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  1. How To increase Sikh population in UK

    Its not just him. One of the most ridiculous notions peddled by the left is that ALL of the far right are idiots who can't tell the difference. The reality is something completely different. People like Ben Shapiro and Milo Yiannopoulos, both of whom have a respectable number of followers remind people of this whenever there is an attack as the media paints us with the same brush as the terrorists. Most of the big Right wing "preachers" i guess is an accurate term, know the difference and tend to cite it always.
  2. How To increase Sikh population in UK

    that's really true. I grew up with a bunch of kids who were pretty westernized, hair cut, didn't even know the names of the 10 Gurus let alone anything else. Fast forward about 5-6 years they're all in Sikhi saroop, can do Nitnem and are pretty good guys.
  3. its all too easy to make stuff like that. Breaking them and doing all sorts of evil shenanigans is always a chance, atleast with Sevadars you can control who has access to the food.
  4. We're going to get robotic Gyanis soon guys. Brace yourself. But yeah I do fear AI are a huge threat to us, it also doesn't help as it turns us all really lazy.
  5. Will maharaj listen to me

    Yeah it probably was OP. I'm sure the MODs can confirm this?
  6. Sant baba ranjjit singh

    There;s quite a lot of controversy behind Ranjit Singh, the best thing he can do for everyone (including himself) is release a statement addressing them. For example the whole incident where some claim he's against Dasam Granth bani, he can easily put an end to it by releasing a statement. A mega statement of a sort will do wonder.
  7. the guy trying to crowd surf though at 50 seconds. I died.
  8. As the title goes has anyone actually read the Quran here? I've seen quite alot of people debating about various quotes from it but all of them seem to be from rather biased websites, its interesting how so many people just throw these quotes out but im genuinely curious if anyone has read any portion of it or even any of the Hadiths.
  9. Sikh girl converted - live

    The man is a moron. His knowledge of other scriptures is about as good as the average keyboard warrior. Have you seen his videos about science, he claims to be a doctor (or has a doctorate) but makes mistakes a 12 year old wouldn't (incorrectly defining theory for example) most of the Muslim Preachers hate him as he brings about bad press and makes them all look like a bunch of idiots.
  10. Sikh girl converted - live

    seems like a stunt.
  11. Racism in the work envroment

    What works for me is constantly being amused. I treat everything like a joke and just make it hard for them to get to me, The incident I mentioned above is the only incident of where I had problems. I think OP needs to quit being such a baby. BTW bro your name has a weird irony considering how OP reacted to his situation.
  12. Racism in the work envroment

    Really running from it and then complaining here isn't going to save you. What part of the World are you in? I assume Uk? If so there's a lot of help against these things. Had my own issue with it and I went at them with everything I could. They eventually gave way and did as I wanted to avoid a law suit. Im only 20 so I can't really speak for your circumstances but get people involved. Running away makes you a coward, you talk big on this forum bro. Bring that bravado into your real life.
  13. They all originate from the same source. Gurbani is the father and the mother, the rest are all children. Like Children they make mistakes, so that's where Mum and Dad step in. Sikh should follow all three imo. But "scholar" writings should be look upon with great caution, the modern writings are nowhere near the standard of purtan sources.
  14. Help Exam!

    study. God wont help you if you dont hep yourself. Study and do Sukhmani Sahib, or any path as they all have the same effect
  15. I'm no expert in Jatha politics but surely if someone wants an education from them, they'll provide it? obviously providing they can prove they're atleast sejhdhari. I ask as I'm tempted to spend some time learning from the Nihangs at Hazoor Sahib.
  16. Racism in the work envroment

