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  1. What would India be if the British never came?

    Although many of these assumptions seem plausible, they're written as a matter of fact and on the basis that every person who contributed to the expansion of a Sikh Empire was 'pure'. This is laughable. Good and bad exist everywhere so who is to say that treachery would not have occurred later during rule? What about potential conflict with other empires or european invaders? WWI & WWII? Jealousy is part of human nature with ego the root of all evil. Just one person, king or army out of hundreds or thousands can plot against good, succeed and change destiny. I don't think it would have been as hunky-dory as discussed above - there are far too many variables involved to even assume, in my opinion. However, I strongly believe Panjab and some parts of Bharat/Hindustan would be not be in sattiaanaas now because of the chittia attvadia during their charaiee.
  2. The translation by the pretentious "dr sant singh khalsa" is unnecessary. The gora has neither no knowledge nor understanding of Panjabi. He copied the translation of Bhai Manmohan Singh and replaced the archaic terms in it with modern ones with the help of "yogi" bhajan, yet Sikhs worldwide continue to treat it as the correct primary source, when it is false as it is full of misinterpretations and incorrect definitions. We are better off learning the Panjabi translation/steek/teeka before translating to english although a Sikh collective of academics who propose to come together and provide their research from other languages is welcome. There was a link to an organisation just like this on these boards but cannot recall or find the name of it on here. A welcome idea but 'Ang' should replace 'Page' in the search box.
  3. Site Security

    No problems using Firefox (now Quantum), Chrome, Edge or IE on my machine. From personal experience, this sounds like a firewall issue but others are reporting the same issue too. Try clearing your search history, cookies, cache etc. to see whether this makes a difference.
  4. #freejagginow

    Veer, 1) visit http://www.parliament.uk/mps-lords-and-offices/mps/ pop in your postcode and make a note of your MPs name and email address. 2) copy and paste the letter below to your MP; Insert his or her name at top of the letter and insert your own details at the bottom. You must add your own name and address. Please copy sikhfederationuk@yahoo.co.uk on your message so they can record which MPs have been contacted by their constituents. or You can e-mail your MP by using this link https://www.writetothem.com/ But make sure you send a separate note to sikhfederationuk@yahoo.co.uk to let them know which MP you have made contact with. It will take seconds to do! DO IT NOW. Do not put this off for later. Background: Jagtar Singh Johal is a 30 year old British Citizen who went to Punjab to get married. *He was abducted 4th November 2017 and taken into police custody. *He is being tortured by Punjab Police *He has not been charged with a crime *He has been denied legal representation *His whereabouts are unknown ___________________________________________________________________________ RE: #FreeJaggiNow Dear [Insert MPs name] Urgent Action Appeal: To protect a British Sikh national kidnapped and detained by police in India I am deeply concerned and worried to hear about the abduction and detention of Jagtar Singh Johal, a 30-year old UK citizen from Dumbarton, by the Indian police in Punjab since the 4 November 2017. Jagtar traveled to Punjab with his family on 2 October for his wedding that took place on 18 October and had been there for nearly five weeks when he was swooped upon. He had previously traveled to Punjab earlier this year in April for his engagement and stayed there for seven weeks without any difficulties. Jagtar was out shopping with his newly wed wife and female cousin when he was abducted. There have been numerous national media reports that highlight his situation – see links at the foot of this letter. On 5 November he was presented in court and was placed in police remand for five days. This was extended for four days on 10 November. His family in India and in the UK have been threatened and harassed. It is unbelievable that to date the British High Commission has not been granted access to meet him to ensure themselves of his mental and physical well-being. Furthermore he has been denied contact with his legal representatives and his family. He has not been charged and his family fear he is being tortured. As a constituent I would urge you to: a. Contact his local MP Martin Docherty-Hughes to discuss how you can assist to secure his immediate release and return to the UK. b. Write to the Foreign Secretary on my behalf to ensure this case is given a much higher priority and to put pressure on the Indian authorities. c. Write to complain to the Indian High Commission in London on the treatment of a British national and his family members in the UK. Please copy me your letters to the Foreign Secretary and Indian High Commission in London and any responses when they are received. Also please liaise with Preet Kaur Gill MP the Chair of the APPG for British Sikhs who is also in direct contact with the family. Yours sincerely, Your name full postal address, including postcode Links to national media reports: *The Times - Scot held in India ‘influenced youth’ *BBC News - Scots activist arrested in India for online 'influence' *Independent - British tourist arrested in India for 'influencing the youth through social media' *Evening Express - Briton accused by Indian authorities of ‘influencing youth through social media’ *The Scotsman - Scot forced into back of a van and held in India *The Scottish Sun – Scot on holiday to India has sack thrown over his head before being thrown into a van by cops for ‘influencing through social media’
  5. 'The Boy with a Top knot `

    We should also learn to distinguish between a Sikh and Panjabi because both are conflated due to laziness. This only leads to ignorance and confusion between the two. Wearing a kara, tying a pagh or calling yourself Mr Singh or Ms Kaur while fooling around with goreh/kaleh , drinking alcohol etc. gives the good Sikhs a bad name and negative image. These idiots should either practice Sikhi properly or stop abusing/misusing these identities so they do not identify anymore as Sikh. Being a Sikh in name-only means nothing to the Guru.
  6. Few questions I have on Sikhi

    The OP asked for the view of contraception in Gurbani, not a definition of it. You are both unfunny and daft.
  7. How can we make our Guru proud?

