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  1. Plenty of keshdhari guys (sadly) do exactly what you are crying about pendu.
  2. Dwelling on this doesn't help. You should cross that bridge when it comes. Which will probably be many many years from now. You might be a totally different person to what you are now by then. Also, you should resist indulgence in excessive sentimentality. I don't think it is helpful or healthy. I understand you are in a tough and confusing position but I don't see any other options for people in that position outside of toughening up themselves. The cards will fall eventually and you'll find ways to deal with it all.
  3. Glad to see the brother feels well enough to do the show! : )
  4. Boy, that was penduism at its finest..... I was just waiting for someone to shout out 'Bwaaaaahh! Chuckhduun! in the middle of it all.
  5. This makes me laugh because it subtle touches on a white elephant in the Sikh room. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4514688/Boris-Johnson-blunders-election-trail.html
  6. Bhen ji. I deactivated my PM box ages ago, so I can't send one.
  7. People get arranged marriages into some conservative families and can still end up with the type of girl you're talking about.
  8. You know you sound like a retard. I've told you a good few times now that indigenous whites in England are totally not affiliated to any religious identity other than some mickey mouse CofE thing (and that by a tiny minority too), which doesn't even appear to be a religious thing anyway. Seriously, wake up to nuances. What you're saying sounds retarded otherwise.
  9. You talk about modern society. Whitey in their modern, 'civilised' society are just going to see it as two adults from different sides of the fence that chose to be together - Romeo and Juliet style. And if you are going to talk about the types of grooming that you are. Take a look at what goes on in offices in London. They routinely isolate attractive ethnic girls and place them around whites so that they are subtly compelled to start dating one. So by your definitions, it isn't just Muslims doing it.
  10. If Sikhs are looking for serious Sikh partners (with view to marriage), it's great idea for those struggling to do this through their own physical contacts. If it's just for a bunk up, it's crap. But also, I've heard from umpteen apneean who've tried to find a Sikh guy for a husband through such sites, that it is not uncommon for them to get bombarded with messages from prospective sullay from all over the globe, even when they've explicitly stated that they are looking for Sikh guys. Some low IQ people (especially certain females) need to be careful of the sites and not forget people can (and do!) pretend they are SIkh when they are not, for various (usually dark) motives.
  11. Your not picking up on an important nuance. I said previously, many (if not most) decent, dharmic, self-sacrificing apnay (both rural and otherwise) have achieved shaheedi. I'm talking about the general situation today. And people do play down (or are ignorant) of the economic aspect of the Khalistani movement too. When it was going on, it was directly alluded to. A lot of the changes being asked for, did relate to central government's agricultural policies. Which were obviously designed to benefit the agricultural community. To oversimplify everything that happened along purely religious lines is plain wrong.
  12. Overall I think you hit the nail on the head there. I think much of the lullooness from our lot (that we are both alluding to), has its antecedents from the Christian, Victorian era influenced 'Sikhism' that was developed and promoted during a century of colonisation. The sad fact is, when our lot do get devious, they almost invariably use it to screw another apna over. And they'd readily screw another apna over at the behest of some outsider for patronage, a job, money, hell just to look good too.
  13. Well not everyone is an <banned word filter activated> in our panth and you do meet circumspect and prudent people, but sadly we are dominated and dictated to by self-serving, petty minded idiots - so it looks like the above is true.
  14. That's worked wonders for us (and them) so far hasn't it.... There was a time when such things were advantageous. And in certain street level situations, still can be. But I don't really think pendu style thinking really cuts it in the greater scheme of things in the 21st century myself (most conspicuously in the crucial areas of economy and social cohesion). Obviously penduism has its supporters from amongst the pendus and (ironically) the descendants of pendus who've escaped the pend and actually live in cities and towns (fair play). But pendus failure to grasp (or accept) that people (both pendu and non-pendu) might not want to live and follow pendu principles is yet another example of typical thick brained penduness. Pendus rarely seem capable of rising above petty tribal loyalties. So any action they take will only be designed for their own benefit, as much as they might try and wrap it up in some cover of religiosity. All the other Sikhs see this. That's one reason why they get little support. If pendus want to pursue a certain path, they should be free to do so. If others don't want to follow that path and go another route, they should be free to too. I think it makes for a more dynamic and robust community that hasn't put all of its eggs in one basket.