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  1. Just keep all books in a clean and tidy place, Knowledge is knowledge no matter what the source. Just keep any form of Bani covered and in the highest shelf possible. Make sure the place is scrubbed and disinfected, and keep regular care of the bani Saroops, both physically and also reciting as much of it as possible.
  2. Very inspiring, and Guru Sahib's Avtarpurabh no less!
  3. that's disgusting. Sikhs in name but not in deed.
  4. Sant Baba Nand Singh Ji used to drink tea, i think it just depends on how people want to live, Tea is about as "haram" as Preeto put it as milk. I think Baba Isher Singh Ji used to too, it just honestly depends on the lifestyle people picked, I doubt our diets match up exactly bit to bit to the diets of Sikhs in the 16-18th centuries.
  5. So much ego in someone so uptight about their "shradda" you're free to continue thinking its alright for men to grope woman, no wonder Indian woman get such a bad rep as being downtrodden, they have gems like you amongst them. You're free to tell me I'm only capable of this or that lol it only further proves my point you have more ego than anyone here, you just try to hide it. My journey to god is fine . Everyone on this forum knows you talk alot of tosh and have the intelligence range of a teaspoon, feel free to look down from the high perch you like to put yourself on your case was about as convincing as vegetarian carnivore. Feel free to live in your delusions all you want, just don't thrust Sikhi into it.
  6. Marriage? lmao. They had foreplay in the middle of a forest, marriage in that yug was something else completely, he fondled multiple woman and you said its just marriage. loool i guess by that logic in pornos when men do the same its fine, its just "marriage". I've yet to hear of a single marriage where foreplay comes before someone becomes husband and wife. No it wasn't, that was the point of view of the people present, Guru Gobind Singh already discredit that Krishna is incapable of saving anyone in Shabad Hazare P. 10 No Kaam = lust in that context. He wanted to kiss them and fondle their breasts, Now you're grasping at straws as the word for wish is ਇੱਛਤ in Krishnavtr, But thanks for admitting to everyone here that even you can see Krishna was a LUSTFUL person, once again stop pulling things out of context,Krishna is aboout as much of Waheguru as I am, he's a creation, a puppet. Having any form of desire = entangled in maya, thank you for admitting to everyone here even you don't think he's a Satguru. You don't need to reveal anything, its pretty apparent you're fine defending perverts because you think its fine to grope woman like that. My "shraddha" is fine, unlike yours I don't have my foot in 2 ships with one going down in flames. Since you're obviously so far engrossed in your own mess maybe you should learn to read the context before jumping in, this is just like the time you started saying that it was fine being a follower of Vishnu as God's ok with it and then when a scholar disproved you, you started using other lines to get the same meaning across. Utter stupidity, the words of a Mahapurkh mean nothing to you in comparison to your own opinion. That is the height of arrogance and you say my "Shraddha"is fading. I'm not the one doing Sant Nindya here, you are.
  7. So? it clearly said he went around fondling them and was filled with lust? did you not read that part? are you so blind? Mata Sahib Kaur prayed for Guru Gobind Singh Ji to be her husband, yet he never once touched her. Some Prostitutes came to Guru Nanak and he called them his daughters. Your lines are taken out of context, they come from the point of view of Krishna's followers. Like it or not he fondled them and misbehaved with them, the verse even stated he was filled with lust, but of course since your beloved Krishna is suddenly presented in a negative light its wrong. Yes you are, you just can't handle the fact that Mahapurkhs are all against your line of thinking so you decide you'll attack their character to discredit them. Just go and listen to Katha by Maskeen Ji or Gynai Gurbachan Singh Ji, They all say Krishna is an insect compared to Guru Sahib and filled with flaws. You just took the word of 1 person on TV and decided that Guru Harkrishan was Krishna in a previous life. How stupid can someone get? Guru Sahib also said never to consider any other scripture akin to Gurbani, yet here you are? its all fine and easy to throw stones when your just as bad.
  8. Are you dense? there are articles that show Bhai Sahib Bhai Randhir Singh Ji fully believed Raagmala, this trend started much later after he left the world, you're purposely attacking his character (one that is far above Krishna's) because he outright says what you don't like. If you trust the Gita so much go and become a follower of vaishnavism, for someone that claims to be amritdhari you dont even read Anand Sahib properly where it even says that without a Satguru all bani is worthless, so tell me Preeto, why would Guru Gobind Singh Ji call Krishna an insect? I guess by your logic since Krishna is perfect its alright for males to steal the clothes of woman and ask the if they can touch their breasts?
  9. Krishna is called an insect in gurbani, I dare you to find any other Bhagat who's called an insect.
  10. Exactly, even before embarking on Santhiya of Gurbani many teachers used to make their students read other various scriptures to properly understand what was being said. That being said not all the scriptures were spiritually orientated, some were about the material world (e.g not all the Vedas discussed spirituality). While its admirable that people so strongly believe that Gurbani will bless them with Brahmgyan, not everyone is destined to be a brahmgyani, its best if we let go of that shallow idea that one day we'll reach that stage and we'll be all knowing so who needs education.
  11. No they didn't, the Pandit was angry that Guru HARKrishan was said to be greater than Krishna. 2question for you, is Gita Gurbani to you and do you consider yourself more knowledgeable than Bhai Sahib Bhai Randhir Singh Ji. FYI, it isn't his opinion, its the opinon of just about every Mahapurkh who lived. But you've already demonstrated you think you're better than them by calling them liars. I love how you're so stupid you'll believe everything someone says on TV but when the great TV says something you don't like its all false. utter stupidity. By your twisted logic if Krishna was a Satguru then the Gita is automatically gurbani, YET its not in the Guru Granth Sahib Ji...I guess By your twisted logic the character of a Satguru involves spying on woman naked? You're an utter mess through and through.
  12. 100% agree, they'll update the Sangat whenever they feel is the appropriate time.
  13. what do you expect? lol. She's a liar and fake, She's also shown she thinks she knows more than Bhai Sahib Bhai Randhir Singh Ji so i wouldnt even bother barking up her tree. Western Kids do understand what Bhangra is saying, yes there is loads of filth in these songs. If anything it goes to show how progressive Guru Sahib was considering they instructed us to sing Gurbani as they were well aware of the psychological impacts of music.
  14. When did u have this amazing dream :o