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  1. Can I get Jagjit Singh's book on the Ghadar movement online (the English translation)?
  2. I was just making a general observation. Seen a few people post like I've mentioned over the years.
  3. I think I had to learn it the hard way. It's only as I got much older that I got some space from the over-emotional/sensitive nature that I had since a child. It was probably a mixture of brutal experiences over the years and an innate desire to understand behaviour (firstly other people's, which led to the realisation that as humans, we can all behave pretty similarly, just to different degrees or extremes). I guess it is a blessing to be able to embark on the journey itself, though (as I'm sure you've experienced) it very often doesn't feel like that. lol We could've very easily been born without the cognitive faculties to analyse and perceive things like we do. Ignorance is bliss - this journey involves forgoing that.
  4. Try and turn your dukh into daru OP.
  5. You know, one thing Sikhs need to calm the hell down with is the crazy expectations of having x type of job, and having some sort of high flyer career in society and top university 'dagree'. Many times over the years, we come across brothers and sisters on the Interweb that are outright depressed and demoralised because they haven't got these things. Or because they went uni and things never went the way they wanted. I think that is dangerous.
  6. I'd like to think, despite the plethora of problems amongst our people, what you highlighted is an extreme that isn't commonplace, though it exists more than most apnay might be comfortable with admitting. You got off lucky. Think of the poor cow that might actually end up trapped with these 'Texas chainsaw' type pendus! I take it that you don't have brothers/uncles or cousins that might dissuade blokes like the one that you say pushed you to the ground? What you are saying is mental. If some girl in the family came back from a first 'arrange marriage' date and said she'd been pushed to the floor and stuff - that'd be a declaration of war. How the hell is this type of situation not going to escalate? Is this the 5hit surreptitiously going on amongst 'respectable' folks these days? Yeah, I know that getting the wrong girl in a family can essentially lead to its demise, so people should be careful, but being this paranoid about that happening just shows you the seriously deranged mental state and dysfunctionality of some families. Bloomin hell! Well, at least in this day and age we get to know what goes on better because of the Internet.
  7. I agree. I think this is one of the main mechanisms for us to confront what is referred to as our 'haumai' or ego. On the flipside, the above practice can also help one uncover ugly (and discreetly hidden) truths about the society in which we live in too. Is it a chicken and egg situation though? Don't we have to be mentally tough to start with, just to go down this route?
  8. You're spot on with that one. I think they call it 'mental toughness' or something?
  9. I think the foundations for that thing is now around. It's just given our community, what you will get a lot of, is 'tough love', especially for males.
  10. How do you feel you've messed up your life 'big time'?
  11. Man. I'm still in shock that there are people like what she described. So a prospective bridegroom would start with the physical intimidation on the first date!!!! I mean, even the most messed up people would wait a bit before they expose their true nature. Is this what type of 5hit we have to watch out for nowadays?
  12. Victor Jacquemont (8 August 1801 – 7 December 1832) was a French botanist and geologist who visited Panjab during the early part of Ranjit Singh's reign (he met him). His journals were translated into English and published as PUNJAB, A HUNDRED YEARS AGO, after his death. The work was translated and edited by H.L.O. Garrett, and first published in 1935 by the Punjab Government Record Office, Lahore. Here are some excerpts: *Jacquemont was wrong, Ventura had previously fought the Russians but Allard had not.
  13. None as far as I am aware. The most contemporary source is dasmesh pita's Bachitar Natak. There are some later Persian sources (100 years later) but they make nauvin padshah look like some sort of extortionist apparently. Anyway, that's a completely different topic to this thread.
  14. A big part of this supremacy thinking involves the belief that the women of non-whites are your property, in that you've got more rights to them than any non-white man, should you desire.
  15. You can't win either way. You shelter them: they are like lambs to a slaughter for some predatory type. You let them out and they pick up bad habits eventually getting pulled by some sweet talking romeo. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.
  16. This girl seems majorly dim. Talk about red flags.
  17. That's complete gibberish. They were sh@gging slaves left, right and centre on their plantations. They produced a whole new breed of 'Anglo-Indians'. Mate you want to study history a bit more deeper. You say things that are way off.
  18. OP, this has got BAD NEWS written all over it. Run, run, run. And then ask yourself why you needed people to tell you this. What you've described is just the beginning. Better to be alone than in an abusive relationship.
  19. I think it is more a legacy from the colonial and slavery experiences. They became accustomed to 'owning' ethnic women - plus we all know they have this strange 'saviour complex' when it comes to women (they like to see themselves as some sort of saviours but here in England they couldn't even 'save' thousands of little white girls in Rotherham etc.)
  20. Do you seriously need anyone to tell you what to do given what you've posted? Seriously? Does your own brain not tell you what to do? Because it would be pretty obvious to most sane people out there.
  21. Okay, so Sikh girls are getting 'that' rep in Canada too. Wow! I'd imagine it was also about jealousy, as goray have some weird 'ownership' mentality thing going on with ethnic women and must be upset that sullay are getting their ends away more than them.
  22. Here's are some interesting images of a nihung standards from the mid 1800s:
  23. Judging by these surviving ones, they were massive: