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  1. KPS and the ones who did the brutal acts in 84 deserves a agonizing death. 55, 78, 84, 90s, and even those who still commit crimes in 2017.
  2. I heard about this, Japan is very strict on foreigners well not that strict as they were before. Japan used to be Xenophobic.
  3. DIPLOMACY!!!!!! *years of strategy games like Eurasia universalis IV and Victoria 2 has been paying off*
  4. I seen this yet the thing is it's a atheist bringing down this religion, but I respect he speaks about women and non-believers being killed.
  5. bro only if this event happened when I was in rajastan they'd learn a lesson not to abuse. Honestly to all sikhs in india learn self defense, and your rights.
  6. Tommy Robinson is against Islam or something of the sort, and he knows the difference between Sikh and Islamic people and says he respects Sikhism that's all I know about him oh and he speaks against the Govt protecting terrorists or something.
  7. Oh my god I feel like the UK is like the jersey shore TV show
  8. Well yeah depends on how fetishized it is, like how serious it is, I should of wrote preference
  9. yes whoops.
  10. billypreet johnpreet tonypreet vinnypreet jamejot johnjot jackyjot billlyraj no these aren't serious
  11. And please dont mix western and indian names, I dont want to see a "Ashleypreet" 😂😂😂
  12. Isn't there a naming process / cermony?