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  1. She is doing a good job so maybe we should't be judging her based on her private life and focus more on the fact that she is one of the few MP's from our community that is raising awareness to the issues we have,
  2. What's going on in the West Midlands?

    Welcome to Kalyug, enjoy your stay.
  3. emergency advice - Breaking off Engagement

    @Big_Tera Dude, when someone recommends a type of car you take their advice, when someone recommends a life partner you don't go and marry them without even meeting them at least once, personally, i i were you i would have spoken to may parents as soon as i had doubts, i wouldn't be posting for advice on the internet. As far as the repercussions, you can forget about going to India for a while because they don't forget stuff like this in a hurry, you know, izzat and all, anyway, like i said, speak to your parents, you never know, they might listen and understand.
  4. I saw an apology from Ramgharia Gurudwara Leeds last week on facebook about what happened in the Langar hall, had no idea what it was about, i'm assuming it was this, Vishwakarma day is usually the day after Diwali so i'm assuming this happened then, if they wanted to do this they should have found somewhere else to do it, not at the Gurdwara (even if it was the Langar hall).
  5. Ridiculous Article about dowry in sikhi

    Just because something isn't allowed doesn't mean it doesn't happen, I've been to plenty of wedding where dowry was involved under some guise or another and these where amritdhari families, it's a shameful "cultural" practice.
  6. #freejagginow

    While i know most on this forum don't really like Sunny Hundal, this article written by him pretty much hits the nail on the head. http://barficulture.tv/world/103
  7. Britian First

    For anyone who had any sympathies for Britain First, what they would say to a comment like the above is "Go back to where you came from".
  8. Britian First

    Sorry Big_Tera, a fascist is a fascist, doesn't matter how good their marketing and PR has gotten, this idea that they've changed and are only against muslims now is just as wrong as them being against people of colour. If they said they were against extremism regardless of race or religion it would be one thing but they don't, there's plenty of extremism in the christian community but they ain't saying anything, they are fascists, plain and simple, and this idea that they have praise for Sikhs, they know that Sikhs have battled with Moghuls in the time of the Guru's and made the assumption that Sikhs are the natural enemy of Muslims because of this, someone should send them a press release and tell them that it's actually injustice that Sikhs are against, not any particular religion.
  9. Britian First

    Those who grew up in the 70's and 80's know who Britain first really are, they used to be called the BNP and the National Front before that, they are a fascist group and anyone who thinks they respect or get on with Sikhs should ask the elder generation about their previous incarnations.
  10. #freejagginow

    I fully understand the point your trying to make, what i don't understand is what relevance it has with the issue at hand, here we have a guy who's only crime was point out the human rights violations perpetrated by the Indian government during and after 1984, as a result of this he's been arrested and has been sat in a jail for 24 day's, tortured both mentally and physically, been denied access to the British consulate and god only knows what else he's going through, him having a turban or cut hair has nothing to do with anything, i apologise for my annoyance but I've been conversing with you over something which is minuscule in relevance to what's actually happened here. I am well aware of what Guru Gobind Singh Ji mandated and have no issue with that, your while point is about Sikh's with cut hair (if such a thing can exist) not being recognisable as a Sikh, i take your point and leave you to your opinion and am closing this discussion and as already mentioned, it's worth going back on topic.
  11. #freejagginow

    I actually do know Sarbjit personally and to say he fly's under the radar is nonsense, just because he's not in the public eye defending Sikhi all the time doesn't mean he's "flying under the radar". Like i've already said, there are plenty of turban wearing Sikhs who fly under the radar and only come out when it's in there interest, just go to any Gurdwara in the UK, they're called committee members, like i said, each to their own.
  12. Non-stop flight to Amritsar

    Little more information here: http://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/business/air-india-launch-new-route-13948657
  13. Singh Rap Video (Jagga - Like Kings)

    Prefer words with meaning, try Singh Mahoon Or artists like L-Fresh, artists who's words have meaning.
  14. #freejagginow

    I think this debate could go on for a while, mt issue with people saying "mona" is the simple fact that i know Punjabi's with cut hair that respect and adhere to Sikhi more than ones with a dastaar and even fully grown beards, as far as flying under the radar, there are plenty of us out there with a pagh on our heads that do that, it's not restricted to those that have cut hair. Sarbjit Singh from Rajoanatv is a highly regarded human rights activist, the man know's more about injustices done to Sikhs than anyone I know, he's a "mona", i've never seen him fly under the radar. Like i said, we could debate forever, everyone has their own opinion and though process.
  15. #freejagginow

    1. Read what i wrote, "i'm sorry, but if that happened to anyone, turban or not, we should be protesting.", i'm not alluding to you and whatever stance you have on protesting or not, Them moment you said the word "mona" you made a division, if you had made the same post and not mentioned the fact that he had cut hair no one would be disagreeing with you. Where did you say what happened to him was okay, you didn't and i'm not saying you did, that's your assumption. 2. I stand by what i said, read what i said in context, i said "largest democracy" in the world",, if you live in the largest democracy in the world would you expect to be taken in broad daylight for criticising the Government or the way they run the country. I'm well aware of the Human Right's violations committed in Punjab and by the police there, everyone know's someone whose suffered, i'm no different, if this proves anything it's that Sikh's need to take a long hard look at what they call their motherland and how much respect we get there.