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  1. Is this fact about hIm from some old or some new rewritten literature to lead astray the young?
  2. Satnaam - his name is truth. Everything else is false only the name of the creator is true. So what does this mean.... For you it means this - this body is false, all your desires are false, all your feelings are false, all your thoughts are false. So what is true - the truth is God did not create the soul as male or female. God created everyone with a purpose. The main purpose was naam simran. When this body will pass away - nothing will be left but you a little soul - without a body. Who will guide you then ? His name will. However if you are still stuck in thoughts of shall I get married or not ? shall I have sex or not ? Shall i have children or not ? Well those thoughts are what will be left with you when you leave your body. When will that be ? It could be any time. No one knows how much time we have left. Would you like to come back and still have to live on this earth with all its problems starring you at the face? Whatever your past sins - naam is powerful enough to burn them. However you need to turn to naam first. Slowly in time - naam will bear fruit. Thoughts of your sexuality, marriage etc will start to evaporate and you will realise that you are a soul sent here with a mission. Perhaps you will realise your sexuality to be a blessing for you. Naam brings brings blessings to all - however you need to get down to practising it first. It is fine to just do a few asatpadies of Sukhmani sahib as a starter. Speed comes with time. Devote half an hour or an hour everyday at the same time. if you workout - you can listen to the kirtan version of sukhmani. You can decide alternatively to read each astpadi like 5 times instead. This means you are repeating it and will find it easier as time goes by. In a month you will have read each astpadi 5 times... this means your confidence in reading the bani will increase too.
  3. I think every Guradwara should invest in a Sikh security personnel. Normal people are not well equipped to deal with these types of attackers. Else normal youth should be given the duty to keep watch on any suspicious characters entering. In this case, if someone had been watching they would have noticed the person has not removed his shoes.
  4. The more you recite Gurbani the more you will automatically remember it. Its your mind that does the recalling. Gurbani is meant to save you from the 5 vikaars, how is that possible if you dont recite it continuously ? Whoever gave you that advice did not give you the correct guidance.
  5. These days there is simply more publicity. One little happening spreads everywhere like fire. This does not mean that new events are taking place, it simply means that we are becoming more aware of them taking place. Fights and disagreements in the Guradwaras have always been there, only more publicised now. The true Sikhs still exist, however they are not too keen on publicising themselves. Youngsters are more educated and know more about religion than the older generation. Online learning has created more learning opportunities for youngsters than ever. Online harmonium tunes, online path, online shabads are easily available to those who wish to learn sikhi. Online katha is there for youngsters and elders alike to listen whenever they desire. Publicised news does not necessarily carry out the opinions or convinces the majority. We now live in a more informed and educative age than ever before. Any willing soul has resources available to them abundantly online. SGGS can be referred to and read in one instant. Thanks to those Sikhs who have tirelessly worked to make this possible. There have always been divisions amongst the Sikhs. Even in the Gurus times, there was always a family member who was opposed to the Gurus, right from the time of Guru Nanak Dev JI. His sons Lakhmi chand and Sri chand had their own version of what sikhi is. However that did not mean that sikhi was going to die out. The same applies today. It is the small steps which each one of us takes as an individual which will determine what the future of sikhi will be for our youngsters when they take control. There are lots of people performing constant seva in some Guradwaras, and keeping them up and running. These skirmishes when publicised also give our youngsters a good example of what is right and what is wrong. As future leaders they will need to take decisions and sort out their differences themselves. For all these uneducated masses there always arises one educated person who eventually takes control and provides the right guidance. Therefore the role that every individual plays is of utmost importance, be it even by just providing suggestions.
  6. I doubt time eill make any big difference. You will have to put your foot down and move out If you feel you are not getting the respect you Deserve. However miracles do happen. Best of luck.
  7. I think you need to elaborate on what type of behaviour you don't like. Perhaps she is more Sikh than yourself. Is she doing something wrong or is it just her natural self you don't like.
  8. Yesterday the giani ji touched on many similar points in his katha which took an hour. Summarized here they are: 1. The Christians had one shaheed Christ and all Christians wear the cross around their necks. We have chaar sahibzadhe, Guru Arjun Dev ji, Guru Tegh Bahadhur Ji and many others... we do not even tell our children about them. However we surely tell them about the pind and our background in India. 2. Giani Jis mother and father woke him up in his younger days as a child by reciting Waheguru .... what is wrong with the mothers of these days. Think about what tune you wake up to and what you wake up your children with. 3. When we are preparing on a journey to go anywhere, or for a wedding - our preparations take a whole month sometimes. So why do we just get up and walk to the Guradwara in a very unhappy mood... sad because we have to sit there for some hour or so? 4. These days parcharaks can travel on aeroplanes, taxis, cars etc, however think about how Guru Nanak Dev ji must have travelled on foot. There were no wells, no rest houses, hotels etc in those days. Guru Nanak Dev Ji travelled around the world in chaar udasiya to spread the word of God, to give to us shabads which we never even bother to read. We should be ashamed of ourselves to still call ourselves a Sikh of Guru Ji when we don't even bother to read what he has given us. 5. If a student registered in a college and paid all the building funds, paid the teachers etc, but never bothered to read his books - will he ever pass his test. This is our state today. We have never bothered to read our Guru Granth Sahib Ji ... so who is to blame. It is sufficient for us to say we bowed before Guru Ji ... however asked one question or one shabad we have no answer. What are we so busy doing ?
  9. He might be 19 and she 17... never know. A mature man I doubt would just approach a girl and propose marriage. I think he means relationship.
  10. It is easy to sway crowds with words. However when it comes to physically delivering to the people your promises, few are capable.
  11. by Dr. Kulwant Singh, with Punjabi & Eng transla & PT.pdf lok caudh ky ibKY jg jwphI ijNh jwp ] Lok choud.ah kae bikhaae jagg jaapahee jeh jaap lokW (Bvnw, mMflW) cOdW dy ivc jgq jpdw hY auhdw nwm[(ieslwimk m`q Anuswr AwkwS cOdW hn[ ihMdU m`q s`q lok DrqI qoN au~pr Aqy s`q DrqI qoN hyTW mMndw hY)[ In all the fourteen levels (Mandals, worlds - In the universe), He is revered. (In the Hindu and Islamic philosophy, there are seven levels below the earth and seven above it). Veer Singh Ji/Jaap Sahib Stik-Bhai Vir Singh Punjabi.pdf
  12. Patalaa pataal means planets or other worlds I presume. However many times gurbani translations are stating or talking about the fourteen layers surrounding our own planet.
  13. This advice Is being given by aomeone who has had to leave their own home because of violence from family members bhaji.
  14. I do admit it was a better site where people got on well with each other. Frankly I am tired of reading Akalifauj's posts. These days all we get to read is bad swearing words which they use for each other. A site which can be a source of mystic beautifullt divine info is shamelessly being tainted with fights between two members. Specifically for this reason I stopped logging in for some time. First it was confined to the bhagti colomn. Now every discussion is plagued with their filth. Why should I log in to read bad words being exchanged between members and Akzlifauj. Watching the news gives me enough entertainment. I think such posts should be reported as offensive to the admin. If people cannot post anything better go fight it on the field with a kirpan. Perhaps we should change name of this site to become Akalifauj and his miscommunication style. This is a beautiful site which does not deserve the injustice being done to itt. Mostly when I see posts by Akalifauj I try not to read them. Sikhawareness was an alternative site where atleast postings were decent and members were full of love for each other.
  15. You have to make many adjustments in your life, way of thinking, sangat, the way you behave ( I.e. avoid chugliya), in order to keep feeling ras. When something bothers you and your mind is not in control then you will not be able to focus on path. Try listening to kirtan as well during the day. Bani is meant before sunrise. After sunrise kirtan.