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  1. I think the other reason for this staring is that it not only looks weird but is portraying a fake image. People in the Middle-East and Asia i.e. India, who practiced their faith sincerely, attached the values of respect, royalty and honesty with their actions but, sadly, westerners, with their corrupt mindset, have distorted this image. You can blame your forefathers and ancestors for this. I do not trust a single one of you, regardless of whether you try to practice the Sikh faith or not. History shows you are not to be trusted. You can never be our friends.
  2. I think you are trying to flatter yourself through exaggeration by using 'very attractive' rather than just 'attractive'. You do the same with 'very common' in your second sentence when just 'common' would have sufficed. I think you have a superiority complex which I do not understand because there is nothing special about dull, pale skin. What is important to note is that this weird behaviour among 'Asians' is treachery. If these people were educated about the terrorism and evil war-crimes committed by the british empire and european invasions on their people and land then they could become enlightened and see the true identity and legacy of the whites. Would they be seen as 'very attractive' if they were still living in caves with multiple diseases due to poor hygiene and no medicine to use?
  3. I believe the chitte are just using events from Sikh history to support their argument against Islam in the hope that it will give them more credibility, attract more support and gain a bigger voice. They are going to do what they can to win their battles while the corrupted, liberal and weak-minded Panjabi's ('Sikhs') help them without giving a care for the Panjab slide into further ruin. Do not be naive. They do not consider us their allies. They have shown and proven how highly they value Sikhs with Jallianwala Bagh, partition of the Panjab and collusion with their Hindus friends over 1984, in which nearly 33 years later, the community is still wondering when there will be an investigation into the truth. They do not care about our injustice - they will protect their own interests. I hope that is clear to the Panjabi's ('Sikhs') who are always eager to obey and please their master. ਤੂੰ ਦੋਵੇ ਗ਼ੁਲਾਮ ਤੇ ਗ਼ਦਾਰ ਹਨ If Panjabi ('Sikh') girls were the only victims of grooming by Muslims in the UK, then I am certain they would not give us a second thought. What did they do when Panjabi girls were groomed and raped decades ago? The government, police and wider public did not care about us then so what is going to change now? To them, we are foreigners who are only here out of guilt for their past. Despite the contribution of Panjabis to the UK economy, which was actually built on wealth looted from India during colonial rule, their relationship with India takes precedence over what they have with us. They are desperate for investment and trade deals. Our 'loyalty' means nothing to them. The Panjab is broken yet events of its plight are unreported through national media. That is disgusting. We are not their pawns and we are not their slaves. We need to look after our own people and own matters. Every other community seems to do this except our own. Fools. We are small in number and have no allies but we do have a presence all over the world. There are enough of us to make a difference. Stop sleepwalking and do not get lost in materialism. Unlike the times of our possible ancestors, we are not doing this through force but by choice. You are choosing the white man over your Guru.
  4. How do you know there is no profit involved? What is your source of information? Do you know every single parcharik in existence and how each of them spend their salary? I doubt it very, very much so how can you write such a wild claim? You are the one who seems naive. ਉੱਤੋਂ ਬੀਬੀਆਂ ਦਾਹੜੀਆਂ ਵਿੱਚੋਂ ਕਾਲੇ ਕਾਂ Also, for your information, Preeet used the word 'apparently' in her first post. Did you see and read it or was the rush of blood to lash out in anger so quick that you missed it? Why do you continue to make bold assumptions? You are not omniscient. Can you tell me what kind of simple lifestyle is lead by these parchariks? How do they live? What do they eat and drink? What kind of house and car do they own? Again, how do you know that? As you believe that half the people who do parchar as a hobby are false, perhaps you can tell me how many parchariks are there in the world? This question should not be a problem for you to answer as you seem to like to sound quite knowledgeable. If you can't do that then perhaps you should check your 'facts' a bit.
