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  1. @Markgateshead 'I asked because you forgot to mention the Sikh Ardass. I know it is taken from Vaar Sri Bhagauti ki, so I was just wondering why you didn't make any refereneces to the daily Sikh Ardass. Good, now you have done that'. Bhagauti shabad has been interpreted in so many ways. The RSS have been very active in this regard, linking it to hindu deities and so on. Don't pay any attention to their interpretations. You don't have to respond here. Good luck.
  2. What Are Your Goals In Life?

  3. Nitnem?

  4. Nitnem?

  5. Chandi di vaar

  6. Goat meat

    Well explained!!
  7. Goat meat

  8. Chandi di vaar

  9. Chandi di vaar

  10. Chandi di vaar

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  11. Chandi di vaar

  12. Chandi di vaar

  13. Chandi di vaar