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  1. Punj Pyare Of Akal Takht Arrested

    Badal is puppet of ally BJP, RSS and Modi.
  2. False flag attack by Indian agencies to dually blame Pakistan and Punjab
  3. These guys are mostly closer to Muslims. Most Hindus are like that Raja of Amer who gave his daughter to Akbar in marriage (and many more vassals like him). They claim to honour Shivaji or Maharana Pratap but in reality have some sort of soft corner for Muslims, given how their media and intellectuals go all out to defend Muslims. Their Bollywood is ruled by Muslims. And all these Khans have Hindu wives/GFs. Many of their writers, politicians, diplomats are married to Muslims. That hardcore Hindutva hardliner Subramaniam Swamy's own daughter Suhasini is married to a Muslim. Even BJP leaders like Shahnawaz Hussain and Mukhtar Naqvi are married to Hindu women. Congress and likes of Samajwadi Party seem to cross all limits for sake of Muslims. And Indian media (both mainstream and alternative type) is only about Muslims. Any talk of human rights, pluralism, secularism is about them. Samajwadi Party even sacked a Hindu minister for making remarks on Muslims helping to make Ram Mandir. That is how close these guys are to Muslims! Here's a list of prominent Hindu-Muslim marriages and relations in contemporary India http://muslimmirror.com/eng/other-side-of-love-jihad-list-of-renowned-hindus-who-had-a-muslim-wife/ Looks like they feel greater connection to Muslims. There are so many top notch scientists in India, yet they blabber most about APJ Abdul Kalam only. Their preferences in smallest things speak a lot about their pro Muslim leanings. Like for eg, Madhubala is still considered the most beautiful actress despite her lopsided features. There have been many more talented actors but Indians consider Dilip Kumar aka Yusuf Khan as the greatest actor ever. That man even accepted Nishan E Imitiaz from Pakistan soon after Kargil war. (Shows how loyal he is!) Still Hindus also put him on a pedestal and this time BJP's Rajnath Singh personally went to his home to give him highest state honour! Rest of policies, textbooks, media, judiciary decisions show how far they go for Muslims. No other community's concerns are treated the way Muslims' are! They don't even include Sikh history in textbooks or their TV shows, documentaries. But keep harping on damned Mughals, Afghans and other Islamic rulers. I don't think most of them care about Sikhs or Sikhs' service to humanity or sacrifices. Maybe they take us for granted. (Ghar ki murgi dal barabar?) They would never dare to touch a mosque the way they brought tanks for our Akal Takht. I just think it's closer ties with Muslims and a certain Stockholm syndrome towards them (their rulers for several hundreds of years in past). If you observed the debate around Aurangzeb road or the recent Al Jazeera interview with Ram Madhvani, you'd see how some Hindus even object to calling Mughals as invaders! (What were they if not invaders? Were they their chachas?) Very few Hindus or their so called liberals, seculars or human rights types ever bother about Sikhs, let alone care for Sikhs. Hindus seem confused. Some of them target Muslims. Some of them target Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists. Some keep fighting with each other over caste or region. The rest of them keep bashing Hindus while remaining mum on Muslims. Most of these Hindus seem to be just hungry for power and votes and probably ignore Sikhs due to less population and focus on appeasing Muslims and cashing on their vote bank. Sacrifices or past doesn't seem to matter to them once lust for votes surfaces. Ironic how they eliminated population of Sikhs even more. Muslims haven't ever been targetted in such large scale massacres though killed in sporadic riots. Let them pay the price. Muslim youth are increasingly attracted to join ISIS. Indian police has hard time controlling them. They will know what they've been feeding. And when they face trouble they'll think of Sikhs. Even now I see how their police sends Muslims for counselling if they want to join terror groups but treats Sikhs worse even on suspicion. Impact of trade and security ties with Myslim countries? Sikhs being few in number and stateless makes people think they can treat our people like trash. They hate Sikhs demanding Khalistan but what do they do to Sikhs in India? That's what they need to seriously examine. Sikhs served a lot in wars post 1947. Wish Sikhs withdraw support. Sikhs should keep to themselves.When these Muslims will run amok, then they'll know. Sikhs serving to their best despite lies, broken promises of 1947 also makes Hindus think they can take us for granted. BJP never got votes from Muslims. But Congress still managed to win despite whatever they did to Sikhs. This failure to make ourselves count as influential vote bank also led to no one taking us seriously. I think only victory of rookie party AAP in 2014 LS polls made people sit up and think Sikhs and Punjab could be game changer too. That surprised Kejriwal too and made him give compensation to 1984 Sikh genocide victims. We have to make ourselves count. I don't think Hindus will ever think for us or truly respect sacrifices.
  4. You do not believe their own newspapers? Or the newspapers of minorities in Pakistan? Sikhs have been killed in KPK. They are not exactly fine there. Sikhs have separate glasses and utensils be it at schools or colleges. Pakistani Muslims are bound to tell different stories so to tap into rivalry and anger against India. And if you are talking about Kashmir then ones from there are even more likely to paint different picture since anti India sentiment is highest there for obvious reasons. Look at these reports: Killings of Sikhs in Pakistan forcing them to flee homes http://thediplomat.com/2014/09/the-killing-of-the-sikhs/ Pakistan Sikhs live under constant threat http://mobile.reuters.com/article/idUSKCN0HS0U220141003 Pakistan Sikhs in dark ages of persecution http://www.ipsnews.net/2014/11/pakistani-sikhs-back-in-the-dark-ages-of-religious-persecution/ The Sikhs of Nankana Sahib: Life under shadow of towering hate http://www.dawn.com/news/1025160/day-3-the-sikhs-of-nankana-sahab Don't go by just what a Paki or Kashmiri tells you. I know people who have gone there for yatra and even they confirm how hatred and hostility are evident against Sikhs in Pakistan and recollect ill treatment and being treated like outcastes even at dhabas. Read firsthand accounts from Pakistani newapapers yourself to know how "well" Sikhs are treated there. They have no political representation. They have been requesting for atleast one holiday on Gurpurab and recognition of one religious festival (Gurpurab) but even that has not been granted there. I am not proud of India or something but Sikhs have it far better in India, compared to Islamic countries like Pakistan! It is outlandish to assume Pakistan is better or even any good for Sikhs.
  5. Domestic Violence Among Muslims

