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  1. Powerful dreams

    Sometimes we forget to place the blame of bad dreams on our late night desserts. I noticed a significant improvement when I stopped eating chocolate late evening. Sugar sort of activates our mind to work faster when asleep. So anyone having bad dreams will want to get rid of extra sugary meals first. However I have experienced alot of what that guy talks about. So I am still exploring my dreams. But yes dreams change when you miss your daily path and improve when you increase simran. Our spirit is awake and in danger, why else would we want rakheya dhe shabad. We should pray to God for protection many times a day I believe. The dark areas in your life or rather dark thoughts do reflect back in dreams. The pure you try to keep your thoughts, the better the dreams get. It is only naam that purifies thoughts. I was reading another article which was saying that we can be building houses in our dreams. Whatever we get on earth we have to obtain it spiritually first. Performing path enables us to build a better life. I remember a time when I was able to perform lots of simran and had dreams of houses. Its the same house most of the time. There were dark forces lingering around at the start of the dream. However that same house changes quite a lot. It became cleaner, brighter and full of more beautiful things with added simran and path. One of my colleagues once just walked up to me and said Hey there Ihad a dream of yyou having built a big fenced house with a swimming pool in it. My jaws dropped wide open and I wondered how she knew. Yes, so path is powerful and is our guide and protector when we are asleep. The punj baniya, rehras and Kirtan sohila are there for a very important reason.
  2. Powerful dreams

    It all depends on what you are dreaming about. If it is about mahapurash then its fine. Other dreams like your former home, snakes, other people in your house, eating food are not very good. Keep up the simran as your spiritual state is changing so you have to battle many things in the spirit. Pray to Guru Ji to give you understanding about your dreams and to unlock the goodness which Guru Ji wants to bring to you.
  3. Sikh orphanges

    Barhu sahib take many poor Sikh children and turn them into Gurmukhs.
  4. Share sakhi's and kirtan.

    Beautiful katha on the birth of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Must listen.
  5. See how easy maharaj has made things these days. Warm water at the touch of a button. .. lights too and all makes having a bath at amrit vela so easy yet we still can't do it. No motivation. Compare that to having to travel to a river in the dark. Or was it the excitement of that danger that triggered naam jap? Bani at the touch of a button wherever you may be- however we have no time. Self illuminated phones making reading in the dark possible too. Compare this yo reading from the saroop under candle light. So easy but still we have no time to devote to it.
  6. Becoming a Gurmukh Odds

    Start devoting time for simran. That is the medicine - don't stop and remember it will take time to reap some type of reward.
  7. Sehaj path has now been recorded on many websites. You can listen to It too.
  8. While Guru gobind singh ji said “main hoon param purakh ko dasa dekhan aayo jagat tamasha” , “Jo humko parmeswar uchare te sab narak kund main parhe” "Those who call me God, will fall into the deep pit of hell. Regard me as one of his slaves and have no doubt whatever about it. I am a servant of the Supreme Being; and have come to behold the wonderful drama of life." He led by example, sacrificed his father(hind ki chadar Guru tegh bahadur saheb ji), his four sons, his anandpur, everything he had)
  9. Important Sikh Exhibition

    Watch it live on sangat TV at the moment
  10. Important Sikh Exhibition

    Herbert art gallery and museum in Coventry are having an exhibition showing the heritage of Punjab and the throne of Maharaja Ranjit Singh ji. It will be on upto the 18th of January next year. https://www.justgiving.com/campaigns/charity/culturecoventry/craftsofthepunjab
  11. Guestguestguest is so confused! !!!! No offensive posts from guests should be allowed. I am surprised that raag mala, dasam granth etc arennot allowed to be debated.... yet we can slander sri Guru Har Krishan Jis contribution to sikhi to our hearts content with profane language referring to the death and suicide of the Gurus. Truly these posts have been the lowest I have ever read anywhere. Very very sad. Very very bad. ...
  12. The Gurus did not allow themselves to be killed- they gave shahidhi. The Gurus obeyed ythe will of God. So you think giving shahidhi Is a joke!!!!! Only the most pious souls can do It. The hukam of God Is supreme and giving It more Importance than ones own life would not be right at all. If you cannot accept that the Gurus were divine, then you cannot understand the basics of sikhi at all!!!! How can you even join the name suicide to the Gurus. You obviously have a great amount of reading to do and sort out facts In your mind many religious facts!!!!!!
  13. Sorry about that. I did quote guestguest from your quote, however the system decided that If you quote a quote then the quote starts to belong to you! Sorry once again.
  14. 'The Boy with a Top knot `

