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  1. We need a counter or even an online medal, like how currently on this forum the person who accumulates the most likes wins the day. "Total days since fap." The longer you go without j4cking off, the longer you can extend your streak, so to speak. Have it appear under the user name. Come on, jacfsingh, you're the Kaam master on this forum, get to brainstorming some ideas on how to lick this habit!
  2. A few reasons why we will never hope to replicate the Jewish Israeli template for a Sikh state: 1. They exist largely because of a biblical prophecy that states Israel will usher in the end times, i.e. the return of the Messiah. Whether anyone in power actually believes this to be true, or it's a convenient front for political games in the Middle East is up for debate, as evidenced in the creation of Israel by Britain and the US. Regardless, Judeo Christian scriptures offer compelling justifications for the existence of Israel. Their entire existence is central to the future of the world according to them and their supporters. They are viewed as a buffer between the West and complete Islamic hegemony in that part of the world, therefore they will never be allowed to fall. What do we as Sikhs have to offer that would lend us the same clout in real terms? 2. Israel is propped up by BILLIONS of dollars worth of American taxpayers money for various geopolitical reasons. Who will support a Sikh state in a similar manner? 3. Jews are, on the whole, smart and industrious. We are capable of similar feats, but we have an unfortunate habit of reverting to the base aspects of our third-world culture. They also, importantly, absolutely understand the need for unity and working for Jewish interests, whether it's a religiously lax Jew or someone more stringent in belief. Our people immediately begin to abandon any desire for promoting Sikh interests as soon as the individual begins to move up in the world. There's very little affection for the prosperity and growth of the Sikh religion from those who reach a certain standard where they can affect change. Again, they have a bigger picture mentality. We don't. We are weak sellouts content to suckle at the teat of the dominant power for personal gain, whereas the Jew regards the white man with a certain sense of contempt. 4. Jews have the full weight of contemporary western culture and the media behind them. They are essentially untouchable from a certain perspective. When people can have their careers and livelihoods destroyed by criticising a particular group and its methods and history, you can be sure that segment of the population and its representatives will always have the upper hand. These are just a few reasons I've rattled off the top of my head. There's a few ifs and buts involved but generally this is why we shouldn't try to play the "Jew card." It's a complete misunderstanding of who we are and what role we play in the world.
  3. Not appropriate or relevant in this situation. She's not feeling blue or slightly under the weather for unknown biological or physiological reasons. Her reasons are specific and immediate. Giving her a link to a worthless fluff piece in the lifestyle section of a newspaper's website is hilariously bad form.
  4. Write them a letter or an email expressing what you've highlighted above. See what justifications they provide in response. You're making valid points. I believe there's a commercial side to these matters, but I might be wrong.
  5. No, no, no. No amount of justifications and "scholarly interpretations" can explain away the founder of a major faith kissing little boys' penises. Try that with the mentally ill and gullible, not with me.
  6. That's the most viable scenario, unfortunately. I say unfortunately because it'll result in the deaths of so many people and will alter the world as we know it. If such situations ever arise, I hope we'll be prepared to make the most of them.
  7. The 'stan' suffix is a meme nowadays; it's a joke, and we still don't get it. There's even fake countries (long story) called Kekistan, Normistan, and Cuckistan!
  8. Alright, there's kids on this forum, take it easy.
  9. Bro, you must've been j@cking off all day if you've devoted so much time to developing a system to combat it!
  10. If only India didn't have a Rothschild central bank, then there might be a possibility of destabilising the country and splitting it up into smaller ethnic states. As it stands, India is nothing more than a puppet state of the West. It's protected. Forget independence and the myth about Indian democracy, it's rubbish.
  11. I'm still struggling to understand the link between being Christian and being an airport security worker.
  12. What does that have to do with airport security?
  13. I can't discern what any of that meant. What are you trying to articulate? It's like a stream of consciousness, and not the good kind, lol.
  14. Moonwalk?
  15. I could be mistaken, but the theory behind such ideas is that if both families are comparatively wealthy, i.e. the girl has been raised in an environment where she's accustomed to a certain standard of living and the associated mindset that goes with it, she's less likely to be marrying for the lure of money, compared to someone who is unaccustomed to such wealth had the girl come from a background where money was a scarce commodity. Therefore if the marriage does fail for various reasons, the girl from a poorer background is assumed to be aware of the fact that she'll be entitled to half of her husband's assets in a divorce, whereas the girl from the wealthy background is assumed to be somewhat of a safer bet because the wealth of her husband isn't anything out of the ordinary for her, and therefore she's less likely to cause waves, with the end result her poorer counterpart being "rewarded" with a considerable financial settlement resulting from a failed marriage. It's complex and there's many caveats involved (for example, the valid idea that a girl from a poorer family would feel compelled to behave herself due to the rewards of marrying into a wealthier family, etc), but that's the long and short of it in my opinion. Personally, i think there are too many assumptions being made in both instances, as some rich people have unquenchable hunger no matter how much they possess, whereas some poorer people are relatively content with their lot. It's a roll of the dice. The best a person and a family can do in these situations is to minimise the risk and make a decision. Blind faith in the goodness of others, or even constant suspicion about other people's motives, isn't healthy.
  16. Any further independent reports of what happened?
  17. What could a 17 year old boy possibly have to offer a 24 year old woman in any meaningful sense on a mental and spiritual basis, aside from the obvious, lol? Yes, yes, there's always the diamond in the rough, but I'd hazard a guess and suggest this isn't one of those situations.
  18. As in, "It's wrong" from my point of view.
  19. He's 17 and you're a 24 year old woman? Lol, no.
  20. It definitely has that quality which is only found in the type of English taught in Indian schools. I'm referring to the only major translation available, the Singh Khalsa version. So whilst not technically broken, to a non-Indian with an ear for syntax and sentence flow, it is quite rough going at times; not constantly but occasionally.
  21. Great points. I suppose due to us living in a period of history where these matters are constantly under intense examination, we perhaps assign greater importance to these issues than they actually merit. Still, i do believe Islam and its followers will have a significant role to play in the long-term future of this planet, and it's for that reason i find myself wondering why the muted reaction to their scriptures from our spiritual giants, more so considering the content of our own scriptures in comparison to that which was followed by the ruling regime of those times.
  22. How would there be Sikhs on other planets as we know them, if Sikh history was literally still unfolding on this planet at the time?