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  1. I meant that towards the Sikhs he posted in that video, ones who fought a British war, not a Sikh war for Sikhi/Guru Sahibs etc. Edit: we should have a minimum age limit on this forum to avoid immature teenagers like muscleman and akalifauj.
  2. Lmao! Are you for real right now? "Just like me." 😂😂😂😂 And, also I didn't know Guru sahibs Khalsa fights wars for non Sikhs. More like the Britishs' Sikhs.
  3. Some people just have a severe case of selective reading. Reaching THAT far to make a false accusation is a lack of intelligence. Or he is one hell of a troll.
  4. She's quite the confused character 😂 or just a very transparent "undercover Hindu."
  5. I agree, I think the support really sparks up when something happens related to politics etc. Other than that they're just too busy caught up in life too really commit too such a complex goal that has zero structure. Can't blame them. Or expect them too rise up because a bunch of people thousands of miles away have fantasies about a Sikh state that they won't even go live in.
  6. I doubt a theocratic state would go over well in Punjab. But a seperate state for Sikhs to operate freely, that could. But in terms of people against or for, no one knows exact figures. I think the vast majority isn't against or for it, they're just content where they are.
  7. There is nothing to indicate that EVERY single decision was made by ISI. Did they have some influence, sure? I agree with a good bit of what MisterSingh says, but a lot of it comes off as typical Indian white washing. They want everyone to believe Khalistan was nothing, just some misguided fools being used by Pakistan. That's it. Final. Which I do not agree with it. Lots of mistakes were bad, but that Shaheeds like Sant Ji, Baba Manochahal, Budhinghwala were just dumbf***s getting used? No. And the 84 Pakistan invasion theory, I have heard this from ONE Sikh who was there present. Mostly comes from Indian puppets though. Although I am not dismissing it entirely as an Indian spread theory.
  8. They also made thousands of Sikhs refugees across the tribal regions of Pak/Afg recently. None the less, the ones that are good are irrelevant. The few that are terrorists overshadow them and are too big of a threat for us to sit here saying "b-b-but not a-all are bad :(." We can't dismiss Islamic terrorism because not all Muslims are bad, it's not a difficult concept.
  9. I completely agree. But, Sikhs of Punjab have long forgotten the threat of Islamic terrorism, although Pathankot sort of woke them up. Hit close to home.
  10. Some good points made in this thread, from all sides, but comparing Thatcher to Hitler etc? Really? It's because of ridiculous statements like this no one really takes Sikhs serious. The loudest Sikh voices often use little logic, instead it's all emotion.
  11. Hes a piece of <banned word filter activated>. Gurpreet. And I don't think the new generation dislikes Sant Ji, seems like the opposite. You see all the memrobilia on cars etc now?
  12. #PrayForLondon There, I've done my part. Now sit back and see which city is next?
  13. Nothing but sympathy for the 13 year old, she's a mere child still. But these uni aged girls that willingly enter relationships with Muslims, despite knowing what happens across UK? Not so much sympathy. I bet many of them are also the same liberal Sikh girls promoting unity and anti Islamophobia all over social media.
  14. Let me get this straight, these people insult you if you believe Guru Granth Sahib Ji? Wow.