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  1. Ho hum.................
  2. Nothing, i just like posting random nonsense based on fact on the internet.
  3. That's news to me considering they were set up by Everythings 13 (Basic's of Sikhi). They have, however, done their job and put some information up on their site: http://sikhpa.com/statements-on-white-pride-march-and-sikh-religious-festival-clash/
  4. That's irrelevant to what these fools are doing, see the reply below for an explanation.
  5. I think this has very little to do with Christian's and more to do with a far-right group with dwindling supporters trying to piggy-back something just for the sake of publicity, they tend to do this a fair amount, the end result being that they want to cause trouble but, from past experience, they tend to run away at the slightest sign of retaliation.
  6. Jus Reign aside, i know a fair few Punjabi's who have a dastaar and untrimmed beards that eat meat and most of the time don't really care if it's halal, to me it's a mute point, if your going to eat meat your eating meat, it being hala or kosher or jatka won't really make a blind bit of difference to them. I go to wedding's where i see men with full beards and dastaars eating meat and drinking alcohol, i've given up asking why they present one image and do a something else . Back to Jus Reign, the guy's a youtube comedian who has capitalised on his success and that's how he makes a living, he has, in the past, been pretty good at defending Sikhi and the images of it but as of late he's kind of got lost in his fame and celebrity status.
  7. This is interesting because i know of a few Amritdhari Singhs who married non-amritdhari women and 2 of them have take Amrit a few years after they got married (one of the ladies even ties a dastaar) but their husband's still drop hint's about removing any excess hair and "shaping them eyebrows", double standards a-plenty from the men. It take's a strong man, both in mentality and spirituality to accept his wife if she has taken amrit and her appearance doesn't "comply" with the norms of society but it takes an even stronger woman to take amrit reject the norms of society and follow Guru sahib.
  8. The full video is up on youtube. Irrelevant of whether you agree or disagree it's always worth listening to an "outsiders" experience of Sikhi and what draw's them to it and also, what brings people back into Sikhi.
  9. Singh confessed to killing Bibi with a hammer on Tuesday at their house, bludgeoning her to death, for being “disrespectful” to him. This I've never understood, I've seen countless cases where someone's attacked or killed someone over "Respect", what respect are you left with when your in jail, this is less about pendu women and more about the general pendu attitude of punjabi's.
  10. Maybe I am hoping a lot, but as a father of young daughter's all i can to is try and educate the future generation and hope that they don't mess up the way we have. I am wide awake and more than aware of how the media treat minorities, I used to work for the BBC and am well aware of what there internal politics are like and how they choose what is newsworthy but i could sit here all day and moan about how the white man did us and is still doing us wrong, that ain't gonna fix anything. At the end of it all, if problem's exist in out community i really don't care how they are highlighted we need to fix them, some stuff that goes on is an embarrassment to Sikhi and the wider community yet we complain when someone bring's it out in front of the general masses, if we've got dirt laundry we need to clean it not complain that the media is picking on us. I think we all have our own opinions about stuff like this, some people want to focus on the fact that a negative aspect of out community has been highlighted, other's like me, who know someone who's been through this very thing take a more personal view on the matter and feel we should highlight it and try to fix it.
  11. It may be worth watching the episode of Inside Out this article is written about on the BBC Iplayer, the women in the documentary are not just Sikh but Hindu and Muslim as well. What does come across is the state of the Indian legal system when these women want a divorce from the husbands that have abandoned them, it's a mess, the husbands have to be there for it to happen and the likelihood of that id pretty slim, there need's to be some legal recourse in the country the man is from (or woman dependant on who's pulled the fast one). To me it doesn't come across as "Sikh Bashing", it's a problem in our and other communities and need's to be rectified, i'd say education is the key but sometimes that just doesn't work, no matter how hard you try.
  12. I completely agree, like i said, he's an entertainer, where some people may have a moral conscious and say they won't listen to his music because of his beliefs or lifestyle they are twice as many that will overlook it. I don't know too much about who he believes in, to be honest there are plenty of singer's who probably have dubious beliefs, that's their burden to bear, at the end of the day we need to look at what positive change we can make everyday in our lives, he's released a song and will make money from it, we can debate or argue all we want but he's still cashing his pay cheque. No, but unfortunately that's the world we live in.
  13. He's an entertainer, if anyone's looking for anything deeper they're barking up the wrong tree, i like his music (well, sometimes), his new song is reflective of the climate in Punjab, the timing of the release of it (in the middle of the elections) is questionable but sometimes, like already mentioned, we need to focus on the message, and that is on point in my opinion, i'm sure is someone else sang it someone would probably have some issue as well, there aren't many Punjabi entertainers who can stand up and say they've got a "clean sheet". As far as his son's sextape, there's plenty of them going about, most of them being from the mp's that are standing for election in India like Sher Singh Ghubaya.
  14. “Instead of explaining anand karaj and its true purpose, this has become a business opportunity for many,” Deep Singh said. The irony is that he charges a $2000 fee.
  15. I was put on a cocktail of vitamins when i had a vitamin d3 course late last year, one of those was indeed vitamin k, it's not pleasant having to take higher doses of vitamins but in this case the end's justified the means so to speak, my advice would be, if you need to and you can't or are not able to get the right vitamins from your diet for whatever reason, it's sometimes worth taking daily multi-vitamins, it'll save you grief in the long run but speak to your GP first.