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  1. MisterrSingh, you are a GEMYou are oooolways right!!!
  2. Listen to this Kirtan and stop agitating.
  3. I admire your strength and patience.
  4. I see! Still young at heart! You must have lots of wisdom and experience on how things work in life then?
  5. It is all to do with mega brainwashing one receives when young MS G! We have to be thankful for having parents on both sides! It is because of them that we are here! She should feel the same affection for his mother as she does for hers. I still can't believe you are only 74 MS G! Are you really?
  6. You will have to choose from your options. All "options" contain Wahegurru G's Jyot within them. Truthfulness is the BEST option.
  7. None taken. I edited it because I realised it might be too long for a 74 old MisterrSingh G to read. My Nanna gets a headache after reading a long piece of writing at 69! We are ALL EQUAL before God, regardless of our sexual orientation, color, creed, caste,whether we have hairy legs, big fat noses, head full of bald patches and only one eye in the middle of our foreheads!!! Don't worry and live a happy life. May Babba G (Wahegurru G) bless you. PS: I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts, so keep posting.
  8. MisterrSingh, you know befriending strangers online is not a good idea? Yep, even if you are only a 74 years old soul!
  9. No, you try again while hiding behind yours. Blooming insecure, responding to everyone's post without making any sense, attention seeker!
  10. In what way is it disparaging the faith of west? Why and how is it any of your penddus business whether it's people are ' classic Godless' or not? Whatever, that means. You really need to grow up and mind your own bloody business. Why are you living in the west if you hate the people of the west so much. What's your excuse to be so racist? India is not exactly full of Godly people? They are all hypocrite penddus. Learn about the western values and integrate, right troublemaker. You think you are the judge and the jury on this forum with so many ids?