    I don't disagree with problems our community has. Both men and women are responsible for it. These days even kids and teens have been wreaking havoc. I just countered your comment on Muslims. Your post seems to suggest they have passed that stage or their community doesn't have this issue. This is untrue. They have domestic violence too. I am not saying we don't have problems. I am saying they have it too.
  6. While I agree with you on India, I disagree on Pakistan. Just read reports on Pakistan newspapers like Dawn and Express Tribune. Sikhs are treated like second class citizens there. The Sikh empire heritage is also either destroyed or rotting and is in dire need of preservation. Sikhs have no political representation there either. Forced conversions and kidnapping of Sikh girls is reported. Last year Sikh men were also beheaded by Muslim extremists. Pakistanis seem to support Sikhs online because they are India's rivals and they are still pissed about India breaking Pakistan and helping create Bangladesh. Pakistanis are not reliable. Their Govt gave details of Sikh freedom fighters to Rajiv Gandhi. Nobody can ever count on a Paki.
  7. @TyronLanister Tell me, why did Indian Govt deny rights to Sikhs but even gave special status to J&K besides already Muslims getting Pakistan and Bangladesh? Why no one returned awards or protested en masse when Sikhs were killed but hundreds of filmmakers, writers, artists, scientists etc returned their awards and wrote to President after killing of just 1 Muslim in Dadri? Why are you Hindus so defensive and caring for Muslims? Forgot all history of barbaric invasions, dishonouring of our women, slaughter of children and loot of our land? I was shocked to see Indian media and journos defend Aurangzeb and insult Sikh Gurus also when that Aurangzeb road was renamed earlier this year in Delhi! Your Hindu historians like Ramachandra Guha eulogise Mughals but called the great Maharaja Ranjit Singh a mere local, tribal chieftain!! They keep talking of 2002 and killing of few Muslims in Gujarat but never ever talk of human rights or justice for lakhs of Sikhs who were killed! I see that hypocrisy in media and even on social media. They call Babri demolition saddest day but glorify attacks on Sikh temples. Anything happens to a Muslim, they start calling it threat to India's pluralism but they remain indifferent when Sikhs are still subjected to injustice. I see your media. They never dare to use words like terrorist, radical, hardliner, extremist for Muslims but readily use such words for Sikhs! What hypocrisy is this? When Muslims commit crime your media does not reveal their identity whereas they write in bold when even a suspect is a Sikh! When Sikhs wanted to keep their 5 K's the Indian media and Govt used to call them orthodox. Whereas those Muslims are allowed with their Sharia, polygamy, hijaab etc and no one calls them orthodox! Rather their backward <banned word filter activated> is allowed in name of religious freedom and secularism! One Muslim was killed in fake encounter in Gujarat and your media and human rights orgs shout about it. Thousands of innocent Sikhs were killed in fake encounters and nobody cares to comment? When Muslims are jailed your people talk of human rights whereas thousands of Sikhs were held in jails without trial, denied bail, kept in jail even after completing their sentences, but no one raised minority rights or human rights concern for us! They went bonkers bashing Modi when Muslim girls were not allowed to wear hijaab during PMT exam. But no one said a word when Sikhs were made to remove their turbans and 5 K's! When that Dinanagar attack happened, even without knowing anything your social media and journos started calling it work of "Sikh terrorists". Barkha Dutt of NDTV also made such tweet. Later it was revealed that terrorists were bloody Muslims from Pakistan and your tweeps went silent. No one even apologised to Sikhs for making wild assumptions about them When terrorist is a Muslim your media never mentions it. That time you say terror has no religion. Whereas your media calls Sikhs terrorists? What shamelessness is this? How are killers of Sikhs still roaming free? Why can't your government punish them? You have power now. Stop blaming Congress. Why can't you punish likes of Tytler? I have seen your pro BJP channels like Zee News, News X also using words like terrorists for Sikhs whereas you don't dare to use the word Muslim terrorist or Islamic terrorism! Your Govt does not recognise Sikh marriage act but you recognise Muslims' separate