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  1. The Correct Nishan Sahib!

    What planet are you on? This kind of dumb thinking by Sikh females will guarantee they will be some ar5ehole's sex slave in the advent of any conflict. Do you not get the simple fact that Guru Gobind Singh ji (Guru Nanak in their tenth form) instructed Singh's to have bandooks? Is that too hard for you to understand?
  2. The Correct Nishan Sahib!

    What am I supposed to make of the fact that our people, especially the amritdhari section, are this clueless about their own religion/heritage that they haven't got a clue about how their ancestors were armed. We haven't even touched the issue of astaars like cannons either. Shasternaam mala's section on bandooks is the largest one within. Is there any coming back from this level of cluelessness? Would most amritdharis even carry firearms if they could? I doubt it - look at the US Sikhs.
  3. Student tried to kill parents with a bomb over white girl

    And that is a VERY VERY dangerous situation to be in for obvious reasons. Especially in certain places that is dominated by other competing aggressive communities. That must be it. What a greedy, selfish b**tard. Couldn't just walk off and live his life, tried to get it all.
  4. The Correct Nishan Sahib!

    Talk about getting the wrong end of soti! lol If we look at more contemporary sources, it looks like the kirpan was only one of 5 shasters that a Khalsa was expected to carry; amongst which was a gun. I think colonialism played a big part in diluting the original instructions because the colonists didn't want fully armed Singhs bowling about in their highly profitable 'annexed' territory for obvious reasons. So being truly tyar baar tyar eventually dwindled down to a small 'symbolic' item. It's hard not to come to this conclusion given all the evidence.
  5. Student tried to kill parents with a bomb over white girl

    We need to make the youngsters more worldly in my opinion, not closeted, genteel fairies. If you grew up in an average Panjabi environment in the 70s and 80s, you heard a lot worse coming out of the older generations mouth, especially the 'uncles' from village backgrounds. Hell, I don't think any other community came near our lot for filthy swearing. The word I used is relatively tame in comparison. But anyway, this is a modern day chariter pakyaan. I don't know where this bloke's head was?? Why didn't he just leave with his girlfriend? What the hell made him go down this route? I'm completely baffled?
  6. Check this *edit* out..... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5263981/Student-Birmingham-bought-car-bomb-kill-parents.html
  7. bindhi and haaha tips

    You should post the words you are talking about in Gurmukhi. I can't get my head around English transliterations and I'm sure I'm not the only one.
  8. What does the next generation need to to do?

    Given the situation today, if we are going to hone in on relatively petty points like how apneean are wearing their hair over other more pressing issues, I think we are only going to dig ourselves deeper into a mess.
  9. What does the next generation need to to do?

    If certain 'leaders' have created a dead, conservative environment that doesn't cater to and stimulate the youth - how is that any surprise? That being said, I know there are a few Gurdwaras that are frequented by the youth, having gyms and martial arts classes (like boxing) helps big time.
  10. What does the next generation need to to do?

    No one is suggesting anyone do that. Just simply open your mind up to the reality of our ancestors using certain plant based psychotropic drinks for various reasons without any hoo-ha. They obviously weren't 'useless junkies' as they managed to pull off political, social and military objectives that really were astounding. Maharajah Ranjit Singh is a brilliant example. I mean, by the account of his own Romanian doctor, he took a little dose of opium daily and it didn't affect his ability to create a prosperous, modern, superpower state. Kavi Santokh who wrote the now classic work Suraj Prakash was also maligned for his use of opium by the British and members of the Singh Sabha movement. Our people's hypocrisy and confusion on the matter is astounding because his (kavi Santokh's) work is still used extensively in Gurdwara katha today. There are a number of references of highly respected Singh Shaheeds taking (cannabis infused) 'sukha-nidhaan' in Sikh sources like Bhangu's Panth Prakash - let alone in independent accounts from early Europeans who were spying on the Sikh kingdom. The earliest reference I found of Khalsa opium use was in Sainapati's Sri Gursobha, which is telling, because it is purportedly a work contemporary to dasmesh pita himself by a kavi of his darbar, so if that account is true, the use of such substances have a very early provenance and wasn't some 'later corruption' as some zealots like to make out. It says a lot that the descendants of our people (i.e. many of us) are now in some sort of denial or disbelief or even outright angry about these things. This all ties in with the British imposed conservatism I mentioned earlier in my opinion.
  11. What does the next generation need to to do?

    I wouldn't know but I guess contacting the Imperial War Museum might be a good start? They might be able to help direct you to the right place. That being said, if we don't get over this fetish of serving as sepoys in foreign armies our lot are never going to grow an independent spine.
  12. What does the next generation need to to do?

    Bro, I've been after that book for like WELL over 10 years! lol (seriously) Nice one. Anyway, no matter where we are now, it's never over till it's over. Change is coming. Over the next few generations we will ensure that people have a much better understanding of what they are, and how they got muppeted into believing some new 'synthetic' religion created by goray. One of the most significant impacts of this is that I think the 'conservatism' that strangely defines the 'respectable' community today is going to go flying out the window. This has dangers too, especially with Sikh females, some of whem struggle with self-discipline in sexual matters that leads them straight into the hands of predators. Maybe this itself is a consequence of the conservatism that I speak of anyway? We'll find out in time. Our work is cut out for us. We need soldier mentalities to step up to all the work ahead of us. It's already been started. Just got to follow through now.
  13. What does the next generation need to to do?

    You're gonna make mistakes, we all are. But it's how honest we are about this and how successfully we adapt to the emerging deeper understanding from this that makes the difference.
  14. What does the next generation need to to do?

    lol! I wasn't having a go at you bhen ji. It's just these days I really dread getting invites (which i rarely do nowadays anyways), to vegetarian relatives 'functions'. As well intentioned as they are (God-bless), as soon as I leave them I have to (literally) crawl into my bed like an anaconda that has swallowed two whole gazelles, and needs to few days to digest it all. The kind of work I do doesn't allow you to be physically sloppy. You'll get sacked for that 5hite quickly. Talking of which, better get to bed. First day and early start tomorrow - after the xmas break.........
  15. What does the next generation need to to do?

    Yeah I would.