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  1. What is gur - prasad?

    Oh well Chardi Kala?
  2. Logic and reason form the basis gyan. Do we need to study more?
  3. What is gur - prasad?

    Is that what gur prasad means.? I always thought it meant grace of gur, knowledge
  4. What is gur - prasad?

    I agree with you and I apologise as I said it does not take a rocket scientist to deduct I am one and the same.. And I have not pretended to be anyone else. I couldn't log in so re-registered
  5. What is gur - prasad?

    How is it manipulative?if I had attempted to deceive you I might have agreed.. If you feel my actions are deceptive I apologize.. I'm here to grow
  6. What is gur - prasad?

    My humblest apologies.. Now can we move on?
  7. What is gur - prasad?

    So a screen name is a barrier to engage? Lol come on Bro! Man up
  8. What is gur - prasad?

    I had trouble logging in finally managed it.. I never thought gursikhs would hide behind moderation but I suppose I could be wrong.. Chardi Kala brother
  9. What is gur - prasad?

    I'm all up for a genuine discussion are you? Or should I just expect you to dance around the topic?
  10. What is gur - prasad?

    You haven't exposed anyone I think I was quite honest actually! Lol
  11. What is gur - prasad?

    Do you seriously believe I'm someone to shy away from a topic?
  12. What is gur - prasad?

    Come on Columbo let's explore without fear
  13. What is gur - prasad?

    I double posted.. Bad me..! So can we move on to the question I asked.?
  14. What is the meaning of gur-prasad?