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  1. Please do not resort to this type of language.. It's unbecoming
  2. @acsap do you think you might just be able to answer this? Do you even know what your raging against? I'm not sure you do.. You've made several statements please can you provide the detail. Please provide evidence to support your assertions.. I'm truly perplexed as to how you have formed them.
  3. Simply unacceptable for a Sikh forum.. Such provocative language and abuse should at least warrant a moderators warning
  4. Defend who? Let's do this another way.. Please show me where I have ever defended any of the people who have suggested.. Please demonstrate and provide evidence to support your views.. You can't because I never have.. Your just another lost soul swimming in a fish bowl
  5. I don't think the postings made here are comparable to the belligerence of Akali nihang singhs.. I don't believe they have ever expressed 'hatred' but rather more they are not deferential to anyone. I don't think Sikhi and hate go hand in hand..
  6. Sometimes I wonder how people who profess to be Sikh even rationalise or justify that type of hate.. How does one even resolve that stuff in their head to think it's congruent to sikhi
  7. I'm perfectly calm.. In fact actually I'm feeling quite deflated, it really gets me down listening to hate and vitriol.
  8. Guru Nanak Dev Ji must be crying.. I always thought being a Sikh required Humility, strength through knowledge and quest 'khoj'.. Faith must be skin deep and weak if one thinks calling someone a 'Hindu' should somehow be offensive.. The mind boggles
  9. Keep venting Bro. Let all the hate out. The Delhi massacre of Sikhs in 1984 was a shameful act, a human tragedy where communalism, fascism and the worst of humanity was laid bare. Sajjan and tytler in my book are criminals. The product and manifestation of corruptible political systems.. I believe that they should be held to account but more importantly we try and uproot and take down the structures that creates people like that
  10. Says it all really. You don't even know the significance of your own words.. Sad really..
  11. White Sikh, Indian Sikh.. Why the distinction?
  12. How do you know how much Gurmukhi I can and can not read