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  1. All sikh ladies I know take contraceptives. During my grandma's time, so many infants passed away due to lack of good medical services. Therefore only 3 or 4 kids survived. There was no need for contraception. These days you need to plan your family. It is important to be able to support and look after the kids you will bring into this world.
  2. Having read the whole of these answers given above, none have given the correct answer. Nitnem is to be performed morning, evening and night.... all prescribed banis. When a Sikh is not doing nitnem, then you are supposed to be practising waheguru simran. If someone interrupts you, then it is easier to get back to simran as you were just repeating waheguru. This does not exclude the fact that you should be practising quiet simran too in order to form a habit of saying waheguru during the day. Our main aim is to achieve 24 7 simran.
  3. The oldest example of where I can get an example of what happens to gays is in the Bible. I do not intend it to be offensive or discriminatory, however it is just for the purpose of knowledge. The following link describes what God actually wants.
  4. The even more unfortunate thing is that we ourselves are not too keen in finding out, studying and practising our own religion. It is like we are ashamed of our heritage and our customs. We don't like our own culture and are aiming to blend into the western way of life. Look at the clothes we are aiming to speak, our language, our ideas, our foods, our lifestyles..... one honest question ... are they desi or western inspired? Finally look at the names of most of our youngsters... are they traditional? What books do we read? What are our goals in life? what language do we study? What have we been teaching our children in the past year? What films do we watch? What do we discuss with out friends? How many elders do we approach to ask them about their lifestyle and their views and the type of life they lead before the invention of our great computer age? If we ourselves had half the faith in our own religion, then we would already be having a good knowledge of it, and would not be ashamed of talking about it, discussing about it, finding out more and finally practising it. We would be more enthusiastic and not full of doubts at every stage - asking questions if what we are doing is right or not.
  5. When we attain the spirit form, are we going to need to sleep? No Why not? Because sleep is made to rest our physical body to which our soul is attached to at the moment. When we are asleep our soul is still busy doing other things. Our soul's activity is sometimes connected to our body. As we attain a more awakened state through meditation we will become more aware of these activities which our soul is engaging in. When we are asleep our soul travels and goes to the spirit world, from where it comes back refreshed and energized. Guru Nanak Dev Ji was physically asleep one day, however he was busy saving a drowning ship. The testimony to this was given by one of the servants who was sent to awaken Guru Ji by Mata Ji. She licked Guru Jis feet and immediately saw what Guru Ji was busy doing. However Guru Ji was not too pleased that she informed Mataji and Guru Ji called her mad which she became later. jagan te supna bhala
  6. A beautiful shabad which possibly shows that our souls are spirits and so is God. When we become one with God through simran then we dont needs hands, legs or our body to perform deeds. God himself is a spirit, all energy who can perform various deeds without the use of hands, legs or arms. What is hukam. Hukam is what God has told us to do .... eko naam hukam hai...this means that God hukam to us is to perform naam simran 24/7
  7. Nitnem is simran. When they are at the program they are still doing simran so it gets counted in. They may decide to do double nitnem path the next day, however it is a personal choice.
  8. The best way to teach your kids is first to be a very good example. Practice what you preach first before you actually preach it. Kids copy more by observing you. Read sakhis and share little tuks of Gurbani and their meanings with them. It takes just seconds to plant great thinking into young minds. It takes less than 5 seconds to tell a youngster about the meaning of a word of gurbani. Be ready for all questions and answer them as truthfully as possible. You dont want them to find answers elsewhere and then they will doubt you. Guide them and tell them the meanings of sakhis or shabads which you heard at your Guradwara trip. Get them religious books and better still read them together. Work towards increasing your knowledge of sikhi as well so that you have new things to share with them and keep them interested. Always encourage them to talk out their doubts and do not put them down ... like how could your mind think that.... you need to pray more often etc. Let them know you are proud of them as they respect their religion. Remind them Guru Ji is happy with them too as they are walking on the path of sikhi. Remind them of the blessings they receive. Perform ardaas together and listen to path as a family where possible. Read sikh history and try to learn as much possible and share... with others as well... your friends, relatives etc so you have a good network around for your kids too.
  9. At 2.33 this video tells us it is not a shabad but a geet written by ... and it tells us which raagi.
  10. Everyone needs encourage every now and then. When we look at ourselves we may have wished to be performing much better than what we already are - both in our private lifestyle, education and jobs. The people who feel satisfied will not make any effort to move forward. We make an effort to better ourselves when we want to get somewhere or achieve something. We need to realise the emptiness of our lives in order to work hard to achieve some kamai especially religion wise. Seeing a good example of a practising person is great. If that person goes further to push you to accept their lifestyle then you stand out defensively. This leaves the question- should you encourage others? Yes, you need to know who you can encourage and how. If you go about telling people to keep their hair and wake up early - they will think you crazy. If you tell them the benefits that you achieved from doing so - the better. They realise work is needed but the benefits are great. The more important thing here is to listen to people first. Listen to their problems- their frustrations and then offer the solution. Do not come out as a hero - admit that the path is hard and that you too need encourage. That way when you forget - others remind you too. Planting the seed is the first task. Watering it, nourishing it, protecting it from birds and animals and weeding need to be performed too. Only then the true fruits are going to be reaped. It takes time. All seeds grow into trees and bear fruit. Some faster, some slower, a few have too many issues so never make it. When you are on the path of encouraging others, make sure you are looking at your faults too and not just theirs. Perhaps they can offer to better you too. Everyone knows the difference between right and wrong but few manage to actually put it into practice.
  11. Incident taking place in Paris. Lockdown at cathedral.
  12. We can count the good ones on one hand.
  13. Wow! ImpressIve. Apne have more trouble adapting their own religion than gore.
  14. I have big doubts that it is a genuine pic. The upper half match perfectly so some natching has been done down there. If it was genuine then the nickers would be red not Black! !!! Indian ladies love color match.
  15. So you married to a gora who Is actually a Sikh?