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  1. Behind the scenes religions are highly meddled with by reptilians.If angels have good powers then other beings that disguise themselves as humans have powers too. Its their motives that depend on which direction they will roll the dice. Reptilians control main religions and their spread. Religious messages to the masses are also controlled. All this In secret.
  2. If I were you I would read the bible first. Stories from It make the
  3. Got It now on second read and think.
  4. Which line In his bani prooves he was a muslim?
  5. Conspiracy theories claim she belongs to a group of aliens known as reptilians. She has an unbelievably long life and loads of money too. However we all pay for her upkeep through taxes for the world to admire her and her huge palace which in turn attracts tourists to our country. She has no political power and is a mere puppet. People discovered the world and ruined the indigenous ways of the natives to just claim territories for her name.She gets loads of respect just because her dad was a king. Queen by birth just like a brahmin by birth. Wonder what seed she sowed to get some really good karma like these.
  6. These fights have always taken place, perhaps due to our lot being uneducated and conflicting views and greed too. However because of our technology we are able to capture these live and broadcast them worldwide. Elders definitely want to control operations however simple they may be. Two examples I can give is me having an experience with a live argument going on between the satsang group - who was being criticised by a lady when they were actually performing satsang and they were being warned to put all the maya they will get into the golak. Another one was a lady who had a go at me because my dad handed me over the cash for the pathis.
  7. Reading a good book on habits and how they are formed and how to control them can go a long way in helping you to achieve anything.
  8. I started sehaj path on phone with reading meanings too. I get so engrossed in meanings that I don't need to chat. Former internet addict. For any bad habit set a five or ten minute alarm. Stop when alarm goes and set an hours alarm for your good habit and discipline yourself to follow it.
  9. Not me. Not should print the msg too.
  10. These things are still being practised by greedy people bhenji. Lots of my relatives complain about these practises.
  11. They are even afraid to use their real names on sites like Ebay. They use Christian names because no one wants to deal with Muslims.
  12. His contribution was a united Indian voice to the British to stop their unjust ways of dealing with Indians which were the shootings of innocent citizens gathered at jileya wala bhag. His voice was also that of demanding independence. If he had not done what he had done, then maybe more such massacres would have taken place. he put the law breakers into their place. His contribution was never meant to be supportive of any religion. Maybe just the word Singh added after his name seems misleading in the first instance. Thank God that he was an atheist or else then the community gets the labelling of his fighting back behaviour. Perhaps this was also one of the incidents used to label the sikhs as fierce.
  13. This hatred has been fuelled up since the terror attack of 11 11. Before then religions respected people and people's hearts were not full of hatred for anything that represented the muslim faith- hijab, beards, white gowns, etc. Since then things have gone from bad to worse.Attack after attack. Now we are promised that the streets of europe will be unsafe for all. A little of what you plant finally gets flunged back at the muslim community. No need to complain. Millions of families have been hurt by terrorists, no muslims have come forward and donated to support those affected. This means they support this way of life of these terrorists.
  14. True. My sons class were due to visit the guradwara and their visit was cancelled. They were not supposed to have langar at the guradwara during the visit. Over 50 % of my sons class Is muslim. We seem to be going back to the puratan days of Guruji when the muslim rulers IMposed unfair treatment on sikhs and non muslims.
  15. What legal case are you fighting? Why did You go to prison? What false accusations have been placed on you ? Did you bring a lot of money or gold with you which they have kept?