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  1. I think that Canadian Sikhs, being overwhelmingly post-1984s people, have always fought for a separate Khalistan (which I am not totally against). I can also say that Canada is one of the places where being Punjabi equals to be Sikh. I feel like they care more like Punjabi culture who don't care much about spirituality, Sikhi and it's philosophy, but are more interested in politics about Punjab and justice for 1984. The lack of awareness about Sikhi and it's history has led to white people viewing them as terrorists, and the media does nothing but help spread that narrative. Comparably, the UK Sikhs are in the UK mostly since the 1960s and they also protest the Indian justice system and many of them also support Khalistan. There is much more awareness among white people in the UK about Sikhs compared to any other part of the world except India. Often, Sikhs are viewed as a minority success story by the British media and the sangat there is aware about Sikhi and spirituality
  2. Is taksaal in pieces

    http://www.jhatkamaryada.com/jhatka/maas/ithihaas/ http://www.jhatkamaryada.com/khalsa-traditions/sukha/ Guru Gobind Singh ji promoted hunting and advised the Khalsa to eat jhatka/hunted meat to build their bodies and to get used to bloodshed. They even advised what kinds of meat should be eaten.
  3. So Jagmeet gets married ....

    Well, I meant Jus Reign's dhari to be exact. Jagmeet Singh seems to have an uncut natural one, though I cannot say that his wife hasn't had some haircuts
  4. So about a month ago, Jus Reign tweeted a couple of tweets, some of then he has deleted since, due to their controversial nature: "insane how many on the daily tell me i cant do certain things cuz my turban how bout i rock a turban & also do whatever the <banned word filter activated> i want?" --JusReign, 12:15 PM January 7 "nanak: Organized religion is v bad and is trash sikhs today: lets take what you said and turn it into a religion" He then tweeted about how Sikhs should "live and let live" Like many famous Canadian Punjabi people (like Humble the Poet) he thinks that Sikhi shouldn't have been a religion and that Guru Nanak 's teachings are not consistent with the beliefs of Sikhs today.
  5. Jus Reign's stupid anti-Sikhi rants

    he just recently fully trimmed his beard, does that indicate something? idk
  6. Jus Reign's stupid anti-Sikhi rants

    yeah it was babbu acting as a amritdhari uncle said "p3nch0d" , reacting to jus reign as another uncle who had criticized the barat. He edited it later to babbu shouting "akaaal"
  7. So Jagmeet gets married ....

    I also noticed that he fully trimmed his beard. Kinda funny, cuz he went to a Amritdhari guy's wedding innit
  8. The lost Sikh turban style

    Looking through historical paintings related to Punjab, in general, and Sikhs, in particular, I have encountered a turban style that looks like the patkas/keskis that small kids war but also has some similarities with dumallas. This style can be seen from very early Sikh paintings of the Gurus and also in late British paintings. The turban helmet of the Sikhs was also based on this style. I think that it stopped being used in the 1850s because the triangular shaped turban; that actually had developed as a cover for the smaller turbans; became immensely popular.
  9. The Correct Nishan Sahib!

    About flags: Among Sikhs there have been a number of colourful flags. Only Nihangs had restrictions on flag colours- it had to be blue for them. Sikh Misl era and a bit before (Dal Khalsa era) the kattar-shield and sabre type became popular (some say it is the signature of Guru Gobind Singh ji and others it is a symbol for Deg Tegh Fateh). Sikh Empire era, again many different colours, however the one flown in Lahore palace and Harimandir Sahib was a saffron triangular with green borders. Then, the red ones captured by the Brits during the war, are very unlikely to be of a Dogra/Hindu or Muslim regiment. Dogras were a minority in the army and they didn't fight on the frontline, as they were the bodyguard of Lal Singh. The sun and Durga imagery has already been explained quite well. Even after the Sikh empire, paintings often show different colours of flags in Harimandir Sahib. During the Singh Sabha reforms, blue and yellow with the kattar-dhal-sabre types were used by the reformists, who also changed the flags in Harimandir Sahib. Until 1950s-60s when the orange with the khanda- a symbol that originated from the miniature chakrams which Sikh troops had on their paghries was popularized.
  10. The Correct Nishan Sahib!

    a toradar matchlock. looks authentic. I guess it's one of the only things that have not been replaced by fakeries.
  11. The Correct Nishan Sahib!

    SGPC "Museums" all full of fake crap and modern paintings by desi painters. So much of our heritage is being sold to collectors or destroyed. SGPC has to go.
  12. Washing hair

    Well, the factory produces just one type. People here use it mostly for cooking and on salad, but me and couple of other Singhs here use it on hair, too. (Gorey prefer conditioner)
  13. Washing hair

    Yeah it does, but turns bit horrible with sweat! I remember my patka after football matches lol but always be careful http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/09/10/fake-olive-oil-making-way-uk-experts-warn/
  14. Washing hair

    I used it some years back. Quite relaxing, but you"ll need to wash your hair 3-4 times because it smells! (never use it after washing) Yeah, my father works in an oil factory here in Greece, So my mother used to put it (when I was smaller) on my hair. Good thing, Hair grow and doesn't smell at all! (idk what crap they selling you in the UK labeling it olive oil lol) Does anybody use conditioner, by the way? I've found it to do the exact same job as oil, but gotta be careful, some brands just kill hair.
  15. What’s your name?

    Prabhjit Singh
  16. Celebrating the birth of Jesus

    I don't know about the UK, but when I studied at a Convent school in India (which was perceived to be one of the best) for some months, we had to sing Catholic prayers every day and refusing to do so could result in punishment (fines, hitting with stick or even expulsion). I remember during Christmas season, we had to sing extra prayers (Silent Night, Christmas Tree etc). "Sisters" (nuns) would take extra measures to punish kids speaking Punjabi, especially during Christmas month.
  17. the anand karaj ceremony done today i think started in the late 1800s, before then no one knows for sure. I think Mcauliffe in one of his books on Sikh Religion mentioned that a particular order of Sikhs instead of calling Bhrahmans and doing fere around a fire, did fere around the sripture (GuruGranthSahib)
  18. New pic of Dashmesh pita guru gobind singh ji

    biggest democracy of the world
  19. New pic of Dashmesh pita guru gobind singh ji

    No one gives a sh1t about copyrights etc in India. Portraits of Guru Gobind Singh made by Amandeep Inkquisitive were used by the Bihar Government on posters without any permissions b the artist. This particular one was made by Namdharis, that explains the white dress.
  20. New pic of Dashmesh pita guru gobind singh ji

    Reminds me of typical paintings of Shivaji the Maratha. Why always people copy old paintings and change the head of the person with Guru Gobind Singh ji, is still something I have not understood ** David's Napoleon on the Alps ** Instead, why don't we reproduce classical Sikh art like this, something more closer to what Guru ji would have looked like :
  21. Khanda on Christmas Tree?

    Of course, Good Old Capitalism
  22. Khanda on Christmas Tree?

    I don't think most of our apney who put up Christmas trees believe that it protects them, gives power of life or they believe in Norse traditions around the winter solstice. I think, that as long as you don't forget your own culture and traditions, it is not a bad idea to celebrate together the traditions of others. Let's not become like this weird sullah who says snowmen are haram: