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  1. Husband Wife relation

    Guru Ji's can think at a totally different level to human beings. Guru Har Krishan Ji was the Guru Ji at 5 years old - chosen over his brother - Ram rai. So age does not matter here - it is the message.
  2. Husband Wife relation

    I said if you edit out all religious thoughts. I clearly said it was not linked to spirituality or liberation.
  3. Punjabi Language

    I think it depends on the individual on how motivated you are in learning the language. At the end of the day it is all your hard work. You can learn from a textbook but I think you would need some guidance from somebody. If you can form the letters correctly then good. I you learn a letter a day, in two months I think you will have mastered quite a bit.
  4. Punjabi Language

    I would recommend you to attend Guru maneyo granth gurdwara as the katha there is very simply done with gurbani tukhs and their meanings too. Listen to bhai vishal singh ji katha as well online. The more you listen the more you will understand.
  5. Changes as an Amritdhari

    I heard in katha recently that naam jap brings bad thoughts to a boil. So I am assuming that they evaporate after boiling. Boiling causes them to become visible and manifest. This is the janma janma dhi mel. Some of these things we do linger around from our birth as animals. An example given was a sadhu who stayed pure until the age of 80 then he got a kaam attack and he started getting a bad reputation. He looked back and realised his last janam as a fish was causing this mind pollution. So he performed more naam jap to purify himself. No one tells us to not judge others. It is gian which comes from katha which explains to us why people act like animals. Hence we are advised to look at ourselves first.
  6. Someone bought the book and was not impressed. http://www.sikhawareness.com/topic/18726-nidar-singh-nihangs-translation-of-charitro-pakhyan-is-out/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-172644
  7. Recipes

    Thats a very good website. I recently tried to make pinni from watching the youtube videos. Glad to say - it turned out good. I will defintely be using their recipes for more types of pinnis - the besan, atta and mung dhaal one. I thought mung dhaal one was very hard to make but was surprised that the ready made mung dhaal flour takes just about ten minutes to get roasted. It tastes so good and is healthy as well. Will definitely make mung dhaal halva as well, in the future.
  8. If you do sehaj path and read the meanings of the bani as well your understanding will greatly increase .
  9. Bitting hair

    If people were that scared of the right thing i.e I forgot to naam jap then we would even be getting some place.
  10. When I was in school, there was a naam dhari girl who woke up at 4am to do the nitnem. I did not even know what nitnem is. I woke up at 11.00 am in the holidays. I learnt about nitnem much later at the age of 12. At least their parents teach them about naam jap. Any naam dharis I have met have been doing a lot more naam jap than our own Ramghariye or who ever else I have met. So yes - that might be my own experience. Simran bhenji I am not judging them, I have merely stated that they do more naam jap than other people I have known. Their parents teach them more than our parents are bothered to teach us. We just stumble upon the path if we are lucky enough and learn else we just live in maya and moh.
  11. Naam is the one that defines mukti. A Guru is the one who guides you towards the naam. It is your choice whether you want to respect your Guru or not. Naamdharis jap naam more than SGGS believers. At the end of your life, your Guru is supposed to come and deliver you. Shabad is the Guru. If you jap naam then naam will deliver you. Their Guru helps them jap naam and that is what is more important for them. People are allowed to follow different paths to the same destination. Who are we to judge them if we ourselves do not follow the words of our Guru - SGGS - Which forbids us to judge others. Hum nahi chan-ge bhurha nahi koi. So the tables turn on us - which of us follow the teachings of their Gurus better? There have been other Gurus in the past before our ten Gurus. So was mukti not available then? Yes it was. It is all upto the devotion of the devotee. You can pray to a stone like Bhagat dhanna jut and God will still come and save you. So devotion is the more important aspect here. Look at yourself deeply and leave others alone.
  12. Dietry bibek

    Has it affected you in a major way in that you are not doing any naam jap?People can have been doing naam jap during the langar preparation. Is eating from an amritdharis hands more important than how exactly the langar was actually prepared? An amritdhari can get distracted too while preparing langar and have transferred other thoughts into the food. Unless it is affecting you in a major way... ardaas should be enough to get rid of any negativity you might be feeling Just try to keep your bibek if you feel you get thoughts like these after taking langar from wherever you had it. No big deal - it was just langar after all! !!!. purified from whatever thoughts those non-amritdharis put into it.!!!
  13. Art of Punjab Exhibition

    I saw it and it was amazing. I wish to go again.
  14. The lost Sikh turban style

    If it is not a portrait of Guru ji then it is imagination. In the olden times, people had to travel far by foot to meet anyone. If someone said Guru ji dressed like a king, then it is possible the artist imagined the king complete with jewellery.