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    Well he obviously didn't want to say much over the phone. Probably didn't want to incriminate himself. I wouldn't put these actions beyond 80% of these so called babay/gianis.
  2. Prince Harry's fiancee to be baptized-what about Sikhs?

    Ah, I see. She's probably doing it because it's meaningless and because this one small step is going to bring a whole lot of benefits. I don't believe their baptism is like Sikhi baptism.
  3. Prince Harry's fiancee to be baptized-what about Sikhs?

    I don't get it, are you asking why aren't pure Sikh weddings, Amrit Sanchars etc huge media frenzy worthy events?
  4. #freejagginow

    Quit talking our your a** 😂 you don't know the man, or what was going on his mind. Mona or not doesn't matter when you're on their radar and they know how you look. Its only a benefit if they have no idea who you are. And let's not kid ourselves, their intelligence knows everyone who is a someone. Key point here: stop assuming.
  5. Pakistan Homos

    Its probably because they're so deprived of female interaction. Same reason for this stuff going on in East Punjab. Its quite rampant there too.
  6. Indian Envoy to Australia Stopped From Entering a Gurdwara

    Kick out Gurwant from the Gurdwara. Do this to every Indian politician unless they prove they deserve otherwise. But for pete's sake what is "ehdi shame shame kro," have a discussion with him, and make him reveal his true colours.
  7. What would India be if the British never came?

    So where would one find 5 men who are pure Gurmakhs, AND able to handle the functions of an entire nation state? As well as be completely incorruptible.
  8. What would India be if the British never came?

    Still? Most of India wasn't. Punjab/Sikh empire would have probably been well off. Rest of South Asia? Not so sure.
  9. #freejagginow

    Basically been confirmed he's facing the usual torture tactics Khadkus faced. Shameful.
  10. #freejagginow

    For the UK guys, was Jaggi the one behind NeverForget84?
  11. So I took a Ethnicity DNA Test...

    I read that too. Would be quite interesting, especially for all the social justice warriors who proudly exclaim "We all come from Africa!" 😂Although I personally do not care where we came from. You're an <banned word filter activated>. I wouldn't say we have a Persian heritage. They mixed into Punjabi society, and I don't believe they left any lasting marks, aside from language.
  12. So I took a Ethnicity DNA Test...

    I think it is very interesting from historical point of view. Seeing all these different ethnicities, and mapping when/how they arrived in Punjab. I suppose we could summarize a lot of common folks from Persian controlled areas were travelling and settling in Punjab, during the early Persian invasions.
  13. Charan dhoor, is it supposed to be a curer of mental issues such as pride and ego? Or do people think it cures physical issues too? I know of joray Ghar seva and it's concept. But first time hearing of this.
  14. My point wasn't that our story matches their conflict of it, but that we could get to the scale that certain conflict is at.
  15. I see these squabbles as minor versions of the shia Sunni conflict. If nothing is done soon, I wouldn't be surprised if gets to that level. It almost sort of is, with people saying "they're not Sikhs!"
  16. Sakhis about Shaheed Singh/Singhni

    That's fine. But it was said they defended people and gurdwaray, but yet in some cases gurdwaray were totally demolished. And no Singh alive from Blue Star has ever said the chole bhuttaray story, at least to my knowledge.
  17. Sakhis about Shaheed Singh/Singhni

    So what about all the gurdwaray that were attacked during 47/84? Why didn't these Shaheed Singh's defend those gurdwaray?
  18. Lol, let's not jump to conclusions, especially with the rape. He has done nothing that indicates he would rape. For cash or not, murder does take guts.
  19. Your Chacha has some underlying homo tendencies lol. Weirdo.
  20. Well I mean pagg is pagg, what would further would showing his face accomplish? That was probably an accident. Id hope the pagg was just a disguise, similar how a Singh could go as a mona (let the hair down). Hopefully not a Sikh who let Hindus demand he wear a pagg to throw the blame on Khalistanis.
  21. Whole Family Against Me Doing Bhagti - help

    I didn't say she is evil. Did you see his post where she's asking if he changes forms etc? That's some 1800s era <banned word filter activated> there. Don't get me started on the radical/suicidal/possessed comments. Obviously a hardcore anti Sikh household. That's ok, if it's deserved, I'll take it.
  22. Whole Family Against Me Doing Bhagti - help

    Your mom is a retard, sorry to say.
  23. Would just be better if they all drop dead. Don't believe them for a second when they say "we acknowledge Sikhs are not Hindus." At least the Akalis didn't make yet another stupid choice and go along with it.
  24. Is Punjab for Sikhs?

    Horrible analogy. We have split ourselves on national/religious/ethnic lines, so Christians being the largest religion is irrelevant. Simple fact for why Sikhs claim Punjab as their own, we are the last and only native Punjabi group to have had controlled the region. We want it back now. However, an Punjabi regardless of faith could be a citizen. Why did in 46/47 Hindus go "ABC land" is ours, and Muslims day "xyz land" is ours? Why didn't they say "this entire reigon should be shared equally by us all?" It was ok to split and take land when it was you turn, but now that concept is suddenly no good?
  25. Independent Newspaper's hit piece on Sikh Youth UK

    They're parroting what the media says, and media had it all wrong. They all went to school together, grew up together, and work together now. Somalis and the Punjabis that is. Won't say a whole lot more on a public thread. Never heard or even really seen any Punjabi girls dating Somalians, although it probably has happened. I won't speak on the other two cities as I'm not familiar enough. One thing to note is in certain parts of Calgary/Toronto, large numbers of each community live together. These kids in high school all date outside their religion. Not quite like the grooming cases we have seen in UK with grown men and teens.