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  1. Veerji, I have said the practise has no Basis in Sikhi, Yes, there are many images of Elevated Figures drawn with Piercings. I think it had something to do with High Status. Nonetheless Amritdhari Sikhs should keep away from wearing any kinds of Jewellery,
  2. I never said that Punjabi Sikhs were more religious than Westernised Sikhs. The point made is that Westernised Non-Practising Sikhs have piercings and Resident-Punjabi Sikhs have piercings as well. I've not commented on any groups Religiosity, only on the Piercings. Point remains -Janeo and Piercing are Harmless. -They're Illogical practises coming out from Hinduism, Cultural Traditions and Fashion. -They do not coalesce with the teachings of Sikhism. -I don't believe they should be done by Practising Sikhs. -I don't have any problem with the Majority of Westernised Sikhs having piercings, tattoos or haircuts because I don't make it my problem. Sikhi needs to be followed completely, you can't pick and choose what you want to believe when it suits you. -The Baptised Amritdhari Sikh should maintain their conduct according to what is written down in the Rehit Maryada. Leave it at that.
  3. I know, please understand nowhere have I said that I believe they coalesce with the teachings of Sikhi, I've said they do not. Because I know they have no basis in our religion. My point is it's Harmless, in the sense it doesn't harm the body the same way Drugs can. The Rehit Maryada encompasses Spirituality, Morality and Customs, such as (Keeping Hair) and (Not Piercing Skin) these were set down, to separate the Baptised Sikh from the common Hindu and Muslim. It was about keeping away from the (Panj Chor) most importantly Ego. Which would spring forth out from Immodesty and Vanity. I think there are some Middle Eastern components in Punjabis, but very small amounts. But mostly in Indian Muslims, the Arabs and Persians weren't interested in subjugating Natives. They were more about Accumulating Wealth and Expanding their Empires. Plus they preferred mingling with other Muslims, the whole Saiyid bloodline craze in South Asian Muslims probably originated from the Arab Conquests. The Mughals didn't leave traces of their Mongolian DNA for me to find in my results. But there are some descendants of Mughals living in Pakistan keeping the surnames (Baig, Chughtai and Mirza) these Mughals were just the Cooks for the Sultans, they weren't really involved in Warfare, their grandfathers probably were though; when they first entered India. The Arabs weren't as cruel, possibly kinder Rulers, the Mughals were purely Fiendish Barbarians who slaughtered any Non-Muslim. Adivasis are beautiful people, apparently the Majority of Indians have some kind of Foreign Male Component and an Adivasi Female Component.
  4. Oh for God's sake, that was a mistake from the Auto Dictionary caused by the amount of times I had to input the word "Harmless" but I guess I'm not allowed to make mistakes. Read what I've wrote, I've not admitted that it has Basis in Sikhi, I said that they are Harmless. If you can't get the gist of my meanings, I'll explain it in simple terms if you want me to. Drugs are Harmful, Janeo and Piercing have no effects on the Mind, Body or Spirit. Guru Nanak even said they're empty rituals having no impact on an individual's Spirituality. I'm not admitting to supporting these practises if that's what your expecting me to do your wasting your own time. Be an adult and try to read it without looking for something to criticise because honestly its simple (I know what the religious stance is, I believe they are harmless, but I don't encourage them being done by Sikhs, please read it for Goodness Sake. The Westernised Sikhs are not like the Sikhs in Punjab, who of many (Non-Practising Majority) have piercings regardless of Caste. I've been to the Punjab, nearly every woman had an Ear Piercing or Nose Piercing. Except the Amritdharis, some who did have Holes in their Nose and Ears but no Piercings. Veerji stop looking for arguments, I've been pretty transparent.
  5. I am not saying that they are permissible practises in Sikhism. I'm saying "Personally" There is a great difference between cultural practises and religious practises. All Sikh sub-communities have high proportions of Non-Practising individuals who have no Qualms against Cutting Hair or Skin Piercing. These practises are things which are in essence cultural, some aspects carried from back home and others adopted from the Diasporic Nations. Nobody is perfect and certainly anyone who claims to be a Baptised Sikh should not go against what is set down in the Rehit Maryada. Your average Anglicized or Americanised Non-Practising Sikh isn't someone who will keep to all the commandments. If you know that piercings and a haircut are against Sikhism, then instead of criticising others on an Online Forum, you may need to consider rectifying the mistakes you have made in your own life. I don't judge you on your Sikhi from a Forum, I don't think you should either. I think they're harmless, because they don't harm your body: smoking Cannabis, drinking Alcohol and taking Drugs, are harmful, I don't know how you comprehend the word but it's certainly not how I envisage it. I said I know why Sikhi discourages these illogical practises. Please don't try to get clever on a forum, I answered your question and didn't take to prejudice. I don't have piercings and went through the Janeo Rite when I was very young, they're empty rituals and have no effect on Spirituality. There is nothing in the rite. Plus it happened in India where Hindus are keen to rub shoulders with Sikhs.
