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  1. Well done BHForce for sticking to the forum rules! Good on you, we can do with honest people like you in our kome, which is seriously lacking in dicipline and integrity but you seem to have both. I would like to know which school did you go to, where did you learn to cultivate these highly admirable characteristics in your personality? You seem to have great personality it shows in your realistic as well as down to earth posts. Well done again! I find most people in our cursed kome are too hot headed, with heads fully filled with hot air and they bounce around like Tinky-Winky, Dipsy, Laa Laa and the rest from Teletubbies children's show lol! Keep it up and give these fudhoos as good as you get!
  2. I like reading your posts but that doesn't mean I agree with everything you say! I agree with most of the stuff you say but not everything! Sorry to disappointment you.
  3. By jove, trolling you? Have you gone completely bonkers? All I have said is your choice of options is absolutely absurd! Good heavens!
  4. It is not only impractical but absolutely absurd Jacfsing2!! Can you imagine the hurt these options will cause to the concerned parties? Surely, you can try to be little more humane than this? Sometimes I just give up on people like you honestly. They never change! It doesn't matter how much Sikhee you feed them with but it is all of little or no avail. It simply doesn't work!
  5. No mate, I don't hate you at all. You talk too much, it's kinda irritating! Hate is a very strong and nagative word, it stunts our spiritual advancement, that's all. As a matter of fact, I agree and appreciate most of the stuff Jacfsing2 says most of zhe tymes .....haha!
  6. Jacfsing2, I honestly don't know whether to laugh or cry after reading this post of yours! I just cannot fathom what is contained inside that wonderful tiny little mind of yours. You are always ranting on and on about how you hate Christians on this site even though you hardly know anything about them. What have the Christians ever done to you that was so evil or bad? Why do you always slander Jesus and his Bible? Do you not realise how sinful this can be for your spiritual advancement if you slander prophets of other religions? You appear to have so much hate against the White 3HOs too, but why? What are your reasons? What wrong have they ever done to you personally? I know there are still those that have a slave mentality and still view any White skinned person superior to themselves, regardless of their actions; but you claim to be a young person! I am not suggesting you lick their a**es just because they are White, for one minute, like the rest of the quam does!! You just need to be little bit unbiased as well as observant and only hate their (wrong) actions, that's all. Don't you realise how you are poisoning that fresh young mind of yours by indulging with such hateful thoughts about 3HOs and Jesus? Have you had very bad experiences with Jesus and his followers or the 3HOs? Just let it go if I were you. I wouldn't like to see that wonderful, beautiful young mind of yours turn into poison while you still have the chance to turn it into a priceless little gem or a jewel instead! You are still young so make an effort to feed your mind with nourishing positive stuff otherwise you will end up turning into a stale cabbage that stinks of you know what..........?
  7. You are welcome.
  8. Thanks for elaborating. Time/effort well spent.
  9. You utter some of the most outrageous none sense as a man/woman on this board. ************************************* There is a world of difference between giving birth to the future panth with sikhi running through their veins than producing JANWARS left, right and centre prior any afore thought. No point in producing your 'litter' with diminished sikhi, civility and gentility. Manners maketh man. ******************************************* You are making noises through your ars*ho*e when you say quantity is better over quality. ***************************************** Most reasonably sensible people would choose QUALITY over QUANTITY, but not you. Oh, no. You just need to do some time travel and transport yourself to the dark ages where you belong. Honestly, for a young person, for, you claim you are one, you talk rubbish only fit for the 6th/7th century. ******************************************* The panth requires only few super brilliant people to lead it in the right direction and not trillions of JANWARS to bring its DOWNFALL. ********************************************
  10. ?? You seem to be planning or tellin someone to attack or use violence over here on someone. Seriously? How seriously very strange.
  11. Hmm... Let me see if I can guide you in the right direction. Before you decide to do anything else, first, you ask the one you have quoted to do the honours. If this fails, you should wait for your parents to do the honours, second! If this fails then you must do the honours yourself, last! If this fails too, then, I am afraid, you will have to stay a spinster for the rest of your life. There is no point in marrying if you can't find a husband who is sufficiently caring and obedient towards you. Having said this and if you do decide to marry anyway, you could always train him to be obedient and caring and if this doesn't work out then send him to a Boot Camp as far away as possible from where you live. Once you have achieved this, Don't ever bother to call him, text him, email him or dispatch a hand written message with the help of pigeons or parrots, come what may. Using birds for this purpose may land you in trouble with animal welfare organisations on an international scale, surely, you dont need all the hassle. Don't worry, you will definitely find a husband who will never be disobedient or uncaring towards you when the time is right. Go back to sleep now and have pleasant dreams! You poor little devil!