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  1. Please Help.

    Bro I have not really came across any mistakes (maybe like 1 spelling error) but just use this. Its larivaar by the way http://khalsaforce.in/downlaod-sunder-gutka-sahib-nitnem-bisrams-damdami-taksal-pdf
  2. Which is the correct rehras sahib???

    Budha dal is technically longer but you can download this app on your phone, it has both paths:
  3. Sri Dasam Granth Senchyia

    I'm pretty sure damdami taksal only has larivaar though. My advice: if you want Guru Granth Sahib ji bhag then get it from taksal if you want dasam granth sahib bhag then I would get it from budha dal, mehron, or hazoor sahib.
  4. Sri Dasam Granth Senchyia

    That picture is not the ones I have I got the mehron ones. I will try to take pictures and upload them with my hazooria 😜
  5. Chaupai sahib for Jaggi

    I agree with your point ji
  6. Chaupai sahib for Jaggi

    Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh sangat ji I was thinking of staying a chaupai sahib jaap until jaggi gets freed if the sangat is ok with it. The way I was thinking was that we post how many paaths we do each day and again only for jaggis chardikala and liberation from jail. (Also please do full paath not just 25 paurian). What does the sangat think of this? Bhul chuck maaf waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh
  7. Sri Dasam Granth Senchyia

    Hazoor sahib ones should look like this:
  8. Sri dasam granth ji

    They also do it here during the bhog: i also found an article:
  9. Sri dasam granth ji

    Yea the coconut or ganna (sugarcane) is when you do a akhand path of sri dasam. In a sehaj path you are only supposed to vadd one at the end when the bhog lines "bidih sakiya sagre" comes on hikayet 11 and 12.
  10. Egg

    Just do a choupai sahib path (sampooran) and do ardas if you feel like it was wrong
  11. Sri dasam granth ji

    bhul chuck maaf akal ji sahae

    2. Dark

    1. ? 2. Foggy 3. Table or chair 4. Cold 5. M?
  14. Bhenji, nothing will happen if you do the path with all the sucham wear a hazooria and keep as much maryada as possible.