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  1. Problems with certain Jathebandi's

    Junky baba with balbir. junky baba receiving siropa From balbir
  2. Problems with certain Jathebandi's

    I say it again. Nihangs the likes of joginder who put a dastaar on balbirs head to signify he considers him the head of the dal..they are all pathetic...What can these nihangs do other than drink ragra and claim to be warriors? They are just drug addicts using gurus image to be fed. They are only clowns wearing weapons. Shame on these nihangs they are useless. They might as well be cross dressers. Cross dressing nangs. I actually respect the shaheeds of 84 such as toofan Singh avatar Singh bhrma way more than majority of these nangs of today. budha dal uk...who is your jathedhar now? Joginder is huddled in bed with balbir thy have joint forces,. You guys used to cuss balbir and rate joginder. Your beloeved opium addict jathedhar is now sleeping with the enemy. Who is your jathedhar now? I would call you gays but I'd be offending gays by comparing them to the likes of you punk bitches who quite enjoy taking it up the exit hole.
  3. Problems with certain Jathebandi's

    The word you are looking for is "cult of personality"
  4. Problems with certain Jathebandi's

    Please forgive me for that comment. I do not know why I said that. I was out of order, and yes you are correct, I need to watch my mouth. Please do not take my comments to heart, Apologies sister. Dectruction
  5. Problems with certain Jathebandi's

    spot on mate. Good post
  6. Problems with certain Jathebandi's

    Where were those Khakarus? Whyy didn't thy defend te innocents Sikhs? Let me make you understand something. No one will look out for you, you are in charge of your own life and defend it how you can...why look to others for help ? Didn't guruji tell us to e able to defend ourselfs ....why think others will defend you. You have to look out for yourself and not rely on others to be there. Sava lakh ...not I need to rely on others /or my jatha for help to defend myself. thats why Sikhs like you and people like me are dffrrent with different mindsets...I agree I am foul mouthed but the world is not perfect, it is kalyug after all sister, I do not rely on anyone for assitence to defend myself , neither should you.
  7. Problems with certain Jathebandi's

    Of course not, like I said he did wrote Granths etc. Intention was not to paint him just as a warrior, he was both.
  8. Problems with certain Jathebandi's

    I do not understand your post, are you saying guru tegh bahaudr Ji did not kill? Where did e get his name from? His name was tyag mal or something, he stopped fighting once he saw his friend was it paindeh Khan killed and ten he did bhagti fr decades.
  9. Problems with certain Jathebandi's

    I agree...please read my post regarding balbir ad joginder. If these two rapist an te lather a drug addict represents nihangs well may they all self destruct and be destroyed. Nihangs of now are pathetic
  10. Problems with certain Jathebandi's

    Admin, we know this is a lie. This forum is a khalistani akj loving, semi taksal loving and nihang hating platform. Say it how it is without frabicating it. There is censorship on this forum.
  11. Is being gay wrong in sikhi

    Nonsense post mate, utter <banned word filter activated> , this Jesse is most likely a secret member of the village people
  12. Is being gay wrong in sikhi

    The poster clearly took a high dose of crack cocaine. I hate magpies will I turn into one?
  13. Problems with certain Jathebandi's

    Of course, have you ever read panth Parkash? Read it and you will learn about true nihangs. Not the clowns of today who couldn't kill a fly with a stick. They are all gau di makiya...majority of them The first khalsa were nihangs, need I say more not no gnnsj akj nkj sgpc humming bird cats tail etc. That is their stamp and their authority over the Khalsa panth.
  14. Problems with certain Jathebandi's

    I couldn't care less about credibility , I am not running a popularity contest, daily mail. I am not here to make a fan base or friendship or brownie points. I am here to say it how it is without sugar coating things which the whole panth does. In the real world evil people like me are everywhere, in the real world everything isn't fine and dandy. Don't give me that nonsense, don't tell me about the bigger picture. I am here to slap the real into people.
  15. Toofan Singh movie

    Well he had the chance to rectify but he just complained to the british about getting his raj back as more money. He was a businessman that's all not a Sikh. If he care for sikhi would he have cut his Kesh all his life or smoked tobacco or been a womaniser? I say it again. Why do we put shitbags like duleep on a high platform because he would have stepped on any of us to et back his raj. E was greedy for money that is all. <banned word filter activated> him and his pathetic life. His mother jind "kaur " was a <banned word filter activated> it is a known fact she was sleeping with the dogras and yet many Sikh woman idolise her? Bunch of scaly wags & fidlem Bens toofan singh because he actually cares for his Sikh bhai and sisters the likes f duleep would step on our heads to sit on his high horse. <banned word filter activated> him
  16. Problems with certain Jathebandi's

