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  1. It is easy to sway crowds with words. However when it comes to physically delivering to the people your promises, few are capable.
  2. by Dr. Kulwant Singh, with Punjabi & Eng transla & PT.pdf lok caudh ky ibKY jg jwphI ijNh jwp ] Lok choud.ah kae bikhaae jagg jaapahee jeh jaap lokW (Bvnw, mMflW) cOdW dy ivc jgq jpdw hY auhdw nwm[(ieslwimk m`q Anuswr AwkwS cOdW hn[ ihMdU m`q s`q lok DrqI qoN au~pr Aqy s`q DrqI qoN hyTW mMndw hY)[ In all the fourteen levels (Mandals, worlds - In the universe), He is revered. (In the Hindu and Islamic philosophy, there are seven levels below the earth and seven above it). Veer Singh Ji/Jaap Sahib Stik-Bhai Vir Singh Punjabi.pdf
  3. Patalaa pataal means planets or other worlds I presume. However many times gurbani translations are stating or talking about the fourteen layers surrounding our own planet.
  4. This advice Is being given by aomeone who has had to leave their own home because of violence from family members bhaji.
  5. I do admit it was a better site where people got on well with each other. Frankly I am tired of reading Akalifauj's posts. These days all we get to read is bad swearing words which they use for each other. A site which can be a source of mystic beautifullt divine info is shamelessly being tainted with fights between two members. Specifically for this reason I stopped logging in for some time. First it was confined to the bhagti colomn. Now every discussion is plagued with their filth. Why should I log in to read bad words being exchanged between members and Akzlifauj. Watching the news gives me enough entertainment. I think such posts should be reported as offensive to the admin. If people cannot post anything better go fight it on the field with a kirpan. Perhaps we should change name of this site to become Akalifauj and his miscommunication style. This is a beautiful site which does not deserve the injustice being done to itt. Mostly when I see posts by Akalifauj I try not to read them. Sikhawareness was an alternative site where atleast postings were decent and members were full of love for each other.
  6. You have to make many adjustments in your life, way of thinking, sangat, the way you behave ( I.e. avoid chugliya), in order to keep feeling ras. When something bothers you and your mind is not in control then you will not be able to focus on path. Try listening to kirtan as well during the day. Bani is meant before sunrise. After sunrise kirtan.
  7. Thanks for correction
  8. There are certain moments when we suddenly become aware of our weaknesses and limits. Raj na koi jiveya... no one has lived life to the fullest. Even st the ripe age of 120+ years... no one will want to leave this world. That is why dharam raaj and his dhoot have a very hard job to perform. First they have to force the life out of someone by causing some massive organ failure. Then they have to deal with the soul which simply refuses to obey and still believes it is attached to the body. However Kabir ji has glorified death for whose who have passed their days in naam simran. Marne hi te paiye puran parmanand. It is only after death that we can become one with God. Thr death of the ego. We have to forget ourselves and perform seva like how bhilni tasted each fruit for Sri Raam Ji without realising she is making it jhutha. Gurbani gives us various examples of ehat our love for God should be like. A fish/ rainbird longing for water/rain. Chakvi longing for sunshine. This is the love which makes people seem insane to the world. True bhagats of God cannot be understood by man. Kabir ji had to admit to people that he is baurha. No one understood what Jesus was talking about about hence no one stood by him in his crucifixion time. If we want to forget all about dwath then this love has to take us over so that all we can still see is God the divine everywhere. Guru Arjun Dev ji on the hot tavi, Guru Tegh Bahadhur ji parting with his sis, chaar sahibzadhe, Baba Deep Singh Ji... all unafraid of death but ready to stand by truth... which is God. Adh sach jugadh sach hai bhi sach Nanak ho si bhi sach.
  9. Lets see female and control.... The two words that have frequented this topic. We are all female soul brides of God. Maybe these stories are all about the way we cheat God. Promise him to wake up at amrit vela and not do it. Ask for help in hard times and forget him in sukh. Completely forget that he is the master and go after other things like maya which is counted as cheating. We are all cheaters. We need to be subservient to God. Guru Arjun dev ji was still saying tera kiya mitha laage... while sitting on the hot tava... If a thorn pricks us... how many swearing words are going to escape our mouths. We have to allow God to be in charge of our lives and submit control to the creator of the world. How hard that simple task is. If CP reminds you of your duties to God... read it. If your mind is full of filth.. sadly only filth will consume you... even when you read bani.
  10. Our role models are singers, celebrities and successful sinners, not Guru Ji or other pious Sikhs.
  11. How about taking over a gurdwara and re establishing it. I can see many guradwaras which jyst go through the motions and have nothing new... which they add to attract sangat esp the youngsters. Regular sangat only visit during some auspicious days like diwali, gurpurabs and new year. Only the elderly stick around and youngsters visit just as a custom. No new kathas or jathas visiting to sort of pull people at other times as well.
  12. We were in the same position but learnt to adjust. In a successful marriage adjustments have to be constantly made. Don't worry too much about them. People are able to get on with their lives without interference. Worry about yourself and don't give others ideas especially your new bhabhi about her being sad and homesick. Your thoughts will transfer to her. Always be positive and positiveness will flow from you to others.
  13. When I sat in the gurdwara and the giani jis voice was hurting my ears, I had little choice but to leave. I looked around for someone to complain to but could not find anyone. Competitions might help perfectify people. Wgat better chance can anyone who lacks motivation for shabad reading get? Yes we need good kirtan going on in the guradwara not just some ear hurting noise.
  14. The shabad is talking about having arrived at God's gate after having gone through so many births. You now have gian of what maya is. . So the choice is yours. We all aim for some level of education so it is all maya as when we are reading and studying sometimes we forget our prayer routine and get further away from God. Maybe take another hukamnama to clarify the message.
  15. I think I saw the domain name on sale or something.