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  1. Nope to the eczema,, and usually when its totally dry, im not really flakey but ill use your methods thank you
  2. will try it, dont know why its suddenly started, never had this issue.
  3. know any remedies for an itchy beard penji? mine itches like crazy and thats not really safe in the lab.
  4. how much do you drink and for how long have you been drinking?
  5. This was a biography of Sant Harnam Singh Ji', in all honesty I wouldn't put it past them to say/do this. I can't really verify it but its a good Sakhi nonetheless. A lesson in how fake people will never put up but flee upon open challenge.
  6. Sakhi from the life of Sant Harnam Singh Ji. It is worth mentioning another incident concerning Dr Kartar Singh that made his faith in Gurbani firmer and gave him deeper insight into the faith. In the inspirational company and guidance of Baba Ji he was now of the firm conviction that “Gurbani is the Guru and Guru is the Bani”, but his father and other members of the family had no such faith. In fact, they were followers of a living Guru1 . They were followers of the Nirankari sect based in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, who’s Guru at the time was Baba Ratta Singh. (The sect is still in existence and its present Guru is Baba Hara Singh). The Guru of this sect taught that a living Guru is required for salvation and would himself sit on a soft throne whilst Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji was placed on a bookstand beside his stage. The common masses would bow to him and in his discourses he would quote Gurbani yet maintain that, understanding of Gurbani could only come through the living Guru. He would emphatically state that no spiritual progress could be made without the living Guru. His view was that, the person who teaches you Gurbani, is the true living Guru. Gurbani Is The Only Guru On the contrary, Dr Kartar Singh was a firm believer of Gurbani and that it was the true Guru. His elder sister Bibi Prem Kaur, who lived in Lahore, had an Akhand path (a continuous, non stop recital of the entire scriptures of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji usually over two days. Literally akhand – without break, path - prayer or hymns) performed at her house. Bibi Prem Kaur had specifically invited Baba Ji to grace the occasion along with all her relatives and friends to the bhog ceremony (this is the ceremony at end of a religious act or deed to thank God). S. Avtar Singh Daler (who was her brother in law), squadron leader Surat Singh (her eldest brother), wing commander Murat Singh 1. Living Guru: Doctor Kartar Singh’s father and other members of the family were followers of Narankari Darbar of Baba Rattan Singh of Rawal pindi And believed in the physical form of a Guru. Baba Hara Singh Ji was the present head of that Dera. 112 (her younger brother) and some other devotees arrived at the akhand path a day early. In the evening, Dr Kartar Singh’s father arrived with Baba Ratta Singh Ji, whom they all revered as the living Guru. The family greeted him with garlands of flowers and led him to a specially built and decorated room to stay in for the duration of the akhand path. After light refreshments, the congregation went for an audience with Baba Ratta Singh. Dr Kartar Singh and his friends struck up a conversation on the issue of “Gurbani being the true Guru.” The issue was discussed and debated late into the evening. Several hours of contentious debate yielded no firm answer to the question and finally an exasperated Dr Kartar Singh resolved,” We must decide once and for all tonight whether Gurbani is the true Guru or a living Guru is required.” A Strange Suggestion – Baba Ji’s Firm Faith Dr Kartar Singh said excitedly,” This discussion won’t end. We clearly need an evident, yes or no answer. I have a novel suggestion. We will side with and believe whoever can materialize 5 kilograms of Kashmiri apples through their spiritual prowess in the presence of the congregation. The entire congregation fell silent for a few minutes. At last Dr Kartar Singh’s father broke the silence and said contentiously, ”First of all, you should ask your Bhai Sahib (Baba Ji was called Bhai Sahib then) if he agrees to the conditions of your strange challenge? We too will consult with our Guru over this matter. Dr