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  1. A question from a Muslim - ragmala

    same way many Muslims don't believe Mohammed as the last prophet and many others believe him as representative of God. Sufis don't consider Music as haram while many Muslims drink alcohol and lie. No one is 100% sure when the Koran was written, who wrote it and whether it is authentic or not. Raagmala IS part of Guru Granth sahib and therefore is authentic too. It is present in the many old copies of Guru Granth sahib. However, it is not necessary to be read. Officially, Guru Granth sahib ends at Mundavani.
  2. ☆☆☆ Gursikhan mann vadhaiyan ☆☆☆

    happy Gurpurb to everyone!
  3. Singh featured on River Islands

    Typical type of encouragement you get from a desi uncle.
  4. Dhunda VS Dandrianwala

    Those who oppose jhatka while advocating khulla maas and halal are the greatest brahmins and mahamoorakhs. Those who advocate vegetarianism and speak bad of Sikhs eating jhatka or hunted meat are Vaishnava Hindus. Missionaries want to bring more changes to Sikhi so as to make it an Abrahamic faith, while since it's beginning Sikhi has been a dharmic religion. Their efforts have almost succeeded in alienating the Sikh past and present (with a few exceptions). Their rejection of banis and traditional Sikh practises can be related to the rejection of the sacraments by Martin Luther and the Protestants. Now the Guru Panth should decide whether they want Sikhi to stand out and remain an independent faith or to become absorbed in Christianity, Sanatanism or Mohammedanism.
  5. what am i

    my question is that do you believe in one Akaal, ten Gurus and in Guru Granth Panth? if you do so you can be classified as a Sehajdhari Sikh. try stay away from halal or beef and also try to follow the three tenets of Guru Nanak: 1. meditate on God 2.Earn a honest living 3.Share your wealth with others.
  6. Oldest Picture of Guru Nanak Ji FOUND

    yeah it's a copy of an older one
  7. RSS corrupting Sikh information

    yeah twisting meanings of some lafazs to show that gurus' venerated the devas lol
  8. Oldest Picture of Guru Nanak Ji FOUND

    are you sure it's a janeu? artists back then concentrated more on poses than on small details like beard and joora. it is a historical fact that guru ji wore a seli topi which was commonly worn by travellers back then. in this vid bhai jagraj singh ji also talk about guru ji's topi at 0:31
  9. RSS corrupting Sikh information

    They are two-faced. They want Sikhs to remain with them, while they also want to show them that the devas are superior to the Gurus. For instance, many neo-Hindus these days before starting to read the Vedas etc begin with something they consider "light" like Japji Sahib.
  10. yo wth is this?

    what's your point?
  11. yo wth is this?

    I think people really need to know that Balbiroo is just like Dhumma. Both kiss the feet of the Badals while claiming to be the rightful owners of their titles. Balbiroo has really destroyed the sovereignty of the Buddha-Dal by aligning himself with already defunct and utterly corrupt organisations like SAD and SGPC.
  12. RSS corrupting Sikh information

    no real hindu or even muslim organisation is sympathetic to Sikhs, to say the least, mate. Arya Samajis have their own mandirs etc and they consider the gurus as false prophets while, RSS does "recognise" the Gurus while considering Sikhi as an wave of the Hindu (Sanatan) ocean.
  13. RSS corrupting Sikh information

    There is no great link between the two. Arya Samaj people focus on the Vedas, while RSS is a parent body of many Hindu organisations.
  14. Sikh eating beef

    bro, he's vidya is based on the book of akali baba giana singh ji
  15. Sikh eating beef

    Bro, Niddar is not a man to be trusted. I have read some of his book and they are quite interesting. But, It is evident that he is influenced by Sanatanism (Hindoo Nationalism) and he has recently confirmed it (http://www.shastervidiya.org/nidar-finally-confirms-his-rss-links/). Some moves of the Shashtarvidya he teaches are awesome, while others are just his own creations.
  16. Sartaaj, the popular Punjabi singer, makes his debut as an actor. As a performer, he is natural as the insipid character but not impressive. Shabana Azmi with her towering personality, as his mother Rani Jindan, is brilliant. They are aptly supported by Amanda Root as Queen Victoria and Jason Flemyng as Dr. John Login. Although the film is made with good intentions and is historical in nature, it lacks a universal appeal. The script is sluggish and painfully slow paced. The lack of volatile action fails to engage its viewers. Mounted with moderate production values, Director Kavi Raz manages to recreate the era with precision with superb technical support. His frames are aesthetically mounted but befit small screen viewing as it fails to give cinematic pleasure. Overall, the authenticity of this period drama is questionable, but nevertheless, it would appeal to people who are interested in history. (http://www.hindustantimes.com/movie-reviews/the-black-prince-movie-review-strong-subject-poorly-executed/story-0zGk3ioz8TDbblaS2jnWNM.html)
  17. Punjabi Girls Bad Behaviour

    Maybe chess was ok.
  18. Bhai Jagraj Singh has passed away.

    May this noble soul rest in peace! Time to follow his steps. Arm yourself with knowledge.
  19. Sikh eating beef

    Perhaps, yours too. By the way, I was referring to our glorious Khalsa ancestors who fought extraordinary foes and created an independent Sikh state with their blood and sweat, compared to us who sit in front of computers thousands of miles away arguing.
  20. Sikh eating beef

    Have they ever thought what will their ancestors think of them?
  21. Sikh eating beef

    I think you should read Uggardanti
  22. Sikh eating beef

  23. Halal food

    nowadays sikhs are more saint than soldiers