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  1. I've been too many villages myself, some states only 1-2 died from their village, others had 10+. I'm sure they did pick up by the truckload very often, but I'm not just going to multiply 50x12,000 and be satisfied. I will probably never have the answers to my questions, but I sure won't settle at some hearsay "facts." I'll spend many many more years trying, regardless if the answer is 25000 to 50000 to 100000.
  2. Yet multiple officers have given great interviews, and quite unbiased. Obviously I'm not expecting gen Brar to come out and admit more than 400 died. General accepted figure for police killings in Amritsar district is appox 6,000 from 84 to 95. Amritsar (included Tarn Taran back then) was the district that saw the most action, was and is a highly Sikh populated district, more so than the others. I don't believe you can simply than multiply 6000x13(or 15, # of districts), as not all districts saw the level of action that Amritsar did. Until about 89 majority of activity was along border districts, later on a few Malwa districts saw heavy action as well. Is that supposed to be an insult towards me? It's a topic I'm passionate about and I want to know as many details as possible. Sorry I'm not willing to run around like an <banned word filter activated> and spout off random numbers. You have always been a very emotional poster and don't use logic much, wouldn't expect you too understand. "But we have not had the practice or training of keeping a complete record of that oppression. About 50,000, about 1 million – we say all of that. The educated people of the world do not trust that, they need exact figures. And for that, I also say, that you all should unite on this issue"
  3. No. Perhaps interviews etc with these johre Ghar sevadaars at least? I have however seen interviews with non biased sources, and none put their numbers near 10,000-20,000. Thousand, few thousand etc yes I have heard. I just refuse to believe some pendu SGPC/SAD shouting about 3lakh Sikhs killed trying to stir emotions for their own use. Also, just because a human rights organization says something, doesnt make it 100% fact. There is a reason Khalra was the only Sikh taken seriously, and it's not because threw around stupid numbers.
  4. I have heard this said many times, but have never seen a source for this OR someone who has actually talked to these sevadaars. Also, think about everyone who was arrested and likely not allowed to get their shoes, or the survivors who probably left without their shoes. Or maybe the sevadaars weren't present when these people came looking for their shoes and they just left?
  5. I like how you are downplaying him agreeing to rebuild Akal Takht for and with the same people's money that had attacked. He was awfully quick to run damage control for them. Didn't he also say that him and his nihangs should have been sent in instead of the military?
  6. It's easy throwing around numbers like 10,000 killed in Blue Star, but do post something to back that claim as well. Hondh chillar is one that was discovered, which other such villages have been found? None from what I know. I want to know the truth of how many of our people were really killed, factual numbers, not understated numbers or blown out of porportion.
  7. I wouldn't be surprised at all, the Akali leaders who were on board with Delhi and Punjab Police were in on everything. Those who weren't on board faced repeated harrassment. To be honest that is something too difficult to put a number on. Especially across India, doubt anyone has even kept an estimate number on that. But for 80s to 1993 Punjab, I'd say 50k max total, for Hindus Sikhs and Delhi forces. What I do know is that Punjab has 12,000 villages, if a govt wanted too it could go to each village and get a count of Sikhs killed by police. Wouldnt be much more difficult than doing a census count.
  8. I have read the book twice, I know exactly what is written in it. And about the sources lol. Fact is 200k Sikhs were not killed.
  9. Another reason we are not taken seriously, Akalis or any other pindu they come out and throw numbers like "ik lakh do lakh Sikh maar te" without giving anything to back the statement up. Even if you go by khalras numbers I don't think even close to 100k people were killed by Punjab police.
  10. Well did you expect them to publish a list of people not allowed lol? The bigger problem is "turbantor" being used.
  11. Pretty good summary I'd say so.
  12. Lol that's hilarious. I'm sure the economy and society would collapse without freeloading young middle eastern males flooding the country.
  13. How is that not an insult? If someone said that about our Gurus you wouldn't consider it an insult?
  14. What lol? Jesus and Muhammad went to seek blessings from a Sikh when Sikhism wasnt even around? And don't throw insults around if you can't handle them thrown back at you. LOL, just Googled it. Wow. Speechless 😂
  15. I think he is either a kid, or trying too hard to be "loyal." Or both.