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  1. Well, the Patriarch never said that he was God's representative to Earth. Neither do Orthodox folk consider him so. They don't think him as a "pontiff". Plus, people don't take his word as the Bible.
  2. The Patriarch wasn't just like the Pope. The Patriarch of Constantinople had to compromise with the other Patriarchs of Jerusalem, Antioch, Alexandria and the Emperor of the Byzantine polity.
  3. Do you know that Sukha can destroy your cancer cells?
  4. Working as hard as Punjabis back then did, you needed something stronger than milk and ghee. And guess what! they were healthier than the majority of modern day Punjabi fellows.
  5. Of course not! Traditional drugs had many good effects. It helped when you were sick, made you work longer etc. These modern ones like heroine etc are just killing us.
  6. they want Sikhs to be part of their panth. We were, are, will be a separate nation. Every true Sikh knows that "durga worship" was nothing more than Waheguru worship.
  7. "Gur Parmeshar eko jaan, jo tis bhavai so parvan"
  8. From Shri Adi Guru Granth Sahib : "gur parmeshar eko jaan"
  9. Drugs are not only spread by the center. Punjabis themselves were drug-loving people even during Guru Nanank ji's time. Bhang, afim, alcohol herbs etc were used by common farmers as medicines or just as drugs. Another factor is the Green Revolution.. Plus, the local parties get votes by distributing drugs. They have alliance with the center.
  10. In Sri Bachitra Natak, from Shri Dasam Guru Granth Sahib, Guru Gobind Singh ji states that: jo ham kao parmeshar uchar hai, te sab narak kund me par hai He who calls me God, will go to hell BUT Guru ji also tell us: mo ko das dhavan ka jano, ya me bhaid na rach pacchano Recognize me as God's servant, don't recognize any difference between us.
  11. They need us for their borders. They know that without us Pakis are gonna conquer Hindoostan in some months (in months due to the massive levies consisting of bandars- their strategy is to throw meatshields- getting them rid of population- as long as possible)
  12. Guru Nanak ji is pooran Avatara, completely absorbed with the One, supreme, greater than all other previous avataras
  13. It is quite concerning. I can only suggest you to contact Sikh jathebandis etc who love to boast that they are helping the Sikhs with issues. Plus, try to look for another job. They are all neo-Hindoos. They think of Hindoo supremacy, like Nazis believed in "ubermensch". They claim that everything was Hindoo; according to them, Mecca was a Shiva temple, Christ was Krishna and Shiva is the Abrahamic God. It is all bull5hit. Unfortunately, this is what the majority of modern Hindoos believe.
  14. A Correction: The Bible (New Testament) was written in "koine" Greek and not in Aramaic