  5. If true, I would not be surprised. These 3HO chitteh are freaks.
  6. I see the same stupidity from Punjabi youth at university with 'Langar on campus' days. Rather than feed the poor on the streets, they feed those who are not poor, who are already well-off and who can afford to eat. What is the point? These people do see it as 'free food' and have said so themselves, so they are bound to take what they can get. None of these people really understand the concept of 'Vand Chakko'. The same Punjabis love to preach 'Langar' yet conveniently forget the more important principle - 'Naam Japo', most likely because they do not meditate or pray to Waheguru themselves. I understand they are trying to raise awareness of Sikhi but if people want to learn about it then they can research the internet as they do with anything else today. If they want to 'experience' Langar they can visit a Gurduara. I believe their attitudes and behaviours would be very different in a religious place. That should tell you something about the minds of many Westerners today. These people are also asked to cover their heads and remove their shoes before sitting. Why? Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji is not present. Tying a ramaal and sitting barefoot outside a Gurduara for 'free food' are blind rituals, in my eyes. ... I have used the word Punjabis instead of Sikh because most Punjabis are not Sikh, however they are always more than happy and eager to put on an act and pretend to be a Sikh when it suits them to please the goreh/kaleh/wider communities, even though they do not get anything back from it, apart from the 'Sikhs are hardworking people, pillars of the community, upstanding citizens etc.' comments from MP's at the end of it all. Sexual grooming still continues and the Punjab remains close to ruin. What do the British do about that? Nothing. Why? Fear of racism and importance of relations with India for trade deals. The same rhetoric is said to Muslims when they decide to do something positive. The difference is that more Muslims are far less gullible and more steadfast in their faith. I do not like or trust many of them but at least they do not bow down to the goreh with the mentality of slaves. Wake up, Punjabis and put the community first. Many of you are just liberals with little love for Sikhi.
  7. This is no joke. Please research their name if you require evidence or to educate yourself about their distorted ideas and practices of Sikhi. Also, I did not question their journey. What is only in doubt here is their right to this identity. What they have done false, treacherous and disgusting. I am not going to waste any more of my time writing about them or take the thread off-topic. I think the single/lone parcharaaks e.g. Bhai Sukha Singh, Bhai Amardeep Singh etc. do a good job too.
  8. I define it as someone who follows or adopts something outside mainstream norms just to be different or look 'mysterious/cool'. I don't know if they all take Amrit but I believe they think Sikhi is a fashion and confuse Punjabi and Western culture with Sikh culture. However there was one who took Amrit and talking nonsense but I cannot find it on YouTube. I will try to look again and post if found. The same applies to Goreh/white hipsters. They are easy to find on YouTube, online or on other Sikh forums. Not at all. My point was just that many 'Sikhs', including Punjabi's, can recall a shabad but provide only a generic or widely accepted translation. We should be careful of such translations as each word will have its own definition according to each person and may contain some bias to suit an agenda e.g. changing a definition and using a shabad as a weapon. Ik Oankar means one God, one creator, the 'doer' (kar) of everything in this world, even from each single atom. I am aware of its importance as it begins both the Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji as well as the Mool Mantar of Guru Nanak Dev ji. My intention was just to highlight a bit of darkness in which Sikhi is in now. If people are genuine and respectful then there is not much to argue about is there? What you say about 'Punjabi hipsters' today is true. Not all are Sikh, as I have already mentioned more than once to certain posters, but this is something that is not going to change as Sikhi was created in the Punjab. I am not saying this means they are given the right to call themselves Sikh but as the world's fifth largest religion, it is bound to be a part of Punjabi identity. Some may be sincere, others just take pride and pick and choose what they wish to practice so they have the best of both worlds e.g. meat-eating mona Sikhs.
