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  1. Dori on Kirpan?

    WJKK WJKF I decided to use dori for my kirpan. I saw a YouTube video but I don't really understand it and it's too fast paced for me as a beginner. Any tutorials? WJKK WJKF
  2. Dori on Kirpan?

    I doubt dori can be used for show...
  3. Just Do It

    Ye bro it's possible it also depends on one's dedication though because we think its an easy task but then we may stop mid way.. But ye JUST DO IT!
  4. Dori on Kirpan?

    I could tie a dori on that to be honest.
  5. dogs reincarted sikhism

    Everything has to go, cats, flies, spiders, dogs and yes, us humans. We don't know the dog's next life, the cycle is not in a specific order and is not known to man. so uhm just wait i guess?
  6. Reminds me of the Nirvair Khalsa Jatha fiasco. (The Singh was probably teaching mouth-to-mouth jugti)
  7. Nihang singh and opium

    The actual confused reaction has no impact on reputation however, its just 0. Still it's annoying with that boothi and its crooked eyes, fix up boothi.
  8. Nihang singh and opium

    Ah interesting! Most of these reactions people put is to make us look stupid or dumb, then probably put positive reactions on their own comments. Hopefully something is done about these reactions, don't see why we can't see who reacted straight then publicly ask them why they chose that reaction.
  9. Nihang singh and opium

    How do you know its him
  10. Dori on Kirpan?

    Huh? are u referring to me?
  11. Nihang singh and opium

    ? Is he the confused boothi?
  12. Dori on Kirpan?

    The rope is strategic in many ways. Out in the wild and need to make weapons, you may need rope. Need to make a little makeshift roof, you need rope. Need to tie anything together for the purpose of surviving, you will always need rope. Dori also saves the issue of gatra breaking, etc
  13. Nihang singh and opium

    Opium? Can you send these pics please, I think you may be referring to Shaheedi Degh or if not then Shardaee.
  14. Guru Nanak

  15. Dori on Kirpan?

    Lol what?! Read what you said, but slowly.. Just incase you have not seen what a dori kirpan is:
  16. I wonder who prints the saroops of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji nowadays, and how is Guru Ji transported from country to country?
  17. To be honest it was quite fascinating for me, although idol worship is not allowed for us but it still had a calm environment and it was nice learning about how other faiths worship. I could swear that one of the women that went there now attend my local Gurdwara... (Why did I only receive a notification about this now..)
  18. Dori on Kirpan?

    Guys quick update so the dori is simple, in the video you do a loop and tie that knot as he says, idk how he does the second loop some magic stuff going on there..
  19. Nihangs in 1984

    Did Bhai Talwinder Singh Babbar get permission? Didn't he make his own Dal?
  20. Holiday in north America

    I've heard the opposite, Toronto has a lot of good Nihangs.
  21. Nihangs in 1984

  22. I think what OP is trying to ask is if we were to merge with Him, are we then God, such as can we see other people, create events, do anything But if it wasn't then the post above this has explained it really well
  23. Akaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalo To the post above this, you gave summed up all the things that annoy me into one.