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  1. Jeera is a good source of iron.
  2. Chick peas, kidney beans, soya beans, all beans actually have protein in them. Cucumbers are especially good for hair as they have silica Iin them. learn to make home made humous- its not hard at all. Brown bread sandwitches with sabji filling. Mushrooms are good too. Try veg soups especially minestrone soup. If you are vegetarian, you need to lwarn to cook too. There are numerous recipes online.Keep searching so that you get the best which suits your taste. Invest in herbs and spices to flavour your food.
  3. A gamble with your Future life and savings too Is hardly worth IT. I know a man aged 50 married to a 32year old from India. Do get to know the person properly first.
  4. Muslims stand a better chance to multiply due to the man getting married to many wives. Some of these are in different countries. A single man can have upto 30 children if he can manage to have 6 wives with 5 children each. They marry young which helps them to have larger families. The benefits system in the UK has been totally milked by them so that they can get all the support they need especially the housing needed to raise these children. Their loyalty to their religion and their committment to teaching their children how to read their scriptures from an early age ensures that their children too follow in the same path. Their belief of God having told mankind to multiply and fill the earth has its origins in the Bible. The demand for extra women if a man is to marry many is met by women from other cultures who are then converted. Once women are converted then their children are automatically required to embrace their culture and religious beliefs owing to the complacency of other religious groups over theirs. Their ladies are very serious about teaching their children how to read the koran. They hold tuition classes in their houses to teach children and parents also take this education just as seriously as they take other formal education. Due to their large families, the children are able to support the younger ones reducing the educational strain on the parents. Due to their large family structure, they are able to work as well, because they can leave their children for free with sisters etc. Sikhs on the other hand are monogamous - greatly reducing the maximum number of children to about 5. The lack of girls who are available for most practising Sikh boys is greatly reduced as the girls give more importance to higher education and ultimately want to lead a comfortable life. Late marriages, homosexuals, high rate of divorce and lack of taking our punjabi learning seriously all contribute to us following other cultures or none at all. Parchaar is taking place at the Guradwaras, however because we ourselves do not have a serious committment - we miss it all. The past generation have also not been taking religion seriously which contributes to children who are raised without the knowledge of their religion. They discover or stumble upon the basics a bit too late and struggle to catch up or turn into proper practising Sikhs. The rate of fertility problems has generally increased in all communities. People are having to resort to IVF and surrogacy and this limits the number of children they can eventually raise. Alcohol increases the problems faced both in physical health and reproductive health, lets forget practising the religious bit especially when people only visit or socialise with others if drink and meat is on the offer. All is not lost however, because there are large numbers who do respond to quality parchaar and quality services offered by some Guradwaras. The internet can serve as a weapon to encourage those weak and ignorant of faith to become stronger and also serve as a base for the sharing of information and arguments. i have seen larger families of proud mothers who regularly attend the Guradwara and the kids wear dastar and are totally committed. So yes in the near future - there is hope that these youngsters will contribute to a new more successful face of the Sikh religion.
  5. I am INdeed talking about them In their language
  6. The need for the modern day woman to go out and work is a great factor which determines why our girls are not ready to commit to being amritdhari. Most would say - even the Amritdhari would say one thing - we remember God from the depth of our heart and we are not too concerned about outward experience. In the olden days, when looks did not matter as much - a little facial hair or leg or arm hair would not make anyone self conscious. Therefore when our girls have to mingle with others who keep their skins looking clean and hairless - they get the inferiority complex. So girls would not like to commit the paap of taking amrit only to break it - as it is called - later. People had Amrit and they supported it in the olden days when they were actually faced with the prospect of extinction. If the Sikhs had not expanded and multiplied by the one son which the Hindus gave to become Sikh, then Sikhi would not survived up to today. It almost seems like there is no need for physical wars which was a necessity in the earlier times. Sikhi has to be redifined and preached as a saviour of our souls. Naam jap comes first. Kesha dhari Sikhs giving bad or rude words to ones to cut their hair - is not a solution. The proper understanding of the basics of our religion is the one which is going to save our religion.
  7. When the gore came in originally to conquer India.... they did so without having been checked if they had Indian passports. How times change!!!!
