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  1. You've started again..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qS7nqwGt4-I
  2. Yeah I do. That doesn't excuse their backwards bull5hit.
  3. Conforms to type. You're probably in denial cos you're one of them as per your id. Truth's ugly.
  4. Stop being a pu55y then. If you've got something to say - say it.
  5. Most of them are pendus. If you haven't figured them out by now you must be 'slow'.
  6. He's a jut pendu in my mind. Going 'bwaaahhh!' Chuck doon!
  7. Take it off. I ain't got a problem. Just know that young Sikh males were exposed to this kind of stuff from quite a young age (i.e. it wasn't 18+ like a movie rating today). Just remember the ages of the older sahibzadas when they went into battle and got shaheed. I bet the panj piaray was young too (not the old mfs that try and represent them in nagar kirtans these days). Just saying. Maybe bibian need to curb their western maternal instincts just a touch maybe?
  8. Well, we need to work on this then. On top of all the other crap. This ghulami thing is tied to jut identity heavily - we should note that. Them peasants will suck up to goray like second nature. That's why goray specifically targeted them for their propaganda.
  9. Welcome to the big bad world. Maybe pussifying them has been a big part of the problem in the first place. I know plenty of conscious black families try and warn their kids about the kartootan of goray from young, so it's not anything unusual. God knows what goray grow up hearing about nonwhites. I know that plenty of sullay proper innnoculate their kids against nonsullay from young too. I think this lullufying of Sikh kids is a BIG part of the problem. They just turn into lambs to the slaughter as a consequence.
  10. I hear you sister, I just disagree. We need to toughen them up in my opinion. I'm just saying (just for a historical discussion) teenagers saw this and much worse throughout our people's history. Maharaja Ranjit Singh did just this as a teenager. But I won't argue with you too much. Take it off if you insist.
  11. I don't think we should remove the vid myself. But....
  12. We ain't getting no country anytime soon. We'd better start planning on surviving without one for the time being. We've got easy global communication medium now. That's going to help BIG TIME.
  13. This is a dumb little girl here. Not some evil monster.
  14. It's not even as simple as that. Genetic variance in intelligence and confidence means that some kids seem more susceptible and influential to outside influence than others. You can try and teach them but some still have that need to belong and whatnot that leads to them getting mixed up with insidious people/groups.
  15. I know this is sensitive topic for many in the panth, but I don't think we have lower IQs, I just think our Sikh culture has been decimated and replaced by a very simplistic, base peasant culture during colonialism (a, to dumb us down and b, to keep the agricultural economic model goray were milking continuing). We're still wallowing in the gutter as a community in this respect. All the sophisticated stuff our culture once exemplified (literature, education, training, poetry, statecraft, spiritual reflection etc.) has been replaced with drinking, jamboreeing and petty one-up-manship. How could we not be bewakoofs if hordes of us live and think like unsophisticated pendus?
  16. Are you really that simple? I'm talking about surviving until we get a nation (maybe centuries down the line).
  17. I notice we stare. Especially at each other. When I work on sites, and come across other apnay (freshies etc.) I stare too. It's like a weird thing we do. I'm like "I thought I was the only one here!" Who are these mfs. We don't talk to each other for a while (stupid pride) but stare in amazement. I'm learning not to do it.
  18. Wake up. Israel only come about after WW2. They've been prancing about like nomads for centuries before that. Ultimately we as SIkhs are going to have to go through natural selection. Any physically and mentally weak b1tches in our society (both male and female) won't cut it.
  19. This all being said: This b1tch is young as hell. I've worked with this age group and I'm telling you, they can be dumb as hell. I don't even think this 1diot knows what she was doing in all seriousness. She's probably got special needs and her family background isn't exactly giving her the best start. I remember when those 16 year old hijabans run off to Syria from East London. A lot of people were very concerned and sympathetic about them. Making them out to be victims and too young to grasp the significance of their actions. But this exSikh girl gets none of that. This Sandeep girl was not born a islamist terrorist. She's been duped and it speaks volumes that she comes from a Sikh background. Her thinking is not her own essentially. This daft c**t is a victim here too. She's obviously very easy to manipulate with a highly susceptible, weak mind. I don't think we should be throwing her under the bus.
  20. A bit strong.
  21. I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for this one. We need strong diasporic enclaves until then. That's what we need to focus on. UK Sikhs look like they will be the models given the 'combustibility' of the situation we are in here.
  22. Until we sort our act out just remember that Jews survived for a long while without a homeland. Granted we are generally a barn dancing backward bunch of mofos in comparison to them (right now), but still, others have done it, so can we.
  23. Another twat projecting the end of the panth. You know fools have been doing this for a few centuries now don't you. And we're still here. I think we've got another undercover troll here folks.
  24. These people are such a bunch of tossers that theoretically if aliens from Jupiter invaded earth and subjugated it, they'd run around telling everyone they were descendents of the new rulers pointing out (in earnest....) how the 'Jup' in Jupiter sounds a lot like Jut as irrefutable evidence. lol
  25. Sikhs should spread out. We're only messing up because we do such a tutti job of converting others (and retaining those born into it), unlike some other communities.