santokhi and NOT to cheat on your partner. By being santokh half the life's problems will automatically be solved, BUT if your both lives are going by great and dandy, all love and happiness YOU'RE EVEN MOTHER AND FATHER! but never been happy with sex means the mind can become kaami, like "I wish their was another partner in my life, I wish I could cheat..." I guess we must be happy with what we have. You're a mum/ dad to 2 kids GREAT! It's a sign you made love and everything worked out well, if that didn't satisfy you, then what makes us think that another person could satisfy us?? (Just like new restaurants cannot satisfy us).