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  1. Thank you
  2. I thought it was 1 in 7 knew of a person who had been groomed or approached by a grooming gang? So it includes the ones who go away before it happened? It's still very fucked up.
  3. Brampton. What about you?
  4. Thanks. It does help to hear things are getting better.
  5. - We've made leaps and bounds of progress in dealing with this issue. Thank those active brothers and sisters in the UK for highlighting the issue and giving all of you others in the world a heads up on what's going on. That's really good that we've mad progress. - PS - I think you might have OCD? It's not OCD, but medicine I have to take causes somehting like that. I am getting help though.
  6. - Mate, are you demented? Yeah, probably. I mean. At least a little bit.
  7. I was reading an article a few days ago about a 17 year old Sikh girl who was forced into prostitution. The Muslims used arguments like "I didn't know it was wrong to pay her for sex"
  8. - On the positive, because these paks went on to groom hordes of vulnerable white girls (in the thousands), the media, police and social services were eventually forced to confront it. Having pictures of groups of Pakistani guys in the newspapers charged with this kind of stuff is a regular occurrence here Yeah, I figured Sikh girls would avoid Muslim guys more now. Like how can they not be weary of them? Do you see a lot of legit Muslim guy - Sikh girl relationships in the UK? It's not common here, and here we don't have the Sikh vs Muslim stuff; we're just brown, so we're on the same side. - You say it's mostly a UK thing, but for all we know it could be happening elsewhere with our own people being oblivious to it like they were here for decades? A Sikh girl and I were talking about this two days ago. It's terrifying. I actually spoke to a Sikh and he was helping a Sikh woman who had been groomed in America. In the end, they tried to sell her into a marriage with like a 60 year old. It's fucken disgusting. She got away though.
  9. Or comments saying like this guy sees 17/18 year old Sikh girls hanging out with groups of Muslim men.
  10. Did the girl who ran away come back? Are the boyfriends Punjabi Sikhs or Muslims?
  11. What happened to the Sikh girls then? Is the first still with her husband? Did the second come back to Sikhi?
  12. ok.
  13. How common is it? You said it's inflated internet nonsense. I've been browsing this website and I've seen things like "everyone has had a Sikh girl" and it sucks.
  14. I'm not trolling. Where in Canada does it happen? I spoke to the SAS if they had offices in Canada to volunteer, but they never replied to me.
  15. How often do they target Sikh girls for this stuff? Is it common?