  8. Parents do not promote amrit to their children. Someone who wears a dastar once told me ... he does not want his son to have a handicap of dastar which will limit his swimming abilities. Mothers are more concerned about whether their future in laws will allow their daughters to remain vegetarian and to perform path too. Altogether parents are more concerned about financial security of their children and consider religion to be a limitation. Children pick up the bits of religion out of self interest. Some or most parents step in as a discouraging factor. Those who are forced to keep kesh, cannot wait for their parents to pass away so they can get their freedom. We have to educate ourselves and step above maya to realise the true purpose of our human birth and alsothe rreality and the truth which has been revealed in the SGGS. Children currently would give English 6 days a week and 2 hours a week for punjabi, gurmukhi or santheya. Our religion should be seen as part of our day to day living...... not a necessity which elders force us into.
  9. I wonder what the hell is wrong with his brains. What would it have cost him to have that pattern of himself printed onto the dastar material and he would be wearing it proudly on his head. Would have earned him a million more clicks and respect than he has now...
  10. should have added... Perhaps you will be needing the help of Sikhs to build your temple and clean your ganges. Think twice before you get rid of them all.... clever fools.
  11. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. I have seen enough people (I should not really say this) but they do not have the best of features yet they are married and their husbands treat them and love them better than the highly good looking ladies. Maybe they have golden hearts and a good kismat - both of which are a better advantage over just having good looks. Most girls do look very nice wearing keski. Why do Muslim girls not care about their looks when they hang their scarve which sometimes is so rough looking around their faces and then step out ready to face the world with their new look?
  12. He needs a good telling off by someone. In the olden days all sardars were busy fighting in wars and had no time to make jokes about their image. Hari Singh Naluwa was so respected that mothers used him as am image to scare their children. Now we have an image of jus reign that we can use to embarrass ourselves with. People will do anything for publicity. He should be made aware of the discomfort his image on a slipper can cause...especially when he wears his keski.
  13. I am yet to see someone who is performing seva in the Guradwara (excluding Giani Jis and baba jis) with a true and pure heart. If people performing seva are doing so just for the sake of show off - then they are cheating not only themselves but also their creator. Such people are not trustworthy at all. Sikhi is very hard to earn. The mind cannot help itself but fall victim to many temptations when performing seva. Ahankaar and false pride in ones own abilities is not uncommon. Therefore it is necessary to perform as much Naam jap when venturing into seva of the Guradwara. Seva is also an important part of Sikhi - which is defined as the way to God. Seva karat hoe nehkami. Tis ko hot parapat Swami. Therefore if you do not drink and eat meat - you should venture out and attend the Guradwara so that you know what is happening there. When the right time comes - you can lend our contribution and help settling up a system to help others to rise to a similar post. Two-faced types of personalities frequent the Guradwara more than the righteous ones. These people then pose problems for those straight forward ones who wish to perform simple straight forward seva. Either way, these institutes are not in the hands of the right people in most cases. The older generation will soon be phased out. The question is what does the new generation have to offer to the community at large. Will they be able to upkeep the few weekly diwans which take place at Guradwaras. i hardly see any young girls performing shabad kirtan at ladies only satsangs, In our days, we made an effort to attend even during the holidays. This is not the case anymore. Who will be holding these ladies satsangs once the elder generation (whose voices can barely be heard while they sing) ? Parents may have failed many a youngster by laying the importance of homework and good grades bef ore them as a deterrant to performing active seva in the local Guradwara. It may be seem as an idlers job. You know so and sos son is always at the Guradwara. These institutes are seen as places for the elderly to go for a time pass. During a week day, visit any Guradwara and you will see a very small amount of youngsters. These institutes were built for a purpose by the older generation. However - are we going to preserve and use them or just forget them and discard them?
  14. They sort out the problem in the short term. After the patient comes off them, then they stop working and the patient gets the same feelings back, sometimes even worse. This is when they are most likely to resort to suicidal thoughts. Time heals depression the best. Everyone can get depressed at any time of their lives. Prevention is the best cure. Always aim to lead a balanced life and take time to eat and relax. Learn to recognise the early signs and do something about it like change of routine before it gets worse. Better still - read a good book or scan the internet to understand what depression really is.
  15. That is why you should attend your local Guradwara frequently to see what is happening and encourage others to do so. The more proper Amrit dhari Sikhs attend the Guradwaras then the more power you have to elect more qualified members to run the Guradwara for you. This will result in higher quality of katha, kirtan and other activities going on in the Guradwara. The Guradwara will eventually become a point where youngters want to go to for further enhancing their sikhi.