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  1. He was well respected because of his lineage from Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Guru Sahib treated EVERYONE with respect. The argument that Guru Sahib treated him with more respect than others is ludicrous. Guru Arjun Dev Ji choose to include in Gurbani a verse detailing about how Baba Sri Chand turned his back on Guru Nanak Dev Ji and refused to accept Guru Angad Dev Ji. Gurbani says otherwise so please. Baba Gurditta wasn't raised by Baba Sri Chand, Baba Sri Chand asked for him so Guru Hargobind Ji out of respect for Guru Nanak Dev Ji gave him to him. This was all because Baba Sri Chand Ji was a direct descendant of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, all the Guru Sahib's human children were treated like Baba Sri Chand.
  2. Angels are different from Devas, Devas are benevolent forces but even they are trapped in maya/ego. Angels are a-lot more purer than them iirc, and less active in mundane affairs like wars. They're only shown as observers rather than active participants from the portions of DG i have read.
  3. He's pretty well liked on the show from what I hear, really popular.
  4. iirc I had the same question, the Khanda is a modern symbol made by the SGPC to standardise the sikh ideals. in all fairness for me a better one is easily ek onankar.
  5. thanks ill have to download that one. Might be a great help for me since im doing Sehaj Paath of SSGSJ and DGJ
  6. its harder than it looks, people here will condone the poor guy but in some cases you can't really help the sangat you have. Whenever im in university I can practically sense the hormones running wild, however in a Gurudwara its the completely opposite.
  7. is that one available on the apple app store?
  8. Bro are you really going to listen to the same pastors who believe the world is 6000 years old and god spent 7 days on it? Who pick and choose what studies to believe and then propagate that Jesus is the only source of salvation? If you want proper, raw studies go straight to the source, there are journals online which will pretty much show you all types of studies (scientific or social) withut adding their own bias into them. These preachers take something small and blow it out of proportion or take it completely out of context. They do the same to Gurbani to try and discredit it. The fall of the Greek/Roman empires was due to a myriad of reasons. sexual deviance wasn't one of them.I sincerely suggest reading proper history books rather than listening to nutjobs who'd love to see our religion in tators over something as menial as sexuality. To OP, who cares if you are gay. That makes no difference to your spirituality, that's biology, nothing more, nothing less. Focus on Akaal and nothing else, everything will fall into place, that feeling you have on Valentines day. Apply it to God rather than an actual person, Bhai Gurdas Ji said that these stories about Heer Ranjha (Romeo/Juliet of asian) are nothing compared in terms of love of god.
  9. People will go for the one that sounds the most flowery. This might help you a bit, read it, its in english but its really good and well written (its got some Sakhi from the life of Baba Nand Singh Ji. People will tell you to only ask for this or asking for that is bad. Just ask, as long as you ask with a pure mind, i.e both mind and speech are in sync, God will listen. http://nanaksargurdwara.com/stages-ardaas
  10. He studied with the Damdami Taksal, he said if someone struggles to to bani they shouldn't undertake that pledge, but do AS much as they can. Yes because Guru Sahib told us to call Sants and Mahapurkhs liars like you do, he also told us to go and grovel at the feet of Hindu Dieties like you do. The sheer stupidity of that statement only further proves that you're so lost in your own ego that other people being right over you is something you'll never accept. You nimrod, please read what I wrote. I told him to not take the pledge since he struggles it and if he does to get someone to help him stay in line with the routine, he admitted he struggled with it and so like everyone else (apart from you who came in here just to attack me) I told him to take it bit by bit, not a single Mahapurkh I know just woke up one day and decided to do all the banis from the start, they all took it bit by bit and went from there, that's why they reached those high places. I never once discouraged him to not read Gurbani, dont put words in my mouth. and once again you drive right back there. As I pointed out Nitnem is a completely different story, this is Sukhmani Sahib we're talking about. Listening to it is only an option if the person is illiterate so please. Once again bring in some sources from Mahapurkhs or Scholars, I know the thought that someone might have a higher intelligence than you is something you can never accept but trust me. They exist. Anyways I don't really have the time of patience for all this. I came here to answer OP's question, you came here to attack me. If you decide to respond to this, congratulations all you've done is proven my point you revel in simply confusing people and are a self absorbed, haughty individual. Not even lying here as everything you spew on here is stuff that you think is right because you want it to be. Never once do you quote an outside source because for you they are nothing more than people beneath you. Anyways enjoy dragging this out and derailing OP's thread. I've given him my advice (which seems to be correlating with everyone elses here) and you've given him your daily dose of useless bickering/garbage.
  11. Yes because you with your Devta Poojas and Sant Nindya are the ideal Gursikh? The person happens to be a taksali, he's spent months learning under scholars and gursikhs, what are your credentials? learning from yourself? please read what I said properly. OP has already stated he struggles to do 1 whole one in a sitting, so like a person with a brain I suggest he shouldn't take the pledge and do as many as he can. Newly amritdhari people, who are illiterate listen to the Paath, that's an entirely different direction and an extremely special exception, so please don't even go down there. What exactly is your problem?
  12. I swear I read about it somewhere, i'll need to do some digging and ill post here if I find it again. I'm speaking from a purely bias perspective here, my parents were both raised in Punjab and attended punjabi schools. They told me that although they could read CHandi Di Vaar (they studied it at school) other Dasam Bani was alot harder.
  13. Not just that, Dasam Bani in general is a mixture of so many different languages that most people find it too difficult to continue. Zafernama is an extremely accurate insight into the geo-political struggle taking part in India towards the end of Aurangzeb and the mughals as a whole. irrc the Farsi used in this even by the pure linguistic styles, its far above anything churned out in the region. I suppose to them its probably like what Shakespeare is to the english.
  14. Please excuse me oh great Preeto, I didn't mean to speak from down low to your high pedestal. That's what I was prescribed, from a Gursikh who told me if you start treating Gurbani like a chore, it becomes a chore and I'll take his word ta. OP has already said his tongue gets tired, his mind falters and he's struggling, but you jumped in to attack me rather than providing any proper insight to help him. To OP. Just do as many Sukhmani sahibs as possible, if you falters and breaks his pledge it'll come back to you, stick to the safe side and do what you can to your hearts content. Eventually it'll all fall into place and you'll do fine. As said by the various users, work up bro. going from zero-100 isn't going to do you any favours.