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  1. Reyat was already well established in BC prior to his conviction. In fact a lot of Sikhs were. But while he was in prison, his wife making chump change under the table and even on welfare. These guys are all quite guilty, the case was just severely fumbled by security agencies. Everyone makes mistakes, these guys were working class Sikhs who jumped head first into this mess. They didn't have any background in planning attacks, except for maybe one, possibly two. Even CSIS and RCMP made some very stupid mistakes back then. I don't know if they were played by RAW or not, but they were more than likely involved. No point living in denial. Some kharkus in Punjab also killed innocents. Ask those who were present or connected to the families. Regardless, I have and always will be pro Khalistan.
  2. Pretty much. Anger expressed in a way that simply ruins all credibility here in the West.
  3. All theories ^^^ zero evidence. Chances of them being govt agents is slim. On top of that none of them publicly take credit, in fact they fought a huge case saying they didn't do it.... Show where they claimed to do it.
  4. Like I said, an fyi. But, no, not martyrs. That term is thrown around too lonely. Should be reserved for those who are knowingly dying for their cause.
  5. Just a fyi, there was a very minimal number of Sikhs on that flight, very very few. Not too many Sikhs were taking Air India then.
  6. Oh please there are just as many SJW type of amritdhari Sikhs, can't pin it all on "Punjabis."
  7. Lmao 😂😂😂 Way too deflect, bro. Just admit you have no physical army/warfare experience, aside from playing gatka.
  8. Oh please, no one has denied the existence of racism. That's not why people are disagreeing with you. Genuinely curious though, how old are you? 12-13?
  9. I hope you are joking, but unfortunately we all know you aren't. Quite easily the most delusional user on this forum. Actually, I wouldn't even call it delusional at this point, just child like complete lack of logic and intelligence.
  10. No relation, and they can put me under moderation if they desire. Learning and anticipating Punjabi psyche does not mean we should play into it and their little games of "reputation."
  11. Excellent post. Thank you.
  12. You must be born and raised and residing in Punjab, with that mentality. Who cares about a reputation when she was almost raped. Even then though, why would this be a blemish on her reputation, not like she did anything wrong. You are an <banned word filter activated>.
  13. Taksalis in Punjab aren't much anymore, influence is gone since the 90s, not the most popular parchariks, not heading any major movements etc.
  14. By 0 proof, I meant 0 presented. Not that you had 0. And its not like people have never lied(unfortunately) in front of Guru Granth Sahib Ji, or done much worse. What lol? My point is we can't just have this fantasy we'll somehow pick/find 5 Singh's who all be completely pure and fix everything. A lot needs to be done before that.
  15. Not on gurdwara property, he can give the committee members the middle finger all he wants. Plus, how does this really even effect the gurdwara?