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  1. Not sure if you know what Sleep Paralysis is, if you don't it's a very scary thing, and I don't suggest you look it up if you get scared easily. I had a dream today, a SP dream (short for Sleep Paralysis) It was Dark, blue ish tint but I kept my eyes closed I am stuck, can't move, but I can hear and see the horrors near me, I am shook afraid and scared as what happens with SP's, I can't talk but I can speak in my mind, I say Guru, God, Waheguru and Bole so nihaal / sat sri akal over and over and over, I suddenly take charge I open my eyes and I keep on saying God, and everything around me changed it's not dark it's now bright and day time now, I see some sort of metal things in my legs I some how also moved my arms and took them off (which you can't do in Sleep paralysis) I make a break for it, I get caught by the entity about 4 times and I warp back to the bed locked again I caught a Khanda (not the sword) and I make a break for it and run with the Khanda I escape from the grasps of the entity I then go to the left and see something beautiful and it was Sikh warriors wearing Blue, armed with Khanda swords, spears, and much more. I felt safe, so I took a sword from their inventory and the leader of the Band shouted Bole So Nihal we charged into the house and at once we unleash a Attack on this demon entity thing It was headless and tall a body without a head and that body is just fully black and so we and the Khalsa army strike the demon and I wake up feeling safe. This is one of the Sikh related dreams I had, and this one was the most recent, usually in SP's you wake up feeling scared like you had a panic attack, I had SP for about 2 - 5 weeks straight it was horrible and only Paath stopped it, In these dreams the best thing to snap out of it is to Close your eyes really hard and move your legs or arms (toes and fingers since thats the only thing you can move) In this dream I was refrained from doing that, the praise of god changed the entire dream, a Nightmare into a Dream of courage and greatness, I have been rescued from the Entities with the praise of god and this encourages me even more, So next time you have a Scary dream, The Praise and love of God can save you. The best part about this once scary dream was seeing the Sikh Warriors in blue, all ready to give their lives, brave and filled with courage and the love of god and the gurujis. If you have any similar experiences with dreams or any other scenario I would love to hear them.
  2. dream

    Also I have a question, what triggers "Deja Vu" I once seen something / did something that I swear I did before like I had a vision or something, any logical or religious reasoning for Deja vu?
  3. Hey I read about this today, it made me go "Oh no you didn't" aha
  4. A new post in the motherhood section!
  5. There is a banda singh bahadur game on Android and IOS
  6. Remember to go to websites dedicated to this! NeverForget84 is a good one.
  7. Well he did smoke weed and drank alcohol as a "sikh" if that's him in the picture he cuts his hair as well.
  8. Same as you, Also I use the mod "sturm und drang 2" or something to play as Sikhs. in ETW.
  9. Why do people even fight in the temple, don't they know it is the gods house they're in? A Argument in the langar hall happened in Canada, Yelling and swearing with threats afront of little kids, it was horrible, it was between someone cleaning dishes with cut hair and a old man with a turban, not sure what it was about, but it was horrible indeed. People are taking these as a joke, a meme has been made about the dispute in the golden temple with sword clashes.
  10. Well do you want it to be dull? It doesn't matter, you don't come to a temple to see how it looks do you?
  11. attachment, the thing is many people who claim to be fearless and aren't scared of death can't back up their claims because they never been in a life and death situation, so it's very hard to not be scared of death if you're not presented with death itself, or should I say you can't really back up or support a claim that you're not scared of death, but we're talking about why it is hard to accept it, while Attachment and Memories, think about this. You been living here for a long time, you seen things, you interacted with things, you did things, and you accomplished things, but now it will all be gone, everything you remember, everything you did / see, every single thing gone, that is why Death is hard to accept, and when one becomes so enlightened to the state where they can accept death and aren't scared of it, is I guess "lucky" Once you remember to have no attachment to this life, you'd feel as you are free from the burden of the world and the chains / shackles this life has tied you on, death can be a release from those shackles, but at the same time you shouldn't want to die, you should want to say the lords name! teach others about his greatness! make a difference!
