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  1. Admin note- your reply deleted.
  2. Apologies. Where exactly did I insult the gurus? That's a pretty strong accusation to make please elaborate
  3. @Jacfsing2 please do explain? When did I say all religions are equal? Anger can blind
  4. Quality control is exactly that. Control! Lets not challenge and learn and grow, no. Let's control the conversation, let's not explore let us all congratulate ourselves in our in our own plastic piety. Control should be anathema to any true sikh
  5. What do you mean by sikh? Aren't we all sikh.. I think you see sikh and khalsa as the same thing.
  6. That's ridiculous.. Guru nanak dev ji was not amritdari?
  7. Many panjabi boys are much worse
  8. Maybe you should familiarise yourself with Mool mantar? BTW what is wrong with someone being 'liberal', feminist and a woman. Lol Idiocy is bliss...
  9. Selfless sewa to humanity, standing up for what is right should be exactly that.. Selfless. Not done for recognition. For me that is why guru jis sacrifice was a demonstration of the beauty of 'truth'. Shaheedi is not a political tool to be deployed when we look at whether it is beneficial
  10. Oh Jonny101 (plastic/'Rubber') the irony! Maybe next time you could sign off with your own name. Anti-gurmat..? Please do elaborate, I suspect you can't.. Fear to engage in constructive, critical debate is at something I see as anathema to sikhi.
  11. So you are suggesting that the guru made a mistake?