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  1. I think people really need to know that Balbiroo is just like Dhumma. Both kiss the feet of the Badals while claiming to be the rightful owners of their titles. Balbiroo has really destroyed the sovereignty of the Buddha-Dal by aligning himself with already defunct and utterly corrupt organisations like SAD and SGPC.
  2. no real hindu or even muslim organisation is sympathetic to Sikhs, to say the least, mate. Arya Samajis have their own mandirs etc and they consider the gurus as false prophets while, RSS does "recognise" the Gurus while considering Sikhi as an wave of the Hindu (Sanatan) ocean.
  3. There is no great link between the two. Arya Samaj people focus on the Vedas, while RSS is a parent body of many Hindu organisations.
  4. bro, he's vidya is based on the book of akali baba giana singh ji
  5. Bro, Niddar is not a man to be trusted. I have read some of his book and they are quite interesting. But, It is evident that he is influenced by Sanatanism (Hindoo Nationalism) and he has recently confirmed it (http://www.shastervidiya.org/nidar-finally-confirms-his-rss-links/). Some moves of the Shashtarvidya he teaches are awesome, while others are just his own creations.
  6. Sartaaj, the popular Punjabi singer, makes his debut as an actor. As a performer, he is natural as the insipid character but not impressive. Shabana Azmi with her towering personality, as his mother Rani Jindan, is brilliant. They are aptly supported by Amanda Root as Queen Victoria and Jason Flemyng as Dr. John Login. Although the film is made with good intentions and is historical in nature, it lacks a universal appeal. The script is sluggish and painfully slow paced. The lack of volatile action fails to engage its viewers. Mounted with moderate production values, Director Kavi Raz manages to recreate the era with precision with superb technical support. His frames are aesthetically mounted but befit small screen viewing as it fails to give cinematic pleasure. Overall, the authenticity of this period drama is questionable, but nevertheless, it would appeal to people who are interested in history. (http://www.hindustantimes.com/movie-reviews/the-black-prince-movie-review-strong-subject-poorly-executed/story-0zGk3ioz8TDbblaS2jnWNM.html)
  7. Maybe chess was ok.
  8. May this noble soul rest in peace! Time to follow his steps. Arm yourself with knowledge.
  9. Perhaps, yours too. By the way, I was referring to our glorious Khalsa ancestors who fought extraordinary foes and created an independent Sikh state with their blood and sweat, compared to us who sit in front of computers thousands of miles away arguing.
  10. Have they ever thought what will their ancestors think of them?
  11. I think you should read Uggardanti
  12. https://kulveersamra.wordpress.com/2017/05/31/cow-slaughter-and-sikhism/
  13. nowadays sikhs are more saint than soldiers
  14. there are 3 guys in the video. I assume you mean the first guy, he's L-Fresh, a Australian Sikh rapper.