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  1. Indian In-laws

    Yes please. Thank God I dont live there... not that Its better elsewhere
  2. Slough Gurdwara Racial

    I dont think it is either. They try to get rid of jaat and pat as much as possible. Their diwans are very long and serious. People sit down seriously and listen. No talking. No children running around. During diwaans everybody is doing simran and no langar. There is a high level of discipline and the practice of sikhi I would say. Lots of sevadhaars and simple langar and lots of simran.
  3. Indian In-laws

    So who are these stabbing other people with compasses and scissors in schools? Are they from other countries where they had no health and safety lessons or is it with a motive to hurt others? It could just be to take frustration out on others. I would say secondary does seem scary as it seems animals have been throw in together. I know of people who have transferred away from my sons school and he is still in primary - they were getting bullied in the playground and the school did nothing about it. sad...
  4. Slough Gurdwara Racial

    For your Info the sevadhaars were able to protect themselves. The man never reached upastairs.
  5. Indian In-laws

    I remember visiting my chacha and chachi and this is what they did to our family too. They brought a lot of discord in our family. Then years later, our family stuck together while theirs broke and they are divorced to this day. My grandma stayed with them all her life but the last four years of her life with us and only my chacha and one of his sons attended her funeral. My mum however did lits of sukhmani everyday without missing. This Iis what possibly saved us. There were rumours my chachi visited some pandits.
  6. Indian In-laws

    It seems exciting In the start but when you have had a hard morning and aching legs and need to just sit down.. you realise you cant. You need to keep standing and prepare the whole meal which gets gobbled up In ten minutes without a word of thanks. No one offers to help coz they think they are old so should not lift a finger. However the mouth can be used liberally to point out all mistakes In the food.
  7. Indian In-laws

    Big problem penji. They will not wat your sandwich and demand nicely presented dhaal and sabzi, salad and a mitha... complete with gur... and achaar. The roti should be freshly made and soft.
  8. Indian In-laws

    Lets see what happens... they might come over for meals...LOL
  9. Indian In-laws

    My ones are similar. .. I have been visited by them. Due to lack of space. . I sleep with my son and my hubby sleeps downstairs. I get no help in cooking. They sit with my hubby to gossip. I work in the kitchen. All my gossip gets recited to me by family members and outsiders alike. Everyone knows everything which goes on in our home. How clean it is. Where and when I go shopping, how I behave etc. However they plan to move out soon. I have spent nearly 20 years in this switched off emotional state. There is nothing more you can do.. but focus on yourself and keep trying. Some people will never change so change yourself. .. I take care of myself now and only do the much I can handle. Thoughts of divorce come and go but will the grass really be greener on the other side?
  10. Amrit and Rehit

    Sorry not alliwed....Not allowed... go back to page 1 where It says .... do your nitnem. You will get greater peace. Having the real amrit will not trigger magic without nitnem. Amrit flows from nitnem naturally. Create your own amrit by praying with a glass of water next to you and drink It for a start.
  11. People actually follow media more than religion. Songs spread faster and are listened to more often than other religious shabads or katha. Their lyrics and tunes are more catching. So you become what you listen to and sing too. This is what is happening to people. During Gurujis time, the power of Guruji waa there to guide people and unite them.
  12. power of gurbani

    Spiritually visible to a Christian was fire from the mouth that uttered the name of Jesus. Reading bani can be similar.
  13. power of gurbani

    Thanks for correction.
  14. power of gurbani

    I have read about this topic on a sikh website recently. It was about honika who was Prehladhs sister who used this power to burn prehladh. Some sadhus or other people have this ability which they cant control and they end up self igniting themselves and end up in hospital. One of these was a six month old baby.
  15. So Jagmeet gets married ....

    Are breaks allow In sikhi?
  16. So Jagmeet gets married ....

    Good point. Leave dharamraj's job to dharam raaj.
  17. So Jagmeet gets married ....

    She looks like a queen.
  18. Are most Sikhs fake Sikhs?

    So who is a brahamgiani then ?
  19. Another newly created body. The soul leaves the original body. The dna creates another body. The cells of these multiply to create the body of the animal. The body will look similar to the original animal. However the behaviour will be totally different. The soul comes into the body once it has been cloned and is growing.
  20. Its Placing a soul IN......
  21. It is a bit mean for people to be selfishly attached to their pets auch that they try to get a similar looking one with worse health issues. The soul would definitely not be the same though.
  22. If we look at from the light of God being the power behind everything which happens, then we can say... God was behind all this cloning. One of the powers of Krishna was to divide himself into many identical selfs of himself. Divine cloning and physical cloning. The idea is the same but the ends which are achieved are totally different.
  23. Is waheguru accepting my paath?

    If you are able to do path the next day again then yes your path worked. Once again. .. dhukh and sukh are to be seen as equal. Everything happens for a reason. Yes parents can loose it too and pick up bad habits. When you do enough path sometimes you can utter things like mum plea be kind to me and it works. Your bhachan get power with any path. Even uttering waheguru once is very powerful. Choose which ever path you feel connects you. All path is from the one God. If God is one then how can the path all be different? It's our minds which are deluded. Even if you just repeat mool mantra you will get nearer to the creator. But just how many want to sit down set a target and just do it? Why can't we do it? Weak minds, weak faith, weak bodies? Simran is just as powerful. Its just repeating waheguru. Sukhmani sahib in the first astpadhi tells us about all the benefits of Simran.
  24. Just a silly story to share.

    The theory of attraction. You get what you ask for.....ask wisely. All widhes get granted some not as immediately.
  25. Moving to a Sikh neighbourhood

    The general trend is people get up in the morning and go to work except the suleh who roam the shops like crazy looking to spend their ill gotten benefits money. They consume the highest amount of crisps, biscuits and junk food. Top it up with halal meat. Kids have the worst eating habits. Wonder how they manage to grow and reproduce too on junk. Anyway long story short, our people are not very visible in any neighbourhood. I got to know most of our neighbours by meeting them at weddings which were far off from our area if residence. There is no friendly meet and greet. You meet by chance either through introduction by other relatives or through the school run. Getting involved in some sort of community work greatly increases chances of meeting your type of people. You might live ib a dense sikh populated area and still feel sikh-starved.