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  1. You guys blaming the woman without knowing zero details are a bunch of sick <banned word filter activated>*s. I get a strong feeling you're mostly blaming her because she is Muslim. SinghBJ, you are a retard, keep that backwards thinking in the pind. Jkv, you despite being a woman, are also blaming her without knowing the backstory.
  2. Mods need to send him a pm or something. The entire front page is his threads.
  3. They need to realize in this day and age anyone, regardless of hair no hair race gender nationality, can debate or criticize religion. If they're strong in their faith, they should be able to counter any points, not make some stupid excuse like "oh, but you're a moneh!" I know some moneh who know more about Sikhi than most keshdhari, how would you know let them participate in a discuss. This isn't even about accepting people so they'll embrace Sikhi, more so that anyone has a right to participate in a discussion and debate.
  4. Edit: wrong thread
  5. Lol "Yeah I'm ok. Fine. Thank you" can't stop laughing at how she says it 😂 On other note, you have close to 15 threads on the first page alone, most of which no one replies too. Can you stop spamming the page?
  6. Your point? I'm sure we all noticed the few Sikhs as well who like this song.
  7. Pure ignorance. Of course all the Hindus in the comments love the song.
  8. But, at the same time some of those non-sikh associations also helped him as well. Weather it was modernization of the army, or the loyalty of men like fakir azidudin. Instead of blatantly blaming all non Sikhs, I think we know it was mostly the Dogras, the Sandhwalia sardars and so on.
  9. I should have been more clear, I did not mean to say that's all they were good for, my point was infighting and so on was all too common amongst the misls. It is human nature though, we aren't and nor were they. But, we should all respect them for solidifying Sikh power throughout Punjab.
  10. Where did I say that? Worst "rebuttal" ever. Ok? What do they have to do with this?...
  11. Believe me lol, we know what it means. You're just so stuck in your own world that you convinced yourself it's "ignorant fools" calling you out, and that's the only reason. Definitely it's their "ignorance," surely not something youre doing.
  12. Not necessarily, in my opinion. Shall wait and see.
  13. But, it wasn't really. Even before he rose to power the misls were already doing what he did, at a smaller scale of course. Each misl had their own turf, ruled by one man, and were always fighting each other. Also, let's not pretend the misls were hardcore gursikhs, simply the truth, in no way am I looking down on them. Point being, Maharaja Ranjit Singh, just took the misls game to a whole new level.
  14. That's good, I'm sure they will do much better than most of the all male committees.
  15. So why are none of their comments about homosexuality? All are about Sikhism. You just want to defend your Hindu brothers. You're the one in denial, and making up random theories.