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  1. None as far as I am aware. The most contemporary source is dasmesh pita's Bachitar Natak. There are some later Persian sources (100 years later) but they make nauvin padshah look like some sort of extortionist apparently. Anyway, that's a completely different topic to this thread.
  2. A big part of this supremacy thinking involves the belief that the women of non-whites are your property, in that you've got more rights to them than any non-white man, should you desire.
  3. You can't win either way. You shelter them: they are like lambs to a slaughter for some predatory type. You let them out and they pick up bad habits eventually getting pulled by some sweet talking romeo. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.
  4. This girl seems majorly dim. Talk about red flags.
  5. That's complete gibberish. They were sh@gging slaves left, right and centre on their plantations. They produced a whole new breed of 'Anglo-Indians'. Mate you want to study history a bit more deeper. You say things that are way off.
  6. OP, this has got BAD NEWS written all over it. Run, run, run. And then ask yourself why you needed people to tell you this. What you've described is just the beginning. Better to be alone than in an abusive relationship.
  7. I think it is more a legacy from the colonial and slavery experiences. They became accustomed to 'owning' ethnic women - plus we all know they have this strange 'saviour complex' when it comes to women (they like to see themselves as some sort of saviours but here in England they couldn't even 'save' thousands of little white girls in Rotherham etc.)
  8. Do you seriously need anyone to tell you what to do given what you've posted? Seriously? Does your own brain not tell you what to do? Because it would be pretty obvious to most sane people out there.
  9. Okay, so Sikh girls are getting 'that' rep in Canada too. Wow! I'd imagine it was also about jealousy, as goray have some weird 'ownership' mentality thing going on with ethnic women and must be upset that sullay are getting their ends away more than them.
  10. Here's are some interesting images of a nihung standards from the mid 1800s:
  11. Judging by these surviving ones, they were massive:
  12. I heard this one with the sunburst motif was the most commonly found one in the Anglo-Sikh wars.
  13. This is very common. Europeans did it to Jesus. The Chinese did it to Buddha. People appropriate what they desire. Our artists need to make sure that they present our ancestors in their proper hues. If you look at Sikh art from M. Ranjit Singh's time, the indigenous artists appear to have gone out of their way to represent Sikh as a mixture of dark skinned and light skinned folk reflecting the reality of our society. It's only all those Aryan/Scythian bull5hit believers amongst us who started to believe we were some descendents of some white invaders - stupidly and probably unwittingly justifying their subjugation by white Europeans and identifying with them. There are very subtle psychological mind games being played by our attackers here.