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  1. Well if you've studied, just pray God helps you draw on that knowledge. If you haven't then good luck bro. I wouldn't hold my breath on the wish that God will break into the examiners office and do the paper for you
  2. Fun fact though, some Buddhists do some of Dasam Pita's bani. Can't remember which branch it is.
  3. Must be the Japanese in me...sorry, I'm a disgrace.
  4. Actually Jesus never said he was the son of god or God for that part. That was a delusion later on propagated by the Roman Christian Church under Constantine I think.
  5. omg do you think u can get me a job there? I could use a summer internship ,
  6. The Panth Rehit Maryada was created in the 1930s, it took over 20 years (even longer than that maybe) to get it sorted and even then people bickered and walked out on it. The Rehit Maryada is extremely controversial and using it as a standard is alot like using Prithi Chand as an example of a model Gursikh.
  7. Woman have the god given right to give human birth (miri) so God gave man the right to give Spiritual Birth (Piri). This way both sexes have the right and the choice to "give birth" so to speak and both are incomplete without the other. You can't become Amritdhari unless you are born and vice versa. This isn't sexism, its equality.
  8. Hanging onto any form of caste (or even being romotely proud of it) is extremely anti-gurmat. You can argue all you want that caste includes trade (so it does) but it was also a really stupid label. Bhai Gurdas Ji said Guru Nanak Dev Ji merged all of them into 1, so everyone has the same caste (i.e label). Caste in context of Jatt, Khatri etc are all extremely narcissistic and Manmukh concoctions of Maya. The reason Caste is extremely stupid and completely against Gurmat is because we have people from ALL over the world who associate with it. Bhai Gurdas Ji explains that because of these divisions (yes you can cry all you want that all castes are equal but the divisions are still there) are nothing more than an ugly look and a product of Kalyug, because of this ugly look people fought and still do. So Guru Nanak merged them all into 1 "caste" of humanity. All of humanity has 1 history, 1 beginning, will have 1 end.
  9. This is the katha, really worth listening to.
  10. The dudes who started it had the right idea at heart, a very nice functioning society but sadly they underestimated the stupidity of the human race as a whole.
  11. Yes and No. A-lot like how our society functions with the heads (the people with jobs which require alot of thought and mental strain), the hands (the military to defend us), the stomach (the traders, shops, economy) and the feet (the manual labour, grunt work classes). Basically that's all the Caste system was, a more elaborate way in how we live our everyday lives except with labels. People could hop around and change their occupation because in the start it wasn't a big deal. But if any faction ceased to function their society would grind to a halt (just like we would). The Problems started when one faction got too vain, they wanted exclusivity and thus as a result the rigid Caste System we see today came into being. Then along came Guru Sahib and just broke the whole thing, he said it was a futile and pointless system. The West doesn't have a caste system, and in terms of productivity its miles ahead of the likes of India due to that. Our Guru Sahibs saw why it was such a flawed system and told us not to associate with it. If you look at things from a genetic level, these labels don't exist. Guru Sahib saw this and explained to us not to associate with it, hence why in terms of Gurbani when they are used, you can understand what the context is. THe true Khatri is a warrior who does righteous deeds, not the caste. A true Brahmin is one who understands God, not the caste and so on.
  12. Because people became arrogant over it. The whole concept was alot like the human body, arms,heads, shoulders etc. People could casually swap around "castes" as it was nothing more than an occupation, but over time (like all things) it got corrupted and more rigid. That's where the whole high Caste/low caste thing comes from. Guru Nanak Dev Ji in his infinite wisdom, decided to just do away with it. Problem is people still don't know the origins of it and thus decide to continue holding on. Caste is completely false anyways.
  13. There's a really nice katha by Maskeen Ji on the topic of where the caste system came from and why it exists. He points out that it was never suppose to be rigid and just help society function, in essence the concept of Caste (at the time) was a more flexible hierarchy and that the concept of Caste (i.e "Sikh Jatt") etc is all nonsense. The Katha is worth a listen as it helps shed some light on some of the mentions in Gurbani too. The only people who hang onto it in any form are Hindus or people who at the back of their mind cant let go of backwards anti-Gurmat traditions. I'll have a look around and see if I can find the Katha.
  14. There seems be some sort of vendetta towards you lol. I would advise the mods to do an IP check.