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  1. Churchil was a twat, he caused the bengali famine which MILLIONS of people died, who cares what he says!. hhahaha the funniest post I have seen, now I realise you are taking the piss. Just because someone has taken amrit doesnt mean they are clean and pure, amrit is theFIRST stage on the path of righteousness, if you think just by taking amrit you are saved....god help you!!!!!!!!!! reading gurbani just doesnt make you pure, your actions, thoughts etc does. those banis you mentioned come from dasam granth not sri sarbloh granth. with your logic that every amritdhari is gurus beloved....does that include all the rapist amritdharis? does that include all the daru drinking amritdharis behind closed doors? does that include amritdharis who do nindiya and chugliyan? does that include amritdharis who refuse to eat from their parents because they havent taken amrit? does that include granthis who blabber through an akhand paath and not actually reading gurbani properly? does that also include amritdharis who have a shop and sell daru and tobacco? like most khatri sikhs, does that include amritdharis who dont believe in raagmala and those who dont believe in dasam bani? are they still gurus beloved ...do you see where I am going here? so full of ego, isnt one of the first things an amritdhari learns is drop your humai??? clearly you have a long way to go mate.
  2. Personally for me it's all these models marrying other faiths, girls who look up to whores like te kardahians etc, music etc all play a part on our women. The west gives us an idea what beautiful is... And it isn't a man with a dumalla and a beard. They are brainwashing with propaganda which tells us it's okay to go and <banned word filter activated> that black guy. That's why our women aren't into us pagh Waleh but will drop their undies for any negro and non Sikh. Look at some popular songs in the mainstream it's al sexual...you expect me to let my kids listen to that Gandh and a few years time they will be gursikhs? Quite the opposite
  3. Just like the akj video of the guy screaming and get so worked up over a man who disturbed his Kirtan along with people doing bird noises...mods took the post down without anyreason. Thing with this site is when people don't agree with you thy will call you names like Hindu baman anti Sikh etc and just like tyrants delete the post without any explanation.
  4. Yes this is what I meant sir!!!gurfateh
  5. Of course naam simran and dasam bani will help!!i never meant it wouldn't. I should have worded what I wanted to say properly. I meant to say only naam simran won't help, you need all attributes.
  6. I would go as far and say majority of amritdharis aren't Sikhs. They aren't shastardhari, and if they keep weapons they don't know how to use them, gatka is not the way. How can you e called Khalsa if you don't know how to defend yourself/home/gurdwara/family? If you live an area where you can keep guns by all means learn how to use them and train. If you live in the UK please learn self defence and use of weapons then call yourself Khalsa. Letting of a jaikara and running with a Sri sahib is not jungi. Amritdharis need to come to reality that all these naam sessions they do every month will not be useful when 100s of attackers come for your blood. Let's face it, our community are scared of anyone who isn't our own, yet will give it ten to apneh bundeh. I've this many many times, we need e to get back our martial culture, you cannot call yourself an amritdhari if you aren't Shastardhari(remember just keeping weapons and not knowing how to use them is poison to yourself and anyone around you). Muscleman who the hell are you to say who is a Sikh and who isn't you fudh
  7. Do whatever you please...I always tie one when I am at work, keeps my pent up and I can keep a small gupt shastar in it along with a bit of money. There is a proper way to tie one, you don't just wrap it around your body. If tied properly you can store a number of daggers in different layers, chakars axes and swords. vaheguru Ji ka Khalsa, vaheguru Ji ki Fateh!
  8. Great post.howver politics and different jathe are the problem. You think an akj would go to a taksali to learn knowledge from or vice versa? We should be honest that we will never be a martial race we have lost it. People are too busy at the gym to look good for women, not for nitty gritty violence. We have people cussing shastar vidiya claiming it is all fake just because they might not agree with the teacher and his beliefs. Yet Nidar Singh has taken the vidiya away from Sikhs and given it to non Sikhs globally because they appreciate it much more than Sikhs. Who is to blame? Us, mainly Akjs and fanatics who are narrow minded. We we have a worse slave mentality than the blacks as we are to blame. Well those in charge such as sgpc and anyone with a platform to speak to sangat. It was a good post until the nihangs dals... They only have horse riding or minimum archery at best. They are past their sell by date only because they've taken up gatka as their means of vidiya. It's embarrassing seeing sings jump around cutting melons and whatnot. For me personally 95% of gurdwareh are a business. How much money from the golak goes back into the community? I'm not on about Punjabi lessons. Something like teaching kids to plant ,grow food? organic BtW. teaching them about reality of life how to deal with finances saving for the future giving them real history stories rather than their Disney version of sikhi which most packaraks do. fair enough hunting is out of the question for most Sikhs as they are strict vegetarians...but why order a veggie burger which is made to taste like chicken? Or why eat something which mimics meat???? If meat is about taste of the tongue being a veggie is anything different? there is various points which have made us spineless, fanatic about being a vegetarian, use of harmonium rather than string instruments, different beliefs of various groups which has created hate for different groups of Sikhs.
  9. Keeping weapons and learning how to use them are two different things
  10. I never said I am against Sikh freedom you one ball, Like I said dude, if Sikhs cannot control grdwaras how can they run a country? Shambles. Keep dreaming of Khalistan because that is what it will be...only a dream ,never a reality.
  11. Quite a nonsense post... i know more jatts who support India in cricket than tarkhans.go to Southall on a India game day see all the freshies and jatts supporting India. Oh please do go into more detail regarding "consistent of them" would love to know more.
  12. Why did so many Sikhs die? They had no shastar. No swords no guns etc or I they did that was a small minority. Our problem is we claim to be these strong "saint soldiers" but reality is we have no martial skills left. Look at nihangs, what martial skills do they know apart from horse riding? Gatka is BS, it is not practical in the real world. Look at the hazoori Sikhs, armed to the teeth! You think they would let their men and women be killed by bamans?? Hell no, they are the true Khalsa they keep shastar and they aren't posers like most Punjabi amritdharis who claim to be maha yoodeh when they are mouses.
  13. Gosh. The way some amritdharis go on its like they believe the stalk dropped them off today etc families. Sehjdhari Sikhs and moneh have been replenishing the Khalsa stock for centuries. What a way to side line majority of the panth. why do some amritdharis act like they are gods gifts? So much ego and anger towards non Khalsa...is that what your panj pyare and parents taught you ?
  14. "If this is found to be an anti-sikh hate crime it will help Sikhs physically wake up and form self defense gangs" get a a grip genie. This will net happen. I can't picture groups of amritdharis going around protecting people as a gang,,,what a joke. reason I say this is because how many amritdharis train in martial arts, real martial arts not gatka and rubbish like that? Most are too busy doing simran, when you speak about fighting to them they respond by saying they will do ardas and a prayer and magically they will be able to fight and use shastar....not in a million years. the reality is, sehjdhari and moneh Sikhs would be doing the fighting if it ever comes down to it & that's the truth. You get a lot of youth wearing kirpans etc but who knows how to use a knife effectively? If their dastar came off and their Kesh comes down how would they fight then? Have they ever been in that situation when someone uses their hair and beard against them? How many can say if an attacker came into a gurughar they would know how to keep sangat safe and defeat the attacker? Most would <banned word filter activated> a brick and run for their lives. Genie you come out with some lame posts. I told young people crack is some bad <banned word filter activated> .Come to reality.
  15. Quite pathetic. If someone doesnt agree with your beliefs and khalistan, he is automatically a hindu? Wow.