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  1. LOL your Victorian morality is very interesting
  2. ' posting random nonsense based on fact' lol says it all really
  3. People who shout the loudest are the ones to fear
  4. Can someone please help me with understanding exactly why a woman cannot be one of the panj pyare
  5. Koi sang kar and make some sense!
  6. Yes and your point being
  7. Thank you for asking, feeling pretty skippity do! But they were referenced above and even if they weren't as a standalone statement I stand by it.
  8. Get off your high horse.. Even if you can read gursikhi doesn't mean you understand.. Bani is set to music written in a poetic meter there is not even one tuk shabd that can be defined.. Guru Sahib did this by design to stop all you absolutists
  9. I'm sympathize with you
  10. The trump police in full effect.. And yet as gursikh we supposed to fearless..
  11. The Sikh PA are the voice of Sikh right wing fascists..
  12. Members of 3HO? Have you seen a membership card? What foolishness
  13. LOL really..! And what gives you the right to determine that.. These guys however they came to sikhi is irrelevant.. They have dedicated their lives to learning ie. Being a Sikh what makes you a Sikh and not them? Is this a joke?