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  1. Very bad move. This type of diet is deadly. Lower the carbs and hunt for protein and good fat sources.
  2. Or more to the point, some people were thick as planks or economically desperate to do this I think you're missing the point. It's a feeling of disconnect to mainstream 'white' society as well as a perception of being actively oppressed (socially and economically) that makes many black males convert. This also needs to be coupled with a growing understanding of Christianity being (historically) used as a tool to make their ancestors docile and compliant, as well as the hypocrisy of the people doing the converting (hence its rejection). Black conversions in prisons have been going for a lot longer than the current 'crisis' that is taking place in the UK prison system. It's very similar in the US too, but I'd guess that the more 'blackcentric' Nation of Islam type of influence is predominant over there as opposed to the wahabbi/salafist flavour over here?
  3. You need to mentally grow up then. It's a big, bad world out there mate. But on the other side, yeah, I wouldn't doubt the establishment's potential in at least allowing such things to happen for some insidious agenda. They've done much much worse than this in their history.
  4. Just like goray were clever in using some pendu juts to fight in their wars for them. lol
  5. I tell you what - on the other hand. Having a small amount of quietest, conservative kids that are essentially being micro-groomed for academia and then some plush office job (which is what the majority of affluent Amritdharis consider 'Sikh' child rearing these days), isn't going to create any sort of robust fauj either.
  6. You know what, this violent over reaction by old pendu men is not something that is unheard of amongst our lot back home. I think some of you people here have become so westernised and distant from your roots that you don't even recognise common pendu behaviour anymore. I'm just wondering if the old b**tard had a few peg shegs before he did what he did? There is no justifying this. Even if she was obnoxious, at worse he should have tried to have her kicked out the house with her husband so they could do their own thing. But you know what too many of our backward fudus are like - they would care more about 'beshti' of the kids moving out, than the besti of having murdered some girl that has come into your family. Go figure.
  7. These white c**nts don't miss an opportunity to put the boot into brown man these days. But then again, I've met apnay and Bungalis that have actually been darker than this so...
  8. THC changes when ingested apparently. It gets broken down by the liver and turned into a variant. CBN is also interesting. A lot of anti-inflammatory action going on.
  9. Damn! The stuff is expensive as hell!
  10. I heard even THC has serious healing properties. There appear to be a bunch of cannabinoids that have positive health benefits. This bloke is the daddy of the research on them: Apparently some cancer cells have receptors on them that the cannabinoids lock onto, and which cause the cancer cells to stop replicating and die.
  11. Jagraj brother, if you happen to read this: Please look into cannabinoids as a treatment for your condition. I know you have connections in the US - so maybe get someone to go to Colorado (or somewhere similar) and get yourself some CBD/THC oil. Keep chardhi kala brother.
  12. Our people have come to have such low expectations of each other that even this simple move is almost incomprehensible amongst us. It's like we have become conditioned to expect and except the stupidest and most short-sighted decision making as normal.
  13. You can go even further and remind them of the fact that Guru Gobind Singh ji, when they were a very young Gobind Rai, actually threw their gold bangles into a river explicitly saying they didn't want to be a slave of such things. Or the story of Baba Nanak giving a needle to another money horder asking him to return it to him in his next life - but I'd imagine such people would just go quiet upon hearing these things and carry on the same way.