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  1. Some more Home Truths

    Sikhs should have better tolerance than this. Don't walk and talk like a muslim.
  2. Some more Home Truths

    I second this.
  3. Some more Home Truths

    The hell! I thought we cleared this. I think you're the troll xD lol
  4. Some more Home Truths

    If you search on youtube "lgbt paedophilia". You'll find it. There are lots of videos.
  5. Some more Home Truths

    I found videos regarding this on youtube.
  6. Some more Home Truths

    I apologise that it came across that way. It is the community/organisation I do not like because they beginning to support paedophilia. I have nothing against gay people themselves as there is no reason to be. And I don't find anything eww. I hope this makes sense.
  7. Some more Home Truths

    You are clearly misunderstanding my point. You can be homosexual without being apart of LGBT community. Why are you not understanding that. I am not blaming gay men for anything. I also believe the level of kaam a straight person has is equally bad and damaging to society. Both should control their kaam and thoughts.
  8. Some more Home Truths

    No, the group, not the individuals. You shouldn't associate yourself apart of that group. Can you not see the horrors if paedophilia becomes legal? Or are you too selfish?
  9. Some more Home Truths

    I've already heard of the present trends that are pushing to normalise paedophilia like the LGBT group. LGBT group is poisonous, I was extremely sickened when I first heard about this but paedophilia has always been around and is always being covered-up. With the LGBT movement, they are trying to push it as a sexual identity. I cannot understand why a paedophile would want to proudly identify themselves as a paedophile even if they do not act on their urges. They shouldn’t be given a platform to begin with as one thing can lead to another. They treat paedophilia as something that cannot be helped as it is a part of who they are. Sometimes I feel manmukhs generally are living on another planet. How is it not hard to control your thoughts? Even as a straight female, I've never looked at a guy and instantly had kaam related thoughts just because he is a guy. Sikhi is perfect in that it teaches us as a whole kaam is a vice that should be controlled even in our thoughts. Manmukhs do not care about battling their negativity but always pass it as a part of human nature. I wish that every paedophile is put to death, but if paedophilia ever becomes legalised, I pray that Vaheguru will just destroy the human race. :D
  10. Some more Home Truths

    I see where your point is coming from but it doesn't make sense to correlate homosexuality to paedophilia. One is consensual and the other is evil, rape and harming an innocent. The only reason the homosexuality agenda is constantly being forced in society is because homosexuals used to be oppressed. Society created the problem themselves. What they should have done is what any good person should do which is to mind their own business as long as it doesn't harm another. Even sikhs lack a good moral agency. Many sikhs here think kalyug at its worsened stages is when there is promiscuity (with consent), dressing provocatively and the growth of effeminate men. While I do believe promiscuity is selfish and irresponsible, it is no where near as bad as murder and rape. To them, they think there was less kalyug in the past when there was more war and rape. Society needs to build a stronger moral mindset and hold religious values. You can't blame people for living their life without harming another, you should blame society for being evil and tyrannical. That's where the fault is to me.
  11. Sikh Youth Stabs Woman With Kirpan

    Get real, please. It is very possible for someone dressed as a Sikh to commit evil actions. Even if they recite naam, it is still very possible as it takes a long time for naam to correct their mind. What makes a Khalsa is their inward and outward qualities, not just how they look on the outside. Don't be so foolish.
  12. dont want to marry anyone ever

    The only marriage important for a Sikh is the union with Vaheguru. When you are looking to marry someone in this world, you should be finding someone that would be a good friend, not Prince charming. You should know only Vaheguru is perfect. There have been many Gursikhs that have not married. In Sikhi, I believe it's fine. Don't listen to others when they misquote Gurbani. We are all soul brides that need to unite with Vaheguru. No other marriage is as important as that. If you choose to do this on your own then you need to be sure you are fully devoted to Guru Sahib and Vaheguru. You cannot be attached to people as you will be living alone for the rest of your life. Any friends you may have will be involved with their own family. And you should be detached from Kaam. You need to be careful about your decision because if you end up deciding later you want to marry, it might be difficult for you to find someone.
  13. Mr Singhs - New vegetarian takeaway in Gants Hill

    Dasam granth and sikhi has always been about destroying tyrants and evil minded people - dasam granth has described vaheguru's nature in that way. ਦੁਰਜਨ ਦਲ ਦੰਡਣ ਅਸੁਰ ਬਿਹੰਡਣ ਦੁਸਟ ਨਿਕੰਦਿਣ ਆਦਿ ਬ੍ਰਿਤੇ ॥ Thy Nature from the very beginning is to punish the multitudes of vicious people, to destroy the demons and to uproot the tyrants. However, people like you enjoy to prey on the weak and innocent. Your view has no place in Sikhi. If you are so desperate to give blood to shasters, then use your own, or from killers or rapists. But maybe that level of compassion is too much for you.