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  1. big.tera is just being satirical... lol y u guys getting riled up so easily.
  2. it should be okay. i have female relatives who are older than their husbands by like5 to 6 years.
  3. this is whats gonna happen. His brain hijacked on hormones will ignore all the doubts, and he will dive deep into the rishta.
  4. bro how do you know people have pure hearts ? you can never be so sure, you are not antarjami. dont underestimate yourself ever.
  5. Pay attention to this point. If your physical attraction matches her level ( how do you check this ? if girls were interested in you before...) you should go ahead with this rishta. If your physical attraction is no where near her...you are gonna have marital problems in future... Sexual desire for husband or wife is genuine and only present if the partner is actually attractive. It can never be negotiated with money, care or love shuv. this is a big component for a healthy marriage. future aspirants please pay attention to this point. unless the husband has great social power, money and influence and good name in social circle, that can increase a mans value.
  6. wow, how do you know this brother ? This is a realization that a person has once he personally experienced it. Because this is so true and I personally experienced it. My partner was very docile, submissive, apologetic, but once the marriage happened I found out her really personality lol. Very outspoken and tongue sharp like a knife. I had always wanted a partner who was sweet spoken, i guess destiny had some other plans for me. Thats the only thing my brain hijacked on hormones saw before marriage lol. So true man so true. If a girl is super cute that mostly trumps many other aspects. Hormones are crazy.
  7. Its just funny that the guy with light yellow turban, got up, did a little ardas and matha tek to Guru sahib, and then went on to start the fight. This is the Sikh Cultural Society Gurdwara in Richmond Hill, new york. I would imagine that the Gurus darbar would have Armed Guards. So even an external person ( not a sikh) tried to cause trouble, he would have gotten good shittar right there and then outside the darbar. But I wonder if Gurus had armed pehredars from 1st to 5th Jot ?
  8. o really ? I didn't know that. I happened to be there when I was searching for how to transmutate the lower energy to higher levels so that it doesnt leak down there. @luckysingh99 How do Sikhs do it ? I reckon, saas giraas jaap with dhyan should pull the energy up or is it the whole package of how one carry himself around his daily living, including principles of yam and niyam ?
  9. very well put bhaji. Are you a writer or professor at university? I am very impressed by your eloquent style of writing.
  10. I will try did you get around to making a pdf of tarna dal gutka sahib ?
  11. is there any other website, where these books are available ? scribd not free.
  12. bhaji is absolutely right. I never see people talking about naam abhyaas or genuine questions regarding spirituality. for example, when i went to tao forums , just by chance, i found people asking genuine questions regarding their spiritual experiences.
  13. I have been called osama too. I hate this phucker so much , because of his appearance all sikhs are in deep sht. these terrorists sullay have ruined it for us sikhs. the irony is we have such a bad history with mughals and jihadis type. but america and people are too dumb to know a difference between sikh and a muslim.