personal laws! Your media called Sikhs radicals for protesting against desecration of Guru Granth Sahub ji. Whereas if the same had happened to Muslims and their Koran, your media would have sympathised with them and called this threat to secularism! Secularism and pluralism is just Muslim appeasement in India! You don't treat all religions equally! Sikhs made so many sacrifices and serve even now (Sikh farmers turned even barren lands into farming success stories down South India) and they believed you Hindus and joined India in 1947. Unlike those Muslims who did everything opposite. But what did Sikhs get in return? Injustice? Killings? Rapes? Burnings? Fake encounters? Jail? Denial of land and water resources? (Punjab's land and water disputes still remain unresolved all due to communal reasons). Even in movies and TV shows you glorify Khans but either ignore Sikhs or stereotype them as buffoons! Why? Owaisi gives worse speeches. He threatens Hindus. Yet no one went after him. Whereas you call Sikhs radicals or terrorists at the drop of a hat. Owaisi said "Ek baar police hataa do phir dekhna hum kya karte hain". Imagine if a Sikh had said something like that! You Indians would have brought army to retaliate! Modi gave reassurance to Muslims and Christians last year. Why did he not give reassurance to Sikhs after Behbal Kalan incident and incidents of SGGS desecration? Why are killers of innocent Sikhs in Behbal Kalan still not punished? Had the same incident happened with a Muslim your media would be up in arms! Your Rajiv Gandhi had blacklisted even innocent Sikhs abroad and barred them from visiting India forever. You never barred Muslims! Why will Sikhs not protest against India then? Modi has also refused to lift the blacklist. His Govt is also not probing fake encounters of Sikhs despite revelations made by cops themselves. How are you different from "Khangress"? Had you Hindus honoured sacrifices of Sikhs and kept promises made to Sikhs, had your Govt been fair to them then things would be different. Your media, social media, Govt, judiciary, all are biased against Sikhs. Infact you do not even teach Sikh history at schools and your textbooks are full of Muslim rubbish. Even in TV shows you keep making shows on Muslim kings and queens but not a great king like Maharaja Ranjit Singh! Your popular culture is also all about Hindus and Muslims. Your journos dare not say a word on Muslims or their Prophet but journos like Shekhar Gupta have even insulted Sikh Gurus and martyrs in their articles. You mock Sikhs, made jokes on them and now when they want a ban you call them names whereas you never dare to make jokes on a Muslim! Just look at yourself! I am amused why you don't give real minority rights to Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists who are actual minorities but go bonkers over Muslims. Infact minority rights, human rights, secularism seems to imply Muslim jaap in India! Why do you have such special affinity for Muslims, their religion, customs and freedom but not for others? You still have even cities named after a barbarian like Aurangzeb (Aurangabad!). Pakistan is literally erasing Sikh and Hindu heritage, shamelessly. Whereas in India you cry even if a barbarian's name is removed from a road. You're funny. That Rajiv Gandhi has not only Sikh genocide but also Bofors, Bhopal Gas leak tragedy and many other high profile scandals to his name. Still you named so many roads and institutions after him and even a National law university in Punjab is named after him! Ironic how a law uni in Punjab is named after killer of Sikhs! Hindus never had to ask for their rights under Sikh rule of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. They were treated equally. But what did Hindus do when you got power in 1947? Denied rights to Sikhs? Do you even know how Sikhs were maligned, how they were discriminated against, denied their rights and how public sentiment was aroused against Sikhs? You blame Congress but will you tell me why did you Hindus reward Rajiv with a record victory in 1984 elections? Why did you keep voting Congress? Don't pretend to blame Congress now. You guys gave them power for so long. Who else did? Even now your Modi Govt is not helping Sikhs. Why did Sushma Swaraj take no step when Sikh workers disappeared in Iraq? Why is GOI not helping bring back dead body of Sikh man killed in Philippines despite so many requests by his family? You take prompt action if something happens to Hindus working abroad! Clear up your bias first. Then talk.
  8. Domestic Violence Among Muslims

