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  1. Shouldn't we broaden the criteria to Amritdhari Sikhs. Not that I don't believe that all Sikhs should keep basic rehat but it affects Amritdharis and their rehat more.
  2. @S1ngh I request you to close this thread since apparently meat discussions are not allowed here.
  3. Don't try and blow things out of proportion. See the whole video he even says something about it being an amrit sanchar. And stop being annoying, I didn't say I support non jhatka. I was just saying that the maryada they spoke at hazur sahib doesn't mention it. I am not a hazuri Sikh so I wouldn't know, I just posted it since its the best thing I can find. Doing it again, I didn't say that it was meant to back me up I put it there purposefully for whoever wants to see it. Be realistic, not every person who claims to follow Nihang maryada will follow it fully. There is always a few people who mix their maryada and changing jhatka meat around could definitely be one of them.
  4. Shower kirpan

    Me too, I'm probably apart of the bad list of Amritdhari's, but remember there are worse people out there and try and focus on how you can improve your rehat. Just don't kiss girls like Kamalroop did.
  5. Akaal Takth says any meat that is not Halal (but I take it to the next level and say any meat that has been killed ritualistically is not allowed). The Hazur Sahib Maryada says the same thing (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m--t9yDUPS8 - watch the whole video) There is no specific "nihang" maryada, each Dal is different in their own way. Though most Nihangs support Jhatka (quick strike with Sri Sahib) http://gb.budhadal.org/traditions/jhatka/
  6. Are most Sikhs fake Sikhs?

    Does kirpan count as shastar (at the time)
  7. Egg

    Well SRM states just Halal meat (or better if ritualistic meat) is not allowed so I am leaving it at that. I rest my case.
  8. Egg

    What's "khulla" maas?
  9. WJKK WJKF I have a question. Is it mainly Singh's who complain over Maryada and Jathebandian? Do Singhni's also engage in these type of conversations? (Not being sexist or stereotypical or anything, just out of curiosity. I mainly see Singh's get involved in this type of stuff)
  10. Egg

    It's good and it's recommended that you learn the maryada of all jathebandian, otherwise we will throw a hissy fit when someone tells you something that you haven't learnt before. What do you mean penji? I don't quite understand you, sorry.
  11. Egg

    It depends on the maryada you follow. There is no point arguing over it since there is never a justified conclusion. Leave it be. Sikhi doesn't focus on diet.
  12. Egg

    Can bibeki Singhs eat egg then? You said it interferes with Jatha Rehit and not the other rehat you stated.
  13. Egg

    Can't tell if you are serious. It probably means that the factory deals with eggs. They include it due to cross-contamination between ingredients. You should be fine.
  14. WJKK WJKF I have been having amritvela issues ever since I broke my sleep routine. The reason we don't wake up is because oh it's too comfortable in the bed and we just drift off asleep. Some of us wait like 5 minutes in the bed and randomly drift off asleep. Some of us wake up and say 5 minutes and we realize 4 hours have passed. This all comes down to what time we sleep, what we eat before we sleep and the amount of effort we put in to initially waking up, right? It's sort of like that. We have 6 sleep cycles. One in which there is a light sleep and if we wake up during that cycle we will be fully refreshed. So yesterday I came across this app named "Sleep Cycle". I didn't read anything I just set my alarm to 2:30 AM to 3:00 AM. I put the alarm volume high and then slept. 2:30, the alarm starts. I am angry and immediately rush to turn it off (it turns off with one tap). I fall asleep again angry. The snooze time will then determine the movement of when you disable the alarm clock and add on snooze time. When the snooze time is over the alarm comes on again, but this time for some weird reason you will quickly disable the alarm but you will notice you are fully awake. Link to the app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.northcube.sleepcycle&hl=en_GB
  15. Paramedic wearing green

    After pesh jokes and uniform colours, we will face the FINAL BOSS. No seriously, the final boss is the mix of all of the above.
  16. Shower kirpan

    WJKK WJKF Nothing wrong with using a small kirpan, as long as it's not those necklace ones or something absurd. As for forgetting to put on your kirpan, an ardas should be fine. Before you take off the small kirpan put the everyday one on and then take off the small kirpan. WJKK WJKF
  17. Is waheguru accepting my paath?

    If you read my statement carefully, I said there is no need to start controveraial issues. These same topics pop up again and again, and what is the outcome? There is no outcome, hence why there is no point in arguing about it. The sooner we realise this the better.
  18. Is waheguru accepting my paath?

    Mate does it really matter No need to bring controversial issues into this.
  19. Is waheguru accepting my paath?

    WJKK WJKF What are the type of stuff she says to you? Does she pick on you for no reason?
  20. Confused face is GuestSing

    Some of the confused faces was me but I didn't know it was that serious. Just saying my reactions was just to "play along" with the joke. Doesn't seem like a joke anymore though. But I will be your NEW confused face from now on
  21. There is no point in thinking about death about it, penji. Life is temporary. Your "boyfriend" won't be with you after you die. (Yes, even if you were still going out together)
  22. Hai Hai behta you are coughing? We are going to the hospital right now!!!!!!!!!!
  23. Moving to a Sikh neighbourhood

    Are you even Brummie?
  24. Who are the moderators on this site?

    Moderator seva is up for grabs but you have to have a reasonable amount of time on the forum (preferably around a year). I am roughly 11 months on here.