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  1. how sure are people that she can't be Sikh, just because of her name? There are many low-caste people in villages with Hindu-sounding names and who identify themselves as Sikhs.
  2. Punjabiyat - An issue for Sikhs

    The first step: Ban, Stop all those "kathavachaks", "gyanis" and so-called "dharmik" singers (who once every 5 years remember to release a religious song, while all the time they were singing about how horny they are after getting drunk and how the hip of a girl gives them heart-attacks), who say bull5hit like Guru Granth Sahib being in NASA, Obama having portrait of Guru Gobind Singh ji etc. What we need is Good Gyanis fluent in Gurbani and Sikh History, who will preach REAL Itihaas from REAL Sources, and not stuff they heard from their patron Baba or from missionary pages on Facebook. Sikhs under Banda Singh were a major reason for the downfall of the Mughal Empire (They almost took Delhi, and no one talks about it). From a band of a couple thousand jungle hermits-on horseback, to rulers of a powerful empire in Northern India, with one of the best armies in Asia- That was a remarkable achievement. The united front of the Misls was able to drive back Timur Khan's professional Afghan army, and thus saving the Indian subcontinent, from yet another bloody carnage accompanied with loot and rape
  3. क्षमा कीजिए महाराज
  4. Probably, though the Gurus didn't object or discriminate against Sehajdhari Sikhs, who later in history helped the Khalsa, during the most difficult of times. But, being born in a Sikh family and having no serious threat or difficulty, keeping their hair, is the least someone can do.
  5. SGPC are the biggest hypocrites of all time. First, clearing the film to release, much to the dissent of many Sikhs. Then, a week before the release they join them in protests. If you have seen the movie and found it wrong, at least tell that to the producers etc. They throwed so much money on promotion and stuff, only to face the wrath of most Sikhs. Saying that, I remember a video of Bhai Jagraj Singh(RIP) of BoS where he specifically talked about Nanak Shah Fakir and said he didn't like the fact that Guru ji were presented like a walking statue. He said that it would have been better to get an Amritdhari Singh in the role of any Guru, rather than an animation than never speaks. He specifically quoted Guru Gobind Singh ji's Sarbloh Granth "Khalsa mero roop hai khaas, khalse mai ho karo niwas". If a Khalsa is so dear and beloved to Guru ji, then why not get a Khalsa to act Guru ji? Who made the rule that Gurus should not be acted, anyway? The SGPC? I mean they have no problem with animations of Sahibzade and Mata ji, where the dialogues are pure fiction..
  6. Most likely Mardana, like Guru Nanak ji had an uncut beard, as did most Muslims/Commoners in the Delhi Sultanate. Guru Nanak ji are known to have worn a seli topi (woolen hat) which many saints wore back then. Mardana ji may have also worn a seli, or a makeshift turban. Mardana ji were a Marasi from backround and most likely was born poor. I don't think poor people back then could afford razors etc. Probably affluent Muslims had the commodity of using razors and styles for their beards and hair
  7. Punjabiyat - An issue for Sikhs

    I agree. Punjabiyat is really destroying Sikhi. Though, the society of Punjab during Guru Nanak ji's time wasn't much identical to the Punjabi society of today. Firstly, Jats didn't think themselves as a superior race/caste. According to Rattan Singh Bhangu, Jats didn't consider themselves as warriors, let alone a master race. Most of the customs and traditions associated with Punjab these days, date in fact just to during the time of the Misls , Raja Ranjit Singh and his reign, a period of peace and prosperity. Once the Sikhs had fought off the invaders and had created their own state, their attitude towards Sikhi and it's rules had relaxed. Sardars who drunk a lot, were considered "wise" by other Sardars. Debauchery and prostitution was prevalent among the Sikh nobility, especially during the time of the Sikh Empire (Ranjit Singh and his wifes+mistresses, Rani Jindan and her lovers). The majority of Punjabi Sikhs, who were of Jat descent, started thinking that they are greater than other Sikhs. When the Brits annexed Punjab, they promoted the idea of Jat Sikhs being better and superior than others, just to get them in their armies. Not to mention the whiskey bottles that the Brits gave as gifts to their best sepoys lol
  8. how sure are you about your claims? do you have any historical source to back-up your claims?
  9. But there is a contemporary Mughal source that claims he died in Rajasthan, while later Sikh and non-Sikh sources both verify his existence and Guru claims. Most likely he lived to become a fake Guru. Quite ungrateful guy, indeed
  10. Ram Singh was not the only person who was known as "Guru" among his sangat. After the demise of Guru Gobind Singh ji, there was quite frequent "siapa" among the Sikh communities of the Indian Subcontinent as to who was the next Guru, although Guru Gobind Singh ji had bestowed the Guruship to Adi Granth Sahib ji. Sources indicate people like Banda Singh (disputed), some Ajit Singh (and his sons) who lived near Delhi and who was thought to be a "son" of Guru Gobind Singh ji (modern historians say he was adopted by Guru ji)- which is quite contradictory, considering that there is a manuscript written in Persian that says he died in Rajasthan fighting in a skirmish between Sikhs and Rajput Castle Guards, during Guru Gobind Singh ji's way to Nanded with Bahadur Shah). After the 1750s, Sikhs seem to have universally agreed on having Guru Granth Sahib as the 11th and eternal Guru. Before the end of the Sikh empire, the title "Guru" was used quite frequently, even among the Sikhs, despite the fact that all Sikhs revered the ten Gurus and Guru Granth Sahib. Even today, kids that learn tabla and other instruments often refer to their teachers as "Gurus". So, Maybe it was used just for teachers and saints, as back then Sikhs and Hindus shared many practises, whilst the 11 original Sikh Gurus were distinguished? Maybe the modern Namdharis have been misled to believe that their Guru-line is the real one? Maybe Ram Singh was intended to be a Saint, but later on his successors broke away?
  11. I think that Canadian Sikhs, being overwhelmingly post-1984s people, have always fought for a separate Khalistan (which I am not totally against). I can also say that Canada is one of the places where being Punjabi equals to be Sikh. I feel like they care more like Punjabi culture who don't care much about spirituality, Sikhi and it's philosophy, but are more interested in politics about Punjab and justice for 1984. The lack of awareness about Sikhi and it's history has led to white people viewing them as terrorists, and the media does nothing but help spread that narrative. Comparably, the UK Sikhs are in the UK mostly since the 1960s and they also protest the Indian justice system and many of them also support Khalistan. There is much more awareness among white people in the UK about Sikhs compared to any other part of the world except India. Often, Sikhs are viewed as a minority success story by the British media and the sangat there is aware about Sikhi and spirituality
  12. Is taksaal in pieces

    http://www.jhatkamaryada.com/jhatka/maas/ithihaas/ http://www.jhatkamaryada.com/khalsa-traditions/sukha/ Guru Gobind Singh ji promoted hunting and advised the Khalsa to eat jhatka/hunted meat to build their bodies and to get used to bloodshed. They even advised what kinds of meat should be eaten.
  13. So Jagmeet gets married ....

    Well, I meant Jus Reign's dhari to be exact. Jagmeet Singh seems to have an uncut natural one, though I cannot say that his wife hasn't had some haircuts
  14. Jus Reign's stupid anti-Sikhi rants

    he just recently fully trimmed his beard, does that indicate something? idk
  15. Jus Reign's stupid anti-Sikhi rants

    yeah it was babbu acting as a amritdhari uncle said "p3nch0d" , reacting to jus reign as another uncle who had criticized the barat. He edited it later to babbu shouting "akaaal"