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  1. Everyone needs encourage every now and then. When we look at ourselves we may have wished to be performing much better than what we already are - both in our private lifestyle, education and jobs. The people who feel satisfied will not make any effort to move forward. We make an effort to better ourselves when we want to get somewhere or achieve something. We need to realise the emptiness of our lives in order to work hard to achieve some kamai especially religion wise. Seeing a good example of a practising person is great. If that person goes further to push you to accept their lifestyle then you stand out defensively. This leaves the question- should you encourage others? Yes, you need to know who you can encourage and how. If you go about telling people to keep their hair and wake up early - they will think you crazy. If you tell them the benefits that you achieved from doing so - the better. They realise work is needed but the benefits are great. The more important thing here is to listen to people first. Listen to their problems- their frustrations and then offer the solution. Do not come out as a hero - admit that the path is hard and that you too need encourage. That way when you forget - others remind you too. Planting the seed is the first task. Watering it, nourishing it, protecting it from birds and animals and weeding need to be performed too. Only then the true fruits are going to be reaped. It takes time. All seeds grow into trees and bear fruit. Some faster, some slower, a few have too many issues so never make it. When you are on the path of encouraging others, make sure you are looking at your faults too and not just theirs. Perhaps they can offer to better you too. Everyone knows the difference between right and wrong but few manage to actually put it into practice.
  2. Incident taking place in Paris. Lockdown at cathedral.
  3. We can count the good ones on one hand.
  4. Wow! ImpressIve. Apne have more trouble adapting their own religion than gore.
  5. I have big doubts that it is a genuine pic. The upper half match perfectly so some natching has been done down there. If it was genuine then the nickers would be red not Black! !!! Indian ladies love color match.
  6. So you married to a gora who Is actually a Sikh?
  7. Kenya sikhs have an Inflated ego which lwads them to believe they are more superior. However religion wise thay are not. They have managed to amass great amounts of wealth which leads them to forget about their main purpose In life. They have been mislead yo rhink they will escape the pending judgement from dharam raaj at the end of their days. However It should be appreciated that It gets difficult for cultures to blend Into each other. Therefore when people do things differently and In a manner which seems unsmart there Is a high risk of being labelled pendu. However pendus have some smart abklities which no one quite notices most of yhe tiMes.
  8. The time has now come when every Sikh woman got to watch out for her friends and her friends daughters. The disease of Islam is upon us. I always warn my sikh friends when they get approached by Muslim mums for home invites and other offers. Muslim ladies are always offering to look after sikh children. Do not fall for it!!!!!!!! Every Muslim lady I know has offered to look after my son - either for tuition or baby sitting. i politely refuse. Every Sikh lady should warn her daughters and every one else she knows against befriending any type of muslim or sikh whom she suspects of any type of suspicious conduct. Their children are well trained to convert and abuse our children in schools too. We are surrounded by them like germs. It is hard to take care of yourself when they are upon every single one of us like hungry wolves. Seek help when in doubt - even if it is in gupt on a website.
  9. Remember we got half castes as well whose one parent IS sikh and the other muslim. So they get prwtty confused.
  10. I have seen hairy swimmers. Go right ahead. Or wear full body cover if you are too sensitive. When you are in the water who cares as no one can see. I am a lady and sometimes I go with my hairy legs. In the deep its insignificant.
  11. love

    You know Its wrong but you still want to do It. However think about how you will handle your children and husband after you have gotten what you want. It will be a little too late and you will realise that you slipped and will regret. Its up to you to choose to pass your test. Look at all the positive things In your present relationship and all negatives that could happen If you were In another one.
  12. When did satan take amrit and become a singh. A bit sad when singhs crack sick jokes about sikhs on the Internet where youngsters are looking for religious Inspiration!!!!!
  13. I think you need to do a bit of both reading, listening and also memorise it and try to do it from memory - if you can.
  14. dream

    Snakes can mean the rising of the kundalini as this happens when you meditate.
  15. Simple lack of control over the mind.If the mind tells you to do IT you say no and do something else.