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  1. Taking my leave :)

    Waheguru Ji, Taking my leave from this forum (indefinitely) due to finishing my studies and moving back to Kaanada to continue further research there in my field. Wanna thank the many people on this forum for everything I learned and for everyone I bickered with Special thanks to Simran Penji for being so nicer to everyone and being so motherly, special thanks to MrDoaba for being my partner in our joint efforts to corrupt the sikh youth (Jai Mata Di!), to JFKLondon penji for being a regular and actually teaching me a bit with her posts, to SIngh12345678 for being someone who knows what the context of a joke is, for JSinghnz for showing that even our good old special people in society play an important part (im just kidding, dont execute me by guillotine) and thanks also to SINGH bhaji for bring all of these people together.
  2. Taking my leave :)

    Saraswati is always blessing me and I will try and pop round as much as I can. But I want to focus on my work mainly, just drop me a PM and I'll respond. I'll miss your humour most of all.
  3. Shastar Prakash Maryada?

    no but Shasters are Guru Ji's blessing so i too am intrigued by this thread.
  4. Radhe maa

    Bro, all celebrities are the same in this respect. I've seen a documentary about her, in-fact during the time she was making the big splash in the news I was following it closely as it was interesting and intriguing. Anyone's redeemable but in her case she's made quite a following based entirely off the backs of gullible people, that really isn't good for her or the people. from what I've heard she's hailed as the incarnation of Durga, but from the way she appears and dresses (as well as the footage of her dancing in a casino) this really isn't the case imo. Her dress sense is exactly like the typical moortis of various Matas in India, I don't think she dresses like a prostitute based on that. I think she's purposely using that as a means to rise up and confuse the masses.
  5. Radhe maa

    What's the point of doing these things if the person has impure intentions? She came with an army of subordinates, she was given preferential treatment and she's dressed like she's a newly wed bride. The intent is just as important as the action, and its pretty clear her intent was browny points.
  6. even they have some errors within them as well. The whole situation is rather bleak.
  7. I've noticed they seem to add bindis everywhere, not sure if the original manuscripts had all of them where they have been placed but the Gutka situation isn't unique only to Dasam Bani, its true for all bani. I've seen Sukhmani Sahib Gutkas where they've misprinted the 7th Astphadi due to Sadh and Sadhu being too similar or something.
  8. That's why we need to find and secure all saroops of Gurbani where-ever they are. Even if the Saroops are kept gupt (and imo a certain amount should be for security reasons) it would be immensely important. I'll give you an example from Chandi di Vaar, there's 2 apps out there, during the part where it says "Indar jayhaa jodhaa maithou bhujiaa" one has maithou as being Meiou, which makes no sense. The app still hasn't been corrected and these differences are really detrimental to the panth as a whole, they breed confusion about a scripture many so called sikhs already do immense nindya of.
  9. Vahiguroo Naam

    Just stop. While there is a spiritual meaning to Shaster Naam Mala, the physical aspect is that its praise of weapons, no point keeping weapons and never using them, that alone is an insult to them and by extension an insult to Guru Ji.
  10. Vahiguroo Naam

    I think you totally missed my point but o.k.
  11. Vahiguroo Naam

    Learn Shaster vidya, that's all I can say. Learn Martial arts, anything. Just take precautions. That was the order of Mahakaal and that's the only way we'll reach anywhere. Don't take this the wrong way (im not aiming this at you at all, this is a general note) but the Kirpans typically worn are just like the Janyu (sacred thread) worn by the hindus now (this was the bachan of a Sant if I recall right), that's why we need to adapt a bit more.
  12. Vahiguroo Naam

    SO are you now on board for people keeping guns and weapons?
  13. Vahiguroo Naam

    This topic is ironic in so many ways.
  14. check your spams bro, i found my email there.
  15. It would be so easy to manipulate a cyber hukamnama, like an entry level computer science student could do it. Cyber Hukamnamas, what next bro? Amrit dispensaries? robots doing langar seva? automatic chaur sahibs?
  16. I dont know man, I mean its easy to tamper with Hukamnamas from the web (algorithms for certain ones to only appear), just to be on the safe side, I'd go and get one from Guru Ji at a Gurudwara. Get a Granthi or take it yourself I mean. If you want to use this medium then feel free but imho its better to go and get one in person.
  17. I wonder if along with morality, social intelligence is slowly decreasing in Kalyug.
  18. I swear some of you guys dont recognise a joke when its presented to you.
  19. Free-masonic 'Sikhs'

    I had a sneaky suspicion it was meant to remain gupt, even while I was reading it, I felt i was trespassing on something majorly important. The entire vibe of the Granth is something else completely.
  20. Celibacy is allowed, there were many many great Mahapurkhs in the Panth who were Celibate (Baba Deep Singh Ji Shaheed for example), but the life of the householder is still optimal. You could (and imo should) find a Sikh groom for yourself, I'm sure there are plenty of connections who can help you out there. As for communities..well they're temporary, you'll find new ones and your family will in time learn to accept your choice as time heals all wounds. Just be strong and have faith in Maharaj, He's the master of both worlds and he will do what is right for you.
  21. Free-masonic 'Sikhs'

    During my conspiracy nutjob phase (this came before my missionary phase, I am a very phased man) I found all sorts of ways to verify these sort of things. For a theoretical secret order within the Panth you'd have several ways of verifying it. 1) Current Brahmgyanis would be aware of it, as they are all knowing. 2) Guru Ji (if he did start one, again hypothetical, no way in hell do I know what Guru Ji thinks) could easily have given them signed documents which you could easily cross examine with the documentations of more public records where we can see Guru Ji's sign and seal. Plus there would be hints all through the history books, even Loh Prakash Granth is hinted at in Dasam Granth. 3) Most likely they'd be very spiritually powerful and spiritually high members, it wouldnt be far fetched that they could demonstrate some sort of spiritual awareness. This sorta allowed (based on what iv read) in situations where the true Believer is involved.
  22. Free-masonic 'Sikhs'

    The Knowledge was still kept Gupt for 3 yugs, it came out eventually but they were tasked with a secret that later came out on the order of the Guru. My point still stands, it was originally buried so no one knew it even existed. OP is referring to Sikh organisations that might exist. For all we know Guru Ji did start a secret group with a select task, He's done it before in Satyug (again Im not saying I know what the Guru is thinking, no one can do that. Only he knows but im hypothesising), in many cases these organisations might actually do some pretty important things. imagine a secret organisation with original manuscripts, told to always remain underground to guard them (every single document written by Guru Ji and his sikhs) would be instrumental in keeping certain parts of our heritage around in some shape of form, look at the state of things now. Dasam Granth is constantly attacked, we have people here who constantly deny historical events written in our books and choose to believe the tales of some modern day sunday sikh. Dont get me wrong, im not saying Sikhs should join them. We definitely don't know enough about them but if a Sikh style organisation did emerge that was dedicated solely to issues relating to the Panth, it might actually be somewhat beneficial. Afterall there's alot of power in secrecy.
  23. Free-masonic 'Sikhs'

    What about societies like the 9 unknown men (providing they exist and aren't just rumors) there's surely some things within the panth that were kept gupt by some organisation for reasons unknown to the general. I mean Loh Prakash Granth was buried for aeons by the Rishis on the orders of Guru Sahib.
  24. As far as I know the whole "initial" reason shouldn't exist in the first place, everything is Akaal and this is just a manifestation of his play, the whole "first sin" would only work if we as a creation were separate from the creator, but at the core we're not separate from Akaal .