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    naabh kamal mehi baedhee rach lae breham giaan ouchaaraa ||
  1. I knew I was missing something. Thank you paji singhbj singh, you are a true ANGEL
  2. Hey, 13Mirch, you are letting your mind take over now, . My idea of a fantasy is to travel the world on foot, mate!! No chance of bubbles or a bath tub,hon
  3. Oh, how nice to be called 'brother'. Thank you, ASP. Well bro, I am in the process of growing up you know.
  4. They say, it takes a troll to recognize a troll hehehe. You should have stopped asking for proof as to my gender. There is no way I will risk sending you any image of my m***oo* knowing you are a... you know what? Although only one of nature's many anomalies, still a very risky business to send an image of one's doooodaaah to you.Why does my metamorphosis make you so jealous? You are one heck of a insecure know what? Well, I am a straight guy and can't wait to metamorphose into a young handsome prince, get married and produce as many children as possible with my beautiful future sikh wife (my Princess). I can't wait to make her the happiest wife on earth. If this makes you envious, it is because of your insecurtiy and lack of self confidence.
  5. I am so sorry, Premi5, I didn't know my post sounded so condescending. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. It wont happen again.
  6. Aye Aye Sir. I am in total agreement with you on this one and many others. You have raised very good points.
  7. The only one thing you should be asking for is Naam, bibek budhi, nirmaranta and sarbat da bhalla.
  8. It is all on the internet, read to find out like most others on this site. Oh, you are repeating yourself needlessly and it hurts my ears. When I first looked at your post, I thought to is someone very unique with original questions until I reached further down and thought, not really!! So, my friend, sorry to disappoint you but you will have to glue yourself to your lap top until dawn and press for Google search engine to find your answers and don't forget to hurry back and tell us your answers or what you have managed to find successfully. I look forward to hearing from you. Bye for now
  9. is a success, because it consists of members that are intelligent, enlightened, scholars and academics, brahmgiyyanies, kirtanees, young, old, middle aged and toddlers, muscians, mathematicians, tourists and PRs and many more nice and gentle people from all over the world such as India, Somalia, Egypt, Phillipynes, Malaysia, Canada, America, Italy and Luxemburgh. They all post nice, people friendly posts packed with high calibre knowledge and information.
  10. ..