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  1. I didn't say anything about his parent's boycotting him, I said " they're probably better off without him if that's all the moral compass he has ", there's a difference. What religion he converted to is irrelevant, what it show's is that he didn't really have a belief in Sikhism in the first place, I can pretty much guarantee that once he's served his time he'll get out and being a muslim will be the last thing on his mind. Completely agree with your fist comment, the sangat we keep will usually determine our actions, not always, but most of the time. What's wrong with our community has very little to do with our religion, every community churns our "trash" it's just that we only notice the bad seed from our community, there are plenty of good one's doing good thing's but we never seen to give them any publicity.
  2. I like Jagmeet Singh, he's totally focused on what he believes in and is passionate about Sikhi but, and it's a big but, I think this move to start a Sikh political party and him standing in the elections is one of the most ill conceived things I've seen in a long time, as already mentioned, he should have stood for one of the main parties, if he wanted a party with values closest to Sikhi he should have stood with the Green Party. This Election's is going to be a tactical one and people forming parties that are based on religion (or anything else for that matter) without viewing the bigger picture are going to pull vital votes away from major parties. Completely agree with this, look at Canada and Jagmeet Singh, he's in the NDP and is going for the leadership race for the party, he brings Sikh issues to the forefront and speaks about them but it's not a "Sikh" political part, his younger brother is on the same path. Even with all of that in mind, I wish him all the best.
  3. Without wanting to sound facetious, who really gives a "you know what", he was probably hardly a Sikh in the first place, I do feel sorry for his family but they're probably better off without him if that's all the moral compass he has.
  4. Your joking right, it is truly ‪the ‎bananarepublicofindia‬.
  5. Didn't know this, thanks for the information, always learning.
  6. Her father was a prominent member of the Sikh community in Birmingham and did a lot of good in his time as president of Guru Nanak Gurdwara in Smethwick, she seems to be following in his footsteps which isn't a bad thing if you ask me. I would reply to some of the things "Guest Jagsaw_Singh" has said but to be honest, i can't be bothered, it's an age old problem we have in out community to pull people down.
  7. I think it is due to exercise but also the change in diet, in the last 20/30 years food production has changed a lot, my point being that it's not just portion size but also how the ingredients are grown, i'm glad some Gurdwara's are going organic (Amritsar included) but we have a long way to go yet. I've tried the "kinka parshad" route but it's down to the sevadar on duty, i don't like not having parshad every time i go but it's down to health issues now and how certain ingredients react with my body but that's a personal choice i've been forced to make.
  8. It may be shocking to you but to those who suffer from type 2 Diabetes it is vitally important and can sometimes be the difference between normality and going into diabetic shock. The system of langar is a beautiful one but from a health perspective it need's a huge change, i go to the Gurdwara every day before work but i only have parshad once or twice a week because i have cholesterol problems, i tend to refrain from anything fried when i have langar, does that make me a bad person? It does need reform, yes, but not to the point where we are closing our doors to everyone, the whole principle of langar is the food is served to all without distinction of faith, religion or background, for free, the issue of people coming in to a Gurdwara to scout it out is a security one and needs to be dealt with desperately, if we turn away anyone who looks remotely "shifty" then we are going against the principles of out religion all together.
  9. When they originally started doing test's they went under the Khalsa TV name but that was changed over to KTV when they started transmitting a full programme schedule, I don't think they ever claimed to be a religious Sikh only channel (but i may be wrong). The guy behind Sikh Channel also owns Britasia TV, both channels don't really sit well together but business is business and as far as the Gurdas Mann song and tour promotions, i think it's just advertising revenue. As far as I know it's owned by a number of individuals and has no affiliation with any Sikh organisation. At the end of the day, the little I've watched it, I've found their content to be a lot more professionally produced that the other channels, they certainly aren't a Sikh religious channel though, more a Punjabi cultural channel but like already mentioned, it's worth writing to them if you have concerns, maybe they'll clear things up.
  10. I've always felt Sikhism is about quality over quantity.
  11. Brilliant news, we can all sleep a little better then but let's be honest here, saying he represent's Sikhs is like saying Kim Jong-un is in charge of a democracy, the guys a middle of the road has been who's career's been hanging by the thinnest of thread's, his wife took him to the cleaner's when he got divorced. As for the smoking thing, I suggest people take a wander out on a Friday night, you'll see plenty of guy's with dastaars puffing away like chimney's. I admire The Collective (most of the time) because they really don't give a crap who they offend, they'll just publish what's going on with no filter.
  12. If Le Pen win's the Presidential election that starts this weekend i think they may well have to move.
  13. With the greatest of respect to the person speaking in this video it seem's he's got the wrong end of the stick or he's been wrongly informed as to how EU law works in relation to the UK irrelevant of whether we were going to stay in the EU or not (which we aren't anymore). He's speaking about an issue on France and claiming it is going on all over Europe. This all relates to France's obsession (and law) with banning religious symbols in schools and the workplace, it started with the banning of a full burka because it covered the face and any religious dress that cover's the full face. As a result of these laws Sikh's are not allowed to present a photo to the government authorities wearing a turban to obtain a passport, driving licence or any government identification document (ID); nor is a Sikh allowed to attend a state school wearing a turban. The UN human rights body has backed French Sikh's in fighting this, for more information see the link below: http://www.sikhiwiki.org/index.php/France_turban_issue As far as the relevance to the UK, it has none, we have strong law's protecting religious identity and freedom and even if we stayed in the EU these would bear no relevance to us. The reason no one is taking about it, no idea, as far as i know it's only France that kicks up a fuss about these things and the forthcoming election's over there are going to be interesting to say the least, especially if Marine Le Pen win's (which we all better pray she doesn't)
  14. Indeed, that's the whole idea of a debate, we can't always agree.
  15. I have no interest in protecting the guy, i'm not a fan of people trying to take the law into their own hand's that's all, you've asked for the address of someone who's facing criminal charges and is going through the legal system, we don't live in a mob rule society, anybody who has the smallest amount of sense will have question's for people who commit heinous crimes like this (including me) but what on earth are you going to ask him, Why he did it? Yes he is answerable, but not to us, but to Waheguru, we are just mere servants, to me he's no more a Sikh than Hitler was a humanitarian.