    Didn't you already make this thread? like a year or so ago?
  17. So you're going to sit there, a first grader and try to argue with those who have a PhD? You have no knowledge of the scriptures or any Brahmgyani yet you're challenging the words of an institute that was started and taught by Guru Gobind SIngh Ji. That alone is arrogance and insulting the 10th Master. Where have I demeaned them? I stated what's written in Gurbani, Which says their egotistical, which also says they're lost in Maya. Is that Gurbani wrong then? Read Dasam Granth you cretin or even Chaubis Avatar, the first 37 stanzas SAY DIRECTLY that the incarnations are all lost in Maya and got lost in Maya. Guru Sahib refers to Krishna as an insect, oh look guys, I guess now Guru Sahib is demeaning them. He even penned an entire bani (Shabad Hazare Patashe 10) all of which criticises the Devtas and their incarnations. I've stated what's written in Gurbani, If that's demeaning them then go and argue with Guru Sahib as he's the one who penned it. ਸਿਵ ਸਿਵ ਕਰਤੇ ਜੋ ਨਰੁ ਧਿਆਵੈ ॥ सिव सिव करते जो नरु धिआवै ॥ Siv siv karṯe jo nar ḏẖi▫āvai. That man who chants "Shiva, Shiva", and meditates on him, ਬਰਦ ਚਢੇ ਡਉਰੂ ਢਮਕਾਵੈ ॥੨॥ बरद चढे डउरू ढमकावै ॥२॥ Baraḏ cẖadẖe da▫urū dẖamkāvai. ||2|| is riding on a bull, shaking a tambourine. ||2|| All of them renounced the Devta, that's why their bani is within Guru Sahib. Read the works of Bhai Gurdas Ji as he states they followed the One Primal lord and not egotistical devtas. He NEVER equates them, He says Guru Nanak Dev Ji is the greatest. You tried this argument with when you stupidily claimed that Guru Gobind Singh Ji worshiped Devi. The Avatars of Vishnu came and did their deeds, but it was God acting through them. Just like it was God acting through various people in ending world war 3 God acting through various people in doing just about everything in the world. Kal yug is an age, not a demon. Stop pulling out nonsense from everywhere. There''s only been 2 instances where Kalyug has personified himself, and Ravan isn't one of them. Shiva's own foolishness resulted in his ego granting Ravan his boons, who wasn't even truly evil btw. He was actually a rather pious person. Guru Granth Sahib Ji isn't a book, that alone shows you're not a Sikh. No Sikh would call it a book, The Gurbani that came was here to COUNTER Kalyug not because he asked for it. Gurbani hurts him. Waheguru came down because Kalyug was too powerful, not because he begged for it. Shiva, an Akali? Guru Sahib calls those who worship Shiva as being donkeys who kick up the dust. Why are you purposely going against the words of Mahapurkhs and Scholars and Gurbani. I've posted quotes upon quotes and sources. You have none. In all honesty, all you've done is shown people you're nothing more than a liar who's insulted Guru Granth Sahib JI, insulted Guru Gobind Singh Ji, insulted Sant Jarnail Singh Ji, insulted Bhai Sahib bhai Randhir Singh Ji, insulted Sant Gurbachan Singh Ji and insulted multiple other Bhagats in Gurbani by comparing them to fallible beings like the Devtas. You're free to go and beg Shiva to save you, to love you and make you his slave. No one will stop you, but everyone here will happily follow Guru Sahib to the dot. Ok I'm done now. We have someone here claiming that Kalyug is a good person who did Bhagti but that Bhagti didn't do anything for him and he begged for Gurbani. Ok then.
  18. Gurbani is never inconsistent, Mahapurkhs aren't inconsistent. What a load of tosh, who on earth are you to call them liars? You can't even begin to fathom their knowledge, yet you claim to know more. Gurbani is never inconsistent on anything, it's already stated that Shiva is egotistical, Vishnu is egotistical and Brahma is egotistical. How dare you call Gurbani a lie and then claim to be a Sikh. His Sargun form was Guru Nanak Dev Ji, it was never Shiva or Vishnu. They're part of his creation, a far far smaller aspect of him, in the same category as us. No the definition will change depending on the context. That's the teaching of the Guru, the same people who are now carrying that tradition you are calling Liars. Words have always changed depending on the context that's how Gurbani was written, that's how it always has been taught. The arths spoken by Sant Ji were passed down by Guru Gobind SIngh Ji Maharaj, to insult them is to insult Maharaj himself. So I'll ask you once again, last time, yes or no answer please. Are all the Sants and Mahapurkhs wrong when they define the words? Do you think you know better? Are they all liars?
  19. those theme parks were hilarious. The amount of people dancing around like they were in heaven is pretty amusing sight. Though Kabaddi in the villages is just as homoerotic. A bunch of guys in pants wrestling around in the mud...oh dear.
  20. So Sant Ji were all liars in your book. That's what they did according to you. So what you're doing is calling the Santhiya and Gyan of Guru Gobind Singh Ji as being dishonest? I'm still waiting for you to provide me with the Carbon dated texts dating back to the age of Satyug.
  21. And Who gave him that Name, wait for it...it was humans....after he asserted he was God. All names are traced back to God, not the other way around. Anyone with half a brain can see that. No pracharik has done that, That's the Sanithya taught by Guru Gobind Singh Ji that the Taksal is teaching, that every Brahmgyani teaches. According to you all of them are wrong. What a creature you are. Are they all liars in your book? No it's not. History is what's written by humans, not the History Guru Sahib taught. If you want to argue history then lets do so. The Vedas themselves are constantly changed, infact the ones written now are completely different from when they were first prescribed. So please find the texts that existed during Satyug because the tradition was always oral and the oldest ones are traced back to a couple of hundred years BC. Again with this stale and stupid argument. The only way it has infinite meaning is if you look at it from the glass of Gurmat. Which you cant since you've never even read Gurbani clearly. The fact that Chaupai Sahib calls people who consider Shiva as lord as being "High fools" is evidence of that. An atheist can play around with Gurbani to mean that its nothing more than metaphors for knowledge and that God isn't real. I guess they're right too. I'm the one changing it? this is the Santhiya and arths taught by Guru Gobind Singh Ji to the taksal, these are the arths given by Brahmgyanis. None of it is my own interpretation. So are they all liars? So Sant Gurbachan Singh Ji is dishonest? So Sant Jarnail Singh JI is dishonest as well? So every Mahapurkh who stated the facts such as Bhai Sahib Bhai Randhir Singh Ji are they all dishonest? all you've done here is show you're nothing more than a cretin who's lying through his teeth. The fact of the matter is your Lord Shiva is nothing more than a beggar at the Doors of the Mahapurkhs as he's lost in Maya like everyone else. Vishnu is the same and Brahma is the same. Fact. Written and penned by the 10th Master. I've shown you the Gurbani, I've shown you Katha by Mahapurkhs. So i'll ask you a direct question, are they all liars?
  22. There's a MaccyDs near Darbar Sahib? Well that's news to me and I now know the next stop after Darbar Sahib for me