Kartar Singh Ji and his friends left the congregation and went to Baba Ji’s room. He told Baba Ji about the discussion and the condition he had set to resolve the issue of whether “Gurbani is the Guru.” Baba Ji listened patiently about the whole incident, paused for a few moments and replied, “If it is a question of upholding the honour, prestige and sanctity of Gurbani, the embodiment of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, then not just 5 but 10 kilograms of apples will materialize amidst the congregation. It is not a big task for the true Guru. We simply have to pray to Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. The true Guru will fulfil our prayers.” On hearing these robust, resolute and faith imbued words from Baba Ji the devotees spontaneously hailed, “ Bole So Nihal, Sat Sri Akal” (means - true is the timeless Lord, exalted are the ones who declare this) in unison. They all went to the room of the living Guru and said “The followers of Gurbani, the true Guru are willing to materialize 10 kilograms of apples, instead of 5 kg. So please tell us where you stand.” 113 On hearing these fervent words the living Guru simply backed out of the demand and said that he does not believe in such miracles being performed. He further added that he had been invited to the house and insulted. Protesting thus, he left hastily during the night before dawn of the next day. In the morning, after the bhog ceremony “Gurbani is the true Guru” was the topic of discussion in the congregation. After kirtan (singing of hymns) was performed, Baba Ji explained the meanings of the hukamnama taken from Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji to the whole congregation. He specially instructed the sangat that who so ever wants to attain spiritual enlightenment through Gurbani must first take into their hearts the Guru’s instruction. The instruction to all Sikhs is to be initiated into the spiritual path of Sikhism by taking amrit (baptism). Baptism is administered by the Panj Pyara’s (five beloved ones) in the presence of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, as ordained by the tenth master Guru Gobind Singh Ji.
  7. Proud of the work where he openly goes against Dasam Granth and various other sources? Where he actively denies the existence of everything canonized in Gurbani? Taksal isn't what it should be but atleast a large chunk of it is consistent with Gurmat Gyan. He's becoming more and more influenced by the missionaries, whom he now sucks up to. Ironically he became famous for his Sakhi telling skills (a skill he is peerless at imo) which derive from the same source that opposes his new and rather bleak opinions. He actively mocks Naam Simran, the importance of the Charan Dhoor amonst others. How is this not harmful? The people he'll bring in are nothing more than half baked, and they are at no fault whatsoever. I won't even lie and say I was one of these people, my early posts on this forum are full of the garbage he spews on a daily basis. Thankfully the sangat here taught me right.
  8. You're the one saying they killed themselves, not us. I'm glad you feel very triggered. Would you like me to point you to the nearest safe space? they have everything you'll need to combat the anguish you feel. Maybe they'll give you a "crush the patriarchy" sticker if you're extra good. You caught me. I'm an RSS agent, I'm working directly with Narendra Modhi to take down sikh theology for good. I think you need to read a book once in a while, After the martyrdom of Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji, Aurangzeb spent quite a while fending off and fighting rebellion after rebellion. His own inadequacies and oppressive regime lead to the decline of the Mughal empire. Have you ever read Bhai Nand Laal Ji's writings, or even heard the Saying wahoo wahoo gobind singh aape gur chela. He created the Khalsa and then got initiated into it, he also gave authority to the Panj. 1843, But wait, RSS have a time machine. They used it to go back in time and write this Granth, its all a ploy I tell you. The fact that you've never heard of it really does show how little you actually know about anything sikh related. That Granth is where all of our history comes from, You name it and its in there. Along with a myriad of explanations on Sikh theology.
  9. Islam view of Hinduism