  6. My Gene Test, showed a lot of Admixture, there was 1.46% Mediterranean which I included in Other (If you read my first Post.) I was considering how low that amount of Mediterranean DNA was, so I'm pretty sure that it came from the Alexandrian Invaders all those thousands of years ago. Punjabi people as a whole, regardless of Caste are pretty similar (Genetically,) we've all got the same components but at different amounts. Yeah I you're right, that's the point I tried making before. The Higher Castes tried to retain "Purity." What we mean is, they wanted to stay like Ghorē because they're apparently superior to Dark-skinned races. Even though God created the first Humans from the Soil, which is Dark Brown.
  7. I don't understand why Ghorē have always had a proclivity towards destroying Indian civilisation. What have we done to them, our homeland is thousands of miles away from their Island.
  8. They're the practise of wearing the Janeo Yajnopavita and Piercing the Nose and Ears of Teenage Girls. -All castes came out of Hinduism, some stuck adamantly to the old ways. The Banjar Bhats are one of many other Sikh sub-communities. :There is nothing "Disgusting" about this practise, girls in India and in the West get piercings during their Teens, not for religious reasons in the West, but because the girls are deemed old enough for piercings. A similar way in India, a piercing was done to show that a girl was now a woman. I think we can agree piercings during Teens is pretty harmless. :The Janeo is a different thing though, it's not a practise that coalesces with the teachings of Sikhi, but nonetheless it's harmless. I don't see any problem with it personally, I went through the Upanayana rite when I was young. But I see why Orthodox Sikhs discourage such Illogical Rites to exist alongside Rational Sikhi.
  9. Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh I'm not sure, but I'll find out for you. I've tried to write on my own Bhat heritage the Shehri and Dharmi, I think these practises come from the Banjar offshoot. My great aunt might know though, I'll call her and let you know.
  10. All cultures on earth are plagued with diseases, people have forgotten that we are all made from the same materials and all contain that infinite component which animates us, Rab da Ruh. Atma. The worst thing about caste is that it is racist. When the Eurasian invaders came to India thousands of years ago they made the Indigenous Aborigines of the land (Dravidians) slaves and deemed them impure because 1) They were Black 2) They were "Inferior" All Indians are a mix of Eurasian and Dravidian ancestry. But the High Castes have less Dravidian because they tried to retain "Purity" and the Lower Castes have more because no one wanted to mix with them, they could only mix with each other. What a sick and disgusting ideology, who would want to be involved in such an unnatural system originating from Racism. The Dravidians were an offshoot of the Indigenous Nubians who built the Pyramids of North Africa and created an advanced civilisation. In India they built the Indus Valley Civilization. As soon as the White Man came in India their culture was wiped out and the people enslaved for being "Dark." Waheguru knows the origins of all things, Waheguru understands that these things are fake and without substance. The body is nothing more than an Earthern Vessel. Made of dust.
  11. Veerji, in the diaspora the end of caste in all Asian groups is certain. As the older generations die; religion, culture and traditions will all fade away. Our bodies are the earthen vessels which carry our souls, without the body. We are all mirror images of each other.
  12. I agree Veerji. Casteism will eventually end in the next few generations, as our descendents learn that Caste is one of the most ridiculous concepts devised by our ancestors.
  13. Sat Sri Akal Veerji, When Bhats speak of Rajput heritage it originates from Rajasthan and Central India, Punjabi Rajputs are related to Khatris and Aroras more than to any other communities, there is common heritage between these communities. Rajputs are not a united community, people in all corners of India are Rajputs. Bhats are a Conglomeration of Clans.
  14. Veerji I'm not trying to "dredge up extra crap for anything" and neither am I "insecure," I've made it clear that I have made this topic for the sole purpose of dispelling rumours and vicious lies which circulate in the wider Sikh community. Caste isn't an issue for me at all as I can defend myself, I only don't want it to be an issue for those who can't defend themselves. I have done intensive research for my community. I think I have a right to share it. Thank You
  15. Waheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki Fateh Pyari Bhainji, I am not a casteist, at best I'm just a Sikh who believes in the fundamental equality, I'm neither egotistical nor proud. This topic was created to dispel the rumours and misinformed assumptions the wider Sikh community may actually believe in. I've seen certain members on this Forum spreading lies about our community. This isn't the hierarchy in Sikhi, I'm not saying there is even one. But this is the hierarchy of Punjabi culture before Sikhi. My point is after accepting Sikhi, we are accepting Human Equality. Thank You.