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  1. Sikh is a sikh. What does the colour of skin have to do with it?
  2. Are we really that threatened today as the quam was during the misl period.. There was a concerted effort in that period to remove all traces of the quam, if we as a community 'batten down the hatches' in response to right wing hindutva influences who seek to assimilate and become reductive and our sikhi becomes nothing about bani and everything about identity politics.. We will become just another group caught up in barricading ourselves in around inconsequential false tropes.. Instead of remembering the transcendental message that guru nanak ji articulated.. Where is our 'chardi kala' even if someone like Hitler came along to wipe sikhi from the face of the earth the effort would be fruitless.. The truth expressed in bani will always be What is brown white mentality to be afraid of?
  3. It's good to talk bro! I normally get shouted out of the discussion as some enemy of the panth or worse still a RSS spy! I'm here to learn and hear opinions I've never considered.. Having open honest discussions to expand the mind and challenge my own assumptions has to be a good thing I reckon? SSA
  4. Bro I'm not hiding from anything.. We're having a discussion about our different interpretations and reading of history. I don't deny that in the temporal sphere the panth has different motivations.. However there is a huge difference between the misl period of sikh history and today.. I don't see a correlation..?
  5. When bhai khaniya ji gave water to enemy soldiers he was praised by guru sahib for living to the higher principles of sikhi.. If we politicise our actions and say 'well we are under threat so need to be pragmatic', does this mean that we can pick and choose which parts of gurmat to uphold at anyone time?
  6. I agree truth is truth. But even guru sahib's never said only their bani or the bani within sggsj was the only path.. They asked us to be uncompromising in our idealism..
  7. When the kashmiri brahmins tested guru tegh bahadur ji to see if he really believed in altruism he demonstrated it with the ultimate sacrifice. Who are we to argue with that?
  8. Surely the idea that we should manipulate the doctrine because we think we know better is the 'original sin' may be the idea that 'i' am enlightened and the 'other' is wrong or weak is a contradiction. If someone does namaz five times a day or wears janeau or Amrit shaks, waves a banner of self-righteousness because it is a badge of honour as opposed to having a true.. altruistic belief, and faith. Nirbhau, nirvair... Surely our desire to want to control and capture is a reflection on us as opposed to those who we seek to 'reform' ultimate display of 'krodh' ego..
  9. The truth is eternal, akaal does not need defending. As Sikhs our gurus taught us to be selfless and altruistic, if we politicise bani, manipulating it and bending it to temporal needs we subvert the very essence of the message..
  10. I definitely don't believe religious dogma is necessary in fact for that matter any type of dogma unless verifiable ie. Mathematics is acceptable. If we want to rely on 'religious dogma' and just accept what we are told is truth what is the point of 'khoj', what is the point of having a guru to educate and develop from, how are we sikh, seeking shishya, we can just pretend to understand, just memorise and repeat, ritualise without ever searching
  11. Please expand upon what you mean by 'subjective truth types'.. Forgive me I'm a real pedant. Are you suggesting that you are not subjective? And your truth is and understanding is objective..?
  12. Incidentally I don't see dogma as a perjorative. Dogma which very rare, is truth. Dogmatism is a road that narrows the mind, having dogmatic opinions necessarily means you are blinded.. All of which is not in keeping with the spirit of sikhi
  13. Dogma is irrefutable fact. So mathematics has dogmatic fact.. In meta-physics one can in some sophisticated cases express a truth which cannot be disproven and is congruent to the collective body of evidence.. (I find mool mantar a perfectly succinct expression of truth that is all encompassing whilst not dogma, for me it expresses the intellectual genius of guru sahib ). By adopting a poetic form (which by its nature requires a listener and reader to contextualise, forces the audience to undertake 'khoj' to be a sikh /seeker of gian/guru) and using ragas (which whilst having structure also demands improvisation) from which bani cannot be separated was a conscious creative act... So as 'dur ki bani' that transcends dogmatism of abrahamic religions ie. Islam which because of the idea it was divine and the messenger is merely a vehicle.. By using poetry and music guru sahib's expressed, encapsulated and articulated the futility of trying to find absolutes.. Whilst demonstrating through pure, heartfelt expression how we should free ourselves of lazy tropes.. Again and again in bani we are told that if we try to define, enclose and encapsulate in a dogmatic way we will fail