  9. How do you know whether I can or cannot understand that shabad or 'basic' Panjabi? I just asked you for a translation. ਬੈਫਦੂਫ. ਮੈ ਪੰਜਾਬੀ ਆਊਂਦੀ ਹੈ. ਸਝਦਾ ? ਤੁ ਬਹੁਤ ਬਕਵਾਸ ਬੋਲਦਾ ਹੈ. How silly do you feel now, kid? Are you sure about that? I am sure there are more but these are what I have so far encountered. White people masquerading as Sikhs are comedy. Yes 'Tegh Bahadur' can mean 'might of the sword' and 'Guru' is a title. It is actually compound word and roughly translates as 'one who brings lightness from darkness'. In other words, an enlightener or wise person or a teacher, just like all ten blessed messengers of Waheguru. Now you have appear to shown yourself up twice in as many posts yet you have the cheek to say I enjoy talking rubbish. I don't know what to say but either way, that is some achievement. Shabash. Bahut acha. Ih ki majak hai? I do not think you are very good at reading. If you were then you would have already seen the following: Where are the shabads? I cannot see them. As stated above, I do not think you are very good at reading. I asked you to post, translate and discuss shabads referencing Kaljug. Clearly you could not do this. Never mind. I have nothing more to say to you.
  10. Fair enough but you have now confused me. You say my post is racist and that you don't endorse racism, yet you call white people 'crackers' and then say you don't like blacks, whites, Hispanics, Orientals or subcontinentals. That makes you a hypocrite. However, I agree with what you and some others said in the quoted thread. I think of white people i.e. Anglos, as the devil. Once they see something they like, they feel it belongs to them and they must have it. The fact is they are shameless thieves. They have even began to delude themselves that they created it. One example is British Museums possessing many Sikh artifacts as well as the Koh-i-noor diamond. Another is Americans trying to copyright Yoga. Can you believe that? Theft aside, I hold them responsible for much of the evil in the world today. They say: "Where the white man goes, evil follows". I believe it to be true. 3HO are nothing more than a farcical cult who have been brainwashed by a corrupt yogi and distorted Sikhi to an extent that is not Sikhi at all. These jokers masquerade as Sikhs and pretend to act holy and pure. In reality, they dance on Gurbani and to Bhangra, practice Hindu rituals and conduct same-sex marriages. They even display images of the Gurus with Christianity. As I'm sure you and many others on this forum know, that is just the tip of the iceberg. They are weird and beyond help. 3HO are not Sikh. I am honest enough to admit I have not read much of Gurbani and there is a lot more I must learn and understand but you seem to know more about it so rather than dump a shabad of the Guru in your post just to prove your point, why not provide me with a translation of it? Tell me what each word means and explain it, without referencing the Sri Guru Granth Sahib online? You posted neither a translation nor discussion of it so I assume you already know it and can do this with ease. My point about names was that outsiders... sorry my PC friend, I mean 'non-Punjabi's should respect and understand the meaning of them. What would be your reaction if you met a non-Punjabi Sikh one day and asked their name and they said 'Gobind Singh', 'Bibi Bhani' or 'Guru Nanak Singh'? You may laugh at this but you should understand that is being misused for personal greed and benefit with no understanding it. How many people take Amrit yet don't change their bad habits? I think it is only a matter of time. Would you find it funny and say 'lmao'? After all, we do live in Kaljug, which is, also, referenced in numerous shabads. Could you post, translate and discuss them too, without external reference? Finally, what on earth are you talking about when you say I "keep using the real name of another person"? Where have I done that? Who else is called "GuestSingh" here? I was not aware that was a real name but where have I kept using it? This is my first profile on this forum. Yes the four castes refer to the four classes of Hindu society: Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and Shudras, not colour. I wonder how many Sikhs, during the time of the Gurus, would have seen whites, blacks, Orientals, Hispanics, Native Americans, Aboriginals etc? I know Guru Gobind Singh ji was treated by a European for a wound during his attempted assassination but it makes you think. People mistakenly use colour as context. My OP was actually about people misusing Sikhi today. If you had bothered to read my second post then you would know that I feel the same about whites and Punjabis. To make it clear to you and others, I don't mind non-Punjabis practicing Sikhi so as long as they do so with sincerity. I wouldn't be bothered if I saw an African or Asian practicing it if they were searching for Waheguru and finding peace. I am just wary of Westerners (3HO, British, Americans, Europeans, commercialised jathe etc.) whose minds are corrupt and portray a fake image of looking and acting 'holy' or trying to be 'different' or 'mysterious' or treating Sikhi as something 'cool/funky'. That is what annoys me. Corruption and evil are everywhere but I believe there are more people outside the West who are more pure, like those who have nothing, live in poverty/war/dictatorships yet practice the faith. You cannot trust anyone but I have more time for those people.
