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  1. Difficult member of family - Sikh perspective

    It depends on the kind of individual you're dealing with. Are they capable of change? Or are they too far gone? If it's the latter, then don't waste your time trying to "heal" that person with love, compassion, or understanding. It never works. There's just something broken inside that person that will not rectify itself through the concerted efforts of a third party. The best course of action is to maintain some distance. These types of individuals thrive on attention. They have a tremendous amount of negative energy around them (and God knows what else), and it genuinely does rub off on others who perhaps aren't strong enough to ward off these vibes. If you're unable to burn bridges, then keep such people at arms length. I shouldn't say this, but some people genuinely don't deserve a human janam. They're a waste of a human life.
  2. Healthcare happiness or not so happy

    Everyone has been assigned their respective duties. The secret is to find purpose and contentment in your role. If you are fortunate enough to be in a position that positively affects others, you're better off than those who have a desire to do good but are trapped in the day-to-day khel and grind of life where each day is an individual fight for survival. Don't get too philosophical and lose perspective.
  3. Help with relationship, yes or no?

    Don't worry about it. Once she's got her feet under the table after marriage, you won't be able to shut her up.
  4. Which is the correct rehras sahib???

    Some of you need to tweak your sarcasm detectors. Or at least obtain one if you haven't done so already. 😁

    Sounds like Luke Skywalker when his kumbli floated off into the sunset after he became one with the Force. 😂
  6. Australia

    There's an aspect of that, definitely, but I don't think it's the overriding reason. It's not even Islamification, but multiculturalism in general; to get away from people like us who seem to be everywhere in these fair isles, lol, or so some whites seem to think. To be fair, British whites have been migrating to Australia for decades, well before the current hysteria around immigration. Maybe they like the warmer climate?
  7. Shaheed Singhs and Singh taking birth

    Religious interest that is unfortunately being funnelled into the worship and promotion of Man and the various sects, instead of focusing on the true and formless essence of Sikh teachings. So, I ask myself whether the idea of pious Sikh souls being reborn to advance the panth is true considering how easily mislead and partisan these youngsters are, because the signs of their previous kamayi is virtually non-existent. Where's the innate gyaan, wisdom, and knowledge that comes from having been a spiritual Sikh in a previous lifetime? Saying the right things and playing dress up shouldn't be forms of measurement.
  8. muslim population of UK will tripple by 2050

    The problem will arrive, as I see it, not through the proactive efforts of Muslims (not that they'll suddenly mellow), but through the misguided efforts of inclusion on the part of the Western nations that host them. And the end result will be to the detriment of all other minority cultures and faiths that have to share living space with them in these foreign lands. The early signs are there not only in politics, but in the cultural landscape in something as apparently meaningless as the entertainment industries. You can say I'm over-reacting. I suppose these things are always in flux. I just think during this particular conversation we on this site are underestimating Islamic zeal (they will call it devotion or love) for their faith and their ways. They aren't us. We are, compared to them, quite fluid and flexible when it comes to prioritising faith over culture. That's not a good thing for us, IMO.

    It's no coincidence he's named SANTa Claus (North Pole Wale). Also, his "Naughty or Nice" list sounds suspiciously like the document in the hands of Chitragupta!
  10. WHAT ON EARTH IS THIS?!?!?!?

