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  1. I think your speaking more generally of the commercialisation of music.. Lots of good music these days simply doesn't make it into the public sphere but that doesn't mean it's not being produced
  2. There are many examples of modern music by black white artists that may be considered equally profound your measures are subjective. BTW I love your example the beatles I'm a big fan..
  3. The nindya I was referring to was your comments about me.. My question about what is gora gaaney or kala gaaney was looking for you to clarify how you define those labels... You used the terms and suggested they were corrupted I'm interested in the logic behind your assertion..
  4. Potential new converts? Sikhs perform sewa selflessly and without the goal of converting..
  5. Typical instead of qualifying your comments in a reasonable manner you just come with nindya..
  6. What are gora gaaney or khala gaaney? Give over self hating.. Lol Please
  7. Absolutely.. People are responsible for their own actions.. Research the group if you agree with their approach fine if you do not then don't donate.. If you don't donate and still have a issue campaign against them
  8. Music is a universal language.. Why have you called out the so called 'corruption' of white black music.. What even is white or black music?
  9. If you have donated to the charity and disagree with their work you should write to them...
  10. The son of a khalsa isn't necessarily a khalsa.. Sikhi is a personal journey one where the onus is on the individual. We all make choices each day in the way to live our lives...
  11. I did respond to the post and more specifically your comments.. Donut
  12. Your mixing up two different things here.. First of all I can't think of any bani that is islamaphobic and how does your comment relate to 1984?
  13. The Path to a Sikh Renaissance

    Paji in my humble opinion I believe there is a fundamental difference.. Whilst the Koran may adopt poetic form and the gospels may be sung there is absolutely no comparison... Gurbani is by the very design of Guru sahib different.. And to mention just a few they include : 1. Instructions that Each verse (set to a specific raag) and can only be understood when sung 2. That however much one desires absolutism one can never even with all the words in the world ever be definitive.. How can we capture the infinite? 3. Pakke ragi who have spent their entire lives studying gurmat sangeet through kirtan teaches us something new each and every time we listen and recite it 4. We only need to look at the the very openning 1ਓ it amalgamates a numeral and a letter which actually is much more than a letter or word
  14. The Path to a Sikh Renaissance

    I'm being a pedant.. For me Dogma = universal truth. For me a group of principles can never be dogmatic. I also fundamentally believe that the message of Guru Nanak Dev Ji is one of not falling into dogmatism.. Abrahamic religions inadvertently promote dogmatism as they believe in the scriptures as the literal word of God.. Sikhi fundamentally does not have that position, and guru sahibs put safety measures in place to prevent sikhs from becoming dogmatic.. First and foremost of which is bani is poetic and set to music.