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  1. Thanks but who is Bhai Gurfateh SIngh Shant. I have heard of him before and what about chardikala Jatha?
  2. Nah that was about Ragi Baldev Singh ji ( GNNSJ)
  3. It was Thukar Dalip Singh who said that. He's okay. I saw one of his videos where he was talking negativity about Muslims but was caling the Hindu Gods our( as in SIkhs) gods too ,but I like how he wants to Unite the Sikh Panth Again and how he is working to gain that goal. I also like how people are realizing that Namdharis are not bad people. I especially like how common you can find them doing kirtan in Gurdwaras which is good beacuse they do kirtan in raag and its kind of like a revival of Gurmat Sangeet.
  4. Is there any others you guys would recommend?
  5. Where can I find more recordings of him?
  6. Where can find more recordings of Prof Kartar Singh. There are very little on youtube
  7. Can someone list a kirtani(s) who do kirtan in raag. I know the famous ones like bhai balbir singh ji and bhai avtar singh ji. Actually I need something that I can practice my tabla to ( so someone who doesnt speed their rhythm in their kirtan).
  8. Can someone give me a website where I can get tabla Compositions from. including Paltas and Tihais.
  9. Yaa I'm probably am end up getting it from India But I also need it urgently( like Im using a Vaja bag for my tabla lol)
  10. So I'll be going to Surrey soon and want to buy a tabla case and may be a Dhamma Skin. I already called up Bawa Musics and they don't sell cases them selfs ( you have to buy a tabla to get a case) . Can anyone Please tell me where I can get a tabla case and possible a dhamma skin in Surrey?
  11. Who is his son. I know that Bhai Sarabjeet Singh's sathi is his son. And can you give a link of that video you are talking about
  12. So this happened ( read the end parts). I'm so happy Bhai Balbir Singh's Lifetime Punishment is gone but I don't know if we should agree to this hukam becuase its Giani Gurbachan Singh's ( and he isn't the Akal Takht Jathedar Any more). I just know that Bhai Balbir Singh might be coming back after a long time.
  13. Yaa I have already have been on that website. I actually started an archive of kirtan done by Giani Amolak Singh in which a lot of shabads are from this website.
  14. Thank you very much. I only been to Soho Road Gurdwara once when I took a trip to the Uk and have been hooked to the stuff they do there like their kirtan and sewa etc
  15. I can't call them bacause I don't have an international plan but do you know what their email is? I searched online and there is a few emails