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  1. Jacfsing2, I honestly don't know whether to laugh or cry after reading this post of yours! I just cannot fathom what is contained inside that wonderful tiny little mind of yours. You are always ranting on and on about how you hate Christians on this site even though you hardly know anything about them. What have the Christians ever done to you that was so evil or bad? Why do you always slander Jesus and his Bible? Do you not realise how sinful this can be for your spiritual advancement if you slander prophets of other religions? You appear to have so much hate against the White 3HOs too, but why? What are your reasons? What wrong have they ever done to you personally? I know there are still those that have a slave mentality and still view any White skinned person superior to themselves, regardless of their actions; but you claim to be a young person! I am not suggesting you lick their a**es just because they are White, for one minute, like the rest of the quam does!! You just need to be little bit unbiased as well as observant and only hate their (wrong) actions, that's all. Don't you realise how you are poisoning that fresh young mind of yours by indulging with such hateful thoughts about 3HOs and Jesus? Have you had very bad experiences with Jesus and his followers or the 3HOs? Just let it go if I were you. I wouldn't like to see that wonderful, beautiful young mind of yours turn into poison while you still have the chance to turn it into a priceless little gem or a jewel instead! You are still young so make an effort to feed your mind with nourishing positive stuff otherwise you will end up turning into a stale cabbage that stinks of you know what..........?
  2. Jacfsing2, I sincerely wish that you will fall in love with someone very soon to see how it drives you crazy. You are a total fool and they always say only fools fall in love! You have no idea what it is like to fall in love with someone and hope she/he feels the same way about you. I can assure you that it is worse than an arranged marriage! I don't understand why you bother to reply to such topics of which you have no knowledge at all! I really hope that either you fall in love with someone pretty soon or someone else falls in love with you and that will teach you a lesson not to interfere with topics for which you are either too young or too inexperienced! I would never wish (this) upon my worst enemy to fall in love with anyone as I do for you. You really need to grow up to reply to such grown up matters, easpecially, matters that are deep and need a philosophical mind in order to make any sense of. Jacfsing2, grow up, will you? How can you ever or even confuse love with sex? Love has nothing to do with a person's looks, color of their skin or hair or education background! Our souls fall in love and not our physical bodies. True love is unconditional and giving. Have you been watching too much Holywood/Bollywood crap recently? Please grow up and if you can't then don't talk too much about grown up stuff! I did say once that you utter the most outrageous stuff on this site, didn't I? right I was?
  3. You are welcome.
  4. Thanks for elaborating. Time/effort well spent.
  5. You utter some of the most outrageous none sense as a man/woman on this board. ************************************* There is a world of difference between giving birth to the future panth with sikhi running through their veins than producing JANWARS left, right and centre prior any afore thought. No point in producing your 'litter' with diminished sikhi, civility and gentility. Manners maketh man. ******************************************* You are making noises through your ars*ho*e when you say quantity is better over quality. ***************************************** Most reasonably sensible people would choose QUALITY over QUANTITY, but not you. Oh, no. You just need to do some time travel and transport yourself to the dark ages where you belong. Honestly, for a young person, for, you claim you are one, you talk rubbish only fit for the 6th/7th century. ******************************************* The panth requires only few super brilliant people to lead it in the right direction and not trillions of JANWARS to bring its DOWNFALL. ********************************************
  6. ?? You seem to be planning or tellin someone to attack or use violence over here on someone. Seriously? How seriously very strange.
  7. Hmm... Let me see if I can guide you in the right direction. Before you decide to do anything else, first, you ask the one you have quoted to do the honours. If this fails, you should wait for your parents to do the honours, second! If this fails then you must do the honours yourself, last! If this fails too, then, I am afraid, you will have to stay a spinster for the rest of your life. There is no point in marrying if you can't find a husband who is sufficiently caring and obedient towards you. Having said this and if you do decide to marry anyway, you could always train him to be obedient and caring and if this doesn't work out then send him to a Boot Camp as far away as possible from where you live. Once you have achieved this, Don't ever bother to call him, text him, email him or dispatch a hand written message with the help of pigeons or parrots, come what may. Using birds for this purpose may land you in trouble with animal welfare organisations on an international scale, surely, you dont need all the hassle. Don't worry, you will definitely find a husband who will never be disobedient or uncaring towards you when the time is right. Go back to sleep now and have pleasant dreams! You poor little devil!
