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  1. Kharku Thread

    Kharku adj. courageous, bold, brave; dreaded, feared, domineering, dominating, assertive; n.m. such person, terrorist, militant. (Panjabi university, Patiala) Just to add to previous posts and for anyone interested.
  2. Ravi Singh needs a Nobel Prize

    I could not agree more with some of the posts above. Pleased to know others feel the same about the direction of so-called 'Sikh' charities who refuse to put the needs of their own first. Shame on them. Many worldwide charities are tending to the millions upon millions suffering from poverty, war and persecution worldwide which is obviously pleasing but how many of them are helping Panjab or surrounding areas? If Sikh charities cannot help their own then, in my eyes, they are showing the world that Panjab does not need help. This is a lie and our problems will become worse. Imagine if every Panjabi or so-called 'Sikh' in the west, each gave dasvandh for aid relief only in Panjab. As already mentioned, the best way to overcome this is donate only to charities whose priority is only the welfare of Panjab/surrounding areas. I feel many so-called 'Sikhs' need to be informed about this as I get the impression that they just happy to donate 10% of their money to any charity as long as 10% is given but they know very little if anything about where it all goes. Where is the sense in that? I agree about Sikh Relief UK. I see others doing good work too. http://www.sikhrelief.org/donate.html https://educatepunjab.net/sponsor-a-child?sc=SPC http://sikhchannelaid.com/choose-your-payment-method.html https://barusahib.org/donate-uk/ Akaal Channel - phone: 0121 551 1001 (world cancer hospital and bone marrow appeals) https://www.nanakg.org/donate http://lionsmma.net/charity-work/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzzMCC-6Q_n9TJQWbmHqFFQ
  3. Try SikhYouthUK. They are based in the West Midlands but have sevadaars across the country and have prevented some of this beadbi from happening. http://www.sikhyouthuk.com/
  4. Exactly. Amrit is like taking a vow so if you break it then you are showing everyone how much love and respect you have for Guru ji. The OP should be ashamed of himself. He has chosen the lust for woman over his Guru. Many Panjabi youth in the west take Amrit yet still keep bad habits and do not change their ways for the better. In other words, they act like idiots. They are unable to comprehend and understand the meaning of Sikhi because they have not experienced hardship or suffering in other countries. Even if they realise this, they still do not want to abandon their comfortable lifestyle. They see no harm in remaining immature, copying each other like sheep and treating Sikhi like a sweet shop. If they had real love and respect for Guru ji then we would not see and hear them make a mockery of themselves while setting an example to the next generation. The image of Sikhi in the west has been damaged but not destroyed.
  5. Sikhs giving Non-Sikh names

    I believe a Sikh should try to live up to their name. Whether they are blessed from birth or upon Amrit, they should research the meaning of it and try to be that person. The forename has a strong psychological impact on the mental mindset and it can determine the nature of that person in life through their thoughts, speech and actions. I have noticed many Panjabi's, even outsiders to the faith, choose a name that sounds cool to them Is this not ego and idiocy? Sache patshah Guru Gobind Singh ji lived up to his name because he was all-knowing and prophetic of earth. The chaar sahibjaade showed invincibility and fearlessness by embracing war and death in battle then strength and victory in choosing Sikhi and death over Islam and its lies of paradise. Sant Jarnail Singh ji Khalsa Bhindranwale ji was a 'general' as he lead and united the men and women of Panjab. Sikhs are blessed to have such shining lights as heroes and although rare to find in life, that does not mean we cannot try to be like them.
  6. How do people find the time and effort to constantly bicker over nonsense like spoilt brats? Do they live in a bubble? Even those who claim to be mature are actually the opposite. Hypocrites.
  7. Are you even Panjabi or from India?
  8. I think the other reason for this staring is that it not only looks weird but is portraying a fake image. People in the Middle-East and Asia i.e. India, who practiced their faith sincerely, attached the values of respect, royalty and honesty with their actions but, sadly, westerners, with their corrupt mindset, have distorted this image. You can blame your forefathers and ancestors for this. I do not trust a single one of you, regardless of whether you try to practice the Sikh faith or not. History shows you are not to be trusted. You can never be our friends.
  9. I think you are trying to flatter yourself through exaggeration by using 'very attractive' rather than just 'attractive'. You do the same with 'very common' in your second sentence when just 'common' would have sufficed. I think you have a superiority complex which I do not understand because there is nothing special about dull, pale skin. What is important to note is that this weird behaviour among 'Asians' is treachery. If these people were educated about the terrorism and evil war-crimes committed by the british empire and european invasions on their people and land then they could become enlightened and see the true identity and legacy of the whites. Would they be seen as 'very attractive' if they were still living in caves with multiple diseases due to poor hygiene and no medicine to use?
  10. I believe the chitte are just using events from Sikh history to support their argument against Islam in the hope that it will give them more credibility, attract more support and gain a bigger voice. They are going to do what they can to win their battles while the corrupted, liberal and weak-minded Panjabi's ('Sikhs') help them without giving a care for the Panjab slide into further ruin. Do not be naive. They do not consider us their allies. They have shown and proven how highly they value Sikhs with Jallianwala Bagh, partition of the Panjab and collusion with their Hindus friends over 1984, in which nearly 33 years later, the community is still wondering when there will be an investigation into the truth. They do not care about our injustice - they will protect their own interests. I hope that is clear to the Panjabi's ('Sikhs') who are always eager to obey and please their master. ਤੂੰ ਦੋਵੇ ਗ਼ੁਲਾਮ ਤੇ ਗ਼ਦਾਰ ਹਨ If Panjabi ('Sikh') girls were the only victims of grooming by Muslims in the UK, then I am certain they would not give us a second thought. What did they do when Panjabi girls were groomed and raped decades ago? The government, police and wider public did not care about us then so what is going to change now? To them, we are foreigners who are only here out of guilt for their past. Despite the contribution of Panjabis to the UK economy, which was actually built on wealth looted from India during colonial rule, their relationship with India takes precedence over what they have with us. They are desperate for investment and trade deals. Our 'loyalty' means nothing to them. The Panjab is broken yet events of its plight are unreported through national media. That is disgusting. We are not their pawns and we are not their slaves. We need to look after our own people and own matters. Every other community seems to do this except our own. Fools. We are small in number and have no allies but we do have a presence all over the world. There are enough of us to make a difference. Stop sleepwalking and do not get lost in materialism. Unlike the times of our possible ancestors, we are not doing this through force but by choice. You are choosing the white man over your Guru.
  11. 6 month Parcharik Training Course

