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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mvOAEpDgMQQ - think this is just one part of that documentary. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UmhtKy0mrs4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yj6uz7uvIw8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C4YRmxMxwog
  2. First language of the Guru's

    That's what was meant by family occasions - you've explained in more detail. Although life has always been difficult with many having very little, just wonder whether constant foreign invasions made the public more alert and stressed and short with words like much of society is today Think the women folk songs/dances are called gidha.
  3. We can donate to help preserve the little history we have left. http://www.panjabdigilib.org/webuser/Donate/getpayerinfo.jsp https://www.justgiving.com/panjabdigitallibrary Remember watching a short documentary on the digitisation process at PDL - they've got the materials and equipment but it seems time-consuming. Investment could make this easier and produce even higher-quality images.
  4. Slough Gurdwara Racial

    Her point is still valid - if this person was carrying a weapon/entered with a gang, the outcome may have been different. What was the motive? Did he intend to cause a nuisance, harm people or disrespect Guru ji? A white supremacist has charged into a temple in the usa and murdered innocent families, black thieves in the uk/usa have stolen musical instruments, books or money and muslim extremists in germany/uk have tried to bomb a temple or cause trouble. We shouldn't forget these attacks - they could've been prevented with security guards on 24/7 watch but many committees may not care until they learn the hard way. We have been fortunate in the uk but that doesn't guarantee safety. There have been some stories of people collapsing and dying in front of the congregation. As most people can't take good care of their health, why doesn't every temple have a volunteer doctor/paramedic (on stand-by) - there are plenty of these within our community.
  5. First language of the Guru's

    More care was probably taken in fully-pronouncing letters - most of the diaspora are too absorbed with western living and seem to have copied the western habit of being lazy with certain consonants and vowels, so words with incorrect pronunciation are now accepted and certain letters have or will become obsolete. Earlier centuries, most likely, used more Sanskrit and breath then slowly losing and replacing them over time with Persian and tone. Many differences now and it'll change again in the future. That's an interesting question. My guess is that not every person had an interest in poetry or making a living from it - agricultural resources would have been more abundant and a commonly-accepted living? Using words sparingly would seem to be part of old Panjabi culture as people kept busy and active in a much bigger area, although family occasions and bartering at markets might have been different?
  6. Exactly. A 'practicing Sikh' of his age and education should be aware of what's exposed in these environments and stay away from them, regardless of what's being drank, which, in my opinion, is irrelevant. Maybe he'll take this humiliation as a blessing from Guru ji to learn the difference between modern Panjabi culture and Sikhi and help educate others.
  7. Agree with the suggestions above but most don't take notice or care until it happens to someone close to them - too busy with their own lives, following the crowd and not taking time to think for themselves.
  8. The whiteys are weak in many morals and values and that won't change because that's part of their 'culture', so the job of certain suleh becomes easier. How can this end? Immigration conflicts with the ego and greed of the establishment who, also, strongly oppose discrimination/racism.
  9. My post only disagreed with the last sentence, which was highlighted in bold and quoted by another poster. Open your eyes and read them again. You can't call a woman a princess by what she wears on her head - look at their actions too. The same goes for men and Singhs. Many who decide to practice Sikhi will have a dark past, therefore these gifts will continue to lose their meaning. Panjabi culture is the main reason for this but there other external causes i.e. muslim grooming, hindu extremists and whitey colonial arrogance. These continue to attack Sikhi today by changing mindsets that lead us away from Guru ji. It's a faceless war that our community are unable to understand let alone contain.
  10. gelatin in medicines

    Can you tell us the condition? (or PM if that feels more comfortable) - there are posters here with a lot of knowledge on natural medicine and they might be able to suggest something you haven't seen/heard.
  11. It is a stereotype and a lie as it follows the same one for men and Singh. Actions and appearance define the name gifted to us from Guru pita ji - one without the other just doesn't work.
  12. A muslim work colleague mentioned that some won't drain all the blood in order to add weight and sell for more.
  13. National anthem

    No. Our head should belong only to Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji, not a white devil hag who does not care about Sikhs at all and whose monarchy has attempted to destroy Sikhi and its people through countless war-crimes. Many of us, including myself, in the west are guilty of adopting western thinking far too much to form and support our beliefs when we should try to make more effort in being simple and using only Guru ji as our source of knowledge and wisdom. We can read about philosophers etc. and we do have to adapt to our surroundings so we do not become irrelevant in the world but there should be a limit because, at the moment, so many are unable to acknowledge let alone find this balance between work and personal life. There is too much conflation in thinking and it is taking us away from our goal.
  14. Confused face is GuestSing

    Joseph, you are quite weird and have serious issues. These untruthful, self-righteous and pathetic claims are just not normal. Why have you not posted any evidence? The reason is that there is none to present. You wouldn't be a very good lawyer or judge. The fact that you made a thread about how posters disagree with some of your posts by using emoticons is not only laughable but shows everyone the size and frailty of your ego and self-esteem. You have already proven yourself to be a hypocrite on these boards and now you will be shown to be a liar. Firstly, only some of your posts have been marked confused from my account because of disagreement, incoherent arguments and strange ramblings. One poster has already admitted joining in as a joke and a bit of fun but you have kept quiet. A quick search shows that some of your posts have been left with no emoticon so why are you claiming otherwise? Why are you exaggerating? Secondly, what 'personal information' has been posted? Another quick search on these boards shows that some my posts to you refer to your first name. Is that it? This 'personal information' that is mentioned so much is just your first name? Not sure about anyone else here but personal information usually includes full name, address and contact numbers etc. Please show evidence of these three posted from my account. Did you know that if you search for your name, you see the following: You posted that. It came from your account, not mine, as you have joyfully cried. Look what else was found: You posted that. It came from your account, not mine, as you have joyfully cried. Well done on proving yourself to be a liar on this forum. Hope the fake accounts that you created within the space of a few hours in order to like your OP gives the impression that most of the forum agrees with you and really helps with your mental well-being too. The truth is that on the night this thread was posted, no-one replied to it. It had more than 100 views but it was ignored because it is petty. How does that make you feel? Only after the first reply did you then spend your evening liking your posts in this thread because you knew the thread would be seen the following day after being bumped to the top of the page. Which IP proxy or VPN did you use? Also, thanks for marking some of my recent posts as confused. This does not bother my well-being at all because there is meaning in my life. Almost feel sorry for you. EDIT: You are now in my ignored users list.
  15. No vitamin c? Flus/colds, also, thrive in an acidic environment (sugar) - water flushes out toxicity and helps neutralise the body.