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    naabh kamal mehi baedhee rach lae breham giaan ouchaaraa ||
  1. Nonsense before liberalism was a term in the western world sikhi embodied it
  2. This is quite frankly an outrageous.. The tweet you referred to does nothing of the sort of stuff you are suggesting.. You have shown your own self interest and bigotry by interpreting the tweet in that way.. Are you PR troll working for Britain First?
  3. Disgraceful comments
  4. That's a really interesting post! Thank you.. What were your sources I'd love to research them myself..
  5. Not all Hindus say that it's a bit of a generalisation
  6. Might be worth spending more time crafting what you write.
  8. It's not very difficult to do a bit of research something to help you on your way
  9. You said in these countries they do not believe in hindu lies well they clearly follow hindu traditions.. Is nothing to do with the price of rice in china but everything to highlighting the fallacy of your simplistic, hate-filled proclamations
  10. You actually can find. Many ancient hindu temples all over South East Asia including Japan, Korea, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia etc etc
  11. This is why I have a issue with basics of sikhi
  12. I made no mention of numbers
  13. The whole thing is a oxymoron and illustrative of the myopic outlook that has come to dominate the discourse of the Sangat