    There is lot of domestic violence among Muslims! LOL if someone says that stage has passed for them or they know role of men and women. Every day there are such cases in India, Pakistan and other South Asian countries. Maybe you guys live abroad which is why you assume there is no problem, or is there fascination with Islam's backward, tribal culture in the name of "culture and traditional roles" here? Feminism has nothing to do with domestic violence. Domestic violence has always existed. It existed even before men and women ventured out of so called traditional roles!
  9. India's been responsible for deaths of thousands of Sikhs since 1947. India itself is a terrorist state.
  10. Bapu Surat Singh

    Hunger strike has achieved some results. The issue has received mainstream attention. All human rights orgs took it up. One prisoner released and some others got parole (they had never got parole before). Couple of others shifted back to Punjab jails from other states. Issue of human rights violations in Punjab came to fore again and led to new revelations and investigations by journalists. They mobilised Sikhs in Punjab and elsewhere and showed this issue of Sikh prisoners did indeed matter to Sikhs. Otherwise they thought maybe no one was bothered or aware. Seeing even youth passionately supporting Bapu Surat Singh Khalsa has had an impact on Govt. I hope more results can be achieved.
  11. Yes. These organisations were banned at behest of Indian Govt which still keeps submitting dossiers against Sikh orgs abroad!
  12. Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji Shaheedi Dihara

    I know that Gurus knew everything. I am only saying pandits did not deserve it.
  13. Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji Shaheedi Dihara

    I wish Guru ji had refused to help Kashmiri Pandits. They did not deserve this sacrifice at all. These bloody Pandits are a thankless lot. I honour Guru ji's martyrdom. Don't mean any disrespect. But can't get over how He sacrificed His life for this undeserving backstabbing lot.
  14. Amritdhari Saroop Being Mocked On Plane.

    Hindus always comment against Sikhs across various websites, forums and social media. And call Sikhs terrorists, radicals, ask others not to trust Sikhs and talk of IG assassination and Air India bombing. Such comments flow everyday. Some even insult our Gurus and say Sikhs are a tiny minority that need to be wiped off. These should be taken seriously. I can't believe some people just laugh it off or think it is just one or two comments. These Hindus are communal and not "secular" or brotherly as they pretend to be. Don't expect anything from them. They are not going to stand with Sikhs. Rather we should stop going out of our way to help others (Muslims or Hindus) and focus on our own community. These Americans seem to be dumb and ignorant. Every turbaned person with a beard is a Muslim to them? Sad despite Sikh organisations working to raise more awareness about our community.
  15. It doesn't matter if Muslims showed solidarity or not. Protests against Modi were justified. It was for Sikh issues and not for solidarity with Muslims. BJP-RSS men were involved in killing Sikhs in 1984 and BJP still shields them - https://asrandhawa.wordpress.com/2014/02/12/whether-bjp-rss-were-not-involved-in-sikh-genocide-in-1984-yes-they-were-involved-too/ http://www.sacw.net/article5645.html Thr ones calling Sikhs stupid or low IQ here should brush up their own knowledge of facts first. Read about Advani and Vajpayee's responses to Punjab and how they hailed Indira after Operation Bluestar. Read how RSS ideologue Nana Deshmukh wrote a whole article justifying 1984 Sikh genocide and said Sikhs deserved to be killed. RSS used to say that any Sikh who doesn't acknowledge himself as Hindu is a traitor. They used to call Amritdhari Sikhs militants and traitors and insulted the Khalsa to no ends in their old time writings. Even now, one can pick uo the latest Outlook issue and see that cat Pinky's confession on role of Hindu radical organisations like RSS and VHP in killings in Punjab in 1980s-90s. Modi himself was unfair to Sikhs when he was CM of Gujarat and tried to take over land of Sikh farmers, hounded them and tried to drive them out of Gujarat. Google it if not even aware about it! Sikhs protesting against Modi in UK and elsewhere know better than armchair commenters here. They were perfectly justified in protesting against this fascist Hindutva lunatic Narendra Modi. Modi and his ministers keep telling other countries that Sikhs are terrorists or radicals and the TM and some others ask why people protested against him? It is RSS that promotes Dera Sacha Sauda and got Badals to get a pardon for Gurmeet Ram Rahim from Akal Takht. And Modi is an RSS pracharik, his entire cabinet reports to RSS. The RSS lunatics are among biggest enemies of Sikhs (they had even distributed sweets and celebrated post Bluestar). It is not only fine but necessary to protest against Modi and RSS at every point. That's for sake of Sikhs and not for sake of Muslims.