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  1. There are only two people in my family who don't participate in the 'fun festival'. (Me as a practicing amritdhari, and my older cousin who is an amritdhari). My theory is because in India they celebrate any tradition whatever the religion. And most of my family is pure indian, not born here most of them and they probably brought it here if you know what I mean.
  2. Was it on like two days ago? I remember watching it at my massar's house.
  3. WJKK WJKF Another thing I've experienced is never go too tight on the temple. Eventually your eyes will start hurting and it's worse in places like school, work, etc. This also happens due to jura too tight. One issue for me is my ear, it's got some sort of cut but some people think its due to the material of the turban. You could then uncover your ears for a bit (if it doesn't take too long to retie it) or you could get your sa-lye (or baaz how some people like to call it) and then pick the lahr on your ear. (This may not apply for you, OneBeing but if anyone else might be experiencing these problems). WJKK WJKF
  4. I asked one of my older brother's friends who is amritdhari and he gave me the answer: Before going to the rainsbhai (or actually anywhere like work, etc) do rehraas before then. Kirtan sohila is only meant to be done before you sleep. So if you come back at 5AM, do your nitnem and then do kirtan sohila after so you can go to sleep.
  5. Also, if your two turbans (keski and main) are the same color make sure you don't mix them by using the main as the keski and the keski as the main. Hate when it happens
  6. As for tying a dumalla, what I do is get the smaller material of all my materials and make a knot at the end. I then grip it to the back of my head and wrap my hair in it. I don't twist it, I just casually tie it around. From there I cover whatever is sticking out from the knot with a whole lahr. For the dumalla itself, it can be anything. A dumalla isn't necessarily a 2 foot stick inside. I suggest to tie it like how singni's tend to tie it. It's more easier and I tie it when I am in a hurry.
  7. There are many people I see with different styles (like patiala shahe) and they are amritdhari's. Let me define what a true sikh is: Someone who has given their head to their guru and follow FULL (and I mean FULL) maryada. Such as eating only from sarbloh plates, etc. But a true sikh can be even further than that! Did you know most Guru's wore mughal style turbans?
  8. When you ask the panj pyare questions, can you ask in English?
  9. 1) I just want to know how it goes as I am curious, got a problem? 2) I am not amritdhari so I don't know where the hell you got that from. 3) A link would be nice.
  10. Wjkk Wjkf Could someone post the directions of the amrit sanchar?
  11. Have you done anything wrong? No matter how much sins you have commited or what your sins are, the Guru's forgiveness will always be greater.
  12. Oh no I won't understand most of it my punjabi is literally at a beginner level.
  13. someone put me out of my misery please
  14. Alright so people say they start it when they are at home at 3AM, so what happens to rehraas and kirtan sohila?
  15. Is that for the gagan main thaal aarti?