  11. Jasbir Kaur Vilashca? You do not sound like a Amritdhari Gursikh at all. Not everyone because not everything is Hukam. If Wahehguru is without fear and hate then why there is so war and poverty in the world? Is the answer not misused free will of man and woman? I know my opinion and outlook will be lost on some of you but I prefer to call it as I see it and I do not like PC. I have seen these converts that masquerade as 'Sikhs' as if it is the latest craze but I am wise to their lies and I can see right trough them. These idiots do not fool me. Sikhi is not a game. Don't believe me? Google '3HO fake Sikh white cult'. By the way, I accept only what is written in Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji, not what a nobody tells me over the internet. The internet is full of lies. How do you know whether stories like these are created or exaggerated just to emphasise a point? Should a Sikh not refer only to Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji for the truth, not a Sikh forum? Now I am maybe a Hindu in the eyes of people like you and others on this forum because you all do not agree with what I said? How do I know all of you are are Sikhs. You could all be Hindus. What racism? Are you only saying that because he is black? If he was white then my opinion would remain the same, as mentioned in the OP if you read it properly. Have you not heard of 3HO? I see the same with Punjabis too. Some turn to Sikhi but how many of them are truly and purely Sikh? Not all Punjabis are Sikhs and not all Sikhs are Sikhs. Is that racism too? I have seen and heard people like you who love to accuse someone of it when a different skin colour is present before making yourself look good by saying you noticed the colour of his turban first. As if I am going to fall for that bakvaas. Do you have your own mind or do you just follow the crowd? Are these people only idiots because their opinion is different from your opinion? Ask yourself who is the real idiots here. I am entitled to post here just as much as you and I will continue to do so, unfortunately for you and your forum buddies, because I am on the path of Sikhi and I care about the problems against it.
  12. Another Black hipster adopting Sikhi because he has no culture of his own? It seems to be a recent trend with Kaleh and Goreh in the US. A lot of outsiders are jumping on it as if it is in fashion. My question is why? Many seem to say the same thing i.e. 'I heard Prayer/Kirtan and started crying' or 'I could not bear to turn away from my Guru, heart aches, cries etc...'. OK. Well, how can you do that when you do not have a Sikh background and do not understand the meaning of each shabad? They are not translated to English in Gurdware and it can up to a lifetime for the purest and devout of Sikhs to comprehend such wisdom, unless you happen to be fluent in around a dozen Asian languages. The whole thing looks to be somewhat scripted to me. I understand they are searching for something, inner-peace, and that is fair enough as everyone is on a 'journey' but why talk in cliches? Who are you trying to impress? Are you being paid? Basics of Sikhi, are you trying to convert outsiders through 'camps'? Leave that to the Muslims and Christians. A lot of parchaaraks today seem to be treating Sikhi as salesmanship. Have they forgot the concept of Parchaar? Punjabis do not need to appease the Goreh/West by forcing Sikhi on others. If they want to know, they can use the internet, libraries etc. Travel and living costs from donations to fund such trips could be used for important causes. Do not put religion before humanity. I would be interested to know the ratio of such balances within Sikh educational charities. To finish on the OP, what I also do not understand and what really annoys me is why outsiders use the names of the Gurus i.e. 'Tegh' or the Chaar Sahibzaade etc. It displays pretentiousness and ego as well as a clear lack of respect and understanding of their legacy. The name of a person can you tell you a lot about them. In the case with these individuals, they just think it is 'cool'. Who are these nobodies compared to our Gurus and great Gursikhs? I am not trying to attack anyone. I am just sad about the state of Sikhi today. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru ji Ki Fateh.