  12. It's in Syndicate, and as a DLC (pretty short)
  13. no there isn't, unless you want to go to a website drop a file in it and make the website put captions or if you ask for english captions / subtitles, i don't think what you're talking about ( audio translation) is made yet
  14. Sarbloh Warriors was another game coming out although I think the creator stopped it entirely sadly, should be more games with Sikhs in it, some games like Assassin's creed chronicles Inda, Total War, Europa IV, Victoria II feature Sikhs, but only as something Minor (Except Victoria Ii and Europa naturally.) I really think someone should mod Mount & Blade Warband to add Sikhs, there was a project but I can't find the name of it and I think it stopped too to add Sikhs in Mount and Blade WArband
  15. Name of mod?
  16. How about EU4, later in the game you can play as Sikh Empire, a fter the rebellion in Lahore is done
  17. I read a book called History of Sikh Sikh Misl ( vol IV I think) it explains deeply with hundrends of sources if you're interested you should read it / borrow if your gurdawara has a library
  18. community

    I started this thread because I think we need to invest into Punjab and fix it, Punjab needs Literate youths, more education, more industries, destroyal of the caste system, we need to fix the Drug and Water Crisis, A excellent link to some videos have been sent to me in my messages. And the same user made a great post about this problem in the Khalistan thread. What are some ways we can Fix Punjab, name some problems and solutions, some organizations that is fixing punjab, and we need to actually invest money and donate and help the cause instead of just talking about it on the forums, We together as a community can not only fix punjab and help the youth but we can make India and the Future a better place together!
  19. "The Sikh Misls had four different classes of administrative divisions. The patadari, misaldari, tabadari, and jagirdari were the different systems of land tenure used by the misls, and land granted by the misl left the responsibility of establishing law and order to the owner of the land. The land under the direct administration of the chief of the misl was known as the sardari and the tabadari and jagirdari systems used land directly given by the chief from the sardari. The patadari and misaldari systems formed the basis of a misl, while tabadari and jagirdari lands would only be created after large acquisitions of land. The type of system that was used in an area depended on the importance of the chief sardar of the area to the rest of the misl. The Patadari system affected newly annexed territories and was the original method used by the misls in administrating land.[24] The patadari system relied on the cooperation of surkundas, the rank of a leader of a small party of cavalrymen. The chief of the misl would take his/her portion and divide the other parcels among his Sardars proportional to the number of cavalrymen they had contributed to the misl.[25] The Sardars would then divide their parcels among their Surkundas, and then the Surkundas subdivided the land they received among their individual cavalrymen. The Surkundas receiving parcels of land with settlements were required to fortify them[note 2] and establish fines and laws for their zamindars and ryots.[26] Parcels of land in the patadari system could not be sold, but could be given to relatives in an inheritance.[27] The soldiers who received parcels from the Patadari system held their land in complete freedom.[4] The Misaldari system applied to sardars with a small number of cavalrymen as well as independent bodies of cavalrymen who voluntarily attached themselves to a misl.[27] They kept the lands they held before joining the misl as an allotment for their cooperation with the misl. The leaders of these groups, called misaldars, could transfer their allegiance and land to another misl without punishment.[27] The Tabadari system referred to land under the control of a misl's tabadars. Tabadars served a similar function to retainers in Europe. They were required to serve as cavalrymen to the misl and were subservient to the misl's leader. Although tabadars received their land as a reward, their ownership was subject entirely on the misl's leader.[28] The tabadari grants were only hereditary on the choice of the chief of the misl. The Jagirdari system used the grant of jagirs by the chief of the misl. Jagirs were given by the chief of the misl to relations, dependents, and people who "deserved well".[28] The owners of jagirs were subservient to the chief of the misl as their ownership was subject his/her needs. Like the Tabadars, jagirdars were subject to personal service when the chief of the misl requested.[28] However, because jagirs entailed more land and profit, they were required to use the money generated by their jagirs to equip and mount a quota of cavalrymen depending on the size of their jagir.[28] Jagirdari grants were hereditary in practice but a misl's chief could revoke the rights of the heir. Upon the death of the owner of a tabadari or jagadari grant, the land would revert to direct control of the chief (sardari)." From the Wiki
  20. I believe in the Sikh Empire we have Vizier's, Noble Courts from different religions, and of course the Maharaja, I believe the Complaints / problems would be dealt with by the Authority at the location so either the Soldiers, I think "court cases" would be held in the Maharajas chambers and the Maharaja or the Vizier would be the judge, that's what I think but I'll see if I find actual information
  21. young padawan. if you think of beating your meat, all you have to do is do something else, maybe get into a habit of reading books or start watching movies more often, think of something nasty, play games?
  22. Protip: get kids first
  23. may the forc- may the kaam master be with you? wait no..