    You don't sound like a bad person from what you have wrote. I have been in the same situation so take it as test and blessing from Guru ji, not a burden, for your love and devotion to him. You have been chosen to walk this path and given the opportunity to change the lives of your family and others around you for the better. At 13, you are still young so feelings can change and there will be many challenges in life to come, however, if you remain as committed to following his path then your love, strength and confidence for Guru ji will grow. That will please him.
  8. While simran, paath and kirtan will help us, I believe we, also, need to become more aware of living in and detaching from dubida (duality). Maaiyaa affects most, if not, all of us but if we can learn how to recognise what isn't good for us, meaningless & unhelpful e.g. western culture, tv, music, certain foods, bad company etc. to us over time then we can choose to reject it so we can have more focus and love for Guru ji. From my experience, trying to live a simple life result in less distractions with more concentration on the name of Waheguru and practicing what Guru ji tells us through Gurbani (paath and kirtan). The world always brings new stresses and pressures so we have to adapt but we should always try to keep our Sikhi strong and not compromise any of it for anyone or anything so we can achieve our purpose in life.
  9. 33 years, still no justice.
  10. The sentence should have read 'further hatred'. The animosity has existed for many years but constantly denouncing something through speech in front of dozens only serves as a negative reminder and reinforces bad feelings i.e. islam/muslims.
  11. 'Sikhs against the EDL' are too concerned for muslim and hindu matters for my liking, however, Balwinder Rana is right in saying that tommy robinson is just using our history to incite hatred between Sikhs and muslims in revenge for grooming white girls. That is obvious and it shouldn't even need to be repeated on these boards. Where was his concern for girls in our community when he was a member of the BNP and leader of the EDL? The goreh used 'divide and conquer' during colonial rule in Bharat/Hindustan (India) to remain in power. Despite Sikh efforts in WWI & II, they still discriminate and attack us (1984, hate crimes etc.) so never ever trust them. Imagine if the many goreh and Sikhs got their wish and the muslims were removed from the uk. The goreh would feel like their land has been reclaimed and the Sikhs may get some praise in return but that would soon be forgotten, just like history has already shown, and our community will remain anonymous with some still always eager to please, like a dog to its master. Don't forget we're not the only non-english community here. What about the muslims removed from the UK? With money and education, they could re-settle anywhere, maybe in areas with Sikh populations, in revenge for Sikhs in the uk colluding with the goreh. If those communities were untroubled before but starting experiencing the problems we currently have with grooming then what would be there to celebrate? I support the work of SYUK in making the community aware of grooming and I hope it continues but forming an alliance with a former member of the BNP and EDL seems like desperation for greater recognition. Mohan Singh does good work for the community but I lost respect for him when he stood in a bana and recited the Sikh national anthem to the goreh, who all looked like football hooligans, before inciting hatred between them and muslims. He is representing Sikhs but that was, in my eyes, an embarrassment and not clever. This is how hate crimes can occur. All this takes is a fool to watch it online and decide to attack a brown man with a turban and beard, even though almost all muslims in the west do not wear a turban. Is 'Katy Sian' a muslim? She is no Sikh. If she claims otherwise, she is one of many sell-outs.
  12. By humiliating her dad in such a place, you have made yourself look even more of a fool in front of the entire community. You are ignorant and arrogant of different culture and values. I am certain they will never forget that. Also, I didn't mention I had a daughter. I wrote 'if I was in the same situation'. There is a big difference. What I find amusing is that you gloat about how you have found someone yet you are not even married and you are struggling to receive blessings for it. If she has any honour by choosing her father over you then how can she be your 'jaan'? Do you still feel happy about using this non-english word now? Finally, who on earth are you to say that 'I will never understand the true meaning of Sikhi'. I know I am not perfect but if I wanted to change my thinking then, according to your logic, I will still never understand it. If people commit bigger sins than me then will they never understand it either. That would mean your man-made thinking has no hope for many people who would wish to better their lives. This is why I believe you have a big ego, as already reinforced by your stunt in the Gurduara. Your fake nice, sweet talk behind a keyboard might fool others but not me. I don't need your blessings either. I suggest you pray for yourself.
  13. How To increase Sikh population in UK

    Hanji, they do love attention so this my last post on them here. The right to wear a turban came only after our previous generations fought hard for it, otherwise it would have remained prohibited in public. Yes, the french are racist but so are the british. Their skin colour and pride from colonial rule will always feed their ego, sense of entitlement and supremacy as well as intolerance. We're here out of guilt and I'm certain they regret welcoming us with open arms. As they like to say, you reap what you sow.
  14. Sikh boy marries muslim girl

    How can he take the form of Guru ji and identify as Sikh when he's married a muslim? If they didn't have an Anand Karaj and have children then what faith will they practice? This conflict can create an identity crisis and stray behavior. Be wary of fake accounts. Some 'Sikhs' or 'Hindus' could have created them just to fool the public and provoke a reaction from muslims. When we see how they murder innocent people, especially 'Sikhs', it is idiotic.