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  1. It really isn't. Devtas cant hope to do what Guru Sahib did, they themselves have a physical form. But what Guru Sahib did was be everywhere at once (omnipresent), only God can do that. Sure Indra, Brahma, Shiva, Vishnu can all travel around the universe but none of them can be everywhere at once. Bro you should check out Ancient Aliens, alot of it is really nonsense but some of it is really interesting. You're right imo. They do exist as ethereal beings too (life forms) but physical ones are also there. Once you open your Dasam Dwar you can see all of them. Really fascinating stuff.
  2. ehh what about Life forms on other planets? What would you call them? Your long lost twins? Guru Nanak Dev Ji visited another world andgot prasad from there, along with the son of Pir Dastagir whom he showed, the universe is infinitely vast, are you really going to close your mind to the thought of other people like us out there? Aliens are mentioned in Gurbani, the word Alien just isn't used.
  3. The Akaal Takhat should be doing their work, not the other way around. There is a system in place, the problem is it's been bastardised.
  4. Taksal was started by Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj to provide arths and Santhiya of Gurbani to the populous. Think of them as intellectuals of the panth. While Nihang Singhs were more battle orientated and focused heavily on warfare. More so than the average sikh would. They also date back to Guru Sahibs time (from what I know Baba Buddha Ji was the creator of Buddha Dal) and so on. Their beliefs are totally inline with Gurmat, but they follow different codes because they lead different lives than the ordinary sikh.
  5. A really amazing tale of how a true Sant provides Justice for a man regardless of his own deeds and provides justice for his daughter.
  6. Yes you do. You post on a forum about the dos and don'ts of a religion in front of a crowd (the Internet reading). That is prachar so stop crying over the fact you can't follow your own advice and are a blatant liar. I'm free to challenge anyone's views on here, if you want to talk to OP directly reply to him in PM, anything posted on a public section is free to be scrutinised by anyone. You certainly won't accept bhaji Sahib Bhai Randhir Singh Jis words because they don't agree with you. He understood Gurbani better than I. I already do enough Paath and I found a right balance thank you very much, unlike you I don't sit around idly and have a job whilst I'm studying. Telling someone to go off and do Paath when you can do the same thing is downright rude and stupid. You were the one saying you enjoy it so much yet you make time to come here, the amount of times you proclaim that is more than I. So go on then, do that. Iv never said anything along those lines but you do. So go on then, do it. But as @Big_Tera said let's stick to the topic. Considering you decided to avoid the question once again thank you for showing to everyone where your true loyalties lie. I'll respect his wishes and cease this, but as usual you've been caught with your pants down lying on one thread while saying the opposite on another. Hilarious.
  7. Please stop lying through your teeth. You're posting arths of people who aren't Brahmgyanis so you're taking the sins as well according to you. Hilarious. Prachar includes anything regarding sikhi. Something you seem to do all the time. Why are you telling me to calm down? I'm not angry nor am I enraged. Amused is a better word. You don't do Nindya of those who don't understand but you'll do nindya of those who do. Telling me to do Paath when you come here to spread more anti-Gurmat filth is hilarious. can you answer my question then? Forget everything else. Is tying threads Gurmat or not. Great work on avoiding the question, so cowardly. Btw I'll make this simple for you, it's a yes no answer. No elaberote explanation.
  8. I'm asking you a direct question then to cut through the nonsense. Do you consider tying threads anti-Gurmat or not? the word prachar literally implies posting anything on a public speaking stage about Sikhi. The word isn't exclusive to arths, which is hilarious as you constantly spam post arths from faulty translations and attempt to pass them off as fact. How hypocritical that now you're retracting and changing your statement after being caught with your pants down. Sorry but you throw arths from Brahmgyanis out the window when they don't agree with you anyways, now you're attempting to change the meaning of an actual word to cover up your own virtue signalling. Disgusting.
  9. You're posting on an public forum to the world to see. That is Prachar, If you don't want people to do it then keep quiet and don't post. Follow your own advice. Anything I type here is prachar, we're all prachariks as others can see and read the posts, and use it to take away the dos and don'ts. They can see yours and take it to mean its perfectly fine. But im sure that wasn't your intention (!) But it's great to see the fact that people claim to be Sikhs and do anti-gurmat things doesn't really concern you.
  10. ugh used to have to wear them as a kid. They itched so hard. Ended up biting them off, i was a nasty little boy.
  11. Yes so because they do it, that means its right. Majority of Sikhs drink so lets all start doing that. Just open up and say it. As long as your dear old Hindu friends do it, you'll be happy to call it Sikhi. But god forbid if a Muslim or a Christian put his traditions forward, you would have a spaz attack and scream at how it's blasphemy. Guru Nanak Dev Ji refused to wear the thread, Any true Gursikh wouldn't wear it. No true Sikh ever did wear it. Bhai Chuapa Singh Ji's rehitnama forbids it, So does Bhai Daya Singh Ji's Rehitnama, Gurbani says again and again about how its futile. If you have any shred of respect for them then you'd hold the same opinion. Also why are you doing Prachar now, you said only Brahmgyanis should be allowed to do it as its too dangerous for the rest of us. Posting stuff here where people can see is Prachar, so I take it you think you're a brahmgyani now? Bro Rakhri is steeped in Hindumat. The whole story and premise rests in Vedic traditions and total blanket sexism, Guru Sahib said woman can protect themselves fine, why would they need a man to promise to do something he would do anyway. To answer your question to the best of my ability, medals aren't really religious in nature. The thread doesn't serve any purpose except to hold something in place. While with all these other kinds its for either A) protection B) some sort of amulet for power C) sexism or D) all of the above. We need to look at the context as well.
  12. What the left is doing to each other is what we're doing to Sikhi. Tearing it apart bit by bit with new things to either get offended over or simply bicker over. Uneducated so called missionaries and a completely lax taksal, not to mention no one doing proper arths of Gurbani. Really saddening.
  13. You're just as bad as the people you claim to be against. Missionaries are doing their own form of killing, the mental kind. Which is far worse. inb4 I'm called a taksali, hater etc etc. Like most of your missionary mates you run when your views are challenged. I've been reading yours and Chatanga's posts avidly and you're practically a broken record. Same thing again and again and you ignore any questions he asked and just repeat the same thing. Hilarious. You called our history a lie, So what hope do you have? History is what recorded Amrit Sanchar, 5 baniya, Rehit. Discard it all away then.
  14. there used to be yes bro. Made it easier for user to decipher fake accounts from real ones.
  15. While I second this. Another small Benti might be to remove the anonymous like system. Nothing malicious but I'd love to see how everyones views differ on his.