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  1. I didn't use the term benefit anywhere? I meant for those who are going to do it, amount of effort and time is ridiculous now. And no govt would ever accept your suggestion. Rightfully so too, you know how expensive it is to have an Anand Karaj, I bet tons can't afford it. Or what about a keshdhari Sikh who doesn't want to have an Anand Karaj as maybe he's not ready for such a step and chooses to get court marriage and Ardas at Gurdwara?
  2. Questions above, any insight? You seem fairly respective of Dr Sohan, why do you think so much controversy over him? The election issue? Or that he survived the era? The older guys were just smarter, and if I had to guess, probably not hardcore Sikhs. Very active Sikhs politically, but not so much spiritually. While the rank and file were more in touch with Sikhi roots and willing to become Shaheed. Older Khalistanis just knew when to throw in the towel and not their life.
  3. They'll likely investigate you. Sham marriages aren't really worth it anymore. Student visa/IELTS is the new thing for younger folks at least.
  4. <banned word filter activated>. Why not put aside your feelings for a second, and see the huge chance of change you guys have? Everyone hates the old folks running these Gurdwaray, well nows the chance to toss them out. Get to it!
  5. Exactly how will you impose a boycott on Indian Army? And if you join the army, you should sort of expect some sort of risky deployment. If you don't want that, don't join then! Protesting is just silly. They join on their own anyways. Plus if a boycott is implemented, that's tens of thousands of Sikhs without employment.
  6. There are some very genuine concerns. But, military forces of various nations are always training together, can't really make an issue of that. I believe that training occured after 1984 too.
  7. Nothing but respect for the Nihangs/Akalis of old, bad a**. From the days of the Gurus, to British days, and beyond. But, Destruction, when's the last time Nihangs did anything for the kaum in the past few decades? Weren't you all supposed to go Saharanpur just a couple years ago to deal with Muslims?
  8. Stupid Khalistani? What does that have to do with what I said? There are lots of faults of his you can pick away at, but what happened during his childhood isn't his fault. I agree, it's very likely he wanted his fortune back, if anything. But you can't exactly come back to Sikhi with zero knowledge, zero resources etc. He was taken at a age before he even likely knew anything about Sikhi. Any sources for the Maharani Jind Kaur statement?
  9. He was a kid when everything transpired, he hardly had any choice. He can't be blamed at all for what happened during his childhood. You're letting your dislike for him cloud your judgement.
  10. The chopper scene is nothing like a Hollywood chopper scene. Guns look like they're wooden. Movie does looks better than Saada Haq etc but I still wouldn't say high budget.
  11. That would depend where you live.
  12. What was their run in over? A lot of the ISYF guys are khalistan lifers bro, sure some were snakes, but a lot still haven't turned their backs on it. Bains idk, he was briefly giving Badal a chance but cut him out very quick. I'd say he went neutral, rather pro-govt. Chauhan, Sohan and all them, still trying to learn more about them. Very true. If they willed, they could set up Punjab, but why would they? I wouldn't be surprised if the fed govt already is waiting for agriculture to fail, and have a back up planned. They're too smart to remain dependant on Sikhs/Punjab.
  13. He supported khalistan. He also just said that in general, he meant it all for all Sikhs who were out and about protesting and doing naaray baazi. He wasn't saying kharkus aren't khalsay. Not too mention he said that in 85, when there was little kharku action and killings. There wasn't even anyone for him to have been lecturing! Khalsa has been killing since day 1, what do you mean they don't kill?
  14. As in you don't support it anymore?
  15. You're 100% right. Gandhi started Quit India Movement. Not that this makes him any less of a weirdo.
  16. From what zaffarwal said Dr Sekhon killed some of his members who were showing opposition. After that, some other KLF guys went too Panjwar camp, which caused problems between the two groups. Other sources too say there was conflict between Singh's, but this is the most detailed account I know of. I've read Sakheera was also killed by kharkus, Manbir Singh Chaherus group. Don't know if true. Any insight? Post 84, I believe the original cause of inter-fighting amongst kharkus was Khalistan or Greater Autonomy. Negotiate or No negotiation. Opinions shouldn't have been imposed by force. That pretty much set a very negative precedent.
  17. I just don't get how anyone can justify him sitting beneath Badal like that. Or even keeping company with them.
  18. Do you have these recordings still? For Dr Sekhon, a lot of people say it was internal fighting between kharkus there in Pakistan. Zaffarwal even said Panjwar KCFs group was responsible. I believe with Dr Sekhons passing KLF was basically done as an organization.
  19. Isn't vape literally flavored smoke? If no nicotine and tobacco in it?
  20. I didn't mean you attacked anyone bro. I don't get your view on this, are you saying it was the shield or eye? Akalifauj is saying shield. Both would be very incredible feats. I don't think any is less impressive than the other. Of course if he is saying "pfft he couldn't do that," it's a bit different. It's also pretty ridiculous to think hitting the eye is a joke instead. I didn't even know this was a controversial topic till now, but it was a battle, tons of chaos, who knows. If sources say pierced the shield, great, if eye, great, either way he's got my utmost respect.
  21. I'm not involved in any of these parcharik issues. But no one here really knows what he hit. What's it even matter, shield or eye, one would be harder to penetrate, the other much harder to aim for. Both are VERY impressive. Let's be critical over legit issues. Rather than attacking fellow Sikhs over anything.
  22. F**k you. You're a real piece of work.
  23. What's it matter what he pierced? I bet most people don't even know specifically, but respect that he went up against an elephant and won.
  24. Hey bro any info on my last reply to you? You've always got some good info.
  25. Lol bro, we both know he isn't messaging you for some homosexual activities, but too meet and fight. Why are you two even fighting? Both Sikh in the end.