    Yes actually killing dhust is a must, there is a internal fighting between two factions of nihangs, tenu ki patha kanjariye??. dogs like balbir had a problem with nihangs of the true order baba Santa Singh who gave jathedhari to baba surjeet Singh. That the issue, where are te budha dal Uk nihang singhs ? They were calling joginser the opium addict jathedhar fr years and claiming baba surjeet Singh gave him control of te dal whilst e was in jail. What did the drug addict do last few years? He bent over and took it from balbir in his Aaaaaaaassss. Joginder is NOt the jathedhar. Balbir is NOT the jathedhar. Joginder is a slime ball, mahan gursikh like baba surjeet Singh was in jail and joginder claimed jatedhari..where is that jathedhari now? No where to be seen. Why? He's scared of balbir. Which is why he has put a dastaar over balbir head signifying that he pledges alligence to him and that balbir is the jathedhar of the dal. There are many pictures of them together recently even baba nihal singh bent over for balbir. These people are cowards. A true nihang would kill balbir for what he has made the dal into...sgpc puppets. Bunch of phonies. Like I said. Where is the budha dal Uk who kept going on about joginder being the true head he is another SGPC puppet just like balbir. If these two people represent nihangs then by God may they all be destroyed. Politics greed and power has destroyed us!
  17. Problems with certain Jathebandi's

    They have no true lineage they are trying to latch onto something which is not true, many people wrote granths or pothis this doesn't mean they founded or were taksalis. These lot of know they have no leg to stand on here why they try to claim baba deep Singh ji as theirs. ...He was khalsa, he was a Nihang and never a taksali, taksal never ever existed then, please provide evidence from a historical granths be it bhai sukha Singh any rehitnama rattan Singh. ..where do they mention the creation of taksal? ???? Please enlighten me. Taksalis are a modern day phenomena just like akjs nkj gnnsj Singh sabha sgpc so on and so on
  18. Toofan Singh movie

    Who the hell are you kidding ???? I've seen your posts since ive been hoovering on this forum since 2007, you are a scumbag with no shame. Proactive I think you are a cunt please <banned word filter activated> off elsewhere . I hate your posts and your stupid anti Nihang beliefs. Stupid khalistani <banned word filter activated> face
  19. Problems with certain Jathebandi's

    What a silly statement, why does everyone want to claim baba deep Singh ji was a taksali, he was an akali nihang Singh and nothing more or nothing else. Stop trying to paint him as a taksali because he wasn't .
  20. Problems with certain Jathebandi's

    When we do shastar vidiya, naam simran and gurbani what are we doing? What is our aim? To chatka the evil and badness.
  21. Problems with certain Jathebandi's

    Nihang are the true khalsa. ...before the British if you wanted am rot you would go to the dal. This bahana about getting amrit from gnnsj etc is Al pakhand ji. But times have changed amrit is more accessible which I think is wrong. Everyone has different rehit
  22. Problems with certain Jathebandi's

    My little brother, I am not akj friendly, some slander satgurus bani, they like to test history tot suit their beliefs. Those who do that should be castrated.
  23. Problems with certain Jathebandi's

    Shame on you OP. I thought with your essay you would have learnt something....clearly not. Disappointed in you kid. Nihangs were made by satguru Ji himself. Nihangs are the true Khalsa and there will never ever be any group who can equal that kurbani, bhagti, seva, and most of all love for sikhi. The rest are all into politics and trying to show how they are the "real" Khalsa. Pakhand kirtani are no more than people who like to scream bird noises
  24. Toofan Singh movie

    I think toofan Singh was an amazing movie. I went with some people who don't know much about 84 and those events, it engaged them and after they were very curious and reading up about the events themselves. I urge all to go and see toofan Singh and NoT to see a crap movie like the black prince. Duleep is not what he was portrayed in the movie...in real life he only cares about £££££ once he realise how rich his sandanwala cousins were doing. He was a womaniser who left his wife and kids for a <banned word filter activated>. Why do we hold those who do not care for sikhi in high esteem??? Beggars belief.
  25. Shocking

    If you want to destroy something do it from the inside. ... They are scumbags