  8. Some dreams are very vivid and we remember them for a long time. Sometimes they make sense to us while the dream is going on but as soon as we wake up we feel lost as to what our dream meant.
  9. It all depends on the length and fabric of your dastaar. You can wear a shorter dastaar indoors but it's always better to wear a longer one outdoors.
  10. This is a very western approach. AjeetSinghPunjabi is not of the west. Homosexuality is frowned upon in countries like India. Yes, even in the 2017.
  11. .
  12. A California Sikh man’s turban was knocked off his head and his hair cut off in a beating Bay Area Sikhs are calling a hate crime. The Sikh Coalition sent a letter to prosecutors and police on Friday asking them to investigate the Sept. 25 attack on Maan Singh Khalsa for enhanced charges under state hate crimes laws. A group of men in Richmond punched Khalsa in the face, yelled, “Cut his f---ing hair,” and pulled his head out of his car to cut off a fistful of his religiously-mandated unshorn hair, according to the coalition. Khalsa, a 41-year-old IT worker, was hospitalized and may lose part of a finger. The attackers “intentionally targeted his articles of faith when they knocked off his turban and deliberately cut his unshorn hair with a knife,” the Sikh Coalition said. “Targeting a Sikh’s turban and hair is analogous to targeting a Jew’s yarmulke or a Muslim’s hijab.” Photo exhibit on patriotic Sikh-Americans opening in NYC Victim Maan Singh Khalsa, 41, worships at this temple, the Sikh Center of the San Francisco Bay Area in El Sobrante, along the East Bay. (KNTV) Richmond police have arrested two men, and investigators were reviewing the case over the weekend as they consider charges, KNTV reported. Officers captured Chase Little, 31, and Dustin Albarado, 25, two out-of-state contract workers for a local refinery, shortly after the attack. Khalsa had stopped at a red light while driving home around 9 p.m. when someone tossed a beer can at his car from a Ford F-150 pickup truck on Hilltop Mall Drive Sept. 25, according to the coalition. Five or six white men in their 20s or 30s shouted curses at him when he rolled down his window to ask them about the can, Khalsa said. One of the men even got out of the truck and started walking toward Khalsa’s car. The traffic light turned green, though, so he drove away. View image on Twitter Khalsa called the police, but the truck stopped near him at the next red light. He said three men got out and beat him through the open window, using a knife to cut off some of his hair. N.J. pol responds to racist tweet, wants to treat troll to lunch An ambulance later rushed him to the emergency room. Khalsa’s injuries included cuts requiring stitches on his fingers and hands, a black eye and dental damage that cost him $2,200 out-of-pocket. One of his fingers became infected after the violent encounter, and doctors may need to amputate it. “The attackers caused physical injuries and deep harm when they targeted my Sikh faith,” Khalsa said in a statement released by the coalition. “I urge a thorough investigation so we can address the tide of violence and bigotry in this country.” (RICHMOND POLICE DEPARTMENT) (RICHMOND POLICE DEPARTMENT) Richmond Mayor Tom Butt said the charges against Chase Little, 31 (left), and Dustin Albarado. 25 (right) will be announced by the middle of the week. Sikhs refrain from cutting their hair to keep it in a natural state as an example of living in harmony with God, according to the coalition. The turban serves as a reminder to uphold the religion’s core beliefs. Khalsa, an American citizen of South Asian descent, traces his roots to an area where such attacks had been the method of forcing a conversion since the 18th century, according to the coalition. “Since then, forcibly removing or targeting a Sikh’s turban or hair has symbolized denying that person the right to belong to the Sikh faith, and is perceived as the most humiliating and hurtful physical injury that can be inflicted upon a Sikh,” the coalition’s letter said. The Sikh Coalition said the attack happened around 9 p.m at this intersection along Hilltop Mall Drive. (KNTV) The coalition listed a number of recent attacks targeting members of their religion, including the August 2012 murder-suicide by a white supremacist in Oak Creek, Wis., that killed six Sikhs. Richmond Mayor Tom Butt said in a statement Sunday that the charges against the two suspects and any others arrested would be released by the middle of the week. “Worldwide, the Sikh people are known for their generosity, adherence to tradition and strong principles,” Butt said. “I regret that this violence has penetrated our community, and it underscores the importance of working towards establishing more connections and compassion in our society.” Tags: CALIFORNIA HATE CRIMES