    Don't hitch your wagon to mere men. You'll have to defend the indefensible, and when you do that you drift further from God. I keep saying it, but things are getting worse in the panth. Just making a general point. I don't know enough about this case to say otherwise.
  11. I shouldn't give you the attention that you obviously crave, but don't be a weasel your entire life. In your jumbled mess of a head, a few harsh words in your direction are an attack on womankind and gays in general. I know females with more strength of mind and integrity than you'll ever realise. You earn money, right? Get some counselling. Do they provide such services in whatever metropolitan hell-hole you live in? Pay for it. Sort your head out. Do something good with your life. For God's sake, don't be so pathetic. Soothe that suffering soul of yours in whichever way you can. You're like a fish who can't breathe when plucked from water. You're all over the shop. I can sense it from here. I apologise if I upset you, but in all seriousness, sort yourself out.
  12. You started it, lol. I shouldn't have to tolerate back chat from you. *** On a general note, the moderation on this site is non existent. There's been a handful of comments in this topic that are worthy of a permanent ban.
  13. I'll let you into a little secret: I hold our people in as much disdain as you do. I'm just not as bitter as you. You dislike Punjabis and Sikhs not due to some great differences of opinion in philosophy, but because your guilt prevents you from indulging your sexual desires. That's it. That's how basic you are. You can conceal your objections to our people in altruistic notions of spirituality and faith, but ultimately you resent your parents, your community, and your culture because they don't send you willingly into the bed of whichever man you happen to find attractive. Many gay and lesbian individuals from regressive eastern cultures lead gay lifestyles, but the difference between you and them is courage. You are a coward. You don't have the bravery to do the one thing you wish you could do more than anything else, and so you transfer this frustration to all of us. We symbolise, in your eyes, everything holding you back from the perfect life you dream of. Your parents are your biggest enemy. You resent their existence. I bet, in your darkest moments, you wish they would end up passing away in their sleep, allowing you the freedom to do indulge in whatever degeneracy you've been craving all your life. You're a coward. The problem is with you. You don't have the courage or the conviction to follow your heart, even though following your heart is probably the worst thing for you. You'd rather point fingers at the "injustice and hypocrisy" of our people than discard such things, and lead the life you've always desired. That's because, on some instinctual level that you've suppressed in amongst adhering to various conflicting modern ideologies, you know your behaviour is incorrect. That insight has stemmed from your admittedly impressive knowledge of Sikhi scripture, but you're trying to drown it all out, because it's at odds with the way you feel. There's one solution: discard whatever remnants you cling to of your faith and leave your parents. Move away to another city, another state or another country. Be gay. Be happy. But you won't ever do it because you're a coward. So how is that our fault? I'm not entering into a conversation with you. I really don't care.
  14. I would never negate the harmful aspects of our culture on our collective and individual well-being, but honestly every culture and race has its deep-rooted problems that continue to grow over the generations because nobody is prepared to tackle these issues in a meaningful way. It's doom and gloom, but try stepping outside of your own mental headspace that's coloured by your perceptions and subjective experiences, and you'll realise every group has their unique problems and foibles. The frustration, I think, on the part of some Sikhs is due to the realisation that our religion is in most instances a stark opposite to our base culture. Escaping the almost inescapable clutches of a way of life that pervades our existence to the most philosophical levels of our daily existence, knowing full well there's a beautiful and soothing alternative in our grasp, is the struggle many of us wrestle with. Yet, not all of our ways are bad. That's a distinction the lazy, the arrogant self-haters, and the insecure seem to forget. Our job should be to minimise the negatives of our culture whilst increasing the positives through adherence to Sikhi in the correct manner. Substituting cultural fanaticism for religious fanaticism is NOT the way.

    He seems like a lost and confused Singh.
  16. muslim population of UK will tripple by 2050

    You're clueless regarding European and British population dynamics pertaining to politics and immigrant communities. Stick to ogling men. That's your niche.

    Divorce and seek custody of your children. Now is not the time to be wallowing in self pity. No man with an ounce of integrity could ever remain with such a woman.
  18. muslim population of UK will tripple by 2050

    The ones who don't possess the mental faculties to think critically will reproduce more of their own ilk, whilst the ones who are capable of introspection will always be too afraid to do anything meaningful about their doubts or dwindling beliefs, choosing to loosely hold onto the Muslim label because the alternative is too much hassle. I assure you, there is no silver lining. I've been contemplating the Islamic issue in the West for the past few months, and I've arrived at the realisation that Sikhs shouldn't devote too much effort thinking or worrying about it. What will happen is inevitable and unstoppable. In that respect we won't be alone when the dark days arrive, because every other non-Muslim community will be in the same boat. Our priority should be our own faith and our community. That is something we surely can influence if the will is there. If the white population is too stupid and deluded to see where things will end up in 50-100 years, then maybe they don't deserve a future. Don't look to them for leadership on this issue.
  19. Britian First

    What karma were we reaping when the Mughals were placing the limbs of our children, like necklaces, around their mothers' heads?? What sins had we committed when we were burned, butchered, and raped in the 80's? I'm not having a go, brother. I have these thoughts myself, but we need to separate the empire-building deeds of the elites, and untangle them from the idea that the average man and woman and the unknowing masses deserve everything that's coming their way.
  20. Britian First

    That's the long and short of it IMO.
  21. Britian First

  22. Britian First

    When WhatsApp won't connect to the internet, he'll come running back to the West, lol.
  23. Suicide Contemplation

    I don't think anyone of a spiritual or mystical leaning would disagree with the above, but for the person experiencing dark thoughts of ending their life I don't think they really care about their next incarnation or what their ghost will be doing after death. The emotional pain is usually overwhelming to the point that it defeats any rational thought. People suffering with thoughts of suicide need help in the here and now, not subtle threats of eternal damnation.
  24. Our love turned us into pariahs but we never backed down

    *cough* Lord Indrajit Singh *cough*