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  1. It's pretty obvious that goray infiltrated and manipulated Sikhs via Juts.
  2. It's a lot more insidious than this though isn't it. Sikhs (especially a particular caste) essentially allowed goray to create their own version of Amrit Sanchar where the ultimate vow of loyalty wasn't to our Gurus or any Sikh agenda - but the king/queen of Ingland. This has dumb, greedy farmer written all over it.
  3. What do they say when people hook them up about this?
  4. Let's expand your list: Shirt lifter, batty bwoy, fudge-packer, back-door-merchant are also terms people use.
  5. When did I pretend to feel offended? I think you're talking to the wrong person. I grew up in East London during an intense period of accepted racism where open abuse and violent race attacks were the norm. I also routinely work on building sites (when working with office w**kers just gets too much and you need to be around more down to earth people). This environment is also very 'racist' compared to most (although a helluva lot better than it used to be!) Just so you all know, I have thick skin as a consequence. I could not give an inch of a toss about some 'abusive' words. Water off a duck's ar5e - as they say. Now if someone starts putting hands on people - that's a different matter. When you spend a lot of time around the culprits, and understand their mentality/IQ - you get to understand that their intellectual limitations pretty much prevent them from acting any different to how they do. They only curtail themselves when threatened physically or with job loss. Other than that - they is what they is. It's a sort of lack of a particular type of mental development. These guys remind me of certain, sniggering idiots I used to go school with. Raghead is like our equivalent of 'niggah' for blacks. Own it! Plus you're a girl, and that means you live in parallel universe to blokes - so I don't think you'll ever get it.
  6. Not in England. More likely to assimilate into Anglos here. My family are such gruff pendus, most genteel Hindus would run a mile from them anyway. lol! That being said, I meet plenty of pagh wearing Sikhs who are the biggest coconuts you can meet, so it's not as simple as you might think. These people are as obsessed about football (or act so) as the dumbest gora, and seem more attached and knowledgeable about their favourite football team than their Sikh identity/history. Life is complicated. lol
  7. Well stop conforming to it then. BTW - Raghead doesn't bother me. I fully accept that it is the derogatory epithet for my people. I wear it with pride. Even if I don't wear a pagh.
  8. Anyone looking forward to this?
  9. I know gay people. They're naturally attention seeking..... Just behave yourself here mate.
  10. If you knew that then why say what you said earlier? Are you looking to be centre of attention at any cost like a proper gayboy or something?
  11. And please don't play down the low depths Juts have dragged our community down too with their proclivities either please.
  12. What the hell can be done. We don't have an army any more to sort things out. We are too busy pretending to be warriors with fake, useless, symbolic 'kirpans'.
  13. Where did you get that from???
  14. You got it the wrong way round. The term rabh actually comes from Islam, Panjabis adopted it.
  15. I don't know what it is. I don't even want to analyse it, or use reductionist techniques against it. When I'm lucky, I get to feel it. End of.