    We are highly critical of people when we look at them from the religious perspective. If a turbaned Sikh walked up to a girl and chatted, others will start to say - Oh God , Whats wrong with him? I thought he is a decent fellow. If a mona did the same thing, no one bats an eye, coz it is the normal thing for normal people to do. The moment you hear that a Sikh wrote his story about a white girl, we get all judgemental in the name of religion. Whereas if a Hindu wrote the same story we would watch his drama without batting an eyelid. It does not unduly affect us. We should learn to distinguish between normal life and religious life. Yes, there are many relationships that go on between sikhs and whites - which people never mention coz they see them as a disgrace.
  15. I think it is offensive to say the Gurus died. They did not die. People die. We say joti jot samaa gae with great respect for the Gurus for their spirits went to meet with the spirit of God. Janam maran dhoho mae nahi ... jan par upkari aaye. The Gurus are above birth and death. They did not have themselves in mind when they came on earth. God our faether sent them to us - just like if you want to get across to a baby you say goo goo gaa gaa and smile and wave your hand and hold their hands. We are in the flesh and blood and we can only understand a language given to us by someone in flesh and blood. The Gurus and God are above this. They are in a spirit form. We while on earth are separated from our souls. We are lost in maya and cannot understand many things. Tu samrath vadh meri mat thori Raam. We simply do not have the understanding to understand fully what God really is. Why did they take birth on earth? They all came as messengers from God to deliver to us the message. One thing is though, they did not speak in parables like Jesus did. After reading the Guru Granth Sahib, you will get a better understanding of the Bible. Jesus was not able to deliver the message as clearly as Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Perhaps humanity was simply not that evolved at that time to be able to interpret the message and understand it.
  16. It certainly seems a Christian belief as they believe only In God. They believe Jesus to be his son, not his spirit or jot. However we believe all the Gurus had his jot. Not only that, but also Ram, Krishna etc were a roop of God, however In different yugs. The whites have generally been more of a pagan worshipping people whereas India has generally had a long history of rishis and munis performing bhagti from quite a long while back.
  17. Yes, I heard it for the first time and could not believe it. However gurbani clearly states Gur Nanak, Nanak har soe. SGGS Ang 864 The last line states Guru Nanak is God himself
  18. Bhakti

    sure type in sri granth..in google..and explore the rest. I have downloaded Gurbani nirvaan, which is an app. It is awesome as the search is so easy that you just have to type the first letters of the words of shabads and the whole shabad comes up. It has transliteration too.
  19. You are confusing sikhi with other religions. Sikhi only shows the way to follow in order to re-unite with the creator. It does not give a fixed set of rules to live by. Any roop of anything if it asks for help from God even crocodiles, stones etc, will get delivered. So far only 2 states have been mentioned, one is udasi and one is gristi. None is favoured however both are acceptable to God if you absorb yourself in his name. Thus the in between state can be seen as a sickness which you sort out either by udasi... abstinence because there are no guides on homesexual marriages. In my opinion, it is lust which is spoken against strongly. A study stated that 20 % of any population including animals can be born gay. At the end of the day, Guru Ji came to re unite us with God. It is an individual choice how you choose to leash your sexuality. Self control of lust is mentioned. Lusty people go to hell. Some state of the mind which you have no control over I e being gay is a sickness which can be treated through naam simran. There is mention that Guru ji can change a man to become a woman in next janam and vice versa... depending on who you worship. If you worship the goddess - you get janam as a lady if you were a man before. Guruji guides us as to what to pray for in another shabad... maan magau, taan magau, dhan, lakhmi, sut dhe. There are shabads for prayers requesting the birth of a child - and a wife too. So this clearly states to us what Guru Ji requires of us. So there are only two states mentioned- celibate and married. After marriage there are prayers asking for children. So you can makeyyour conclusion as to how this is possible in same sex marriage.
  20. Simran experiences

    This may explain to you why these experiences occur.
  21. Did the Gurus have past lives?

    I will find the quotes and put them on here. Perhaps the translation was not understood by me. I will look for them yThough.
  22. Did the Gurus have past lives?

    Would Guru Angad Dev ji still be our Guru, If he was performing durga puja? He woulH be Icoming back In search of the true Guru In the next life. Do have a glass or two of water for headaches.
  23. Did the Gurus have past lives?

    The Gurus have been chosen by God to be our teachers. God has ordained them and put the seal in their foreheads that they will be able to do all the kamayi they have achieved. We are supposed to follow in their footsteps. Everyone who is able to pray or do anything else is because God has given them the ability to do so. He has written everything beforehand. we are just experiencing it. Read the SGGS regularly and the veil of darkness will be slowly be lifted off. The same message over and over again- how to escape death ? The Gurus did it, the bhagats did it- they escaped death. They are there to guide us how to do it. God himself was engaged in bhagti for a number of yugs. Then he put maya under him.