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  1. Chaare Sahibzaade Past Lives???

    There's millions of devtas around, This was part of a book I read a while ago, I had it lying around so i'll dig it up and upload the extract here.
  2. Chaare Sahibzaade Past Lives???

    I saw something like this on Sikhawareness too, can someone provide sources? Though devtas taking birth into Sikh households isn't a new phenomenon, there's several records to it happening due to the Devtas desire to attain Waheguru too.
  3. Evil spirits

    I don't think you realise that I'm not OP, but then again you wet yourself because someone called you a mean name. Sit down child, the grown ups are talking. I don't fear the dark, but you have already confessed to fearing some little mean words. All you've shown here is you can't read, you're a big baby and you have the intelligence level of a teaspoon. You can continue shouting at yourself, you're nothing more than a snivelling rat.
  4. Evil spirits

    At-least i dont wet myself when someone says a small mean thing to me, You're ridiculing OP yet you're 10x worse. Boho someone said something mean to me and I couldn't handle it . I never even said im afraid of horror movies loool..thank you for showing everyone you have the comprehensive skills of a small child. If you want I'm sure your local primary school will be happy to provide you with some books to better educate your clear lack of proper people and English skills. If anyone wants a good laugh at how weak and whiney this dude is, please read this.
  5. Evil spirits

    Why are you being so snarky? we all have our demons and fears. Last I checked you came on here and cried because you felt you were being harassed at work. Rather than face it like a man you ran away like a girl.
  6. Evil spirits

    hahahahaa bro why are you watching horror movies at night if you can't handle it, Just relax. No evil spirit made of plastic is goiing to attack you. If you're that concerned do Sohila Sahib, or if you feel you're not alone tell the ghosts "Leave me alone or ill use chandi to blast you lot out of here"
  7. This is shocking to hear but breaking news guys, I bet the moderators have lives too. I'm sure Singh Bhaji and his mod team are working as hard as they can but they have their own lives to contend to as well.
  8. I took a hukamnama...

    no worries read into it, Guru Sahib is everywhere but he protects his own (his true Bhagats) he saved Prahlad Ji's honour from his own father and Bhagat Namdev Ji and countless examples.
  9. I took a hukamnama...

    it means Guru Sahib is with you, and all around you. Were you feeling a bit forsaken as of late? maybe from family members or in general?
  10. Take Singh as your name, like asap. IF you change your name to Singh then by the decrees of the Akaal Takhat you are a sikh (along with believing in amrit and the teachings of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji) , ignoring the whole "definition of a sikh" shtick for a minute here I think you've come a long way based on what you said. I think there is deep rooted predjuices within the Sikh community against blacks in general, seeing a white sikh is rare for asians but a black sikh is like finding an iphone in the stone age. Take it slow firstly, show her dad how immersed in sikhi you are. Learn about the religion and then impress her father with it, become a Nitnemi Sikh man.
  11. One thing to remember is you're only as strong as your weakest links (qualities), avoid bad company but at the same time don't avoid all company. Make friends, forge bonds and don't be antisocial, that just attracts even more attention/weirdness about you. Be friendly to everyone but at the same time don't be a pushover.
  12. Varth

    I'm pretty sure starving yourself will bring alot of good luck to your family. Sukhmani Sahib is clear on these kind of rituals, Astpadhi 4 says that rituals will never rid you of the inner filth.
  13. My personal Knowledge about rehraas sahib

    Certain banis have certain effects on the human psyches, why do you think Singhs read Chandi di Var before war and not Sukhmani Sahib? All bani is equally important but their effects are drastically different depending on the source you take it from.
  14. Was he the dude that got attacked verbally by some woman calling him a muslim during a live debate?