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  1. After a Sikh has officially become a Shaheed (martyr) where do they go? Do they die normally but are remembered or gone somewhere special like satchkhand?
  2. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh. The reason we fall into kaam is because we thing it is ok. After watching a video we fall right into it's deadly trap. Trying to fight back makes it a bit worse and may give you urges to masturbate. Next time you go to the Gurdwara do some seva. Jaap Waheguru.
  3. And at the time, anyone could have got harmed.
  4. Look, I don't want to blame this over the Bibi. I agree, she should not have gone late at night but it is also because of how close the pub/bar is to the Gurdwara.
  5. Seva in the night, Seva in the day. It is the same thing. We are still to be blessed by doing Seva.
  6. This can be done but it may take time to save up a large amount of nearly 150000 pounds. Also, the price can always change.
  7. I agree, one should not hang out at night, but that doesn't mean they should not go to the Gurdwara. She could of been doing seva.
  8. Very stereotypical. It's the very few members of our current society who still don't know how to act mature.
  9. We don't always have to aim at the Gurdwara, there should be more self-defence classes for Bibi's. The way you said it was as if this was all Bibi's fault. I think it was because of the position the Gurdwara is currently in.
  10. Singh, let's not start blaming the poor bibi. This was quite unlikely to happen but since it was next to a bar or pub it was most likely to happen.
  11. It looks like there is a pub/bar in close proximity to the Gurdwara. But the thing is, you wouldn't really expect sangat to be inside a Gurdwara at 10PM unless it was some sort of special event. We should have guards standing outside the Gurdwara at least. Otherwise next time a drunk person goes into a Gurdwara, Waheguru knows what they will do.
  12. Yes, that's the one.
  13. oh oh Do a Nihang singh!
  14. How does it not effect the Gurdwara? Imagine walking to a Gurdwara and all you can smell is meat. Imagine if that smell gets stronger and you can smell it all the way from the langar hall. That won't be very pleasant would it?
  15. Yes, the price for the property is £150,000.