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  1. Post Your Favorite Kirtan

  2. Encouraging family life

    Your question is redundant in this day and age. Ask another question.
  3. Dori on Kirpan?

    Dories are worn when women plait their hair or tie their salwars with. why would anyone dream of using dori for a kirpan? A kirpan is not a fashion accessory and dori should never be allowed on a kirpan because it feminizes it. A kirpan is gender neutral.
  4. The Truth about Jind Kaur

    I read a very long time ago in one of the history journals that Dogras were all eunuchs with no regard for societal norms that existed in those days. They betrayed the Sikh Kingdom because they failed to obtain suffcient supplies of bras and frilly knickers to continue with theiir eunuch pursuits. It is an accusation that does not show the Maharani in a very favorable way. You need to provide evidence to prove this accusation and I am a firm believer that unless proven guilty one is innocent. In my view, no lady will ever frequent a bed of a eunuch let alone bed him, her, she, neutra,l inbetween, otherwise or whatever. Nevertheless, it is a serious accusation which should be looked into.
  5. The use of mantras

    I agree.
  6. The use of mantras