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  1. Singh featured on River Islands

    That's golden coming from you. You couldn't even defend yourself when you got verbally attacked by your co-workers. Put your head down and walked home like a "feline pu$$ycat" to vent on this forum.
  2. Sikh areas in America

    Isn't Gravesend just outside of London? Or part of the general London area? Not familiar with UK geography. For dsinghdp, the biggest thing is that in Canada and UK Sikhs have density. Sikhs in US are a lot more spread. They'll have 5000 Sikhs spread across Houston metropolitan (example), whereas Calgary (example) will have 5000 in one neighborhood. That neighborhood becomes a Sikh area, Houston becomes a "sizeable Sikh community."
  3. Sikh areas in America

    There isn't a recognizable Sikh community in LA. California Sikh communities are in Yuba City, Union City, Fresno, Turlock etc. And smaller communities like Kerman and Livingston. Then in Washington you have Sikhs in Renton, Kent etc. Small communities in Indianapolis, Colorado, Pennsylvania etc. Only other large recognizable community are Long Island, Queens, parts of NJ.
  4. Sikh areas in America

    May look like a lot, but like the o.p said they're small clusters. Whereas in the UK, Sikhs have actually large communities in the London and Birmingham area. A lot more prominent.
  5. Any Update on Sikhs in UK jail?

    That makes little to no sense. You have the man who played a huge role in attacking Darbar Sahib in front of you, and you let him walk on purpose? "We haven't forgotten! But we won't do anything about it!"
  6. Sikh boy marries muslim girl

    Why is that? I think Anand Karaj is quite clear that its meant for two people pledging to grow closer to Waheguru/Gurus. Being a Muslim Hindu etc I don't see how you as a couple could proceed on the the journey of Sikhi together. Do share your views, I admittedly do not know too much myself.
  7. Sikh boy marries muslim girl

    May be different, fine and all, but they need to understand interfaith still is a no no.
  8. How To increase Sikh population in UK

    Stole? Its human nature. Throughout history people have been conquering and/or wiping out other people to take their lands. Most of the time, it wasn't by pretty means. Natives weren't able to hold their land and lost, simple. Are we supposed to return every bit of land to the very original inhabitants?
  9. Sikh boy marries muslim girl

    Someone send this to all those interfaith marriage supporters. Show them how Muslims react.
  10. Any Update on Sikhs in UK jail?

    I respect that they attempted it, but how did 4 young men fail to kill one frail old man? Something doesn't add up.
  11. How To increase Sikh population in UK

    One lady who recieved backlash from just about everyone. Gurdwaras vandalized? Maybe in Ontario, haven't heard of such an incident in BC so far. The Punjabis in Brampton aren't angels, if anything, they're probably the bullies. People know who are, I've never been mistaken for a Muslim . Obviously every country has their problems, but you're exaggerating. Do you even live in Canada?
  12. Quit it already. Guru Sahibs or Sikhs of the old didn't detest every Muslim, nor do we need too. You're coming off as try hard. Are you just scared of debate?😂
  13. Don't be a fool. We all know the problems that come along with a heavily Muslim populated area. You don't see nearly as much negativity towards Sikh areas or Hindu areas.
  14. Is khalsa aid wasting sangats resources on muslim rohingya?

    I agree. Clearly people keep donating, dont mind where they're used, and so we can assume no money is being wasted.
  15. Is khalsa aid wasting sangats resources on muslim rohingya?

    Who decided that in owning the land vs ruling it? Owning trumps ruling. I'd say it's the other way around. If you can't protect and keep the land you own, well it's not really yours anymore. At least in respect to the old days.
  16. Is khalsa aid wasting sangats resources on muslim rohingya?

    I'm quite sure on his Instagram he has spoken for Sikhs to have their own nation. But, ill revisit his page to double check. One of his close friends is also a known Shaheed from the Sangharsh.
  17. Is khalsa aid wasting sangats resources on muslim rohingya?

    He fasted for Ramadan? Wow. But, he's quite a broad character. I respect his hardcore pro-Sikhi, Khalistan, and anti-india views. He never backs down.
  18. Racism in the work envroment

    Not so big anymore? 😂 Should have confronted them at least when you quit. Instead you got insulted one last time as you meekly left.
  19. Is khalsa aid wasting sangats resources on muslim rohingya?

    Probably none. It's just easier to complain about what other people are putting THEIR donations towards.
  20. Is khalsa aid wasting sangats resources on muslim rohingya?

    People are giving donations freely, knowing very well where it will end up going. Do it doesn't really count as wasting. If Sangat" was so caring about Punjab, they could just as easily donate to other groups.
  21. I think you just lack reading comprehension, perhaps English isn't your first language.
  22. What lol? Kirpan IS a weapon. Weapons are not unsafe on their own, UNLESS in the hands of a unsafe individual who is willing to cause harm to innocents etc. It doesn't matter where the theme park aka business is, they set their own policies. Some states in USA allow concealed carry, but businesses in those states still won't allow weapons inside. It's really not a difficult concept to understand. Your mind/judgement is clouded and biased because we are discussing Sikhs.
  23. Not at all, it was a reply to Jacfsing discussing theme parks in Punjab. I just had a chance to take a shot at Indian theme parks. And no where did I say Kirpans are unsafe, no weapon is unsafe, it all depends on who is holding the weapon. And, unfortunately theme park security can't accurately judge who is safe or not after a 10 second pat down. Let's use some logic, shall we?