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  1. Not all gurdwaras are punjabi social clubs although most of them started that way. Before I answer your question, how much of sikh history do you know?
  2. Alright. To clarify. Source:
  3. Coconut trees in North Canada and Scotland.
  4. I was watching this video If you watch between 15:00-38:00 He is talking about Lareevar. I would like to know if there is any place that can teach me to read Lareevar in Europe? VJKK VJKF /Cloud
  5. When your parents came to UK for 25+ years ago. Alot of things were different then in Punjab compared to their new country. Usually when any family moves to another country, one coping defense mechanism to deal with the situation is to hold on tradition and values. That is basically what your parents have done. This will affect your parents and your brothers judgement when selecting a partner for your brother. Mostly they think that if they can choose a country girl that does not have access to internet they can then "mold" that country girl to your brothers future with that girl. Unfortunetly that country girl after getting married to your brother then want to go to Paris fashion week 2018 and become a modern sikh woman. This is a example what your parents see when they think of women in UK, US, CANADA etc. Watch this until 7:17. Safe for work. That said I would just like to give you a word of advice. Right now in India was not what is what 25+ years ago. What is going on is a "Woodstock sexual revolution" were young teenage girls have to choose between view of women in India which has been so distorted by the moghals for 800-1000 years which treat them like cattle or like a group of consumers in the modern consumer culture which is right now consuming the consciousness of mankind. Most of them will choose the consumer ones of course. They will think this is 2017! They do not know of the "bad" sides of consumer culture like Bibi Sat Kirin Kaur. Good luck penji VVJK VJKF
  6. Penji. Put your degree at work and just leave him. I am suprised he did not get into jail for drunk driving endangering innocent peoples lives. Let me tell you something, you may not like to live with him but he does not want to be in his situation right now either based on my experience when I got arranged married by force. According to what you wrote he is texting other girls which means he maybe did not choose to get married either. And he is using alcoholism to deal with his issues. When he will not use the guru as an anchor to deal with his issues, did your parents even marry you off to a sikh? Your parents say that in sikhism there is no divorce. Well alot of people these days can not make a difference between anand karaj and marriage in sikhism. There are other good sources like basics of sikhi and Jagraj talk on "modern" anand karaj etc. Speaking of divorce. Your case is a clearly a karmic marriage as referred to the 3rd question. VJKK VJKF
  8. 1. My parents tell me that I am to young to take amrit. We have 3 things which belongs to god / Vaheguru. 1. Our soul which the source of god comes from. Our body which our souls reside to get back to the one source, the one akal purakh. And our mind which can we can either train with help of sadhana and bani to get closer to the source of light which is also Vaheguru. Now that you are 12 your body is going through alot of changes until you reach the age of around 25. What your parents worry about is Puberty Your soul will be the same. However your body and mind will go through some drastic changes. Puberty is a very sensitive part especially related to future school and work life.If you do not have a constant sadhana that can help you through puberty , this time of your life can be very diffucult. And as stated in the video, most of us that are adults speak with experiance. 2. You are going to cut your hair when you get older. Also based on experiance. Your parents maybe even took amrit themselves during young age/teens and speak of experiance. Without constant sadhana you will not have a back up plan when the time comes. 3. People don't hire amritdharis. Depends on which field you will apply. One reason is why most sikhs around the world get jobs is because they have been raised by thier parents to take a specialist field were the employer market needs people. For example by becoming a pathologist, a doctor that studies diseases and cells. 4. When will you get if you take amrit? ??? 5. You don't need to take Amrit to be a true Sikh. Sikh means a learner / disciple. With that perspective everyone in the world is a sikh because we learn through life. Being a sikh of the guru, a gursikh is a difference. More of that is discussed in the video above. 6. God doesn't give anything to amritdharis EDIT: Viktor Frankl experiances. 7. I am depressed, what should I do? VJKK VJKF /Cloud
  9. A hot potato topic! Let me in! I just want to say before I continue that when I got married I was a virgin and she was not. I got married at 22. Like the evangelical christians say, I "saved" myself for marriage unwillingly. More on that later. Your statement which is your personal opinion is that women should have fun as well. The answers you will get will probably be these videos from this forum. I personally think that these are very good answers on onwards towards the topic of virginity. Before we continue what is the concept of amrit and not taking amrit? Now lets turn that questions around. Why should men "save" themselves until marriage? Having sex outside of marriage will create karma which cause consequences. Whatever gender you are. WJKK WJKF
  10. I see a trend in Q&A sikhi forums with usernames for example with Sinful Kaur and PaapSingh etc. That sort of thinking comes from how our caretakers upbringed us in a punjabi background. As future parents we can lead by example. By eating healthy and taking 30 brisk walks and not "sair". And speaking of yoga... Watch it till 3:44 What is receiving amrit from the guru to you? Good luck! WJKK WJKF!
  11. Not my intention. Altough I find the borderlines security programs entertaining. My idea was to make sure that that what he wanted. Many who go to punjab for religious experiances get very disappointed when seeing the corruption that Punjab have which makes it a very traumatic experiance. Punjab as the land of our ancestors and our historical places does not mean anything to me personally when it comes to sikhi. In Gurbani it says that even you visit the 68 places of pilgrimages you will still not find amrit within yourself. If I want to learn and have a deeper connection to sikhi, to meet the right group of people/sangaht that we can help ourselves toghether towards sikhi then Punjab would be not the place to go. If I were him I would stay in England, Southall and go every Sunday to the Gurdwara there and listen to the english kathas which also have classes in gurbani or at least people willing to help you learn gurbani. No need to chase the big money in London City. I've listened to the Audiobook Swimming with Sharks: Inside the World of the Bankers by Joris Luyendijk. no need to earn money in London City. Exactly. I am aware of the problems in Punjab. You sir in my opinion have a very green fantasy that Punjab is greener on the other side. First of all we all know of the Desertification of punjab, the radioactive spills, the cancer villages, alcoholism, drugs etc. That is also true. I just do not think that either if he stays in London or he moves to Punjab, it is the same. I am NOT saying we should let Punjab go this way. I personally think that Punjab future should be built this way all over Punjab. But with a more ECOSIKH values , green energy and less consumer consumption thinking and more green houses with lower rent for building the slums away. To help others we have to start by helping ourselves and our sikhi. WJKK WJKF /Cloud
  12. Most people I know would love to leave the punjab and get towards UK. May I ask your reason to go to Punjab? How many times have you been there before?
  13. I will just reply the same answers that I got in a similar situation at your age: If you have any other questions please reply. /WJKK WJKF
  14. Never been there or heard the name. However google the name baba vadbagh singh sodhi and I got alot of results. Have you tried that? If you want to ask how he got excommunicated go and ask Bhai Jagraj Singh. He knowledge on sikhism is equivalent of religious scholars today. However if you want to know how your descendants got back into the sikhi fold I believe I can answer that. 2 reasons. People do not find shaanti or peace in a gurdwara and people can not get connection through naam through a gurdwara. Here Bhai Jagraj Singh take the example from the radha soamis. WJKK WJKF