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  1. Is The Universe A Simulation?

    Our universe is a beautiful place. The universe holds a lot of secrets, but I want to know if the universe is actually a simulation. I know I sound a bit wacko, but I am just wondering. When I think of the universe, I just think of god coding us Earth and adding a bunch of life. Watching our progress. Do you folks think, that this universe is a simulation created by God?
  2. I Got In A Fight.

    This kid pissed me off, cause of that one math thing, he told everyone I was a retard, still kept calling me names. I felt sad, and didn't deserve to be in AP... The teacher told us to stop, than this fudu kicked me in the <banned word filter activated> knee.. So I had to push him away... He caused everything... The teachers won't give a damn.. They would make up their own story... I told my parents, and I bet I will get in more trouble, even though this kid caused everything. Another thing that makes me cringe, is that this kid was also a Sikh... This mother <banned word filter activated>, deserves to go to hell... I get bullied.. I don't get it why me...
  3. I Got In A Fight.

    Eh, in Grade 8. I got in trouble last year for punching some gora kid for being racist to me. I thought it nearly ruined my chances of being in AP, but it didn't. I don't usually get into fights, but I don't know why I get picked on. Its hard being in AP class, its just that my other Indian peers pretty much brag about their marks, and other stuff.
  4. I Got In A Fight.

    So today, this kid was a <banned word filter activated> to me and kept calling me a "retard", or "stupid". Because I didn't wear my glasses, as kids might make fun of me. So I didn't and the teacher yelled at me, and I was yelled at, then the kid told everyone I was a retard. After his goonies kept calling me some insults. A couple days later, we had a math assignment to do, and the kid called me a "fudu", and after that he needed help... So I did, and he wanted pencil crayons, and it was after he insulted me. So I gave him the crayons. His goonies called me some stuff and they stopped. I am in PRE-AP with them, so high marks are required, and yeah. I felt ashamed and thought I was stupid. In the weekend I had to finish up a project, I saw his goonies working together I tried to hide, but we had to print right beside him he called me stupid.. Then I told him I got a higher mark. So today he wanted scissors, and our group said,"no". I called him a <banned word filter activated>, and he said that his group almost failed, and he nearly told on me. After that we had a presentation he started to flinch me, and I got so angry by his insults, I wanted to do a prank, and he did a "lockerbomb" to me a couple of times. It means closing the lock and handing it back. He did it to me a couple of times, and I did to him at the first time he smacked me at the back. Today I did, and he jumped on my friend. I tried to get them away, but I accidently pushed him, and he attacked me. We did a couple of shoves, and yeah. I throw my lock at him, and the teacher told us to stop, and I did. As I put my stuff away, he kicked me in the knee, and we got in a small shove. After that he told me" You have 10 seconds to leave the school or he will beat me up". I didn't listen to him, and I did the opposite, and went inside. Please help man. Its always me that get bullied and picked on. I got bullied as well. (Sorry for the errors, I typed very fast.) Also, he is also a Sikh.
  5. Sikh Missionary

    . Um, U.S. Sikhs don't allow missionaries. It's the people's descion if they want to convert, but just so fun Punjabi programs if you want the new generation to get interested. Auto correct, whoops.
  6. Sikh Candidate Kicked From Conservatives

    We are Sikhs we don't discriminate people's beliefs and religions.
  7. Sikh Candidate Kicked From Conservatives

    Catholics are way worse, not being offensive. They really hate homosexuals.
  8. Jagdish Grewal was kicked from saying that homesexuals was unnatural behaviour, and supported therapies to turn gays into straights. http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/canada-election-2015-conservative-candidate-jagdish-grewal-gay-youth-1.3259324 Glad that Jagdish was kicked.
  9. When I scroll on the news there are natural disasters, and in modern days people get all triggered and blame it on climate change.. Its part of nature folks, and when I read the news about the Hurricane in the East Coast. People kept blaming it on climate change.. Come on, the hurricane was part of the Atlantic Hurricane Season for 2015.. I don't deny climate change, but people are so worried.
  10. The men who are running away from the Middle East are pansies. These men need to fight against ISIS, and save the Middle East. I say that we allow Iraqis, and Syrians in. Some of these migrants aren't from war torn countries at all.
  11. Where Are The Mods?

    I agree with that as well.
  12. Khalistan/sikh Sangharsh Movies.

    Its how they do Movies now. I miss the old Punjabi movies. Now they add so much music, or humor in sad movies or tragedies. Nanak Naam Jahaz, thats the old movie I really like.
  13. I Have Short Hair

    I am a Sikh, and I cut my hair. I understand about our hair, they are our roots of Sikhism, and when we cut the "roots" we lose generations, and I agree with that. Well, I just got a question, and its just that, will god get mad at me for cutting my hair?
  14. White People And Sikh People

    In grade 5 a bunch of Goras called me "paki head". I cried a lot during the bullying.