    My muslims friend tried that too, started talking about Kalki avatar actually being Muhammad with such a smug look on his face. The look disappeared when I told him Kalki was an avatar (or will be) of Vishnu, a deity Islam rejects. I may also have added in how he's shown to have fallen onto the path of egotism.
  10. mistranslated verse done by someone by accident. He was telling us that those who call themselves God would fall into hell.
  11. So I took a Ethnicity DNA Test...

    Actually humanity might have originated in Europe according to recent research. Though this doesn't disprove evolution or anything in Puratan scriptures.
  12. Bhaji, Ram Chandar Ji had 14, while Krishna had 16.
  13. Dhadrianwaley is nothing more than a mindless drone in white clothes, Taksal is a mess right now. But Dhadrianwaley is doing more harm than they are.
  14. Dasam Granth is proof of that. Along side various scriptures written by Sikhs in the 18th/19th century. But of course, all those people are wrong. You're 100% right, I mean what would they know? Maha Kavi Sankokh Singh Ji spent 40 years researching and gathering all the information, but of course he decided to become a Hindu and write it all about Hinduism, I mean let's just discard it and throw away all our history. That was the order of the 5 Pyare you dolt, They told Guru Sahib he had to survive and hide. Which he did. Are you going to argue against Gurbani that calls Guru Nanak Dev Ji through to Guru Arjun Dev Ji as being God? wow. I see how it is, you think you know better than Gurbani. This alone speaks volumes of how little and narrow minded your brain is. Firstly the giving of the head was an excuse to orchestrate the fall of the Mughal empire, in-fact that marked a turning point. Suraj Prakash Granth. If you want to argue against it, argue with the Historian who compiled it, I would love to see your pHD and research into puratan Sikh sources. The smallpox was an EXCUSE to pass on the Gurghaddi, for a simpleton like you that's a difficult thing to understand I presume. It's hilarious that, this simple explanation blows your mind. Will you now doubt that Baba Deep Singh Ji fought without his head? that Guru Nanak Dev Ji mad Mecca revolve? They encouraged the Nirgun worship of God but Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji outright even states Guru Nanak Dev Ji was God. ਗੁਰ ਨਾਨਕ ਦੇਵ ਗੋਵਿੰਦ ਰੂਪ ॥੮॥੧॥ ^ if you think that line is wrong and completely false then you may stop calling yourself a Sikh. Do you even know what it means? not the translation but have you actually done an in-depth study of it? Oh boy if I didn't know any better this is just Sukhvirk changing facades again. Mool Mantar addresses the Sargun AND Nirgun aspects of God. If believing that God resides in everything and everyone is Hinduism then please, you're in the wrong religion. Frankly every ancient text in Sikhism proclaims Guru Nanak Dev Ji was aap parmeshwar, but let me guess. All of them are wrong and you're right. Brahmgyan eluded the sikhs of old but somehow Guru Sahib has impart it onto you so you can help all us mere mortals.
  15. That source is something I was aware of but have never seen, would be amazing if you could link it for me too. Preferably the chapter and so on, I'm not doubting your knowledge. I just wish to expand my own in this.
  16. Guru Nanak Dev Ji said he wasn't Bhai Lehna anymore But Guru Angad Dev Ji, he was merely another form of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Are you going to call him a liar? Gurbani also testifies to this. Pretty sure it was a willing sacrifice for the greater good. His mission was to demonstrate that Brahmgyan can come in any form and at any age. Guru Harkrishan Ji also cured thousands of people with smallpox, how stupid for you as a sikh to say they contracted it and had no power to stop it when he was actively purging it from everyone around him. The Guru Sahib's wives were incarnations of Adi-Shakti, I'll explain this concept to you since you'll have a heart attack and call it Brahmvaad. Adi-Shakti is the primal energy of Akaal Purkh, his power. The Sahibzaade were probably bhagats in previous lives. He never followed anything the mughals said? have you ever read Batiichtar Natek? Guru Sahib did as he pleased and that annoyed the mughals. Are you really this dense? Guru Sahib didn't visit one place and suddenly its all hell breaks loose. In-case you missed the memo he was arming sikhs, he had other things to contend to. Guru Sahib never even attempted to enter Harmandhir Sahib. So let's all reject all the old texts that atest to this. Let's reject all the Gurbani that even goes out and says "Gur Parmeshar eko jan" and countless other verses all stating that Satguru Ji was Akaal Purkh's avataar, all because some neo-liberal hippy who's never read into Gurbani says so. You can call me Hindu all you want. But you're the one peddling that God is separate from creation. So very christian. Come back to the table when you can actually understand the concepts of Sargun and Nirgun. Which are integral to Sikh philosophy.
  17. that's pretty common, dont pay heed to it and just focus on Naam.
  18. The Spirit behind the forms was still Guru Nanak Dev Ji, why they came in 10 forms is something you should ask them Sargun/Nirgun principle. God exists as both Nirgun (without form, attribute etc) but also as Sargun (with forms e.g the universe). Bhai Lehna Ji was a hindu, Guru Angad Dev Ji was not. Guru Arjun Dev Ji disappeared into the Ravi river, as for SatGuru Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji Maharaj, he merely had the executioner touch his mortal frame, the head simply fell off. Guru Harkrishan Ji finished his mission, hence why he allowed himself to contract smallpox. The whole universe, every living being is his child. Mool manter describes God in his Nirgun form til Gur Prasad. Then it also inputs God's sargun aspects as well. So it all fits perfectly.
  19. Sakhis about Shaheed Singh/Singhni

    That's true but Angels are perishable, Shaheed Singhs are not. The fact remains this story has dubious origins, The Amritdhari Bibi has suddenly become a Christian Bibi. The original name of the woman in that story was Diane, the story started around 2000. That page from sikhiwiki is from 2011. So sources would be good to discern all this.
  20. Sakhis about Shaheed Singh/Singhni

    This one I have doubts about, I'm not saying Shaheeds aren't capable of protecting other sikhs but this exact story is also circling Christian circles too. The only difference is that the Amritdhari Bibi is a Christian woman, the Shaheed Singhs are angels.
  21. Muslim Dawa gang

    I don't think your dumb cousins know what Paedophilia is.
  22. Leather, Tabla of Goats Skin

    100% the Veggie patrol are just as hypocritical as the Meat munchers. Learn a thing from people like the old taksalis, Sant Gurbachan Singh Ji had so much respect for the Nihungs even though they ate meat. One issue didn't divide them and they were so much more united, nowadays we have psudeosikhs calling others sinners for eating a simple chicken stick, while they ravage their pakoras like no end.
  23. my generation is doomed. Nothing more than a bunch of self entitled snowflakes.