    How do you know there is no profit involved? What is your source of information? Do you know every single parcharik in existence and how each of them spend their salary? I doubt it very, very much so how can you write such a wild claim? You are the one who seems naive. ਉੱਤੋਂ ਬੀਬੀਆਂ ਦਾਹੜੀਆਂ ਵਿੱਚੋਂ ਕਾਲੇ ਕਾਂ Also, for your information, Preeet used the word 'apparently' in her first post. Did you see and read it or was the rush of blood to lash out in anger so quick that you missed it? Why do you continue to make bold assumptions? You are not omniscient. Can you tell me what kind of simple lifestyle is lead by these parchariks? How do they live? What do they eat and drink? What kind of house and car do they own? Again, how do you know that? As you believe that half the people who do parchar as a hobby are false, perhaps you can tell me how many parchariks are there in the world? This question should not be a problem for you to answer as you seem to like to sound quite knowledgeable. If you can't do that then perhaps you should check your 'facts' a bit.
  12. If true, I would not be surprised. These 3HO chitteh are freaks.
  13. I see the same stupidity from Punjabi youth at university with 'Langar on campus' days. Rather than feed the poor on the streets, they feed those who are not poor, who are already well-off and who can afford to eat. What is the point? These people do see it as 'free food' and have said so themselves, so they are bound to take what they can get. None of these people really understand the concept of 'Vand Chakko'. The same Punjabis love to preach 'Langar' yet conveniently forget the more important principle - 'Naam Japo', most likely because they do not meditate or pray to Waheguru themselves. I understand they are trying to raise awareness of Sikhi but if people want to learn about it then they can research the internet as they do with anything else today. If they want to 'experience' Langar they can visit a Gurduara. I believe their attitudes and behaviours would be very different in a religious place. That should tell you something about the minds of many Westerners today. These people are also asked to cover their heads and remove their shoes before sitting. Why? Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji is not present. Tying a ramaal and sitting barefoot outside a Gurduara for 'free food' are blind rituals, in my eyes. ... I have used the word Punjabis instead of Sikh because most Punjabis are not Sikh, however they are always more than happy and eager to put on an act and pretend to be a Sikh when it suits them to please the goreh/kaleh/wider communities, even though they do not get anything back from it, apart from the 'Sikhs are hardworking people, pillars of the community, upstanding citizens etc.' comments from MP's at the end of it all. Sexual grooming still continues and the Punjab remains close to ruin. What do the British do about that? Nothing. Why? Fear of racism and importance of relations with India for trade deals. The same rhetoric is said to Muslims when they decide to do something positive. The difference is that more Muslims are far less gullible and more steadfast in their faith. I do not like or trust many of them but at least they do not bow down to the goreh with the mentality of slaves. Wake up, Punjabis and put the community first. Many of you are just liberals with little love for Sikhi.
  14. This is no joke. Please research their name if you require evidence or to educate yourself about their distorted ideas and practices of Sikhi. Also, I did not question their journey. What is only in doubt here is their right to this identity. What they have done false, treacherous and disgusting. I am not going to waste any more of my time writing about them or take the thread off-topic. I think the single/lone parcharaaks e.g. Bhai Sukha Singh, Bhai Amardeep Singh etc. do a good job too.