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  1. I've always felt Sikhism is about quality over quantity.
  2. Brilliant news, we can all sleep a little better then but let's be honest here, saying he represent's Sikhs is like saying Kim Jong-un is in charge of a democracy, the guys a middle of the road has been who's career's been hanging by the thinnest of thread's, his wife took him to the cleaner's when he got divorced. As for the smoking thing, I suggest people take a wander out on a Friday night, you'll see plenty of guy's with dastaars puffing away like chimney's. I admire The Collective (most of the time) because they really don't give a crap who they offend, they'll just publish what's going on with no filter.
  3. If Le Pen win's the Presidential election that starts this weekend i think they may well have to move.
  4. With the greatest of respect to the person speaking in this video it seem's he's got the wrong end of the stick or he's been wrongly informed as to how EU law works in relation to the UK irrelevant of whether we were going to stay in the EU or not (which we aren't anymore). He's speaking about an issue on France and claiming it is going on all over Europe. This all relates to France's obsession (and law) with banning religious symbols in schools and the workplace, it started with the banning of a full burka because it covered the face and any religious dress that cover's the full face. As a result of these laws Sikh's are not allowed to present a photo to the government authorities wearing a turban to obtain a passport, driving licence or any government identification document (ID); nor is a Sikh allowed to attend a state school wearing a turban. The UN human rights body has backed French Sikh's in fighting this, for more information see the link below: http://www.sikhiwiki.org/index.php/France_turban_issue As far as the relevance to the UK, it has none, we have strong law's protecting religious identity and freedom and even if we stayed in the EU these would bear no relevance to us. The reason no one is taking about it, no idea, as far as i know it's only France that kicks up a fuss about these things and the forthcoming election's over there are going to be interesting to say the least, especially if Marine Le Pen win's (which we all better pray she doesn't)
  5. Indeed, that's the whole idea of a debate, we can't always agree.
  6. I have no interest in protecting the guy, i'm not a fan of people trying to take the law into their own hand's that's all, you've asked for the address of someone who's facing criminal charges and is going through the legal system, we don't live in a mob rule society, anybody who has the smallest amount of sense will have question's for people who commit heinous crimes like this (including me) but what on earth are you going to ask him, Why he did it? Yes he is answerable, but not to us, but to Waheguru, we are just mere servants, to me he's no more a Sikh than Hitler was a humanitarian.
  7. What you going to do, go down his house and harass his wife and kids, maybe his parents who have go nothing to do with his illegal activities or were you "just asking".
  8. They've put a 70 year old golf playing <banned word filter activated> in charge of their country, anybody who's under the impression that he control's what happens just because he's President is deeply mis-guided, there's a whole cabinet full of lunatics in the Republican party that do that. As far as what's happened in Syria (or could happen in N.Korea), if you haven't already watched this, then it's worth watching.
  9. I think you'll find they're the one's that made the mess in the first place, just sayin....
  10. To be fair even even Muslims can't stand him so to expect him to show any grace or decorum when visiting a Gurdwara is a bit of a stretch.
  11. I just did a search of #kirpan, a load of images have come up si Facebook don't have a problem with it, as already mentioned, it seems somebodies reported the OP in regard's to his facebook post, either that or he's trying to find trouble where there is none.
  12. Generally Facebook accounts have 2 ways of getting blocked (i speak from knowledge due to a friend working for Facebook as an engineer in London) 1:) you get reported by someone for posting offensive content and they shut down your account while they investigate or you contact them to clear things up or 2:) The automatic image detection they use consider's something you posted breaches their guidelines which is what this sound's like (as a Kirpan to them is classed as a knife), You can either go all conspiracy theory over this or you can just contact them and explain it to them and them contact an organisation like the Sikh PA to try and get some education going.
  13. When i was young and i relied on my mum to do the washing, she use to put some washing powder (non-bio) in a bucket with warm water and soak the pagh for an hour or two and then rinse in cold water and just hand them to dry, i still do this, might seem a little old skool but it does the trick and the material tends to fade less, it also depends on the material you use, i use f-74 mal mal so you have to be a little more careful because it's not has heavy as other materials.
  14. Unfortunately if we want freedom of movement around Europe to work (which the British do) they are going to have to allow it for EU citizen's as well, the whole "immigration" hard sell to get people to vote to leave the EU was a complete fallacy(pretty much the same goes for that whole £350 million going back into the nhs and a load of other things), in the long run i highly doubt freedom of movement for EU citizens will be restricted, maybe a little more monitored though. Overall i don't think Brexit will directly affect the Sikh community, it's more how it will affect British citizens but one thing's slowly becoming clear, that's how racist people are, there has been an increase in incidents of racial abuse and racially aggravated assaults since Brexit. As far as the EU Human Rights act/law, there was talk a while ago of repealing it if we left the EU, it would be replaced with the British Bill of Rights but the Government backtracked on this because it would be too much of a constitutional change so as far as i've read the Human Rights Act that we have as the moment is due to stay until after the General Election in 2020 – but even then there is no guarantee it will be replaced.
  15. Ok, i'll bite, i grew up in Birmingham (although i don't live there at the moment) and know the area well, Handsworth used to be primarily Punjabi (because they weren't all Sikh), to my knowledge the area of Handsworth this is situated in is now a little more multi-cultural (take that how you will). I had pleanty of disagreements with Muslims back in the 80's but we all grew up, we gave respect and got it back, i've not heard of just Muslim paedophiles from back in the day, there were plenty from other communities as well including Punjabi. As far as Islamics in Birmingham, that's an issue we have all over the UK. As you've already alluded to, this has nothing to do with the possibility of a meat shop opening, it's because it may be a muslim run halal meat shop, would it be okay if it was a kosher meat shop or "Bob the Butcher's", if your going to complain you need to have a flat standard, have a problem with any type of meat shop not just halal because i don't care what anyone say's, i was bought up to believe eating meat goes against Sikhi.