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  1. I am not sure if they are going to ban the Sikh turban in the EU or the UK? Can someone please translate what is being said on the video. Why is no one talking about this in the gurdwaras or Sikh channels?
  2. Some people are born in Sikh families but don't consider themselves Sikhs, the numbers keep dwindling... Some call themselves atheists nowadays!
  3. I don't understand why would people wear a turban and smoke. They should only do either not both. Why be so disrespectful towards the turban and Sikhi?
  4. Thanks for all your help it has been greatly appreciated and yes, I am going to try really very hard to learn Panjabi. Cheers...
  5. Oh!!! Now we understand, the man's sold his soul for the Green Card, lol!
  6. Respected by whom? No one seems to be doing so here! Besides no one will respect a person or persons who insults or insult the Sikh Scripture or the Sikh institutions! Whether they be white, black or brown! You both come across as very hateful, insecure and immature people. What are your reasons to be so? I notice they have finally managed to shut the blasphemous ones up. Good riddance to .......
  7. No, it really depends on what YOU mean by it. "Culture consists of the beliefs, behaviors, objects, and other characteristics common to the members of a particular group or society. Through culture, people and groups define themselves, conform to society's shared values, and contribute to society." If enough Sikh people lived by the concepts (BELIEFS) of the SGGS, behaved accordingly or in accordance with them, and held all its objects in awe it would have definitely metamorphosed into a Sikh culture by now! Sikhi is a LIFESTYLE. The GURUS have TAUGHT US, THE SIKHS, HOW TO LIVE OUR LIVES. There can be NOTHING more simplistic than the Sikh lifestyle. Moreover, the Gurus are very clear on this. Our Beloved Gurus have taught us not to indulge in so many things, such as:. Dowry(not permissible) female infanticides/kurimaars,(NP) no gender inequality, no jaat paat, no satti sacrifices, Sikhs marrying Sikhs, no nindiya or chuglies, no stealing, good education, help the needy, show compassion and kindness to animals, nature (trees, forests and birds), equal rights for women (Sikhi is the pioneer of equal rights for women and not the western countries); there are many more concepts in Sikhi which can become mainstream culture of the Sikhs, if only we care to find them.
  8. Yes, 'Sikhs' is my culture, if it hasn't become a mainstream Sikh culture by now whose fault is it? I follow Sikh culture and not the so called 'Punjabi' (trash) culture, apart from language or HINTS of its cuisine and clothing BUT NOTHING ELSE. By the way, I AM AN AMRITDHARI SIKH!
  9. ..
  10. He was only young when he was forced to convert to Christianity.
  11. I sense a profound message in this dream. The fact your grandfather passed away at 96 is very symbolic in itself. Add 9 and 6 and you get 15. Then add 5 and 1 and you get 6. The number 6 represents good souls from heavens. Even if you break this number down to 3 or more it will still represent the unseen worlds and their inhabitants. The fact that your dream took place at 4 am. is very telling too. 4am is considered to be a very auspicious time for us. It is Amrit velley and the whole of the Brahmand is awake singing God's glories. All Devi and Devtas are participating in naam symran. The simple I nterpretation would mean that a holy soul from the unseen worlds or heavens appeared in your dream at AV to wake you up for naam symran. This soul is telling you to wake up and do naam symran and may be some sewa too. The message is profound in the sense that someone out there is worrying about you wasting your precious life away. His powerful look is all you need to pull your socks up and stop larking about. Schools and univericities in a dream represent learning while on earth. Your infatuation represents your yearning to find your true mission or purpose in this life. The fact you are lying or sitting on a bench is significant of the desire to decipher your real goal or aim in this life of yours. All those people in sunglasses, turbans and suits are beckoning you to return to your roots. The brown shawl, the eyes and the beard are pointing towards something you are already familiar with. It symbolises familiarity. Looking down from above is telling you, you will have to come back on earth in these three categories, depending on your karma. The color brown also represents the color of Earth. That's why they say, "dust to dust and ..... ." Your grandad is your gaurdian Angel because you have so much love for him in your heart. When we leave this body, we communicate with love as souls. Love is the language of the unseen worlds and that is why we say, 'God is Love.'
  12. Lol. I don't think 'emergency' has anything to do with adding more members to any family even if they turn into ugly looking ill mannered urchins !o! Moreover, good quality contraception has nothing to do with overactive reptilian brains, so long as you understand this little secret. Good quality education minus punjabi culture is imperative for those veins. High quality education will stop those already eroded minds from decaying any further. I am keeping my fingers crossed.
  13. Never mind 'one eye' how about three eyes in the middle of one's forehead, lol?
  14. We get your point. No one is asking you to let them come near you.
  15. Elections in Punjab may cause some delays and the road works everywhere are a bigger nuisance.
  16. Well, if they don't, then there is definitely somefink wrong with their eyes, I'd say. A Sikh is never to be mistaken for an ordinary civilian ever. He/she is a warrior first and a civilian after. A lion or a lioness first always.
  17. No.....Give us some time to think and we will soon let you know. What happened to our Punjabi Lionesses? Why were they so utterly very passive?
  18. If is hot there.
  19. Dhan Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib Ji
  20. Have you asked your parents and what do they say? You mention they are Gursikhs. Once you are blessed with the Guru's Amrit, you are not allowed to do beadbi of your kesh, the babeys had a responsibility to tell you this. Kesh is very important for a Singh. Do you know the difference between 'sacred and profane? An Amritdari's kesh is sacred for both, Singhs and Singhniyans! You are a SINGH now and not a BAKREE/BHAIR (goat/sheep) sniffing for spiritual orts/scraps from one door to another. You are a Guru's SINGH and all your spiritual training is going to emanate from the Sri GURU GRANTH SAHIB JI AND THE DASAM PATSHAH"S BANIS! Have faith and pray for guidance. It will come. Our 'Father' Father of the Khalsa is with us and be sure to thank Him for this wonderful blessing he has bestowed upon you. Have faith, faith is a wonderful thing to have, it is very difficult to express its mehima in words!
  21. Life is a one huge learning experience, we never stop learning till we die! We just have to see in our minds eye what was happening in Sri Anandpur Sahib Ji when it was surrounded by cunning Mughal forces and what followed after Auranga made fake promises to our Beloved Guru Sahib Ji! Just imagine how it must have been in those days.
  22. Dhan Dhan Baba Fateh Singh Ji, Guru Sahib JI's ladley Sahibzaadey.
  23. This could easily be offered as a full time course by our community. It is a good way for generating funds to fund other important causes in the sikh community. The community should get together and advertise classes in 'Chugliaan'' and charge every applicant a fixed fee. It should be offered as a full time course run annually. The classes should be held somewhere in the local community centre. The course should have a syllabus which must cover the following points:- (a) Introduction. (b) Basic principles of chugliaan. © How to select your candidate/victim for your chugliaan. (d) Special considerations for the suitability of the candidate, their age and sex. (e) How to select suitable topic for the chugliaan. (f) Paying special attention to how others feel. (g) When to draw the line. (h) Conclusion and Final thoughts................ Employ all the aunty jis and uncle jis with more than 20 years of experience in 'Chugliaan' as teachers, either as volunteers or on a payroll. We really need people that have done an in-depth study of how to do 'chugliaan.' It is a good way to earn money and keep them busy and out of mischief.